[The New Order] Chapter 4 - Order




The Dark Ascent
Elos Vrai, Arx
Arx System, 35ABY

Like the rest of the architecture found in the Brotherhood facilities on Arx, everything in the Master at Arm’s office fit the Imperial design philosophy of order and efficiency. Aside from the impressive showcase of merit and ceremonial awards, the office’s thematic decor was crisp and orderly. The only outlier was the lone door to a private room tucked into the back corner. The door had a faded, frosted glass window that was set above a rounded, archaic looking door knob.

Inside, the room was oddly dark and musty. An older man with silvery hair was hunched over a small terminal propped up on an ink-stained desk. A bookcase that had already begun to collect dust hovered behind the seat of his worn, plush chair. Charcoal dust filled a rusted goblet at the far side of the desk and stacks of parchment paper were scattered haphazardly around the rest of its surface. Most notable, of course, were the seemingly endless amount of stamps littering the desk and drawers.

Howlader Taldrya grumbled under his breath. He lifted a piece of parchment up to one of the many candles that illuminated the room outside the holographic glow of the terminal’s vidscreen.

Darth Pravus’ focus on the acquisition of Arx—and the creation of his New Order for the Brotherhood—had all aligned with Howlader’s goals. While the purge of Undesirables—the common name given to members of aliens species that Pravus had deemed unworthy of being part of the Brotherhood—had been the marquee force, other important changes had been made. Gone were the prophecies and rituals of the Krath and the barbaric warmongering of the Obelisk. The Sith had risen back to the top where they belonged. With that achievement came a sense of purpose that worked to make the Brotherhood all the more powerful.

This part, at least, was important to Howlader, as it allowed him to gain the power of office he required to shape the Brotherhood’s public image and record keeping policy neat and tidy. That said, he did sometimes wonder if the price paid was worth it...


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  • Howlader Taldrya hates digital technology and prefers the old ways.
  • Through Howlader, we get a recap of The New Order story arc, fictionally, including the in-character motivation for Fleet Resets and new home systems.
  • Kordath Bleu (Arcona), runs into Kelly Mendes (Plagueis) and reveals the conclusion to the Undesirables arc.
  • Pravus feels that he has won, and no longer sees profit in having Inquisitors hunt down Undesirables.
  • Laren Uscot (Plagueis) and TuQ’uan Varrick (Plagueis) are out past curfew in the Shadow Academy, and solemnly swear that they are up to no good.
  • The duo hack the new but still somewhat vulnerable archives for...something.
  • The Grand Master puts on a show of military strength by having the entire Iron Legion and Iron Navy assemble on their new home planet—Arx.
  • Pravus appoints Lena Rhell (strategist behind Fist Dracaryis’ leadership of the Legion and Navy) Moff of the Arx System, giving her the political reign of the planet while keeping her close at hand for her tactical brilliance.
  • Pravus gives a motivational speech. Eat your heart out, Hux.
  • Turel and Archenskov watch the event from a feed on the Godless Matron’s dive bar. They are not pleased that other units seem to be making nice with Pravus, even if it’s just for image's sake.
  • Turel and Arch muse over what to do for the Lotus.
  • Turel gets a priority message from an agent he feels he can trust. Could it be the two meddlesome kids that were snooping around the Shadow Academy? (Most probably.)
  • Turel and Arch decide it’s time to hit Pravus where it hurts, presumably using the information they got from their agents informants.

About This Fiction

This is Fiction 1 of 2 — as outlined by the Grand Master — to close off the New Order story arc and bring us into the upcoming Great Jedi War XII story arc. Expect the second fiction to pick up the pace in terms of action.

Multiple player characters in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood are featured in this update. Each of these characters have been approved for use by their respective author. I am a very big fan of transparency and consent, and am grateful to everyone for getting back to me so quickly when I’m working under a deadline. I appreciate it.

How do characters get picked? Usually, I will go to a Consul/Proconsul team and ask which of their members not only fits what I’m looking for, but also has set a good example as an active member. Other times I go off my own observations as a Dark Councilor and member of the community. I look for members that have been an active member of the Fiction Community — whether it’s simply competing in competitions or engaging in discussions in Fiction and Clan chats. Kordath and Kelly, specifically, were two major stand outs from the major ACC event last month, so their characters were picked to help represent some slight closure on the Undesirable plot line. Laren has been a superstar in both of his positions, as well as a helping hand for the Voice team. These are examples of what I look for, and they are examples that I know your leaders look for as well.

A special thanks to Tahiri, who's artistc render of Pravus' throne was used as the cover-image for the fiction.

Also, did I mention that Howie is now canon? Believe it.

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for Chapter 5, as well as a report from me at some point.


In Closing

Reminder, we’re currently looking for a new Magistrate to join the Voice team. For more details, see the news post.

If you fell behind and want to catch up on Brotherhood Plot updates, make sure to check out the Fiction Center!

Questions or concerns, you know where to reach me. Have an idea of what might come next? Hit up the comments!


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