The Undertaking: A DJB Wiki Competition


The Undertaking: A DJB Wiki Competition


The Undertaking: September 19th - October 3rd


The Undertaking is upon us!

Finally, the event that (some of) you have been waiting for! The Undertaking is a fancy name for a competition series that starts at site midnight tonight (so this evening in the American time zones) and runs for two weeks until October 3rd. The goal of this competition is to, hopefully, give an opportunity for all the members to interact with the wiki a bit more, and in a more competitive format. Unlike other systems of the Brotherhood, under normal circumstances you’re not interacting with the DJB Wiki in a competitive, activity based manner. This competition series will change that while providing people a springboard to interact with our wiki system more.


The Undertaking is comprised of five individual events, with the master competition able to be found here.

  • Fiction: Selika Roh, Tribune of the Holocrons of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, requires your assistance. A double encrypted message has arrived from the Warlord, requesting your presence. Upon meeting with her, she will give you the location information and the task which she has for you to complete.
  • Article Creation: For this event, individuals will be tasked with the creation of a single Wiki article. Article content (not counting infoboxes, image captions, or wiki formatting) must be no less than 400 words and no more than 1,200 words. The goal of this event is to create an article that comprehensively covers a limited subject as opposed to writing an exceedingly long article.
  • Article Creation (Team): For this event, teams of 2-5 members will be tasked with the creation of a single Wiki article. Article content (not counting infoboxes, image captions, or wiki formatting) must be no less than 500 words with no upper limit.
  • Wiki Trivia: Using the DJB WIKI as your guide, answer the ten questions correctly, and in the fastest time possible. Questions will vary widely, but every answer can be found on the Wiki.
  • High Profile:: As a part of The Undertaking, there will be a hunt. Of the wiki kind. Using the clues provided below, search the DJB Wiki for the answer. The person with the most correct answers will be victorious. In the event of a tie, the fastest time taken to complete the event will be judged.


So, the big question is of course “What do I get for my trouble?” Good question, hypothetical member! Competition crescents will be awarded for each competition as per usual, but each and every one of these competitions will be awarding first level crescents. Every one. In addition to that, the top three overall performers in terms of placements earned will also be rewarded with first level crescents for their efforts.

But wait, there’s more! The first place overall finisher across the entire competition will receive a shiny new custom dossier accessory available only to them!


This holodisk, modeled after the one Morgan Katarn left for his son Kyle Katarn in the ye olde Legends continuity, contains a trove of information sourced from the Holocron Center of the Brotherhood, in addition to embedded codes to access the main archive system in the center itself. (The normal caveats about this being only a cosmetic item with no CS impacts apply here, but it’s still a pretty piece of dossier candy for you to lord over your friends!)


Lots of fun prizes await, so get out there and do all the things!


Exciting! If anyone is looking for team members, hit me up on Telegram or Email~

I kinda wish I could take part but I know I gotta help judge part. Ah well, hope everybody takes the opportunity to participate!


This seems pretty cool. I especially love the large banner for it. Nicely done!

I'm excited to see this event play out. Get on this for a chance at some shinies, folks!

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