Two New Professors


Two New Professors

Shortly after extending the Communications Professor application window yesterday, I found a willing and able candidate who's already hard at work preparing some new courses. Congratulations to Tra'an Reith di Plagia on being selected as the first Professor of the Department of Communications. I need to do a little administrative magic still, but later today the Department of General Studies will no longer exist, its courses scattered to the wind (not really; they'll just be in new departments).

I'd also like to announce a brand new Writing Studies Professor: Dacian Corsair, who is clearly not me because he spells his name with two "a's". He has a background in English and will be putting his knowledge to use revising our current writing courses and, maybe, preparing some new ones.

Plagueis ftw! Congratulations Traan and Dac!

Congratulations you two

Plagueis? Psht. Ajunta Pall, ftw!

Looking forward to working with you both!

Congratulations to both of you. Welcome to the SA staff!

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