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The courses in this department will introduce you to all aspects of writing within the Dark Brotherhood.

Professor: General Zentru'la

Introduction to Fiction Writing

Writing is one of the primary activities in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. In this course, you may learn about various aspects of writing which will help you gain certain theoretical foundation for further exercises.

Written by Zentru'la on 21 November 2022

fiction and real world

Grammar Studies

English is the official language of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. This course will give you an opportunity to learn the basic aspects of English grammar, which should help you in communication with other members of the DJB.

Story Structure I

Story Structure I shows the student the fundamentals of using the story's inherent structure—its plot and scenes—to strengthen the story and engage the reader.

Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing gives the student an overview of techniques they can use to add depth to their fiction and create a more immersive experience for the reader.


Poetry Studies

Thanks to this course you will be able to learn more about both theoretical and practical aspects of creating various types of poetry, a common format for competitions.

Fiction Studies

Fiction competitions allow members to write a story involving their character based on a prompt provided by the competition organizer. Members’ submissions are then judged against each other to determine the competition’s winners. By the end of this course you will know how to organize and run a fiction competition, and also how to successfully submit to a competition of this kind.

competitions and fiction

Run-On Studies

A Run-On is a series of posts taking place on the Discussion Forums where multiple members further a central plot by taking turns. Each member details a piece of the story, usually from their own characters perspective, though they may write about another member's character within the scope of the previously written material. The goal of this course is to elaborate on the organization and implementation of Run-Ons in the Dark Brotherhood.

real world, fiction, and run-on

Test of Wisdom

This is a practical course which requires you to write a story in accordance with the basic rules of writing. It is designed to give you both practice and feedback on your writing, as well as to help you flesh out your character through the writing process. It is possible that you will be asked to submit several drafts as you receive feedback to help refine your story.

Note: Depending on the length of your submission, the SA staff may require more than the usual 24 hours to grade your submission because of the level of feedback provided by the grader.

Course last updated by Zentru'la on 30 November 2022

Combat Writing

This course is intended to serve as a guide for writing fight scenes. The intention is that the content in this course is applicable across all combat writing, whether this is in your own single-player stories, the ACC, or even writing outside of the club.

Course written by Zentru'la on 2 February 2023.