Vizsla Consul Applications


Vizsla Consul Applications

Greetings all,

Pravus has recently stepped down from Consul of Clan Vizsla. He was the key driving force behind the creation of the Clan nearly two years ago and has been at the helm since through its probation period and participation through multiple Vendettas now alongside the existing Clans with much deeper histories. I want to thank him for his incredible leadership and the experience he's created for members.

To focus on the task at hand, we are in need of a new Consul for the Clan. So with this post, I am opening applications for Consul of Clan Vizsla. If you are interested in applying, send an application to the DGM and me by May 1st.

There is no minimum rank to apply, but leadership within a Clan at some level is incredibly helpful to prepare someone to be the leader of the entire Clan making decisions and setting policy that impacts how it operates. It would be helpful to look back at this post made by Pravus when the Clan was initially founded or any of the news posts since to expand upon your own vision for the Clan and what type of experience is created there for members.

With a Vendetta fast coming we are hoping to close on this quicky. If anyone is interested but has questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Dacien or me on Telegram or over email and we will be happy to discuss.

Evant / Darth Nehalem

Godspeed, Pravus.

Thank you for all of your efforts. I'm looking to see if I have a handy resumé...

This might be the distraction I need from having to be in phys. therapy for my leg.

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