What's Up, Darth?


What's Up, Darth?

Good Morning/Afternoon DJB,

Ood presented an idea to Mav and I fora DB wide competition and it was silly/odd enough for me to support it. Please take the time to review the event below designed to embrace our writers and singers (Not you Wally, we can still hear "What would Firefox Say").

Good luck everyone!


The Dark Lord has embarked on a campaign to eradicate the Jedi from the galaxy. Agents of the Throne scour outskirts of known space, hunting for rumours of Skywalker. At home, the Grand Master has mustered the Inquisition in order to root out Jedi sympathisers from amongst the Clans and other institutes of the Dark Brotherhood. While publically cooperating, most dislike the sudden heavy handed approach of the Iron Throne. Forced to let the inquisitors into the Clan records in their quest to find sympathisers is testing the patience of the proud Consuls.

It is not surprising that, in such a climate, some have decided to use humor as a way to channel their unrest or dislike of Pravus’ actions…

Competition 1: [“What’s Up, Darth?” - Fiction]

Two potential avenues here. a) Your character created this mocking scene and is watching it’s first illegal broadcast on DJB Holo-channels. b) Your character witnesses this first broadcast.

In both cases, you will have to create the scene and your character’s response to it.

Competition 2: What’s Up, Darth?” - Multimedia

Recreate the provided scene in a DB Setting. If you submitted for the Fiction, you can use the scene you created there, if not, you’ll have to create one for this. Record yourself singing the song and possibly create a nice video to go along with it. Let yourself go.

General Information

The titles of the competition segments above are also links to said competitions on the DB Website. You will find more information there as well as competition details.

The Scene in question is a masterpiece of american cartoon history. The “What’s Opera, Doc?” Looney Tunes episode from 1957.

There are a few prerequisites (see competition details for more information) for these competitions:

  • Darth Pravus as Elmer Fudd.
  • Atty (Consul Arcona), A’lora (Consul Odan Urr) or any Light Side Elder as Bugs Bunny.

My bad: first link seems to not be coded fully (since i coded it, i'm curious). regardless, here's the link: “What’s Up, Darth?” - Fiction

Not you Wally, we can still hear "What would Firefox Say"

See, I wasn't going to do it until you said that. On it. :D

@Wally, can't wait to hear it. Go for it!

/me Does lightie things...in opera!

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