As the title suggests both pages are live. Look out for a report before the end of the month with more detailed information moving forward and future competitions that will run weekly. Follow and subscribe and lets get our name out there! * DJB...

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As the title suggests both pages are live. Look out for a report before the end of the month with more detailed information moving forward and future competitions that will run weekly. Follow and subscribe and lets get our name out there!



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The past quarter has seen some final touches to a lot of different ongoing efforts, and fixes to things in possessions as you’ll see in the change log. With that behind me, I will touch on where my focus will be over the next quarter and some...

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The past quarter has seen some final touches to a lot of different ongoing efforts, and fixes to things in possessions as you’ll see in the change log. With that behind me, I will touch on where my focus will be over the next quarter and some opportunities.


I originally hired magistrates (Abadeer and Bubba who did an awesome job establishing some standards for the office out the gate) to help launch possessions, then I got rid of the magistrates, but now I am looking to hire again. I don’t know the quantity, probably two, but depends on strength of the applicants. My goal will be to train these magistrates on possessions, how it works, how its setup, and what the roadmap looks like. The intent being if myself, or Halcyon, or both, are not around to manage everything that there are members who could step up and support things without leaning heavily on James to train them because he set it all up on the site and knows how it works. If you are interested in this, please send an application to Halcyon (Praetor) and I by May 11th and provide in it what you like about possessions, what you don’t like about possessions, some ideas you might have for possessions, and then feel to talk about Star Wars too if you want. It’s awesome after all.

Arx Capital Exchange

I try and spend at least some time working on the fictional backstory of the Regent office. I plan to elaborate over time, and get some stories up on discourse, while running some competitions that try and explore how the organization interacts indirectly with the membership. Like with most organizations around the DJB, there are things that need doing. I am going to start this with a competition, as one example of an interaction your character might have that runs until the end of May.

Competition: ACE - Jervada Asteroid Belt

Dark Council Order of Battle

One of the top projects I’m working on, as a collaborative effort between the GM, DGM and Voice, is the Dark Council Order of Battle. With the intent to document the fleet and ground forces of the Dark Council, and the various societies and sub-groups. There is some great progress already and discussion that goes back at least a year, but I’ve already taken some of this and started to actually get some traction with it. I hope with this in place, it will clarify a lot for people who are trying to scale the Dark Council and understand what they have going on resources wise. My role is primarily in balancing it against the Clans and building it on the site. End of the day, the actual composition and strength are being setup to align with the fictional direction of things. If you have questions you can ask any of us on the project.

Content Expansion

You can see more about the content expansion details in this news post. Specifically adding new content to a wide range of areas and from the latest film and game. I have immediately started to collect proposed items for the next content expansion, but expect it to be sometime late summer and focus on all the new content since. If you have ideas for items, please email them to Halcyon and I.

Society Experience

Part of what slowed down the content expansion was how to go about what I’ve referred to as the society experience. I wanted a store that sold items that required different society ranks to unlock, the ability to buy versions of items granted for free, as well as a similar experience in the level and type of rewards in each society. Of note, because they mostly exist as part of free society experience giveaways, commodity rarity level items are intended as items with no value, which are granted for free. You get the functionality for 1 character, but limited customization and no value. Purchased items equivalent to those free ones have a rarity level, and as such sometimes have a disparate number of aspects as intended and an actual value in credits in the system. Going forward I think this sets up an awesome baseline for future items added across all the societies, and will allow for a more rewarding launch of the graphics society where all the items are primed and ready to go. Members may have noticed new commodity rarity items nobody had been granted, James has since implemented the triggers on the site and everyone should now have those items. It's difficult to coordinate literally everything to happen simultaneously but this is now done.

Credit Supply

For reasons I’ve continually discussed, adding new means to gain credits is always on my radar. Currently Muz Ashen Keibatsu is looking over the trophies for possibility to award credits there, as well as possibly looking for new trophies that might award credits, one of which James Lucius Entar plans to implement soon. There is also a coming new society that will have a payment structure identical to those that already exist. As well as several other thoughts I have I’m discussing again with the GM and DGM currently. If you have any ideas on this front drop me a note.


There is no new progress here. It remains a large undertaking and I have some progress. You’ll hear more from me next time around as I find time to dig into this more now that the society and content are wrapped up.

Celebration Store

The Celebration Store was something created last year to celebrate Star Wars. The intent is to do something similar again this year and you can expect another report out from me to announce its opening. I already have approval to create the items just need to get them finished up and stocked.


I have decided to enlist support to help see this project done. I’ve already gotten great help from Shadow Nighthunter and Muz Ashen Keibatsu and others just to get the conversation rolling, as well as everyone who helped leave comments on discourse to help collect data. I have talked to the GM and decided to enlist the support of Kojiro Keibatsu who will help drive the discussions as we find time and keep some progress on creatures.


I wanted to add a new project to the list since it’s more of an undertaking than just some content. There is a plan to expand the Back Item Type to include a new Item Category called Coats. This actually already was a planned category at some point, but the plan is to bring it back. For simplicity sake, we decided to eliminate the category and have people just use their armor item to cosmetically discuss any sort of coat that accompanied their armor. It was all very non-functional. However, there is an increasing number of people who want Cloak like functionality but modified them to basically be coats. Expect some time in the near future we’ll expand out this entire category and give a means to purchase coats. That said, the reason coats were removed is still valid; people can simply cosmetically add a coat to their armor. So really all you buy with a back slot item that’s a coat is the added functionality.

Change Log

  • Sith Scroll item granted as part of the Shadow Academy society renamed to Sith Order Scroll and description updated to clarify what is contained on the scroll
  • Sith Tome description updated to clarify that the item is as pictured, written and bound text in book format.
  • Expanded Pyramidal Holocron to note that it contains the complete history of the Shadow Academy Society as part of the knowledge and * clarified how it functions as a holocron item.
  • Expanded Cubed Intensity Holocron description to clarify how it functions as a holocron item.
  • Expanded Dodecagon Holocron description to clarify how it functions as a holocron item.
  • Imperial Royal Guard Armor renamed to just Royal Guard armor to meet naming conventions. Since the GMRG is not the Imperial Royal Guard.
  • Updated the Seneschal's Personal Energy Shield Generator to be a small portable shield and not a personal energy shield. A disk on a gauntlet, and not a projection around the wearer.
  • Slight adjustments to various Armor and Back items descriptions so they don’t conflict with planned system definition around Armor in the DJB
  • Added Attire category as a 4th level of armor types below Light Armor at the same cost multiplier. For armor with virtually no protective capabilities. Light Armors have been moved to this category as appropriate Casual Attire, Costume, Formal Attire, Hide Armor, Medical Attire, Natural Armor, Political Attire, Scavenger Armor, Scoundrel Armor, Rebel Officer Uniform, Clone Military Uniform, Imperial Military Uniform, First Order Officer Uniform and Synthweave Bodyarmor.
  • Antares Consolidated Armourers store updated to purchase Attire items.
  • Added 4 passengers to the TIE/sa Bomber starfighter from 0
  • All Item Type Armor in the Item Category Award have been assigned an appropriate category that references its protective capabilities, either Attire, Light, Medium or Heavy.
  • Added a new Item Category = “Special Armor” for different Armor Item Types to cover Novitiate, Journeyman, Equite, Tailored and Elder Tailored Armor items whose functionality is unique to each member.
  • CR70 Corellian Corvette price adjusted down from 2,925,000 to 2,475,000 credits
  • Added new Item Aspect type as an Upgrade, for Special Armor Category, creating 4 options within this new type for selection as Attire, Light Armor, Medium Armor and Heavy Armor
  • Special Armor Upgrade selector added to Novitiate, Journeyman, Equite, Tailored and Elder Tailored Armor items to facilitate selection for ACC and Fiction functionality
  • Elite AT-ST land vehicle walker changed to First Order AT-ST land vehicle walker to better reflect Canon options at Epic level
  • Elite AT-AT land vehicle walker changed to First Order AT-AT land vehicle walker to better reflect Canon options at Epic level
  • Elite AT-ST Platoon armor platoon walker item changed to First Order AT-ST Platoon to better reflect Canon options for Clans at Epic level
  • Elite AT-AT Platoon armor platoon walker item changed to First Order AT-AT Platoon to better reflect Canon options for Clans at Epic level
  • Updated lightsaber cosmetic aspects (3x different for various models) that noted to see dossier, to see snapshot image, since the snapshot is what’s used in various activities.
  • Cubed Intensity Holocron, Dodecagon Holocron, Pyramidal Holocron, Sith Order Scroll and Sith Tome had Item Category updated to Accessory from Award
  • Holocron Center Holodisc rarity level changed to Uncommon
  • Hologram of Death Star I, Hologram of Death Star II and Hologram of Starkiller Base rarity levels updated to Rare
  • Journeyman Tournament Champion Medallion rarity level updated to Epic
  • Journeyman Tournament Gladius Medallion rarity level updated to Rare
  • Advanced Inquisitor Comlink name updated to Brotherhood-issued
  • Advanced Inquisitor Comlink and Item category updated to Technology
  • Chief Inquisitor Armor name updated to Brotherhood-issued Chief Inquisitor Armor
  • Inquisitor Armor name updated to Brotherhood-issued Inquisitor Armor
  • Fellow Robes name updated to Brotherhood-issued Fellow Robes
  • Inquisitorius Scanner name updated to Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Scanner and Item Category updated from Award to Electronics
  • Inquisitorius Sith Dagger Item Category updated to Dagger from Award
  • Inquisitorius Stiletto name updated to Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Stiletto and Item Category updated from Award to Dagger
  • Lanvarok updated Item Category from Award to Projectile
  • Royal Guard Armor name updated to Brotherhood-issued Royal Guard Armor
  • Shadow Academy Datapad name updated to Brotherhood-issued Shadow Academy Datapad and Item Category updated from Award to Electronics, with expanded description to note society specific functionality
  • Shadow Academy Sith Sword updated Item Category from Award to Sword
  • Grand Master's Ring rarity level updated from Commodity to Rare
  • Champion's Gauntlet and Champion's Bracer rarity level updated from Commodity to Epic
  • Researcher Robes name updated to Brotherhood-issued Researcher Robes
  • Sith Order Scroll name updated to Academy-issued Sith Order Scroll
  • Sith Tome name updated to Academy-issued Sith Tome
  • Changed stock location of Gift of War Datacron, Stamp Set, Sith Helm, Sith Amulet and Reminiscence of the Dead from Ornamental Oddments to The Vault
  • Changed stock location of Geo-Rangefinder,H-series Performance Datapad and Galactic Map Holoprojector from Brotherhood Trading company to The Vault
  • Changed stock location of Inquisitorius Sensor Jammer, DDP-13 Personal Seeker Droid, Seneschal's Personal Energy Shield Generator,Voice's Encrypted Comlink and Hunter Killer Training Remote from Utilis Innovations to The Vault
  • Changed stock location of Fistgaunts, Justicar's Shield, The Lion's Claw, Royal Guard Hidden Blade Bracer and Inquisitorius Dart Shooter from Antei Armaments to The Vault


I feel relieved to have the content expansion and society experience stuff done, but look forward to bringing on some new staff to train and work with and move my ongoing projects forward. It’s been a fun ride with possessions and Star Wars so far this year.

In darkness,



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Selen South of Estle City The Wilds Corporal Mortich stepped around another large rock with a sigh. A month. It had been at least a month, by his reckoning, since the failed assault on that damn station in orbit. A month since the most terrifying...

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South of Estle City
The Wilds

Corporal Mortich stepped around another large rock with a sigh. A month. It had been at least a month, by his reckoning, since the failed assault on that damn station in orbit. A month since the most terrifying re-entry in his life, the assault craft his team had been in hadn’t even launched yet when the ship had lost control and been sucked into the planetary well. Most of the crew hadn’t survived, as far as they’d been able to tell. Not that much of a rescue mission could be mounted after the ship crashed into the ocean.

They’d been lucky enough to come down near one of the few landmasses, he could only imagine what had happened to some of the other vessels that had crashed in the middle of nowhere. A mad scramble of trying to get to shore, helping others and the occasional attempt to get supplies had made the entire night a surreal experience. Since that night,they’d collected what survivors they could and been dodging the Arconan patrols, though those were surprisingly sparse all things considered. He’d have expected more flyovers, more troopers hitting the uncivilized lands near the crash site. Instead, it was rare to see more than a shuttle fly over at some point throughout the day.

Durtz and Pracht had managed to tap into some of the local communications at some point, though coverage was spotty this far out. From what Chief Oswardle had told them at the morning briefing, the older engineering chief being the ranking member of their group at this point, the Arconans were having problems at home. Enough that the downed Collective forces had been able to get around without much trouble. Not that there was much to see out here; trees, rocks, the shoreline. They’d spied some smaller settlements, roads heading north towards the mountain city that they could make out with magnoculars. That had been the primary target.

Getting supplies from the villages was deceptively easy. They’d been abandoned, anything fresh was rotten but there was the occasional sealed goods that the troops descended upon like a Hutt at a buffet. Eventually they’d have to move on to bigger things, which would be much more dangerous. But, from the smoke rising from the city to the north on an almost daily basis, they had decent odds of at least slipping inside the city with all the chaos. He grinned, maybe, just maybe his team would still get to put down some of those Force abusing freaks. And then find a way to get off this rock and go back home, he thought, touching the pendant hanging from his neck. He was starting to miss his kids.


Well we’re halfway through April! Well done for surviving everyone, keep showing life who’s boss. The above fiction update touches on possible future events, as we’ve been a bit busy putting our house back in order after Nancora, dealing with the issues we’d left behind for the War. Between problems at Estle, rebuilding Ol’val, and the fatigue and healing of our armed forces, it seems out security is a bit thin right now. Surely that won’t end poorly.

I want to shout out now to the 19 members who participated in the Consul Bride event, almost HALF of our standing roster! That’s fantastic! Well done all of you, expect results and a finale fiction shortly!

But for now, we’re steering back into the on-going Clan storyline, addressing the chaos at home. With the Consul Bride event wrapping up, our next big event to look forward to is Sins Episode IV. As such, Terran brings us a quick recap of the previous episodes to bring people up to speed and refresh memories!

Previously, on Sins of the Past...

The greedy and manipulative Tehr Lorden, former Chief Financial Officer of Naruba Investments and disgraced front-man for Arcona's economic activities, returned to the Dajorra system with several teams of mercenaries. One of the few "civillians" trusted with Arcona's true nature, he was blamed for the system's economic downfall after the events of the Incursion and was now determined to cash in on the debt he saw as owed. Through a campaign of bombing and sabotage, the mercenaries in his employ managed to interrupt Selen's industrial district and overall infrastructure. Though Lorden's forces were eventually caught and killed, the Muun himself escaped, reporting to his benefactor - the mysterious Mr. Blue, responsible for organizing the plot against Arcona - that their plan had been a complete success.

While the people of Selen attempted to recover from the shock of having their homeworld's security violated, and making slow, faltering first steps towards repairing the vast damage, a new plot was already being set in motion. Orchestrated by the envious Teroch Erinos, a former Arconae and clone of Consul Emeritus Sashar Erinos Arconae, strike teams attacked numerous locations across the Dajorra system. Military installations were sabotaged, high-ranking members of Arcona's Armed Forces were killed, Arconan Force Users were slaughtered, and Teroch himself led a near-fatal attack on former Consul Wuntila Arconae. Though he was eventually stopped aboard Dusk Station, attempting to free the mad Dark Jedi Mejas Doto, the toll Teroch took - in both lives and military readiness - would be sorely felt in the months to come.

Despite Teroch's failure to assassinate Arcona's leadership, Mr. Blue and Tehr Lorden have continued to move forward with their plans. To that end, the gluttonous Whallata Besadeii, backed by Blue or Lorden, soon attacked and boarded Port Ol'val. Whallata had run Ol'val for nearly three decades with the knowledge and help of Clan Arcona, eventually controlling nearly all major criminal enterprises in the Dajorra system before being forced off the station by Shadow Gate and having her criminal enterprise co-opted by House Qel-Droma. Upon re-seizing Ol'val, her first actions were to destroy Shadow Gate's Phantom Complex and any Arconan safe houses she could find. Most of Ol'val was destroyed in the attack, cutting off Arcona from most of their black market enterprises in the process, and weakening a major stream of revenue for the Shadow Clan. Though Whallata was beat back and Port Ol'val recaptured, the damage done to the Qel-Droma - both to the members and to the House's resources - was inexpressible. At the same time as Port Ol'val was being attacked, Whallata used plague carriers to release a virulent disease. It killed most of Eldar's native population and decimated Arcona's reserve military forces that were stationed on the planet. Worse yet, Selen was also infected. The deaths in Estle City were astronomical, with initial estimates placing the death toll at 30% of the population before the Citadel was able to discover and disseminate a cure.

In the midst of this chaos, a new threat has surfaced. The Citadel, either ignored and dismissed, or seen by the locals as a beacon of hope and a light in the darkness, has come under fire. For decades, the Citadel was believed to be a monastery filled with benevolent benefactors and guardians, offering wisdom and resources to the local population. Those suffering from illness could visit the Citadel and be healed, or at least comforted. Those on hard times and under crippling economic pressure could visit and find their coffers filled, or at least come away with sound financial advice. And though they leave none-the-wiser when it comes to Arcona's existence and goals, rumors of the Citadel's generosity - credible or not - have spread throughout Selen. Now the Citadel has come under rampant suspicion. Every week sees new anti-Citadel rallies being held, invective-filled diatribes painting the Citadel as a shadowy cabal secretly manipulating and experimenting on Estle City's population. These speakers often point to the Citadel as being to blame for the terrorism and economic hardship that has befallen Selen, and the size of the crowds at the rallies shows that their claims aren't falling on deaf ears.

To make matters worse, the regular peacekeeping and public aid forces of Selen have been absent in quelling the public unrest and unable to assist with relief efforts. With the Armed Forces preoccupied first by the Collective at Nancora and subsequently by missions to Canto Bight, the majority of Arcona's strength has been abroad for some time. Riots have broken out and many portions of the various rings of Estle City are nearly uninhabitable. Though reconstruction efforts are underway, this has led to fresh conflict with the citizenry. The rings closest to the Citadel have received priority for aid and reconstruction while the lower rings continue to suffer from deprivation. Though newly returned Arconan forces discreetly try to help with the situation, their efforts are slow-moving due to their low priority, and the homeworld continues to suffer from outbreaks of newly formed gang violence, power outages, food shortages, refugee displacement, and general disarray. Resistance cells have begun to spring up throughout Selen, intent on proving the evil machinations of the Citadel and bringing down the Deep State. And at their center is the charismatic and prideful Varon...

So, look forward to Sins in May and thank you, Terran, for that summination of the previous episodes!



As some of you may recall, our placement in the last Great Jedi War earned us some Clan exclusive robes. Our DGM, Morgan delivered on them just recently, the Arconan Armed Forces robes! With a variety of options and colors, they’re rather snazzy.


You can find these under the robe construction tool under our Clan section, give ‘em a look and make sure to thank the Vyr for them.


Clan News

In Clan news this month, we saw some BTL shuffling in Galeres, with Grot taking the helm of Spectre Cell. Constantine has decided to stay on with the team as well, which we appreciate greatly. Grot is also running some BT centric competitions in the Spectre Cell event that is open to all of House Galeres. It's a good introduction to the team if you’re not already a part of it!

Be on the lookout for competitions from Qel-Droma as well, kids, as we start getting the Houses back into the swing of storylines before Sins!

We also saw some promotions this past month, with Grot to Equite 1, Eilen to Knight (woot!) and Canderous up to Courier! Congrats to all our hard workers!

Club News


Ask The Ryn

  • Skar asks,

    • Will Kordath ever forgive Skar
      • Will he ever forgive the Kaleesh who went nuts and stabbed his (hopefully) future wife in the gut with a lightsaber? We’ll see.
  • Atty/Satsi asks several…

    • How will we interact with the collective going forward?
      • If they come at us, we blow them up. If we see an opportunity to raid or plunder them, well, we’ll have a pay day. I have no intention of having Arcona going out and looking for fights, but we’ll fight the battles we have to.
    • What about clans besides our waifu?
      • I feel my above answer stands :P
    • Will we make enemies with anyone, perhaps? If so I vote Plag :p
      • I, too, vote Plag. And we’ll see, some things have been discussed already.
    • What are your thoughts on coop comps vs regular ones?
      • Oomph. I enjoy doing cooperative competitions. I don’t enjoy running them because it never feels like we get a good turn out.
    • Is Arcona still moving towards being open as a presence in Dajorra? (With Sins, etc)
      • Sure seems that way. I’m sure that massive army we have will come in handy.
    • What's your favorite thing you've each ever written?
      • Probably one of my sad fics, Ribbon, Holos, etc.
  • Xenna asks,

    • #asktheryn is Kord more of a kicking or punching kind of guy?
      • Both. He’s a big fan of K’thri, so, spinning like a five limbed top.
  • Lucine asks,

    • #asktheRyn: Would you feed meth to a honey badger? I really think you should try it.
      • I feel like your attempts to get me killed are becoming transparent, possibly even lazy. I suspect this is a ruse to get me to lower my guard. I’ll have Strong feed some kind of spice to a badger and see what happens, though. For science.
  • Lucine asks a bunch more!

    • Now that the war has formally been concluded, what future challenges await the clan?
      • Surviving Kordath, surviving Sins, a possible threat from inside the system...
    • Can Strong come over to play?
      • I don’t even know where he is half the time and he keeps coming back smelling like perfume, looking tired and with bite marks on him.
    • What do you say to allegations that you are a lecherous, drunken rodent of unusual size?
      • Show me the proof! Seriously, ever since Zuji cut him off he’s been blacking out from the drinking, he needs some evidence to refute or confirm.
    • When are you and Zuji getting back together?
      • Hopefully soon.
    • Would you consider letting a certain fashion-conscious redhead help with your outfits? A Consul should dress the part, after all.
      • Possibly. He’d have to bring Strong along to make sure nothing dangerous happened, wouldn’t want the Shadow Sloth getting caught literally with his pants down.
    • Any interesting death threats/ attempts on your life?
      • Someone released a bunch of badgers in the Citadel, very confused on that one. They seem hyperactive.
    • Seriously, when are you and Zuji getting back together?
      • I...I dunno.
    • Cheesecake or chocolate cake?
      • Cheesecake, oh yes.
    • What is the Ryn wearing to the ArcCou celebrations?
      • At the very least, pants, out of respect.
    • How many Ryn does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
      • Yes.
    • You and Zuji. When are you going to reconcile?
      • When indeed.
  • Grot asks, *#asktheryn What's your favorite locae in Estle City?
    * Hard to say, I know Sugar’s is a fun place, though.


So in review, new robes, new competitions on the horizon, and Sins returning next month! Until Next Month Kids! Be good, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.




A New Conseal! Let’s be honest, you’d all worry about me if I didn’t have a seal for this particular occasion. Isn’t he the most regal aquatic mammal you’ve ever seen? Ok, enough with the seal discussion for now, time to get down to business. As...

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A New Conseal!


Let’s be honest, you’d all worry about me if I didn’t have a seal for this particular occasion. Isn’t he the most regal aquatic mammal you’ve ever seen? Ok, enough with the seal discussion for now, time to get down to business. As you might have heard, Mav has decided that I would be the one to take over for the recently promoted Selika. As such, I thought this was a good time to both introduce myself to our newer members as well as detail the plans I have for the future in the clan. So first off, about me. I’ve been a part of the DB for just over five and a half years and joined after some Slagar person told me this club was cool or something. Pretty much from the start I’ve been a part of the leadership of Plagueis and have held quite literally every position in it possible (yes, Consul completed my “bingo card:, so Bingo!). I’ve also done an 18 month stint in the Voice office where I was also hired by that Mav guy (I’m sensing a theme here :) ). I’ve been a part of more than a few projects, highlighted by the revamping of the character sheet system as well as work on the Inquisitorious. Now I have a new project, making Plagueis the best unit it can be.

A Richer Environment

To start off my discussion of the plans I have, the biggest thing I want to do is to help create a richer and deeper fictional environment in the clan. While we’ve got a pretty good foundation now with a rich lore and plenty of opportunities for development, it’s now time to dig in and start working with it. I’ve always been interested and inspired by the rich fictional environments in other clans (Odan Urr and Arcona stand out) and I’ve always wondered why we aren’t doing that in Plagueis. Part of that is creating the right vehicles to do that, and that’s something I’m going to be looking to do as soon as possible. The most immediate change I’m going to announce is that in the near future (once we get a new summit settled), is relaunching the Clan Run-On in a slightly modified form. The main difference is that I want to use the RO not just to develop relationships between characters, but also to forward the overall clan plotline. On that end, my goal is to make the official plotline more accessible to all characters, from the summit on down to journeymen, and make it relevant to everyone. I’ve always been big on involving as many characters as possible in the larger story (I think I’ve given several Voices/GMs and earful on this one :) ), so I’m definitely going to work do to that in Plagueis. That said, I’m not looking to totally tear down what we’ve done to date, we’re going to stay just as dark and evil as ever despite Arden not being as Dark a leader as some of our past ones. I got some ideas to make him evolve.

This gets me to the first ask I have of people in Plagueis which ,in this case also, includes myself. To create the kind of environment that leads to rich story telling that showcases a great many characters, other writers need something to work from. The first step in that process is keeping your character’s wiki article up to date. I’m not going to lie, Arden’s is lacking right now, so it’s not a great example. However if you want to know what a good wiki page for a character looks like, I’ll be happy to point to some examples. Or just ask that Slagar guy who hangs out around our Telegram from time to time, he might know something about wiki articles. As part of updating your wiki pages, it’s probably not a bad idea to create an OOC guide to writing your character. That helps both other people in a run-on environment, those you’re in an ACC match with, as well as those crafting official fiction updates (which could even include that Wally guy) depict your character more accurately. When it comes to this sort of thing, I always like to point to Atty/Satsi’s pages as an example. While that level of detail might not be necessary, anything you can give other writers will be helpful in the long run.

Ask the Conseal

I was planning to do one of these in my RM report anyway, but I think it’s more interesting doing it now.

Kelly asks: How will Arden attempt to shape Plagueis' relationship with the Iron Throne in light of the Dracaryis ex-machina we received from them?

I’m still digesting that one, though I prefer to call it deus ex Dracina. Comes off the tongue better. Arden doesn’t have much fictional history with Drac, or many of the other DCers with the exception of Selika. However, there might be a certain insectoid that does....

TuQ asks: How does Arden feel about NFUs?

So interesting bit about Arden for those who haven’t been around the character much,despite being a Sith, he’s not super into the Force. He sees it as one more tool in his arsenal and doesn’t feel the need to use it in super flashy ways. He doesn’t use his lightsaber much, he’s still very much into guns. Thus, he’s not a big “F/Us are gods” person, so NFUs shouldn’t worry too much, as long as they’re an asset to him.

Mav asks: Favorite seal and why?

This is hard because they’re all so awesome and memeable. For shear adorabilty I have to go with the harp seal, as many of my favorite pictures are harp seals. One of my classic seal memes is base on a harp seal. Remember this guy:


Dacien/Bubba asks: Seals or Battleships?

Both? So I’m sure you all know by now I’m into some game called World of Warships. I do the seal thing there too, because it’s even more relevant there. See, in WoWS, when a high level/competitive player drops into a lower tier match (which are home mainly to less experienced players) they are said to be “seal clubbing”. Thus, there’s an alternate meaning there and, well, my sub-clan’s channel on discord isn’t called “Trying for more seals” for no reason. You don’t believe me, check my WoWS Forums Profile , you might notice another fella that pops up in our TG there...

Kelly also asks: What type of a leader will Arden be? Will he be willing to let the houses do their things or will he be heavily involved in their affairs?

Arden is a businessman through and through, therefore he understands the importance of letting subordinates doing their thing as long as they are meeting the overall goal. That also means a lot of 0800 meetings with pastries and PowerPoint (I’m sure there’s something like it in Star Wars, right?). On that note...

TuQ also asks: Will Arden's position as Consul impact his business dealings.

Definitely, but that’s a fictional surprise I want to save for down the road.

Abadeer Asks: As the new consul, what have you liked about Plagueis’ last fictional direction and where would you like to see it flow to in the future as you take the head?

As I said before, I’ve been a fan of most of what’s gone on fiction wise, so I wouldn’t expect a vastly different track. Arden, however, isn’t nearly as dark as some of the prior Dread Lords and has a businessy background which I want to bring into play. Don’t want to get into specific thoughts...yet.

Ronovi asks: How is Arden going to change the interior design of the Dread Lord's quarters in the Pinnacle? Will there be a fancy bar for brandy built in?

I kinda like the aesthetics of some of the apartments in Mass Effect when I think about how Arden would decorate. Anderson/Shepard’s apartment in Mass Effect 3 would be a good example I think. Leather sofas, simple color palette, and yes, definitely a well stocked bar.


And lastly:

Julius Ceaser asks: Who is your favorite Beatle?

Easy, Ringo. Drummers are awesome.

Closing Thoughts and MoZ

So, there’s one bit I didn’t get in above that I want to end with. My leadership style might be different from others in that I don’t like a top-down dictatorial approach. I’m very big on sourcing ideas from all over and crafting the best ones into stories or projects. Don’t be afraid to approach me with a suggestion, be it for a competition you want to run or a plot point to pursue. I also want to know what I’m doing right or wrong. Come to me, tell me what’s up, and don’t be afraid to be blunt about it. On that note, I think this Moment of Zen is a pretty good example of how I look at this sort of thing.

Keep it evil mes amis.




Greetings programs, Mav and I have discussed at length the most concerning issues troubling our Club. One of those issues seems to be active recruitment and retention of new members. Many of our most active members have been recruited, one way or...

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Greetings programs,

Mav and I have discussed at length the most concerning issues troubling our Club. One of those issues seems to be active recruitment and retention of new members. Many of our most active members have been recruited, one way or another, from various like-minded websites, be they Star Wars fan forums or fiction/gaming clans or groups. Whereas the Social Media Tribune position would take on the majority of our marketing on social media sites, we agreed that we need someone to work with us on more active, down-to-earth engagement with the outside folk that the Social Media Tribune just couldn't be asked to manage due to the time required.

With that in mind, the Deputy Grand Master's office will be accepting applications for the position of Magistrate. The Magistrate will be involved with the offices of GM, DGM, Herald and Social Media Tribune and will develop strategies and methods of active, meaningful recruitment for the Club as a whole. This will include communicating and engaging with outside websites and services (art, gaming, fiction, and miscellaneous communities/forums/websites). While the work will be closely related to the Social Media Tribune's job, as much as possible, we will make sure it does not overlap.

Applications will be accepted until Friday the 27th of April.

What are we looking for?

  • The candidate must have a history of leadership in the club, a clear idea of what recruitment means for the Club and at least some idea on how to approach this tough subject

  • Willingness to engage strangers in conversations and responsibly represent the Club in all situations

  • 24-hour mail turn around

  • A Telegram connection for ease of communication

Send all applications via mail to Mav and me.


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Throne Room The Dark Ascent Arx 35 ABY The Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood listened to the Dark Council provide updates on the war against the Collective. The rhythm of their cadence lulled his senses until his eyes closed and he drew upon...

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Throne Room
The Dark Ascent
35 ABY

The Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood listened to the Dark Council provide updates on the war against the Collective. The rhythm of their cadence lulled his senses until his eyes closed and he drew upon himself. His consciousness expanded from the chamber they were in, to the space beyond Arx, and then eventually to the planet of Nancora. His mind pulled at intersecting strings and eventualities derived from the actions of countless variables. He sensed familiar figures; Grand Master Ashen, Dacien Victae, Bloodfyre Tarentae, and many others. Darkness from their intentions colored the Force and the future, but there was something else. Something the Grand Master had underestimated.

Light. Within the myriad of dark tangles, a singular band of light emerged. The strand rolled upon itself, braided, and then offered its own potential futures. The Grand Master pulled at the strands until visions of a Command Center dominated his sight. Turel Sorenn and Satsi Tameike stood facing one another, their voices raised as heated words were exchanged.

The Grand Master could not identify the words that were spoken, but a singular feeling resonated within the Force. Danger. Not to the Dark Council, but to the Dark Brotherhood as a whole. The Collective sought an end to the war by destroying the very heart of each Clan.

Darth Pravus opened his eyes and raised his hand signaling the end of the Dark Council’s update. The tone of his voice was unmistakably that of a command.

“The Iron Navy’s Command Battle Group is complete and ready for mobilization above Arx. Dark Councilors, where able, will deploy to their former Clans in preparation for a defense of their systems. Each of you may engage your former Clan leadership as you deem necessary to avoid any misunderstanding as to our intentions.”

The Dark Councilors rose from their positions and exited the throne room in an orderly fashion. Farrin Xies, Headmaster of the Brotherhood, waited patiently for the line of Councilors to exit the facility until it was his turn. Stepping forward, he found his way barred by two black-clad royal guards.

“Warlord Xies. Might I have an additional word?” the Grand Master’s voice echoed throughout the chamber. “I would appreciate your experience and wisdom in helping coordinate the defense of Arx.”

“My Lord,” Farrin replied carefully, but was unable to hide the frustration from his features. “Clan Tarentum is out of position. There is no way they can hold out without reinforcements.”

The guardsman, clad in black Elite Royal Guard Praetorian Armor, activated the electro-plasma filament that would shield their blades from the bite of a lightsaber. Neither looked inclined to let the Headmaster pass.

“Warlord Xies, Clan Tarentum has suffered devastating blows throughout this war. There is nothing left to save.” The Dark Lord’s eyes were cold and sharp as cut glass. With a calm gesture, he motioned towards the guardsman. “Escort the Headmaster to his shuttle.”


Click here to read the full fiction


Written by: Grand Master Pravus & Voice Marick Tyris.



I apologize in advance for this.

  • FLASHBACK: Pravus, not happy with how things panned out. He is probably still upset about his flagship being blown up, too.
  • SMASHCUT: Pravus in the present (of this story). He is not expecting Consul's Turel and Satsi to share the information they learn with the rest of the Brotherhood. The Sith Lord underestimated the "Light".
  • After realizing that the Collective used Nancora as a trap for the Brotherhood, Pravus prepares to deploy Dark Council and Arx assets to aide the rest of the Brotherhood.
  • Pravus tells the Dark Councilors they are free to aide their alma mater Clans. Except for Farrin...
  • Two guardsman stop Farrin. I totally did did not add this beat in to pimp out the new unchanging guardsman of the Grand Master’s Royal Guard. I’m actually really happy with how they came out.
  • Pravus tells Farrin that he is needed here on Arx, and that it is too late to save his former Clan: Tarentum.
  • CUT TO: Bloodfyre realizes that he is too late to save Tarentum’s homeworld. While the defensive navy manages to land some critical hits, the Collective is just too powerful and the defenses do not hold. The Collective pushes to wipe out one of the Brotherhood's oldest and darkest Clans.
  • Sith Bloodfyre, the last Consul of Tarentum, makes the choice to save his Clansman (and women) by ordering the surviving members into escape pods. The members of once Clan Tarentum will never forget, but would live on to fight future battles.
  • CUT TO: A Plageuis ship named the Wrath. This is amusing because that is the same name of the Fist's Flagship Resurgent-class SSD. Thank you Laren for helping me with this segment, and thank you for helping me make this joke work within the narrative. salute
  • Plageuis is ready to take on the Collective on home turf. Still, there are a lot of Collective ships. Just as Laren muses that they might win, but at a cost, a deus-ex Dracaryis shows up to help turn the tides of battle. Surely this will lead to interesting development between the Ascendant Clan and the current Fist of the Brotherhood.
  • CUT TO: CSP Flagship, which is of course named the “Sidious”. (Do you notice the theme with their fleet? Do you!?)
  • Consul/Empress Elincia ponders the state of life, the universe, and everything. (Hopefully she has one of the new nerf-wool towels in the recent possessions update.) While CSP is able to withdraw effectively form Nancora, they don’t have much of a home to return to. They still have to fight against the Meraxis Empire to claim a true foothold in the Caperion system.
  • To add more fuel to the fire, intel is leaked that Collective agents have made contact with the Meraxis Empire and are willing to work with them to prevent the spreading of any tricksie Jedises or Sithses
  • Just when Elincia thought, we’re going to need a bigger ‘boat’, a familiar face arrives to lend a hand.
  • It’s Evant, former Proconsul of CSP and since Regent of the Brotherhood! He offers the aid of the Iron Bank of Bravos—I mean the Brotherhood’s capital resources—in an olive-branch like move to help repair relations between the DC and the independent Clans.
  • CUT TO: A random Collective NPC! This NPC—Nuy Vexus—actually, was created by our very own Anubis for the Collective Chronicles competition. I was not kidding when I said that characters made for that competition had the potential to show up in future fictions ;).
  • Vexus, like all the good zealots in the Liberation Front, is ready to take the fight to the Clans of the Brotherhood. Their target? Sepros, the home of Clan Naga Sadow. Dun dun dun. Sang will pick up from this for your next event, or so I’m told. ph33r and stuff.

And I’m spent. Please read the fiction, and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Dark Brotherhood Storyline: Update

Really quickly, I wanted to again thank Sarin for letting me use what he had been working on to finish this story in a way that I feel gives it proper closure and justice. I’ve spent the last three years working with Sarin on fiction updates for the club, and am grateful for all the work he’s done to help move our club forward, often times at the expense of his own feelings while being fully conscious of how his decisions affected the opinions held by different groups within the club.

With that said, this fiction brings an official close to the Twelth Great Jedi War. The first two segments were written by Sarin, with me picking up the remaining few pages. Even before this, I’ve personally invested a lot of my own blood, sweat, and tears into this storyline. I hope that everyone was able to make the most out of it and were able to focus on the positive elements we established such as featuring member-characters that went above and beyond (Plus Ultra), communicated drafts with Clan leadership, and did our best to make sure that recaps and summaries were provided to help aide members in digesting the plot developments. Thank you again to everyone who has been engaged with this arc, even if you had other ideas or opinions or directions you felt we could have went. I appreciate you.

We will now move on to our next arc (taking place in the current 36ABY), which we will be simply calling “The Collective”. This is not to say that the Collective will be the day-in and day-out storyline for the club, but we do want to make it clear that they will be a large part of the larger, ongoing macro-level storyline for the club. Units will continue to create and manage their own micro storylines. As Voice, I will be working carefully and available to work with any unit leaders to aide in this cohesion.

In the meantime, the first fiction of the new arc will revolve around the transition of Grand Masters and how the Dark Brotherhood will move forward, structurally, under its new leadership. Expect a fiction update from Deputy Grand Master Vyr coming soon.

For more information, make sure to check out the Fiction Center for your latest databank and recaps of previous storylines!

My monthly Voice Report up within the next week or so as I get back onto a more regular schedule.

Thank you.



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So I'm not making this report #1 because I want to write a fuller report to lay out my plans for the clan and I won't have time to do that justice until the weekend, I do want to get one ball rolling now. As with any leadership transition,...

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So I'm not making this report #1 because I want to write a fuller report to lay out my plans for the clan and I won't have time to do that justice until the weekend, I do want to get one ball rolling now. As with any leadership transition, we need to start filling up the summit and during the process of getting a new consul, real life concerns persuaded our esteemed Proconsul, Laren, to step down. While I wish him all the best in his future endevours, that now leaves two spots on the clan summit to fill. Thus, I will be opening up both the Proconsul and Rolemaster positions for applications. All are welcome to apply and outside applications are encouraged as well. Feel free to send one app for both positions if you want. In addition to all the usual stuff about how your leadership style and what you've done in the Brotherhood, here's what I'll be looking for specifically:

  • For both positions, I want to know what you think Plagueis does well, what it could do better, and specific ideas on how to accomplish that.
  • For Proconsul specifically, I want to know how you can help develop the future leaders of Plagueis
  • For Rollmaster speciifically, I want to hear your thoughts on retaining and training new members and what we can do better on that front.

I want to get the summit repopulated quickly, so please send your apps directly to me by Midnight Pacific Daylight Time on Friday April 20th. Please note what position(s) you're interested in. Last note, I intend to fill all open positions in one process, which will include any positions vacated by internal promotion. Thus, even if you might not think you'll get PCON RM, if I need to replace a QUA/AED as part of the process, I'll be looking at this applicant pool to do that, so apply anyway. I'll also be using these applications to pick folks for future projects.

Take care, and more in a couple days!


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Darkest greetings from my new office in the Holocron Center. For those who don't know me, I am Bentre Stahoes, and today I find myself your shiny new Wiki Tribune. I can tell you, there is a lot of excitement on my end. I have always loved...

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Darkest greetings from my new office in the Holocron Center. For those who don't know me, I am Bentre Stahoes, and today I find myself your shiny new Wiki Tribune.

I can tell you, there is a lot of excitement on my end. I have always loved contributing to and delving into the Wiki, so I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that Mav, Morgan and the Dark Council have seen me fit to serve the Brotherhood further in this role.


Where to start, but at the beginning? As I said above, I enjoy the Wiki. Character creation, world-building and writing have always been a passion of mine, as much as reading and libraries. As you might imagine is what makes the Wiki a pretty awesome place, if you ask me. As Mav mentioned when I was appointed, I had worked for the Wiki staff over 2 years. For me, it certainly doesn't seem that way. I have done a lot of work, from the nitty gritty of quality control, to helping to update when nu-canon came into effect, to helping conform the wiki into the new Clan Category format and more things I am sure I am forgetting.

Things are always growing, always expanding, and as new locations, new adversaries, new movies and new adventures arise, the Wiki should grow. The staff and myself want to work, to make the Wiki a more inviting place for veteran and newcomer alike. It has never been a more exciting time- in my humble opinion- to be a Star Wars fan. The content being put out has the potential to become deeper and more awesome than we can imagine, and I hope that folks will join together in further developing and fleshing out our corner of this galaxy far, far away.


Wiki Policy Changes

No changes yet, as I am still settling into my new office digs, but watch this section in a few weeks when my first "regular" report drops and I might just have some wiki-flavored goodness for all of you.


Greater Ease of Navigation On the Wiki: Pretty much what it says on the tin. I know that I have seen a lot of redlinks across the wiki due to things like capitalizing or not capitalizing something appropriately. I for one find it annoying when I type up a page, think everything is nice looking, and then hit preview to realize that a bunch of my links have turned crimson when my back was turned. Which cues a couple of searches to see if I cannot locate the proper page to link to it like I originally intended. To this end I am going to look into what I can do internally to improve upon search functions and/or linking. At least for a start. We will see where it goes from there.

The Great Brotherhood Archive: So much content, so many events, ships, locations and characters who have gone so long neglected. The big hope is that working with Wiki Staff, Clan Summits and Dark Council, we can bring all this information up to date. I believe this will make the world of the Brotherhood and easier one to get into, and thus will improve a bit of the quality of life for our new members, returning and old members alike. Part of this will involve denoting pages of historical significance with shiny new templates. At least for a start. Eventually, we will make things look shiny and new again.

The Great Shift: aka "Arx is the new seat of the Brotherhood." There are still a lot of references to Antei all over the wiki. This isn't bad of course. I mean, it was the seat of the Brotherhood until the destruction of Antei. Looking at the page for the planet, it is still noted as the current seat of power for the Dark Brotherhood. With the help of my staff, we are going to reflect Arx as the new center of the Broterhood and make it nice nad clear what is past and what is now. Rather than wipe out the past, we plan to preserve it.

Perpetual Wiki: This is pretty simple in its premise. There are lots of little issues throughout the Wiki. A lot of these are simply maintenance issues of varying degrees. That comprises the first part. Once we have the simple ground work out of the way, we will be reaching out to Clan and House Summits to help them organize and direct content creation. This is not to say that we are gong to direct the units in what they create, but will rather work with them to help make their visions a reality. We will be working similarly with Wally, Mav and the rest to make a richer, more detailed Wiki for all!

A Return to Form: My hopes are that we can bring back a regular awarding of Wiki Contributor of the Month and Wiki Page of the Months awards. Actually, of anything I can do most immediately, I want to work towards this. What can I say? It warms my heart to see people helping to build and create as a collective whole. I may have additional details in my next report, but I don't imagine the standards will change too much from when Slagar served as Tribune, but we will all see.

Miscellaneous: As additional movies and other various media are released, we will of course need to examine what still works with the wiki, and where we can improve. This is a little harder to pin than the above as it depends on some things that cannot be entirely predicted, but I am sure it will also be shaped by discussions with myself and the Dark Council moving forward. Cheers.


Staff Openings

For the things that I hope we can accomplish, I will of course need additional help. Now, this is not to say that you cannot contribute and create content. Quite the contrary. However, I certainly would like to offer folks the chance to work on focused projects toward the same. I am looking for a few good folks to help us make a greater Wiki. In this, we will work with a sheet of projects, with projected completion dates as a start, but will also engage in discussions on how we can build and grow the Wiki into a greater repository as well. This job also includes patrolling changes on the Wiki to ensure that we maintain a level of consistency across the board. As such, I will be opening applications from April 13th for all parties interested in joining up with the Wiki Staff. I will need to fill positions for either three or four Wiki staff members. Given my larger vision for the Wiki I imagine that those selected will be kept reasonably busy.

If you feel this is something you want to be part of, send me an email with the subject "Wiki Staff Application", with your application attached. I ask that applications include experiences with wiki work, examples of the work you have done (on our wiki or with links to pages on other wikis you have contributed to- including user names) and one idea that you have in how we might further improve the Wiki. I am not going to strictly reqiure my applicants have passed Wiki Basics and Wiki Editing, but I would like to see that folks have taken at least the basics course. This is not a hard requirement- if you have credentials to back your prowess I may make an exception to this- but it certainly wouldn't hurt your application. Also, do note that you will likely be working somewhat with members of other Clans and/or DC support staff to complete our projects. I am hoping to see a wide sampling of folks from across the Clans apply. Applications for prospective Wiki staff will be due on April 28th.

(as a note, members who provide ideas will be given proper credit for their attributions presented in applications)


Wiki Tip of the Month

Super simple tip for this month regarding the Wiki and pages. If there something strange, and it don't look good, who are you gonna call?

Well, not the Ghostbusters unfortunately.

However, I do have this link right here where you can find the staff, including myself, that can help you out. If you prefer to cut to the quick of the matter, or want an even easier venue, you can always ask your questions on your Wiki Tribune's talk page. More often than not, I will get to your questions in less than 12 hours, though typically in at least 24 hours.

Final Words

Well that is it, guys and gals. I will see you in about two weeks with some more details on what is happening with the Wiki as a whole, as well as an announcement on new Wikipedia Contributor of the Month and Featured Article of the Month. The first report will also be where I will announce my new Wiki staff selections and hopefully share hints, tips, news and more. In the meantime, I will see you all on the Wiki and around our community.

I am, as ever, Yours In Darkness,



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Greetings all, A quick update before my weekend report with two major appointments. First, please join me in congratulating Arden Karn di Plagia on his appointment to Consul of Clan Plagueis. Arden has served his Clan and the Brotherhood admirably...

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Greetings all,

A quick update before my weekend report with two major appointments.

First, please join me in congratulating Arden Karn di Plagia on his appointment to Consul of Clan Plagueis. Arden has served his Clan and the Brotherhood admirably for years, and we are looking forward to him having a shot to show what he can do at the helm of Plagueis.

Second, we have a new Wiki Tribune: Bentre Stahoes. Bentre has served on the Wiki Staff for more than two years and I'm looking forward to what he can do with the Wiki moving forward.

Congratulations again to Arden and Bentre, and I'll see you all this weekend!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master


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My team and I are finally ready to release the second content expansion into the possessions system. This content is available now! Items have been added over the past year, but this is the first real push to add a large swath of content. There is...

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My team and I are finally ready to release the second content expansion into the possessions system. This content is available now! Items have been added over the past year, but this is the first real push to add a large swath of content. There is a wide range of new items across Legends and Canon, and we feel that these new items and stores will add to the existing system to help members better experience the fictional universe while telling their own stories.

The major areas of focus are on the society experience including a new store I will get into more detail in below, items from The Last Jedi as well as SW: Battlefront 2 and on weaker areas we identified with fewer offerings to get available choices up in anticipation of future efforts. I’d like to personally thank the Voice and Herald staffs for their efforts in supporting my team to provide these items.

There are 114 prototype items as part of this release added across 41 different categories, with thousands of words of written descriptions. On top of that, we have 21 additional new items ready to launch with the graphics society when it’s ready. Some of these are purchasable versions of existing items as part of the society experience update, and some are re-launched after balancing, but most are new content. I think the best way to present the new content would be to break it out by items as part of the society content expansion, items that are for members, and items that are for Clans.

Society Content

  • Accressories: Assassin's Code Holobook, Defensive Operations Holobook, Elder Holocron, Inquisitorius Access Disk, Inquisitorius Holobook, Jedi Order Holobook, Jedi Order Scroll, Jedi Tome, Offensive Operations Holobook, Rites of Combat Disk, Royal Guard Holobook Shadow Academy Identicard, Sith Order Holobook, Sith Order Scroll, Sith Tome
  • Armor: Elite Royal Guard Praetorian Armor, Royal Guard Armor, Chief Inquisitor Armor, Fellow Robes, Inquisitor Armor, Researcher Robes
  • Droids: Crime Scene Analysis Droid, L-1 Tactical Droid, E-XD Infiltrator Droid
  • Equipment: Inquisitorius Datapad, Inquisitorius Locator, Inquisitorius Scanner, Royal Guard Datapad, Shadow Academy Datapad, Inquisitorius Forgery Kit,
  • Technology: Advanced Inquisitor Comlink, Advanced Royal Guard Comlink
  • Weapons: Inquisitorius Stiletto, Electro-bisento, Vibro-voulge Twin Vibro-arbir Blades, Royal Guard Personal Shield, Royal Guard Shock Gloves
  • Granted Items: Brotherhood-issued Elite Royal Guard Praetorian Armor, Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Datapad, Brotherhood-issued Royal Guard Datapad, Brotherhood-issued Advanced Royal Guard Comlink, Royal Guard Force Pike, Royal Guard Bilari Electro-chain Whip

Member Content

  • Accessories: Fantafly Polyhedral Dice
  • Armor: Iron Legion Uniform
  • Back: Hang Glider
  • Droids: B1 Battle Droid, B2 Super Battle Droid, IT-S00.2 Medical Droid, LOM-series Protocol Droid, MD-15C Medical Droid, R4-series Astromech Droid, R5-series Astromech Droid, Viper Probot, WED-20 Treadwell Droid
  • Equipment: C-10 Stun Grenade, Code Replicator, Electro-shock Prod, Multi-frequency Spotlight Glowrod, Nerf-wool Towel, Q-1041 Plasma Cutter, Vocal Emulator
  • Land Vehicles: Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), BARC Speeder, Cantonica Zephyr GB-134 Speeder, CK-6 Swoop Bike, Gian Speeder, V-4X-D Ski Speeder
  • Space Vehicles: Aurore-class Freighter, Eta-class Shuttle, IGV-55 Surveillance Vessel, MG-100 StarFortress SF-17, R-41 Starchaser, RZ-2 A-wing Interceptor, T-5 Deliverance, Theta-class T-2c Shuttle, V-19 Torrent Starfighter, Xi-class Light Shuttle
  • Weapons: Laser Ax, BlasTech DC-15LE Heavy Blaster Rifle, BlasTech DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol, E-5C Heavy Blaster Rifle, Golan Arms CR-1 Blaster Cannon, IQA-11 Sniper Rifle, M-45 Repeating Ion Blaster, NT-242 Longblaster, Sonn-Blas FWMB-10K Heavy Blaster, Valken-38X Targeting Rifle, Klorri-clan Battle Shield, Bilari Electro-chain Whip, Bow, Electrified Net Gun, Garrote, Grappling Boa, Net Gun

Clan Content

  • Artillery Line: All Terrain MegaCaliber Six (AT-M6) Artillery Line
  • Flights: MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 Flight, Theta-class T-2c Shuttle Flight, TIE Reaper Flight, TIE/br Boarding Shuttle Flight, U-55 Orbital Loadlifter Flight, Xi-class Light Shuttle Flight
  • Scout Transport: Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) Squadron, BARC Speeder Squadron, CK-6 Swoop Bike Squadron
  • Space Vehicles: Assault-class Frigate Mark I, Assault-class Frigate Mark II, Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, Free Virgillia-class Bunkbuster, Minstrel-class Space Yacht, Nebulon-C Escort Frigate, Vakbeor-class Cargo Frigate
  • Squadrons: RZ-2 A-wing Interceptor Squadron

Society Expansion

As part of this content expansion, it made sense to also launch a new store to go along with the societies. All the society items listed above will show up in a new store called The Vault which can be found on the Stores page permanently. All items in this store are themed to match the specific society they are earned in and can be purchased when the right rank with a society is met. I worked with the respective Dark Councilors on these lists and moving forward this new structure gives an exciting means to expand more easily in the future. My decision to take on this new store is what delayed the launch of The Last Jedi items, but I think overall it was worth the effort.


With this content, the expansion brings new Canon items and expands the offerings overall and brings a whole new store. I will focus more on next steps for the staff and other changes that occurred in possessions as part of this in my position report later in the week and chose to stay focused here on the content expansion only.

In darkness,



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