In which James talks about recent changes to the site, once again copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon. Hi all, Time for another report from your friendly neighborhood Seneschal with the latest...

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In which James talks about recent changes to the site, once again copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon.

Hi all,
Time for another report from your friendly neighborhood Seneschal with the latest site-related facts and tidbits.

Deployed Code Changes

Below is a list of most of the code check-ins done to the site since my last report. This is a non-exhaustive, automatically generated list, and does not contain code changes that have not yet been deployed to the main website, nor does it list code changes that are outside the scope of the main website.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Tweaks to inventory/possessions management, most notably the introduction of Container Items that can be used to group items together. A Cold Storage Container item was also added. Items stored in Cold Storage will not be shown on your public Possessions dossier or unit tab.
  3. Updates to Regent Possessions admin tools; Introduction of the NPC Armory entity whose possessions can be equipped by Clan and Plot NPCs
  4. Character Sheet Quality of Life changes (auto-aging, improved skill tier tooltips)
  6. Lots of minor changes and bugfixes
  7. Did I mention [REDACTED]?
James Entar:
      Add 'Rugged' options to allowed warbanner shapes
      Competition Supervisors (Co-organizer permissions without getting credit(s) for it. Contact MAA to set this up for a competition.)
      Potential fix for timezone edge-case
      ACC extensions overview on battles
      Fix auto word count not triggering for people without any loadouts defined
      Update chat links
      Just to be sure, add an additional guard clause to prevent issuing open challenges for ended competitions
      Update kallisto rules
      Update P:MAA permissions
      Force recalculating gaming scores prior to closing Gaming Competitions
      Add weapon spec warning to CS
      Update cluster processed notification
      Minor fixes
      Some adjustments to word counting algorithm
      'Skip last opponent' config option for ACC open challenge competitions
      Allow Regent to administer DC possessions
      Allow Regent staff to purge store inventories
      NPC Armory
      Inventory Tweaks
      Misc fixes
      Regent tool tweaks
      Hotfix: link to item path from public inventory rather than item management path
      [REDACTED] tweaks
      Show all [REDACTED] on [REDACTED], not just active ones
      Allow managing [REDACTED] for inactive [REDACTED]
      Send out notification e-mails on gaming activity comments
      Allow Regent staff to manage NPC armory inventory
      Hide non-DC e-mail addresses to members not in a unit
      Fix 500 error when trying to comment on an unsubmitted gaming match
      Fix ACC Hall API throwing 500 error when encountering deleted dossiers
      Minor bugfix for a bug that occurred when trying to edit a very old news post originally posted by a deleted dossier
      Fix space in member email link
      Minor bugfixes; show item worth on account overview
      Rogues activity overview for DC members
      Minor bugfix for rogues overview
      Display Skill/FP tier on CS using popover
      Add some table indices to speed up Herald backend tools
      Fix lists inside competition prompts being treated as 'lists inside lists' by the CSS
      Fix dossier infinite loading bug
      Make unit and [REDACTED] pages a bit more mobile friendly
      Fix Win/Loss overview breaking on deleted dossiers
      Add link to Report Writing Guide to News Management
      Allow Voice to manage Dark Council NPC Roster
      Breakdown several stats detail pages in all ranks vs JM and up
      Calculate current character age on CS based on approval date and age at approval date

On the Horizon

This section provides some sneak previews of upcoming site changes and the larger things on the Seneschal Office's todo-list in various stages of completion, in no particular order.

  1. SA Revamp
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ (On hold pending some GFX items from the Herald)
    *An effort by the SA staff to streamline the organization of the Shadow Academy and make it easier to get to and find information, and to create a more focused new member experience. *
    This is done on the coding side. The only thing left to roll out is a revamp of the SA landing page that will replace the current "Message from the Headmaster". This new landing page will feature some GFX that's currently being worked on by Vyr and his staff.

  2. Skins
    Status: ▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold until after GJW)
    Integration of Possessions Items with Dossier Graphics.
    Coding has not yet been started, but Vyr and I have brainstormed a lot on how this is going to work. I'm probably picking this up after the GJW.

  3. Possessions: Item Upgrades
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold pending content)
    A proposal to implement Upgrades, which basically can be described as pre-written aspects provided by the Regent Staff (members can't submit custom versions), that don't necessarily need to have a downside like regular Item Aspects.
    This is currently on hold at Evant's request until the Regent staff has enough decent content to drop into this feature. Once this is the case, this should be fairly easy to implement as we can leverage the existing Item Aspect infrastructure.

  4. Graphics Society
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold pending Society Development)
    A new Society to provide our artistically capable members with a new outlet of creativity and activity.
    This is currently on hold until the final details, point values and rewards for the society have been worked out. Once this is done, translating everything into Promotheus rules should be fairly easy.

  5. Recruitment Incentive System
    Status: ▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ (Brainstorming)
    Additional incentives to recruit your friends to the Brotherhood
    This is currently in the brainstorming phase. See the latest GM report for more information.

  6. Random Bug fixes and Things That Come Up™
    A wild Dark Council member appeared. It uses Feature Request!

  7. The big "When we get to it" list
    Random small or less small things the Seneschal office tackles when they have spare time. Feel free to mail/message me with any suggestions for this list.

    • Re-work character sheet states to bring them in line with competitions (so withdrawing a sheet doesn't render it unavailable anymore)
    • Look into ways of letting people know their CS metadata (name, unit, saber) is out of date before taking snapshots or issuing an ACC challenge
    • Ability to restrict an ACC venue to a specific Hall or set of halls
    • Blind competition grading feature


As always, we've seen lots of fixes and additions being applied to the site, and even more interesting things to come. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me, Telegram me, or throw in a comment.

James L. Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood


updates changelog site changes

Hello yes, this is Wally. Just wanted to drop a quick update so everyone can see what's going on with the Voice's Office. New Magistrate Selected: TuQ'uan Varik! We had a lot of great applications from various units and from members...

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Hello yes, this is Wally. Just wanted to drop a quick update so everyone can see what's going on with the Voice's Office.

New Magistrate Selected: TuQ'uan Varik!

We had a lot of great applications from various units and from members with varying experience in the club. This was really encouraging to see, as it shows that the Brotherhood as a whole is continuing to move to a great place where all units feel like they can have a say in how systems are shaped and formed. It is my hope that these applicants will be able to help out with smaller tasks that pop up for the Voice Staff. That said, my project work is going to take a backseat to GJWXII administration and writing, but there is always work to be done and we'll do our best to get as many people involved as we can!

I've personally reached out to every applicant through either Telegram or Email. I've spoken with two members on why I made the decision that I did, and am happy to speak with anyone else if they have questions or concerns. Just shoot me an email or a PM on Telegram. Always happy to talk about my process.

In the end, Atty, Braecen, and I all agreed and made the call.

That said, I can only field one Magistrate position at this time. So without further ado, I'd like to welcome TuQ'uan Varik to the Voice Staff.

Atty has already staked a claim on her new bestfriendforever servant Magistrate, and will work with Braecen to get him up to speed with CS and Competition queue procedure.

Quick Hits

As usual, let us know if you have any issues or questions with this. You can always reach the Voice team at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Expect the release of [The New Order] Chapter 5, which will serve as the Finale to the Undesirables story arc that has been the central plot-line for the Brotherhood. Following that release, expect a Voice report from me containing more details on what type of Fiction related events and activity you will see in the upcoming War.

Wait did he say War? Yes he did, other Wally. Yes he did.


That is all. Thank you.



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Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

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The Leviathan Raid will be live on the site this evening, once I’m home from work. There’s a bit of a change to how raid submissions work for Destiny 2, so please pay attention to the details!

The raid is extremely challenging and time consuming. I won’t get into the mechanics or details of the encounters here, because some of our PC crowd is avoiding spoilers like the plague and will want to go in blind. The only thing I will highlight are the defined encounters, so you know what you have to complete in order to get credit for the event.


Potential, but unavoidable spoilers for the raid follow:

There are four key encounters for the Leviathan Raid:

  • The Bath House
  • The Pleasure Gardens
  • The Gauntlet
  • The Throne Room

These four encounters are the only events that will count for submission. Because raids are difficult and sometimes not completed in a single sitting, I have set the system up to allow you to submit for the number of encounters you complete. So, if you do all four encounters, you get full credit for the raid. If you only do one, the modifier will only give you a portion of the raid’s CE value equivalent to one quarter of a raid completion.

Here’s the setup:

  • Leviathan Raid: 30 CE base value

Modifiers: * One encounter complete: x.25

  • Two encounters complete: x.5

  • Three encounters complete: x.75

  • Four encounters complete (Full Clear): x1

Additional Modifiers:

  • 2-3 DB Members present: x1

  • 4-5 DB Members present: x1.1

  • 6-9 DB Members present: x1.2

  • Hard Mode: x1.5

So, if you do the math, the maximum CEs you can earn from the raid is 54. That’s a full clear, hard mode (when it is active), and a 6 DB member raid crew. There is no limit on the number of times you can submit for the raid. If you and your raid crew are only able to clear a single encounter, you can submit for that. If you take four days and use checkpoints to clear all four encounters, the math still only adds up to 54 CEs. If you start a fresh raid four times and only clear the first encounter all four times, once again, the best you can earn is 54 CEs.

As always, screenshots must show all individuals that are part of the submission, and all PSN IDs, XBox Gamertags, and IDs must be listed on members’ dossiers.

If you have any questions, please email the Fist staff or send me a PM on Telegram.


That’s all for tonight. Keep on gaming!




destiny 2

EDIT: The PRO BOWL placements in the text & the data on the full results image have been updated to reflect entries that were not included in the scoring at the time of the initial publication of results. Introduction You may notice that this...

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EDIT: The PRO BOWL placements in the text & the data on the full results image have been updated to reflect entries that were not included in the scoring at the time of the initial publication of results.


You may notice that this report is going up a bit later than usual, but it was decided that I was going to hold off on my report this month until the results for the just completed Pro Bowl event with Taldryan were released. As such, given that the 15th is usually Arden's day to post his Rollmaster report, you can expect to see that report posted on the 25th of this month. Of course, we've got some big news updates this month between Pro Bowl results and a date for the Great Jedi War, so let's get too it.

Table of Contents


This month's art feature is a piece done a few months ago by KaRolding depeciting Buio. Horray for the trooper life!


Pro Bowl Results

Just as it was last year, the Pro Bowl was another success for Clan Plagueis. This time, however, we had Clan Taldryan along for the ride as well, so I hope that everyone enjoyed their time working with their fellow DB'ers from the Brotherhood within the Brotherhood. The basic results numbers can be seen below:


Beyond the numbers above, which highlight the top three finishers on each team, the top ten placements were also highly competitive:

  1. Laren Uscot - 195 points
  2. Selika Roh di Plagia - 193 points
  3. Kelly Mendes - 184 points
  4. Misium - 181 points
  5. Rhylance - 178 points
  6. Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj - 177 points
  7. Furios Morega - 175 points
  8. Arvalis Raith - 172 points
  9. Rian Taldrya - 172 points
  10. TuQ'uan Varick - 170 points

You'll notice one tie in those rankings. Between Arvalis and Rian the tie was broken on our first tie breaker: total entries. Full competition by competition results have been posted to the website, and can be seen via the container competition page on the DJB site.

Breaking down the overall participation numbers for Plagueis, the Clan generated 291 total entries across the 25 different events. House Ajunta Pall was the more prolific of our two Houses with 142 entries to Karness Muur's 76, with The Ciricle generating 25 (and the balance coming from our three House-less Clan summit members). In addition, Plagueis alone generated sufficient entries to cross the 10 entry threshold in every event save 4, and three of those saw us generate 9 competition entries. Additionally, we saw 19 unique participants across the Clan submit entries. So, all in all, it was another solid competitive effort for the Ascendant Clan.


Great Jedi War XII

Now that the Pro Bowl is completed, the next thing that should be on your collective radar is the upcoming Great Jedi War. We have received our dates for the war, which will run from October 13th, 2017 until November 19th 2017. Unlike our Clan competitions that run all out for their duration, the Great Jedi War will have an "off week" in the middle to allow members to rest and recharge between competitive rounds.

There are a lot of new twists and turns coming for this new vendetta, and the Clan leaders and Dark Council have been very busy working on things behind the scenes. As we get closer to the street date for the competition, I'll be relaying what information I can to all of you about what you can expect this time out of the gate.


Brotherhood News

Position Applications


Adapt, Ascend, Avail



plagueis clan report pro bowl

Consul of Clan Taldryan Report 7: Hey guys, it’s been a heck of an August and a great start to September for our Clan. We are looking at a good position for ourselves in the upcoming War, and if we all stay on this path, Taldryan’s future will be...

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##Consul of Clan Taldryan Report 7:

Hey guys, it’s been a heck of an August and a great start to September for our Clan. We are looking at a good position for ourselves in the upcoming War, and if we all stay on this path, Taldryan’s future will be more than secure. Let’s keep this momentum going and prove to this Club how great our Clan can be!


Clan News:

So the first thing I want to talk about:


I want to thank Alaris Jinn, Selika Roh di Plagia, Abadeer Taasii, Dracaryis, and Teylas Remar di Plagia for all of their hard work in putting this event together and pulling it off so successfully.

And now that the competition has come to a close, here are the results!


Great work from all who participated, and great job to Team Selaris for an outstanding victory!

Team Abadeer you all fought valiantly, and I was proud to fight alongside you all!

I also wanted to give a showing for the members of Tal who participated. A special thanks goes out to the following:

  • Arvalis Raith
  • Rian Taldrya
  • Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj
  • Nobilus
  • Alaris Jinn
  • Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj
  • Tirano
  • Alexander Anderson
  • Bucky
  • Armags C’Hiesa
  • And, Aeson Rhys

These 11, did an outstanding job, and I am proud to have participated alongside them.

Now the next thing I want to talk with you about,


Introducing the Caelus System!


I want to give a large thanks to Rian Taldrya and Arvalis Raith who have really stepped up to not only create this system, but also they’ve been working on the Wiki and the Fictional storyline that will be accompanying our new home.

Another thanks goes out to all of you who voted and helped decide on the names of every planet and moon in the Caelus System. Expect comps and events going forward to help us really build up this new home for us.

The last important thing I want to bring up it the upcoming GJW.

It is starting in less than a month!

Tal did well in the ACC Preliminary event that will be counted in the War. We Placed 3rd!

We also had three standouts.

Andrelious J. Mimosa Inahj, who tied for highest Tal score, along with participating in the most matches.

Rhylance, myself, who tied for the highest score with Andrelious


Alaris Jinn who came in third for our Clan, but whom also has experience as an ACC Judge.

The next step here is deciding which of these three members will represent Taldryan in the Tournament, and I would like all of your help with that decision. I have created the following Poll for everyone to place their vote. Please choose a single contestant, and if you have a reasoning, please state so in the comment section.

I will not be voting, but I will break a tie if their is one, and I will do so based on the given comments.


Brotherhood News:

Dracaryis and the Fist staff have been very busy of late. With the release of Destiny 2(PS4 represent!!!) and other alterations to existing games, they have had their work cut out for them. Thank you Fist staff for your hard work for our gaming communities. Here are links to the Fist staff’s recent reports:

Report 1

Report 2

The Voice has released the first fiction update that will lead to the GJW, you can find and read it here!

Finally, there are several positions in the DJB that are currently open for application. Feel free to apply and spread the warmth of TAL around!











I’ve recieved several interesting questions, and I feel it’s time to actually answer them, so here we go.

Laren asks: Which regeneration are you? & What treatment would you recommend for a 'flesh wound'? My colleague says it's 'only' a flesh wound, but I beg to differ.

Not the one they wanted, but the one they needed right now. & Flesh Wound = any wound of the Flesh, you’re welcome.

Atty asks: I'm gonna need you to step into my office about that whole chip thing...aka, how will Rhylance react when Atty comes unhappily knocking?

I’m not sure how that discussion is gonna happen, but I can’t wait to find out!

Rasilvenairia asks: How do you feel about gizkas?

Taste like Chicken.

Reidan Karr asks: Wrap anyone up in plastic sheeting lately?

Only when they ask..or ya know...when they’re dead.

Katyusha Neige asks: Are you a qualified medical official?

According to my Degree from the Dark Academy, yes.

Slagar asks: What will you do when you lose to Alaris and I in the Pro Bowl? Have Rhylance wear a Team Selaris T-shirt IC?

Hmm time to put out an intergalactic hit on those two…

Lucine asks: Why is it the list of side effects are always so much worse than the symptoms the medication is prescribed to treat?

That way they need to keep coming back to be prescribed more medicines, and I can keep treating them, and we all make more moneys!

Leeadra Halcyon asks: What is a good price for a locally sourced Kidney? Asking for a friend.

An arm and a leg, if it’s worth it to you.

Laren asks: There's a large event coming up between PLA and TAL. Do you have any recommendations for new and old members alike on how to stay active, engaged, and motivated throughout competition heavy events?

A bit late on the response, but my recommendation is this, Do what you can, when you can. You have to take things at your own pace. If you feel overworked from comps, taking a breather may be the best thing for you. RL will always trump DJB.

Thank you to all who submitted their questions! I look forward to more in the future.


Taldryan we are in a good spot right now. There are a lot of fun things coming your way! Stick with us and the Clan will succeed, and who knows, maybe we can restore Taldryan to it’s former glory!

May the Force be ever in your favor,

Rylance (Aiden Lee), Consul of Clan Taldryan


Sept Gaming News and Updates Ok since my last report tons of things have happened with the biggest news is of course the Great Jedi War finally getting official dates. So obviously FIST comps will be on hold for October and November. So when we...

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Sept Gaming News and Updates

Ok since my last report tons of things have happened with the biggest news is of course the Great Jedi War finally getting official dates. So obviously FIST comps will be on hold for October and November. So when we get back be prepared for a slew of new and fun ideas that will bring us into the new year.

Then we had the release and day one support of Destiny 2. This game has had the DB Gaming channel buzzing for weeks now, but since launch that has changed to people helping people level and gear up. Member's have already started knocking out the Nightfall strikes and there is a push to get people geared to run the games first raid. If you play the game and are not in DB Gaming or not in the DJB Destiny clan let the FIST staff know or just ask in the Gaming channel once you are in it.

Just an FYI as of the time of this writing, Destiny 2 has seen a total of 52 submissions that have been approved in the first 10 days since launch. I’m proud to say that the staff were primed and ready to handle the influx of new activity. The end result being that every submission has been approved well within the expectations for approval.

Along with the Destiny 2 launch, both Overwatch and SW: Force Arena have had new modes added and are now supported by the Club for Clusters of Fire and Earth. Look at Drac’s linked reports in the news section for details.

The next big game on our scope is Battlefront 2 which will release in November but the Beta is set to open October 4th (for preorders) and October 6th for everyone, lasting to October 9th. The new Starfighter Assault is set to be playable as well so we hope to see many members checking the game out.

Finally, I just want to remind all DJB members that one of the reasons for the DBgaming telegram channel is to make it easier for you all to find people to play with. Now this can be used to find people to game for clusters for Gorefest, events or even just gaming for fun. So if you are having trouble and find yourself thinking I’ll never get clusters cause there is no one to game with, then come on down to DB Gaming! This club has every type of gamer, from the casual folks all the way to the hardcore competitive gamers.


News and Updates for DJB Gamers

  • As always make sure you read up on Drac’s latest reports - Fist 12 and all of his supplemental from my previous report till now: Fist 11.4 and FIST 12.1.

  • Battlefront 2 - The Beta will be Oct 4 to the 9th (if you preorder) and 6th to the 9th for the general public. Oh and yes the Starfighter Assault mode will be available during the Beta. In fact check out the Starfighter Assault Trailer and tell me your not a little bit excited.

The game will be released on November 17, 2017, for PC, Ps4, and XB1.

  • As for Battlefront 1 you can get the Season Pass for free on XBOX and PS4 fpr a limited time. Grab it while you can!

  • Destiny 2 - Ok what to say about it that already hasn’t been let’s see. The Clan “The Legend Himself” cleared the new raid in about 6 hours for a world’s first and with Bungie themselves watching. Check it out the news here and for a spoiler warning guide (one of many) to the Leviathan Raid. Also here is a list of general guides you might interesting as well.

Remember Destiny 2 will release on PC on October 24th. Check the link for the PC specs needed to play Destiny 2.

  • Diablo 3 - This isn’t really Diablo 3 news but Blizzard is hiring for a new Diablo project could it be D4 or a remastered version of D2? What are your thoughts and what would you like to see more?

  • Heroes of the Storm - Blizzard is overhauling the AI to help your AI teammates and opponents more useful. Plus there was a new hero released Kel’Thuzad with rumors of the next heros being Hanzo and Alexstrasza. I sense all the Hanzo mains getting excited!

  • Overwatch - [is running a Free Weekend September 22 to the 25th on all platforms. Maybe it’s time to help the PC overwatchers earn some clusters! Season 6 has already started and seasons now last only 2 months not 3 so if you want in on the action better hurry up!


Gaming Deals - A place where if I find a good sale I’ll pass it along.

  • IGN has a nice Deals page which lists some of the web’s biggest gaming deals.

  • Also Reddit has a gaming sales page.

  • Good Old Games is a good site to find older games for a good price. Every now and then the Old Star Wars games do go on sale so keep an eye out.

  • Steam as always has something on SALE. BTW if you're not already in the DJB Steam group let us know.

  • Also check out the weekly and monthly Humble bundles, this month offers one of my favorite games Killing Floor 2!


Gaming Comps


Important FIST Information

Below are all the links you will ever need to either contact the FIST staff, join a gaming channel, look up a rule or game mode cluster value. I will update this as needed with each report.

  • Rites of Combat - is the place to find all the rules for gaming in the DJB.
  • FIST-o-matic - a quick guide on how to use the Telegram fistbot.
  • Pendant of Blood - how to earn PoB’s.
  • Cluster Tables - is the place to find out what game mode offers what Cluster (Earth and Fire) value.
  • Tier 1 and Teir 2 games - is the complete list of all our approved game AND SAMPLE SCREENSHOTS! Not sure what shot to submit look HERE!
  • Offical voice chat was moved to Discord, Click here for the invite link or just go to the wiki page. Ensure you put your DJB Dossier PIN on your Discord profile. Individuals without valid PINs will be asked to add them, and removed if they fail to comply.

How to contact the FIST staff anytime using these methods:




[praetor] [report] [news] [gaming] [fist]

Minions of various origins! Thanadd Mawgath had to make the ever present choice between the obligations of the life that is real and his roles here in the Brotherhood. Naturally, real life won out and I wish him the best in his efforts from here...

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Minions of various origins!

Thanadd Mawgath had to make the ever present choice between the obligations of the life that is real and his roles here in the Brotherhood. Naturally, real life won out and I wish him the best in his efforts from here on out. I'm sad to see one of my newer judges head out the door. What will be especially missed was his enthusiasm.

I wanted to give it some time, what with all the other openings right now, but I can only put it off so long! So, here we are! I am now taking applications for Judge within the Antei Combat Center.

For members interested in applying, the following is a list of requirements you'll need to address:


  • Grading and providing constructive feedback in ACC Matches.
  • Grading ACC Qualification Exams.
  • Keeping up to date with the ACC Rubric, Guideline, and Policy adjustments.
  • Assisting the Combat Master with projects.
  • Contribute input to discussions on the CS Mechanics, additions, and revisions.

Required Qualifications

  • ACC Qualified
  • Passed (100%): ACC Combat Studies Exam
  • Strong command of English language, writing and grammar
  • Experience as a proofreader.
  • Keen eye and attention to details.
  • An example of one ACC match you have participated in that you feel shows your understanding of the systems you'd be judging

New Judges will go through the same training that all previous judges have:

  • You will co-grade 2 matches with the Combat Master.
  • You will co-grade 2 ACC Qualification Exams with the Combat Master.

All applications are to be sent to the Combat Master ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) with the following in their subject: [ACC:J App]

I will be filtering e-mails based on the above, so if you don't want it lost in the aether I recommend using it. Final selection will be made by Saturday, September 23rd at the latest, with the Combat Master reserving the right to select early. Good luck to all those who apply.


combat master judge acc applications

Welcome to the latest Consul report which contains information on the Great Jedi War which is due to start a month today! Additionally, you can find the results for Below Zero in this report. But first, take a look at an excerpt from the end...

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Welcome to the latest Consul report which contains information on the Great Jedi War which is due to start a month today!

Additionally, you can find the results for Below Zero in this report.

But first, take a look at an excerpt from the end fiction for Below Zero, written by Koji.

Dlarit Base A

Southern Continent


Footsteps resounded down the hallway somewhere to the north as the party wove their way past broken debris, crackling machinery and the odd blood stain or fallen body that had yet to be removed. The air in front of them frosted their breath and each footstep allowed the chill of the air to catch in their throats and make the process even more arduous than walking was meant to be. They rounded another corner and came across a rather gruesome scene, Warhost troops lay scattered around the enormous corpse of what appeared to be a Wampa though as they neared they could make out the alchemical alterations that had been done to the beast. Relief workings were heading towards the party, making their own way through the winding corridors towards the fallen, removing any identification from the corpses before removing the nearly frozen bodies. Taking them away from the corridors to awaiting transports to be shuttled home for a proper burial by their families and loved ones.

“Was this all worth it?” Sanguinius thought out loud as he watched another body placed onto a repulsor sledge. “All this…carnage, and for what?”

The rest of the party said nothing. All had their own thoughts about what lay around them. Bentre walked somewhere off to the side, lost in his own head. The Proconsul had been quiet since his return from the frozen tomb. Aul and Jurdan walked somewhere behind, whispering to one another, they had stopped a few times as they recognised their own House’s insignia on some of the fallen soldiers.

The party advanced until they came upon two large blast doors, one of which had fallen to the floor, wherever this was due to the conflict or some past action by the previous tenants wasn’t evident. The other was marked by blaster scores and scattered weaponry lay about it. This had been the place of the last stand and the fighting had been the toughest here. They passed through the doorway and into the vast chamber beyond.

The chamber was, or at least had once been, the main manufacturing area for the base. Figures bustled around, inspecting machinery, repairing pieces of broken equipment and taking notes of what worked and what was needing to be replaced. Warhost and Nihilgenia kept guard and somewhere off to the side the unfamiliar armour of a group of Mandalorians, surrounded by what appeared to be large wolf-like beasts stood. This is where the party headed, towards the loud and raucous war party. Each of the warriors had their helms free and each reminded Sang of savages from old stories. Braided hair and beards, shaved scalps, cybernetics upon most of them, some wore pelts around their shoulders, others strange talismans and all sported the same armour and the same emblems; The one eyed wolf.

The fiction continues here.


Below Zero Results

This event was a simple, fun event that Koji cooked up in the space of an afternoon after we became aware that the Great Jedi War was postponed. Despite being busy working his butt off in real life, Koji managed to get the event up and running and do all the marking for it, so kudos to him.

There were 14 unique participants, out of a membership of 39, giving us a participation rate of 36%. While that is good for a short monthly Clan event, we will need to look at a better participation rate for the Great Jedi War next month, which earns both you and the Clan credits, along with the bonus of Novae, Seals and various rewards for those who work their butt off.

We also had 45 submissions and a grand total of 332 points earned, out of a possible 550 points that could have been awarded. That’s 60% of the available points.

Now, onto the placements.

Week 1 - Base Recon

  • 1st place - Firith’rar
  • 2nd place - Bentre
  • 3rd place - Armad

Week 1 - Snowscape

  • 1st place - Armad
  • 2nd place - Firith’rar
  • 3rd place - Lilith
  • 4th place - Bentre
  • 5th place - Jurdan
  • 6th place - DarkHawk

Week 1 - Poetry

  • 1st place - DarkHawk
  • 2nd place - Firith’rar
  • 3rd place - Lilith
  • 4th place - Bentre

CNS Avalanche Cluster Race

  • 1st place - Jurdan
  • 2nd place - Bentre
  • 3rd place - Armad
  • 4th place - Tasha
  • 5th place - Sanguinius
  • 6th place - Firith’rar
  • 7th place - Mactire
  • 8th place - Erik
  • 9th place - Motan
  • 9th place - Lilith
  • 10th place - Aul

Week 2 Exposure

  • 1st place - Erik
  • 2nd place - Armad
  • 3rd place - Bentre

Week 2 - Monsters in the Dark

  • 1st place - Firith’rar
  • 2nd place - Tasha
  • 3rd place - Bentre

Week 2 - Snow Throw

  • 1st place - Erik
  • 2nd place - Evelynn
  • 3rd place - Armad
  • 4th place - Druda
  • 5th place - Firith’rar
  • 6th place - Bentre

Week 3 - Christmas in Jul...August

  • 1st place - Aul
  • 2nd place - Bentre
  • 3rd place - Jurdan

Week 3 - Haiku

  • 1st place - Aul
  • 2nd place - Firith’rar
  • 3rd place - Bentre
  • 4th place - Jurdan

Week 3 - New Beginnings

  • 1st place - Jurdan
  • 2nd place - Bentre

Overall Placement

  • 1st place - Bentre (79 points)
  • 2nd place - Firith’rar (58 points)
  • 3rd place - Jurdan (41 points)
  • 4th place - Armad (33 points)
  • 5th place - Erik (23 points)
  • 6th place - Aul (21 points)
  • 7th place - Lilith (18 points)
  • 8th place - Tasha (16 points)
  • 9th place - DarkHawk (15 points)
  • 10th place - Evelynn (9 points)
  • 11th place - Druda (7 points)
  • 12th place - Sanguinius (6 points)
  • 13th place - Mactire (4 points)
  • 14th place - Motan (2 points)

Well done to Bentre, Firith and Jurdan for their top three placements. Also well done to the rest of you who took the time to participate.


Brotherhood News

Great Jedi War

As some of you may have seen, the Great Jedi War’s new start date has been announced as Friday 13th October. Some of you may believe that this date will be moved again, just like in the past. I can assure you that this will definitely be the start date and from what I’ve seen, I’m looking forward to it. There is definitely a lot more sorted behind the scenes that assures me of this.

We will be facing a new enemy, as Wally closes off the Lotus/Inquisitorius storyline. You may have noticed that Chapter 4 - Order dropped last night. If you haven’t already checked it out, you should do so. I believe that there may be some CNS hijinks in Chapter 5, which is due out before the GJW starts.

Club Reports/News Posts of note.

Wally is also looking for a new Magistrate:Voice, after our own Marcus Kiriyu has stepped down to deal with real life. If you’re interested, go for it 100%. Wally is extremely interested in members who are not currently in positions and will pull their own weight. I am always on hand to help proof your applications. You’ve got until the 17th September.

Vyr is also looking for a new Magistrate. If you’re graphically gifted or you’ve gained your skills through hard work and graft, then check out his post to see what he’s looking for in his Magistrates. Definitely chuck him an app! You’ve got until the 17th September.

Dracaryis gives us a few updates, covering Destiny 2 and Overwatch, along with his 12th Fist Report.

Clan Odan Urr is looking for a new Quaestor for House Satele Shan. You’ve got until the 17th September to get your application in if you fancy becoming a filthy lightie, just like Malik.

Atty over in Clan Arcona is looking for a new Proconsul to ride the unicorns with. You’ve got until the end of Friday 15th September to get your apps in.

Howie has a report where he tells everyone off, I mean tells us about the GJW.. We also learn that Howie doesn’t know that Grey Path Equite Rank 4 is spelt Augur, not Augar. Bad MAA, BAD!


Farrin talks about how amazing I am in his Headmaster Report, along with talking about the Degree Audit.


Clan News

Below Zero

Surely you would have read the whole of the report before this piece, so you’ll know that the scores are all up the top. Well done to all involved.

Night Hawks Battleteam Leader

Kojiro has decided to institute a 12 month term limit for his Battleteam Leaders. I’d like to thank DarkHawk for his hard work these past 12 months, which saw him earn Equite 2 and an Anteian Cross, along with a Seal of Loyalty for his dedication to Naga Sadow.

Upon looking at the applications, we decided that Tasha’Vel Versea, former Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos, would take the reins of the Night Hawks for the next 12 months.

House Marka Ragnos Aedile

Unfortunately, we also had the sad instance of Marcus resigning from Aedile to focus on real life concerns. Because of it being a month away from the Great Jedi War, we decided to pull a candidate for Aedile from the BTL applications. As such, Armad will be taking over as Aedile of Marka Ragnos.

Please congratulate Tasha and Armad, as well as DarkHawk for his work for the Night Hawks and Marka Ragnos.

House Shar Dakhan Quaestor

As you will have noticed, Aul Celsus now leads House Shar Dakhan as Quaestor. This means that I am the longest running Summiteer and thus should be gotten rid of post-haste. Unfortunately for all of you, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Future Clan Storyline

Clan Naga Sadow has had a long and vaunted history, as it has contained many brilliant storytellers. This has the unfortunate side effect of “The Simpsons did it.” as many storylines have been done before. The storyline of Naga Sadow will take a turn after the Great Jedi War which will see us leave the Orian System behind us as we are driven out by a new foe. Will we be able to return? That’s rather dependant on you all. It will lead to a storyline of events and activities that will have us working to return to the Orian System, which will have changed under the ownership of our enemies. Expect losses of beloved NPCs, characters and locations.

The Summit will be working with me on this, along with DarkHawk, who wanted a chance to help out and get involved. If you’re interested in helping run a Clan Event during the new storyline, then get in touch and we’ll sort something out.

Recognition and compliments

This is the part of the report where I’ll highlight some of the achievements of our members.

Well done to Evelynn for coming first in the Heroes of the Storm tournament! He also came fourth in the flash gaming tournament.

Jurdan instead took second place in the flash gaming tournament, so well done to him!!!

Scarlet, Vosiri, Mactire and Erik all got Dark Crosses!

Reiyden earned an Anteian Cross.

Judran and Lilith earned themselves a Steel Cross each.

For those of you who haven’t received a merit medal and think “Where’s mine?” Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you.

Druda and Drae’lath have newly joined us and are ripping up the Shadow Academy. Well done to both of you! If you see them on Telegram, say hey to them.

We’ve also got Serge, who has newly joined us. He’s currently dealing with the aftermath of the storms in the US, but I hope he’ll be joining us soon on Telegram where the rest of you reprobates can get him addicted to the Club.

Teu has also done her first competition in ages, which is cause for celebration everywhere. Give Teu a thumbs up if you see her, and then make her do ALL the competitions.

Muz also reached SA Society rank 12, which only 17 people hold! Congrats, Muz.



As usual, I take a few questions from the floor.

  • Aul asks: “Top 3 tips for succeeding in the GJW for those of us who’ve never experienced one?”

Try everything. Each entry you do, earns you points and earns the Clan points. Planning. Plan out what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. People often leave their entries until the last minute and rush them. You’re not going to win a top 10 placement if you do that. Talk to your fellow Clan mates, get your fictions and Run On posts proofed. Utilise your Summit and the Captains and they’ll help you. For a bonus point, be calm and enjoy yourself. Go and have fun, do all the things, but do them for you. If you’re not having fun, why are you even here?

  • Teu asks: “For those people coming back from the Rogues, or even new members, where are some tips on getting into or back into the fictional fluff?”

Koji answered this excellently, so I’ll include his answer and then add onto it.

“Not the Consul, but if you are stuck for fictional ideas read the current House or Clan fictions. Talk to your Summit and see if they have any outstanding stories you could fit into. Perhaps you want to tell a story for House or Clan and sometimes the Summit will appreciate that. Gives them a small break from the work, plus lets you help shape the world you play in. There's a few organisations kicking about now in CNS. From the Warhost to Dlarit. Heck, someone even approached Muz about writing fiction around the Nihilgenia. New wiki pages will be opening soon with new info and so lots of things to hook onto.”

I welcome people who want to run their own events and put their stamp on the Clan. It gives you ownership. Additionally, you’re always welcome to come and chat to myself. I’ve been involved in all of the events these past 2 and half years, and I can give you a rundown.

  • Uji asks: “Fictionally, what Clan would CNS be most opposed to? And what, if any, would it ally itself with?”

Easy, Scholae Palatinae is the Clan we would be most opposed to. They’ve betrayed us several times fictionally, all the while that Xen was in charge. Perhaps with Elincia now in the Consul’s chair, the fictional divide may heal.

Our closest Clan in terms of friendship would be Tarentum and we would gladly ally with them. Naga Sadow has no issues with Taldryan or Plagueis, despite our pasts. The only fly in the ointment would be an outright alliance with Odan Urr and Arcona. Odan Urr, because of being Lightsiders. Naga Sadow has too many Darksiders to consider that. Arcona, because of their close friendship with Odan Urr and that they’ve been at odds with the Brotherhood as a whole for a while. However, there is nothing stopping there being alliances of convenience in the future.

  • Evelynn asks: “How do you beat Valla & Auriel?”

You don’t. You sit there and cry while they bend you over and go to town.

  • Bentre asks: “Any plans on how we will divide up teams of people for the Great Jedi War?”

Yes, I get all the best people. Jokes aside, they would probably be split up as and when people get together. While we want to earn placements, we also want people to have fun. Some of us are more competitive than others. However, I would guess that a lot of people would group together with those they know well, or around a particular member. At the moment, I do not know whether it will be a Clan or team based Run On.But there will be other team events.


That brings us to a close on this Consul report.

Until next time.





  • Below Zero event is over. Bentre takes first place, Firith takes second and Jurdan takes third.
  • Tasha new Night Hawks BTL.
  • Armad new Marka Ragnos Aedile
  • Great Jedi War starts 13th October


night hawks shar dakhan marka ragnos consul cns naga sadow

The Dark Ascent Elos Vrai, Arx Arx System, 35ABY Like the rest of the architecture found in the Brotherhood facilities on Arx, everything in the Master at Arm’s office fit the Imperial design philosophy of order and efficiency. Aside from the...

Read More …





The Dark Ascent
Elos Vrai, Arx
Arx System, 35ABY

Like the rest of the architecture found in the Brotherhood facilities on Arx, everything in the Master at Arm’s office fit the Imperial design philosophy of order and efficiency. Aside from the impressive showcase of merit and ceremonial awards, the office’s thematic decor was crisp and orderly. The only outlier was the lone door to a private room tucked into the back corner. The door had a faded, frosted glass window that was set above a rounded, archaic looking door knob.

Inside, the room was oddly dark and musty. An older man with silvery hair was hunched over a small terminal propped up on an ink-stained desk. A bookcase that had already begun to collect dust hovered behind the seat of his worn, plush chair. Charcoal dust filled a rusted goblet at the far side of the desk and stacks of parchment paper were scattered haphazardly around the rest of its surface. Most notable, of course, were the seemingly endless amount of stamps littering the desk and drawers.

Howlader Taldrya grumbled under his breath. He lifted a piece of parchment up to one of the many candles that illuminated the room outside the holographic glow of the terminal’s vidscreen.

Darth Pravus’ focus on the acquisition of Arx—and the creation of his New Order for the Brotherhood—had all aligned with Howlader’s goals. While the purge of Undesirables—the common name given to members of aliens species that Pravus had deemed unworthy of being part of the Brotherhood—had been the marquee force, other important changes had been made. Gone were the prophecies and rituals of the Krath and the barbaric warmongering of the Obelisk. The Sith had risen back to the top where they belonged. With that achievement came a sense of purpose that worked to make the Brotherhood all the more powerful.

This part, at least, was important to Howlader, as it allowed him to gain the power of office he required to shape the Brotherhood’s public image and record keeping policy neat and tidy. That said, he did sometimes wonder if the price paid was worth it...


Read the full fiction here



  • Howlader Taldrya hates digital technology and prefers the old ways.
  • Through Howlader, we get a recap of The New Order story arc, fictionally, including the in-character motivation for Fleet Resets and new home systems.
  • Kordath Bleu (Arcona), runs into Kelly Mendes (Plagueis) and reveals the conclusion to the Undesirables arc.
  • Pravus feels that he has won, and no longer sees profit in having Inquisitors hunt down Undesirables.
  • Laren Uscot (Plagueis) and TuQ’uan Varrick (Plagueis) are out past curfew in the Shadow Academy, and solemnly swear that they are up to no good.
  • The duo hack the new but still somewhat vulnerable archives for...something.
  • The Grand Master puts on a show of military strength by having the entire Iron Legion and Iron Navy assemble on their new home planet—Arx.
  • Pravus appoints Lena Rhell (strategist behind Fist Dracaryis’ leadership of the Legion and Navy) Moff of the Arx System, giving her the political reign of the planet while keeping her close at hand for her tactical brilliance.
  • Pravus gives a motivational speech. Eat your heart out, Hux.
  • Turel and Archenskov watch the event from a feed on the Godless Matron’s dive bar. They are not pleased that other units seem to be making nice with Pravus, even if it’s just for image's sake.
  • Turel and Arch muse over what to do for the Lotus.
  • Turel gets a priority message from an agent he feels he can trust. Could it be the two meddlesome kids that were snooping around the Shadow Academy? (Most probably.)
  • Turel and Arch decide it’s time to hit Pravus where it hurts, presumably using the information they got from their agents informants.

About This Fiction

This is Fiction 1 of 2 — as outlined by the Grand Master — to close off the New Order story arc and bring us into the upcoming Great Jedi War XII story arc. Expect the second fiction to pick up the pace in terms of action.

Multiple player characters in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood are featured in this update. Each of these characters have been approved for use by their respective author. I am a very big fan of transparency and consent, and am grateful to everyone for getting back to me so quickly when I’m working under a deadline. I appreciate it.

How do characters get picked? Usually, I will go to a Consul/Proconsul team and ask which of their members not only fits what I’m looking for, but also has set a good example as an active member. Other times I go off my own observations as a Dark Councilor and member of the community. I look for members that have been an active member of the Fiction Community — whether it’s simply competing in competitions or engaging in discussions in Fiction and Clan chats. Kordath and Kelly, specifically, were two major stand outs from the major ACC event last month, so their characters were picked to help represent some slight closure on the Undesirable plot line. Laren has been a superstar in both of his positions, as well as a helping hand for the Voice team. These are examples of what I look for, and they are examples that I know your leaders look for as well.

A special thanks to Tahiri, who's artistc render of Pravus' throne was used as the cover-image for the fiction.

Also, did I mention that Howie is now canon? Believe it.

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for Chapter 5, as well as a report from me at some point.


In Closing

Reminder, we’re currently looking for a new Magistrate to join the Voice team. For more details, see the news post.

If you fell behind and want to catch up on Brotherhood Plot updates, make sure to check out the Fiction Center!

Questions or concerns, you know where to reach me. Have an idea of what might come next? Hit up the comments!



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Greetings programs, Bale has decided to step down as Magistrate due to real life obligations and work. I thank him for his work in the Herald office and hope he'll find the time to help us more in the future. That said, the Herald's office...

Read More …


Greetings programs,

Bale has decided to step down as Magistrate due to real life obligations and work. I thank him for his work in the Herald office and hope he'll find the time to help us more in the future.

That said, the Herald's office will be accepting applications for the position of Magistrate. In fact, we're opening two positions!

(1) We're looking for someone with basic knowledge of Photoshop, Krista, GIMP or any other graphics program to help us with creating sabers, robes and other goodies for the members.

(2) We're also looking for someone to help us organize competitions, run DB Art chat, post questions, entice conversation, communicate with the membership, etc. That person should also be prepared and ready to learn new skills that I'll be teaching them with time.

If you think you have the skill and the know-how, or just the wish and will, by all means, apply as it is open to anyone in the Brotherhood, regardless of rank.

Applications will be accepted until Sunday the 17th of September.

What are we looking for?

  • Basic skills in graphics manipulation software (Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Illustrator, Corel, etc.) or a willingness to learn them
  • 24-hour mail turn around
  • A Telegram connection and Trello access are mandatory
  • (1) Readiness to take on some of the most challenging graphics projects in the Brotherhood (#nopressure)
  • (2) Readiness to face and engage the community and make the DB a friendlier place for all artists

Send all applications (including a portfolio of at least 5 of your most recent works if you're applying for the first position) to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Applications should be serious and well written and should include some of your own ideas for the position.


applications magistrate herald

For older news, please visit our News Archive