As is expected after a major ACC event followed by a major club-wide event and then coupled with the unlimited, cosmic powers of the holiday season... the Antei Combat Center is quiet right now. One might say "too quiet". Or one might...

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As is expected after a major ACC event followed by a major club-wide event and then coupled with the unlimited, cosmic powers of the holiday season... the Antei Combat Center is quiet right now. One might say "too quiet". Or one might not. Really, who am I to dictate what someone may or may not do. I'm just a simple man with a simple job.

I have been informed by my people that "simple" doesn't mean what I'm attempting to pass it off as. This is unfortunate. However, I do have a relatively short and sweet update to bring you all in my report this month! Without endeavoring to bore you all into submission, I will be touching upon two updates in the ACC that have been either under way or ready for implementation. By the time you are done reading this, that implementation will be complete for that one thing!

Also, we will take a brief moment to go over some of the feedback from the 'Guests' of the Matron event.


Table of Contents


Matron Feedback

Alright! The boring stuff gets to be dealt with upfront. I don't like tedium all that much, so I expect I'm not alone in that. Only 10 respondents provided their feedback, but hey... deal with what you got. First off, let's see how we did on that 5-star scale for the enjoyment of the event. Interestingly enough, it went over pretty well. We got a whole 4.1 stars out of 5 in there, with 4 members who loved it, 4 who liked it, and one thought it was just alright. That's cool. Opinions vary, but this was on the high end of the scale.

The 3/3 posting structure also got a fair bit of love with only one member who didn't like it, a couple in the middle, and 5 who loved it. Unfortunately, the judges didn't love it. The judgments took quite a bit longer than they would for a typical match, which is to be expected, but near the end of the event, we were definitely getting hit with burnout. It was a nice experiment, but I'm unsure we will be delving into it again for events any time soon.

I won't be delving deeply into the other portions of feedback, as that's more important for me and my staff than you viewers at home, but there is one thing I want to touch on. On the whole, the scoring system didn't go over well. In particular, timeouts were the topic of the day. In fact, timeouts are always the topic. To put it bluntly, members don't seem to much care for other people disappearing on them. They feel punished because they can't participate fully in the event and it becomes a game of Russian Roulette to see if you get a full match or another miss.

Frankly, we don't have the perfect solution. If we did, this wouldn't still be a point of contention. We are caught between the pendulum swing of punishing the members worse or rewarding the other member more. Finding that sweet spot is difficult. Even when given the chance to provide suggestions on how to address this, the feedback was often constrained to "this is an issue, and I understand I don't know how to fix it either."

So... know that we are listening and will be taking everything to heart for the coming events! Whenever they may be!


Hall Update

I have a funny feeling this is going to make some people happy. I dunno, just a tingly sensation. Before this starts... no, the Scenario Hall isn't open yet. There are logistics in the background that need to be resolved when we have a chance. Once that's been handled we will be good to go... so very good to go.

The staff has discussed this proposal and given it their blessing, then the Voice did so as well. So, without stalling, here are the notable reworks of the halls and their descriptions. The other ones are just wording updates that don't actually affect your experience as a user.

Training Hall

Say goodbye to this hall. It wasn't ever really used to begin with. That would be to there never being a clear explanation on how to use it. Allow me to explain... when investigating we discovered some fun in the code. Put simply, no one qualified for the ACC could select this hall when making a challenge. Why? Because it was only an option for unqualified members. Well, that's strange... and now it is gone! Bye-bye, Training Hall. We hardly knew you.

Cooperative Hall

Do you hear that? I hear it. It's the angelic chords of answered prayers. Well, not really prayers. More like grievances. Loud ones. Angry sometimes. Regardless, here it is! This newly added hall is the place to go for members that want to engage in 2-vs-Other (PvO) cooperative encounters! That's right. These ain't your regular duels. You work together against a common enemy. You've asked, we've listened, and here it is. Just like with the Duelist Hall, it falls on the first post to establish the scene. Hope you all enjoy it, but know that these matches will not be available in ranked format.

Scenario Hall

So, this is still a thing. You may be wondering why it isn't open yet, or why I have to deal with back-end issues. To put it plainly, this is the place for members who are looking for a dictated experience. The venues and options available in this hall will include scenarios that establish the setting and the threat for the members. These could end up with many different styles of matches, depending on the scenario selected. Right now there is no separation between regular venues and scenario venues in the system. That is what needs to be resolved before we can proceed on this. I hope that makes sense in why it is taking so long.


More or less, we just clarified the wording on this one so as not to be mistaken. These are still duels between characters. They may be odd duels, very odd duels, but they are still just that: 1v1 encounters. Hopefully, this will be very clear for everyone going forward.


Creative Writing Workshop Update

This probably has me more excited than anything else I have worked on in my tenure as Combat Master. You know what, let's revisit that phrase. This is the most exciting thing I've worked on since joining this club. It is the culmination of an idea I have had and attempted to get off the ground for so long that I never thought I actually would.

That is until I got a volunteer slave force all my own! The ACC Judge staff has been great in so many ways. They not only discuss all the nuances of our various judgments, but also fight for the best experience our members can have. Even as I wait patiently for the day that Turel finally doesn't bring his soap box to the meetings, I am grateful for their input.

So, before I wax poetic up in here, I'll give a brief breakdown of where we're at: Syllabus Breakdown. This stage is pretty straightforward. We have compiled a list of exactly what will be covered at each stage in the process, where the assignments will fall, what those assignments could be, and roughly how long the process will take. As it stands right now, the entire workshop would span the course of about 4 and a half months.

Understandably, that is quite the time investment. It's worth it, though. Let's look beyond the simple fact that the members in charge of these workshops will be investing that much of their time doing their utmost to help you all not only learn, but improve. What sort of time value would you put on the experience? Keep in mind that these groupings would be roughly 5 members in size at any one time. You'll all be growing together, discussing the topics actively and reviewing the assignments. At the same time, you could opt to not discuss those topics in the group itself but take it aside with the instructor for some one-on-one feedback. At the end of the day, you are sharing the time of this individual with others. Even as a small group, in order to do you all justice, the time is necessary. In fact, as we go through content reviews, this range may increase. The current projection is the bare minimum.

I know from talking to many of you that this is an exciting prospect, and I hope to truly reward that excitement with an experience that deserves it. That's all I'm really looking for in the end.


ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,



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Hello fellow Star Wars enthusiasts, It has been a while, and I take this occasion to announce this as my final Master at Arms report. After serving in this position for the past 29 months as a member of Muz and Sarin’s Dark Councils, the time has...

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Hello fellow Star Wars enthusiasts,

It has been a while, and I take this occasion to announce this as my final Master at Arms report. After serving in this position for the past 29 months as a member of Muz and Sarin’s Dark Councils, the time has come to usher in fresh blood. I am happy with where I leave the role and think the office in a better shape then before. This report will highlight a few pieces of recognition along with numbers.


I’d Like to Thank the Academy

First, for their diligent service as Magistrates, I have awarded Kelly Mendes and Teylas Ramar Anteian Crosses each. I made the decision when appointed to bring on termed Magistrates, six months, and purposefully switch them out for less experienced members. I do not regret that decision. Everyone who has served on this staff has provided exceptional service and, I hope, learned a great deal about the inner workings of DJB mechanics.

Next, the big one, my Special Magistrate turned Praetor Howlader. Little need be said about his service to the Brotherhood as a whole yet alone my tenure as MAA. He has been here the entire way, providing a consistent, firm, sometimes grumpy, but always caring perspective to everything. His immense accomplishments as Praetor have been combined with his months of service to Clan Taldryan, courtesy of Mav, to create what I know to be his favorite type of recognition: an Emerald Dagger from an outgoing Master at Arms.

Thank you, Howie, for everything you have done and will undoubtedly do in the future.

I would be a failed MAA were it not for an amazing support staff, from Praetor Evant to Praetor Howie and Magistrates in between: Rial, Kordath, Teylas, Nero, and Kelly. Thank you.

State of the Union

I am happy with MAA operations in their current form. Things have been quite quiet recently because, I believe, we have successfully worked with leaders to clarify and standardize expectations. We have had less remands and denials in the last six months than my first six, and while there is still unease and work to be done, on the whole improvement has been made.

My biggest regret is a project I continue to feel strongly about: the potential for shifting the Brotherhood’s promotions to an experience based system. Regret, however, is a strong word as attention was knowingly put on the back burner while everyone focused on possessions (and oh the awesome results of that). I do not know what the future holds, but the idea of DB XP remains on the minds of many and I will ensure the next MAA has my notes.


The Numbers Game [24 July 2014 to 10 January 2017]

The following numbers cover my entire run as Master at Arms, but as the query is PIN-based there may be overlap with actions taken by staff members in other roles (Evant as Voice, Teylas as CON, for example).

  • Medals Approved: 4786
  • Medals Rejected: 117
  • Promotions Approved: 622
  • Promotions Remanded: 26
  • Promotions Rejected: 32
  • Competitions Approved: 4106
  • Competitions Remanded: 523
  • Competitions Rejected: 21
  • Name Changes: 369
  • Unit/Path Changes: 744
  • Position Appointments: 363
  • Position Regisnations: 371
  • Title/Legacy Approved: 67


I had a personal DB goal of serving as Master at Arms and am proud to have achieved that. I did not accomplish everything I wanted or promised to, but I consider the office I leave well ordered. Thank you, again, to my staff, to Muz, Sarin, Mav, and the Dark Council, to every unit leader for maintaining respect and understanding when being told no, and to every member for seeing this through.

Standby for GM/DGM news regarding next steps in the Master at Arms world.

Aabs out!


  • Howie has double ED, call a doctor
  • Aabsdu’s MAA mic drop

MAA Resources


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Brethren, My best well wishes for the day and every other, my dears! It's been a while, but today, I am announcing that Clan Arcona is looking for a new Rollmaster! It is a critical position to the Clan as a whole, and one we want filled as...

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My best well wishes for the day and every other, my dears! It's been a while, but today, I am announcing that Clan Arcona is looking for a new Rollmaster! It is a critical position to the Clan as a whole, and one we want filled as soon as possible. That said, applications will be open DB-wide until Sunday, January 22nd, 23:59 EST.

As this position is so important for our younglings, we do reserve the right to choose an applicant before the deadline should a qualified one emerge. Get yours in early!

Applicants should have:

  • Less than 24 hour email turnaround time
  • Any past leadership in the Brotherhood or notable achievements listed
  • Any leadership experience outside of the club or in real life that may be relevant listed
  • Access to communication platforms (IRC, Telegram, etc). Strong TG presence will be looked upon favorably.
  • Rank of at least (Dark) Jedi Knight
  • Ideas for the streamlining of requirements for Journeymen
  • A solid system for assigning students with masters in correlation with the Clan's Rollmaster guidelines
  • Ability to keep Rollmaster-applicable wiki pages up to date
  • Ideas for Journeymen retention
  • Ability to mediate, work as a team, manage time, and problem solve

Things to note when applying:

  • Having taken and passed the Shadow Academy's Leadership courses will be looked upon favorably.
  • Knowing yourself is a good thing. Tell us about what you can bring to the summit and where you could improve.
  • Send applications to all the people we direct you to send them to. No, seriously. :P

Typical Rollmaster duties include:

  • Seeing to the welcoming of all new members of the Clan, including instructions on their chain of command, communication tools and methods, etc
  • Writing and publishing monthly Rollmaster reports
  • Tracking and being conscious of members’ activity and taking responsibility for keeping track of when they are due for medals or promotions
  • Writing of lead and/or supporting recommendations for medals and promotions for Journeymen and assisting with any other medals or promotions
  • Overseeing the developing of master-student pairs and reporting to the summit on the status of these pairings regularly
  • Constant communication with the rest of the Summit, including upper summit and House leaders
  • Development, training, and appointment of subordinate leaders alongside the rest of the summit
  • Maintaining the Arcona Mailing list with new joins and transfers

Email your applications to both Atty ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Uji ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Goodluck, and thank you for your time and attention!



consul arcona starwars

Introduction - Welcome to the Fist’s Gaming Network Welcome members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood the goal of my reports is to bring you the most up to date gaming news from inside and out of the DB in one place. I will attempt to cover as much...

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Introduction - Welcome to the Fist’s Gaming Network

Welcome members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood the goal of my reports is to bring you the most up to date gaming news from inside and out of the DB in one place. I will attempt to cover as much gaming news that I can. Some of this news will directly affect are approved platforms and some of it will be just interesting general gaming news.

Of course I will always be highlighting whatever gaming comps the FIST office is currently running plus any DJB wide gaming comps you the members maybe running. Also, when the need arises there can be official DJB platform news presented here as well. So you never know what will be in my reports so make sure you check them out on or around the 15th of every month.

Also bare with me as I spend the first few months tweaking the format, content and coming up with a catchy name. Any suggestions or any news articles you think the DJB community needs to know about please let me know.

I would like to thank Rian Taldrya of the Herald staff for my awesome new report graphics! They look great!


News for Gamers

This section I will try to find some important news items about upcoming games, DJB events and any general gaming tidbits that I think you might find interesting.

  • You are all aware by now but just to repeat the latest Pazaak News, the cluster rewards for Pazaak were reduced due to the popularity of Turbo Pazaak. Feel free to click the link to read all about it.

  • Star Wars: Force Arena is a new FREE mobile game for Android and Iphone, that has just launched a few days ago. We already have a in game guild and we have some test comps (see below) already up to gauge interest in this game. If you wish to join the in game guild please reach out to the Celahir right away.

  • Also check the competition section because Titanfall 2 also is having a Test event. If you like this game or event interested in playing it now would be a great time to play with your DB friends. Honestly for me it’s a fun game and I really enjoyed the story and the MP is definitely fast paced. Here is the Metacritc Page for the game.

  • As much as I know everyone’s “love” for EA they are in control of SW gaming for now and coming this year will be Battlefront 2, which is the sequeal to the admittly lackluster first outing and is due out in the fall of this year. So as details emerge for this game we on the Fist staff will be keeping a close eye on it and we will keep you informed as well. Here is what gamespot had to say about BF2.

  • There are also reports of Respawn Makers of Titanfall2 are also making a SW game and so is the makers of Dead Space Visceral under the direction of Amy Henning from Uncharted check out the interview here . Again the news and details about these games are scant but when more details come out we will report them to you.


Gaming Comps




Important Fist Information

Below are all the links you will ever need to either contact the Fist staff, join a gaming channel, look up a rule or game mode cluster value. I will up date this as needed with each report.

  • Rites of Combat - is the place to find all the rules for gaming in the DJB.
  • Fist-o-matic - a quick guide on how to use the Telegram fistbot.
  • Pendant of Blood - how to earn PoB’s.
  • Cluster Tables - is the place to find out what game mode offerr what Cluster (Earth and Fire) value.
  • Tier 1 and Teir 2 games - os the complete list of all our approved game AND SAMPLE SCREENSHOTS! Not sure what shot to submit look HERE!

How to contact the Fist staff anytime using these methods:


In conclusion -

And so comes the end of my first P:Fist report I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any feedback please let me know.

Also before i sign off I want to wish all of you and your families a Happy, Healthy and prosperous new year!

See you next month!

Seer Edgar Drachen, Praetor to the Fist




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Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

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Welcome to the first-ever Star Wars digest from the new Voice Office! In this, we will be covering some of the new canon material that Marvel, Lucasfilms and Disney all have to offer. However, be warned! There will be spoilers throughout each digest, so I do not recommend reading further unless you don’t mind catching those. I have done my best to add warnings wherever the plot synopses are, so bear those areas  in mind!

Poe Dameron #7

Ah, Poe Dameron. Hotshot starship pilot and well-known affiliate of the Resistance, it should come as no surprise that Marvel released an ongoing series about his adventures.

Although the series started off rather lackluster without much for story development, Poe Dameron #7 kicked the series back off on a new story arc, being the first part of multi-part arc “The Gathering Storm.” Bringing in a new artist for this one, Angel Unzueta, this comic stood out to me as one of the most well-illustrated ones to come from the new Star Wars comics by Marvel.

Holding little connection to issues 1-6, the new arc seems to divide focus between multiple interesting characters. In the seventh issue, that character is Suralinda Javos, a journalist who can be recognized as an entirely new and never-before-seen species referred to as a “Squamatan.” Able to spit a corrosive venom and almost extinct, this new species is unlike anything else that we have seen, and seems to be much more developed in this issue alone than most of those seen on screen.

All in all, I found this to be one of the best comics from Marvel’s Star Wars universe and a great direction for the series to take. Although the rest of the series before it was enjoyable, the feeling of danger or intrigue were little to none. As “The Force Awakens” has proven, Poe Dameron is no lout when it comes to taking the helm of a starfighter, so seeing the difficulties he has on the ground (more or less) was great to see.


Plot Spoilers Inbound!

So, what is  the correlation between Suralinda Javos and Poe Dameron? As the second-page foreword indicates, Poe Dameron is in search of informants, and his old contact sent him a message about insight into the First Order’s activities. As soon as Poe Dameron tugs on that thread and arrives on Pheryon, a world strikingly similar to Kiast, the First Order begins to take notice of his presence. Despite all the dangers, it is unclear what Suralinda’s motives are throughout, claiming that she has information the First Order wants. Assuming that exposing the secrets to the public will eliminate the target on her head, she aims to turn that information over to the Resistance.

During an interrogation, it is revealed that she does not in fact have information about the First Order, instead luring Poe Dameron to her with the intention of learning about the Resistance for her journalistic pursuits to save a failing career. Working out in her favour, she is brought to the same base that we see in The Force Awakens and collects the exact location of its whereabouts. However, after having experienced the First Order’s ruthlessness firsthand, she instead lends herself to Leia’s Resistance.


Aphra #1

Those who have read through the now-ended Darth Vader series of comics with no doubt recognize the title of this comic series. Dr. Aphra, along with her two homicidal droids, stars in this series taking place after her involvement in the final Darth Vader issue. Gaining her own series by popular demand, the comic starts off on a tone reminiscent of another popular franchise, Indiana Jones. Heading back to her former occupation as an archaeologist, the series starts off right in the middle of her latest expedition, not unlike the franchise that might have been the inspiration for her character.

Surprisingly, the first issue can almost be regarded as two in one book. Immediately after the reader is informed that the story will continue in the next issue, there is another comic’s worth of pages showcasing Aphra’s backstory. Unlike mini-stories seen at the end of some other Marvel Star Wars issues, this one follows the same character and uses the same artist and writer. It is also noticeably longer than other mini-issues found at the backs of other comic books.

Dr. Aphra is quite possibly my favourite character in the new canon. Introducing all manner of new gadgets whenever she appears and possessing two of the galaxy’s most murderous droids, it comes with no surprise why  she should get her own fan-requested comic series. The writing and illustration quality are on-par with the Darth Vader line of comics, but with a clearer focus on Aphra, 0-0-0 and BT-1 than their earlier roles allowed. Although we have been given a glance at Aphra’s backstory, it is unknown as to whether or not 0-0-0 or BT-1’s past will be further elaborated on in a similar mini-issue (perhaps focusing on the destruction of the Tarkin Initiative base that BT-1 was known for.)

Plot Spoilers Inbound!

Aphra #1

As a young and bright student of the University of Bar’leth, the flashback half-issue shows that Aphra was a doctoral candidate and promising student. Despite her constant success, it is revealed that the new sava of the the University of Bar’leth is seeking to undermine her attempts to receive her doctorate and the two have been struggling against one another for success.

Invited to see the sava’s topic of interest, we are introduced to a new non-sentient species called Abersyn Symbiotes, a particularly dangerous creature that is deemed illegal within the Galactic Empire. Responsible  for the fall of several historical empires, the creature feeds on the brain stems of sentient species and is now ordered to be concentrated as soon as one is discovered. Possessing  several of these, the sava believes that he is doing groundbreaking research while also seeing Aphra’s archaeological interests as being disgraceful and unworthy for a doctorate.

As readers of the Darth Vader series will know, Aphra is adept in all manner of technologies and stages her own “discovery” using the stolen Symbiotes, placing them in an underground shed on the planet she was investigating. This is revealed as the reason behind having her doctorate invalidated when she goes to sell the relic found at the beginning of the comic.


That’s it for this issue of the Star Wars Digest! I will look at branching off into reviews for different series, books, or Rebels episodes next time around. Let me know what you think, and whether or not future reviews could persuade you to read the featured comic series or books that come out. For those who would like to read reviews that they would like to feature, please contact me and I’ll see if I can include your reviews in a future issue!



star wars comics poe dameron aphra darkjedibrotherhood dark jedi brotherhood sith jedi

With Esca stepping down after eight months of excellent service and the elevation of Edgar to Quaestor, House Hoth is in need of a new Aedile. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are new to or want to get back into DB leadership as I...

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With Esca stepping down after eight months of excellent service and the elevation of Edgar to Quaestor, House Hoth is in need of a new Aedile. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are new to or want to get back into DB leadership as I believe in hiring people for career paths rather than single jobs. As Arch and Ed illustrate, I look to strong performing Aediles to be our next Quaestors and Clan summit.


The Aedile's Duties

  • Set a good example for House members through strong regular activity and a positive attitude in chat

  • Maintain regular communication with members through email and Telegram

  • Assist in evaluating and recommending members for promotion and merit awards

  • Assist in planning, running, and promoting competitions for the House

  • Assist in developing House lore and maintaining our wiki page(s)

  • Serve as acting Quaestor in the absence of the Quaestor

What to include on your application

  • Relevant leadership or project experience in or beyond the DJB.

  • Any ideas you have for improving or developing the House. A 30/60/90 plan isn't a disqualifier, but it probably won't be helpful

  • Any time constraints we would need to be aware of

  • Describe your vision for what a leader in Odan-Urr should be


odan-urr job aedile

Pazaak Changes Good afternoon. Based off the comments provided on the website (30 comments on a report is a record for any report I’ve ever done) and via email, it's clear to me that a cluster reward reduction is the only way to mitigate the...

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Pazaak Changes

Good afternoon. Based off the comments provided on the website (30 comments on a report is a record for any report I’ve ever done) and via email, it's clear to me that a cluster reward reduction is the only way to mitigate the Turbo Pazaak phenomenon. Some comments were well thought out. Others were not. But the simple fact is, I can't validate whether or not a side-deck was utilized or if people are simply hammering on the "end turn" button and letting RNGesus take the wheel.

That said...

Pazaak IS the lowest common denominator for gaming. While a cluster reward reduction is necessary to bring the time per cluster reward balance in line for those who wish to play “Turbo Pazaak”, a heavy-handed nerf does have the potential to do more harm than good.

The original nerf was based off of a 25% reduction ( dropping to .33 CFs per match). I have decided to lighten that nerf a little bit more to a 20% reduction, or .4 CFs per match. This makes the game worth playing for those who only have Pazaak as their gaming option, while at the same time adjusting the reward due to the speed at which the game can now be played.

So as of now, Turbo Pazaak is allowed. Cluster rewards have been adjusted to reflect this. The win/loss modifiers and PvP score modifier remain unchanged.


To address the other elephant in the room: Pazaak’s utilization for PvP score, Vendettas, and GJW events.

A common thread throughout this process is that the overwhelming majority of the DB seems to agree that Pazaak has no place in determining the winner of club-wide events.

I do not disagree.

Follow on analysis by my staff will focus on Pazaak's utilization in Vendettas and GJWs, and a potential replacement for the game altogether. The rules for replacing Pazaak are pretty basic: The game must be

  • 100% free
  • easy to learn
  • playable on all platforms
  • a true 1v1 PvP platform.

We're working through options now, and hope to have something available for testing in the next month or so. I challenge the club at large to provide viable options that meet the above criteria should they find them. No, I don’t think internet chess or checkers is a viable option. If you find a game that shows promise, email me and my staff [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

I don't think Pazaak will ever go away, as it is truly the most basic game our members can play in order to earn gaming credit in this club. Until a suitable replacement is found, it’s the game we have. I fully intend to retain it unless something just as easy to learn and playable by the masses is found. I might retain it anyway, considering it is hands-down the most played game in the DJB.

Thanks to all for your comments, support, and understanding during this process.



pazaak gmrg djb gaming starwars

Good day, Star Wars friends. I am finally ready to announce my new Hands of Justice. I do not envy people that have a job in human resources or otherwise have to hire people regularly. We had 22 applications for the Hand of Justice positions, the...

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Good day, Star Wars friends.

I am finally ready to announce my new Hands of Justice.

I do not envy people that have a job in human resources or otherwise have to hire people regularly. We had 22 applications for the Hand of Justice positions, the vast majority of which were extremely well-written by qualified individuals. I was blown away by the number of people that were interested, and only wish I could make use of everyone. In the end, with the help of Monty and BF, I reduced the number under consideration to four applicants and took a while to choose between those. That was a tough choice.

Without further ado:

The new Right Hand of Justice is Dacien Victae di Plagia aka Bubba. This former Headmaster is an excellent member and extremely hard worker. He got an edge on his application specifically because he is going to be needed as we make the new CoJ SA courses. I have always enjoyed Bubba and look forward to working with him.

The new Left Hand of Justice is Turel Sorenn. Mr. Turel is the current Consul of COU, but will easily have the capacity to serve in both roles. I have been very impressed with Turel over the last two years as we went through the Covenant project. His comments have been spot on and he has a passion for the judicial side of the club. One item I would like to address as to Turel: you may remember that he has a prior CoJ conviction. You may also remember that he was the person that brought the issues to light, handled his case with the utmost maturity, took a hit on the chin, and bounced back impressively. Especially for Left Hand of Justice, the LoR does not matter, and, in fact, gives him quality experience of having been there before so he can help members in a similar situation. I am glad to have him on my team.

The terms for these two individuals will last until December 31, 2017. If you applied this time and did not get the spot, please do not be discouraged. This was a hotly-desired set of positions, and the fact that I didn't choose you is not a slight, but just a fact of there only being two spots. Special thanks to Timeros, Pel, Lexic, Alaris, Arden, Halc and the rest of you for excellent applications.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to Monty and BF for their service as my former Hands. They have been amazing and I will miss working with them directly.




hands of justice chamber of justice star wars

Another monthly report, and another busy month. In fact, I'd say we had a three months kick-ass holiday extravaganza of competitions. Between Aftermath and Winter Trials, Clan Plagueis has had a busy end to 2016. I think it's time for a...

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Another monthly report, and another busy month. In fact, I'd say we had a three months kick-ass holiday extravaganza of competitions. Between Aftermath and Winter Trials, Clan Plagueis has had a busy end to 2016. I think it's time for a much earned break before we head into anything new, and there are a lot of little things I want to work on as a clan. That's certainly not to say we won't still have competitions for you guys to take part in, but there are just other little projects that have been put off that could use some attention.

Speaking of competitions...

Plagueis Winter Trials

Well the Winter Trials are over, and I want to thank everyone who participated in the events! It was a really fun event, something we hadn't tried before, and (I know I sound like a broken record on this one) the Summit learned a lot of things on what to do and not to do in the future. First, I want to congratulate Abadeer on being the only person to do 100% of the things that were available to him to do. And for your pleasure, the overall results:


I won't regurgitate what the top 3 were in each comp (I'm sorry your e-mail inboxes got assaulted with those e-mails already, so I'll spare you again) but needless to say the top placements came from, as almost always, participation. Just doing things, being involved, and active. That hasn't changed, and there's also a direct correlation between people being involved in the things we do and the rewards they receive for their hard work. Which is a good segway to...



We had a lot of awards to give out this time. A lot of this has to do with the fact that the time between Aftermath and the Winter Trials wasn't very good for the upper summit scheduling wise to be able to get things out. Between Thanksgiving and the beast that is December, we slipped a bit. I slipped a bit. But have no fear, for we made up for it! Here is the full list of awards!

  • Laren Uscot: Grand Cross
  • Abadeer Taasii: Grand Cross
  • Xolarin: Steel Cross
  • Kryy Vitaan: Anteian Cross
  • Misium: Dark Cross
  • Zuser Whuloc: Dark Cross
  • Brimstone: Anteian Cross
  • Rag'nar: Anteian Cross
  • Pollus Paratus: Anteian Cross
  • Vanessa Rhode: Dark Cross

And of course, we had some promotions!

  • Tra'an Reith di Plagia: EQ4 promotion
  • Furios Morega: EQ3 promotion
  • Azmodius Equesinfernum: EQ1 promotion
  • Kul'tak Drol: EQ1 promotion
  • Blair Augusta Dearg: EQ1 promotion

I want to congratulate everyone for their awards, and for all your hard work and involvement in Clan Plagueis. It really makes being consul worth it to be able to give stuff like this out to you guys.


Plagueis Reports




Hello Scholae Palatinae! Welcome to the first Consul report of 2017! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season, enjoyed Midnight, and is ready for a new year of opportunity and growth! We’ve had some very important things go into effect since...

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Consul Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! Welcome to the first Consul report of 2017! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season, enjoyed Midnight, and is ready for a new year of opportunity and growth! We’ve had some very important things go into effect since the last report, including a new Covenant, and possessions officially going live! So hold onto your butts, this is a packed one. Up first, the epic finale to the Midnight Event!



Midnight Conclusion


Outside Ohmen

They all sat up at once. The ritual had ended suddenly. It was a reflex almost as they shot up from the jungle floor. They sat in silence, breathing deeply, the humid air oddly soothing as they processed what they had just gone through. The trials were over, the nightmare they had faced inside Xen’s mind was at an end. Each knew it would probably be weeks before they had fully recovered from the mental exhaustion that was setting in on them. None stood, bodies surprisingly too sore to move. Several fell back from their sitting position, heads too heavy to keep up.

“Is that it? Is he free?” Mune asked, finally breaking the silence. Polis Jones shook his head.

“No. Not free,” Polis said slowly, hand holding his head. While the others had the Force to draw on, the experience for the archeologist was far outside his normal scope of abilities.

“So we went through all that for nothing? We could have been fighting and stopping the New Dawn!” Dek Ironius exclaimed, calm exterior shaken from the ritual. Even Polis could pick up on the dark tension sitting on everyone’s shoulders.

“Not for nothing.” Polis responded. He pointed half heartedly at the floating crystal still sitting in the center of the group. “Just not finished.”

The crystals ornate carved surface had gone from dull to vibrant. Its darkness had given way to an intense pulsing light. Just looking directly at it would make one’s skin tingle. Stana was the first to stand, her willpower overcoming the ache in her muscles.

“Polis. Just how does this thing work?” She questioned. She reached a hand up to touch it, but stopped several inches short, apprehensive of it.

“We just need to get it near Fallax. It is more or less, full of Xen’s remaining life force. It should handle the rest if we can get it to the palace,” Polis explained.

“So it is protecting Xen… Will it pull Fallax out and put Xen back in? Is it really just a prison for a spirit?” Elincia asked, slowly approaching the crystal as well.

“Ahh. Err. No. Not exactly…” Polis responded.

Click here to read the rest of the concluding fiction to Midnight

Click here to read the entire Midnight Saga in PDF form


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Midnight Phase 3 and Event Long Results



Intel: The Imperial News Net - Midnight Final Results and Statistics


Disclaimer: Delak hasn’t updated his avatar to Jurdan. :P


Intel: The Imperial News Net - New Dawn Final Status Board



Intel: Brotherhood Wide - The Covenant

For the last twoish years, Jac has been working on a new Covenant for the club. This process has involved a LOT of people to make the covenant readable, understandable, and cover the things we need for life in the DJB in 2017.

For those of you unawares, the DJB has utilized a document known as the ‘Dark Covenant’ for years up to this point, more or less the clubs constitution and laws. The new Covenant (not Dark) has been uploaded to the wikipedia and can be found here. It is important for you as a member to understand your own rights in the club, and some of the more complicated facets (such as the CoJ). I know it looks big and scary, but it is very readable, and has a lot of wonderful information in there.

This has been a tremendous undertaking, so first, make sure to check it out, and second thank Jac and all the many many people who helped get it to its current state. The electorate unanimously supported the new Cov, and it went into effect as of January 1st!


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - Possessions Live!

It is official, possessions is live on the site. Out of beta, there is now a wide array of armors, weapons, ships, droids, and items to go purchase! This project, a decade in the making is an incredible accomplishment for the site, and the many people who have worked on it over the years! Go check the stores.

But Xen how do I afford such lovely items? Great question! If you go to your Credit Accounts on your admin menu, you can see what active funds you have available. For the most of you this will just be “Your Name’s Spending Account”. If you click on that you will find you have been earning credits for all sorts of things, such as participation in competitions, being in a unit, time in rank, merits awarded, etc. If you want to see the complete breakdown of what gives credits, you can check the salary policy, which our lovely Regent has put together. More than this, we as a clan ALSO get credits based on your activity, which lets us grow our clan fleet and army! Its an awesome system so please check it out.

Alongside the possessions release, there comes a few other updates to club systems. Gone is the “Request Custom Lightsaber” “Request Warbanner” etc, on your admin menu. Should you have earned the ability to request a custom weapon “skin”, need a new Warbanner, or are a leader in need of report graphics, you can find all of that under the “Request Custom Graphics” option. There you can open the applicable type of graphics. In the case of say, weapons or robes you will need to own the appropriate weapon or custom robe item to request it. The Warbanner form is still being worked on, so for the time being, you can use the old one. You can get some further information about this process from Esca’s P:HRLD News Post.

At this time, possessions has also impacted your Character Sheets! Gone is the weapons list section of the CS, replaced by your character’s loadouts. You can manage your loadouts from your “Manage Possessions” section in your Admin menu. No more worrying about formatting on the CS, just buy the weapons and gear you wish to have, set them in a loadout (or ten) and save them. It will automatically be linked and viewable on your CS!

You can expect even more goodies to be added to the possessions system, along with further features. Evant outlined some of the things he is working on in his latest Regent Report! Go check it all out!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Superficial Naming

Every now and again we as a summit get a bit investigative as to things we can do to better “fictionally” set the clan as attempting to follow the Galactic Empire. To this end we’ve made some very superficial changes to in character positions in the clan.

First off, as a whole, the entire Clan Summit is the Imperial High Command. Consul is going to remain known as Emperor, while Proconsul is changing from Grand Marshal to Grand Vizier. The position of Grand Vizier in the Galactic Empire was one heavily associated with the running of the Empire, and positions itself a bit more closely to being in line of succession of the Emperor.

The position of Rollmaster is changing from System Moff to Grand Admiral as the overseer of the Imperial Navy. This one was the main reason we ended up re-evaluating the current IC naming system. Moff itself was added as a rank name (Loyalist EL2) when the new order system went into effect, so in effort to avoid confusion we have (finally) gotten around to changing that.

But wait, there is more! After a lot of me going back and forth on the issue of giving QUA’s specific titles, we’ve decided to just go with it. Imperium QUA is to be known as Imperator (Furiousa?) and Excidium QUA is to be known as Executor (A SSD?). Obvious titles are obvious and fall in line with the clan’s naming scheme.

As our fictional setting is obviously an important priority for us, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the update.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Imperial Navy and Military

As pointed out above, possessions is now official live! This also includes Clan Possessions. Gone are the crazy spreadsheets of tracking our military, you can find all of our ships and soldiers listed clearly on the Clan’s possessions tab! While fictionally the change has not occurred yet (coming very soon from our wonderful Voice), the old ships we’ve used, including our three Star Destroyers and many legions will be going bye-bye. While we haven’t fictionally acquired our new ships as of yet, they are listed for viewing.

The Imperial Cocytus Navy and Military features some awesome new stuff, including a Victory-class and a Venator-class Star Destroyers. With our new military, we are adopting a new naming systems as well. Firstly, all military ships are given a prefix, in this case ICN (Imperial Cocytus Navy).

For our five “biggest” ships we have decided to abandon the old names such as Warspite and Dark Paladin. We are using the names of famous Imperials. In this case, we have Sidious, Vader, Tarkin, Thrawn, and Amedda (who was Grand Vizier).

This also means however, we still have a great many ships that are not named as of yet. We will be hosting a naming contest which will give the possibility of seeing your suggestions used to name our remaining ships! It won’t need to follow the famous Imperials as above, but can be generated in any way you can come up with. We are also going to be hosting a clan cosmetic aspect competition, allowing you guys to try to write up a custom cosmetic aspect for our main military ships! Expect to see an email on these two competitions soon.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Ask The Xen!

Kylex asks: Why is Evant running around still dressed like Santa Claus?

  • Because he lives with christmas in his heart every day of the year.

Mord asks: What tips can you give an aspiring wiki'er who wants to create a really interesting page? Your's is amazing!

  • Don’t be afraid to scrap what you have and start over. I’ve redone my wiki page about half a dozen times from scratch. Make sure to keep it mostly up to date as well, trying to remember bits from 3 years ago can be difficult. Also find a format for it you like. I’m really big on right aligning all the images. Images are good, find ones online and check out the image categories, there is a good chance you will find ones already uploaded that will work for your article as well. :D

Blade asks: What color lightsaber do you want Blade to stab you with?

  • I’ll pass on the stabby stabby. Thx

Alara asks: do you expect to have more major campaigns like Midnight for Scholae?

  • Absolutely! I love running these things!

Alara asks: have you had turkey bacon?

  • No I have not.

Archangel asks: how awesome would it be to do ISD jousting?

  • There is no words in any language known to humanity to describe how awesome that would be. :P

Jurdan asks: how do you sleep at night knowing that you had a hand in killing several CSP members? (IC)

  • See above. Xen is no bueno.

Lexiconus asks: how's that fancy emerald dagger, boss?

  • Wonderful and Shiny!


There you have it. You all did AMAZING work on Midnight, especially with it running alongside the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed it. 2017 is bringing a lot of new changes for the clan and the club, so get ready to make it the best year yet!

edit: Because I forgot, I wanted to show off the crazy and funny submission Archangel put together for his "epic fiction", check it out here.


  • Midnight is finished!
  • New Covenant in effect!
  • Possessions is live!

For the Empire!

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