Hello brothers and sisters of Nighthawk! This month’s report is all about change. After the close of the cooperative event with Tython Squadron, there has been plenty of discussion as to who we are and where we are going as a Battleteam. A...

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Hello brothers and sisters of Nighthawk!

This month’s report is all about change. After the close of the cooperative event with Tython Squadron, there has been plenty of discussion as to who we are and where we are going as a Battleteam. A rebranding of sorts, to include a new name, a new logo, and a new purpose. This is an ongoing discussion, and there will be plenty of in-house voting for the members to direct where the team goes next. I look forward to this change and watching it grow with you all, building ourselves as individuals and as a group.


As everyone is aware, the joint event with Tython Squad of Clan Odan-Urr has finished. I am not going into the results here as everyone should be aware of them already. With that in mind, THIS outlines what the event means between us and Tython Squad.

Clan Arcona News

Please read the farewell address of our (now former) Consul here.

Satsi (formerly Atty) has resigned as our Consul, and is now happily within House Galeres and under Nighthawk’s protection. Welcome, madam, to our ranks! It’s been a real pleasure so far to see you here!

With the Iron Throne left vacant, Kordath has stepped up and taken on the position of Consul and Terran had been made our Proconsul. l would like to personally welcome you both to your positions. Cheers, fellas!

The power vacuum in House Qel-Droma has sucked up a couple more victims! Zujenia has stepped in as Quaestor and Lucine as Aedile.

Welcome to your new roles and good luck to you both!

With that said, all this shuffling about leaves Battleteam Voidbreaker without a BTL! If you are interested in taking on a leadership position, please go put in an application and answer the call of the angels.

House Galeres News

We have a new Aedile! Rrogon Skar Agrona! Welcome, sir and l look forward working with you! From what l have seen so far it’s been pretty good. So, here’s to the future.


Battlelord Rulvak Qurroc

  • 563 Clusters of Fire
  • 6 Clusters of Earth
  • 2 Pendants of Blood

Mystic Blackhawk

  • 13 Clusters of Fire

Reaver Satsi Tameike

  • 10 Clusters of Ice
  • 3 Clusters of Graphite
  • Emerald Dagger! Well deserved!


Constantine’s Monthly Quests have been put on hold for now, but will be up soon!

All major competitions can be found here

Nice and easy competitions here Arcona VD Comps here

Graphics Comp here for you nice and easy A Super Symbol here

Now Down to other business.


I have had a large response to this and I will be as honest in my answers as possible!

Leeadra Asks: From a fictional standpoint, how is Constantine going to deal with having a murderlizard as his immediate supervisor?

Mmmm. Constantine is a Gray Jedi and draws on the strengths and weaknesses of others, and l believe that Constantine does not know as of yet that he has a Murderlizard for a supervisor.

Lucine Vasano Asks: On a scale of 1-10, how concerned are you about the recent additions of Rhylance, Skar and Sati? What plans do you have to keep them from murdering each other?

Wow, this is a long question Lucine. Well, let’s start. Between the scale of 1 to 10 my Answer is Zero. Plans for keeping people from murdering each other; l would see all three of them on an individual basis and have a secret pact with each. If any of them tries anything, I would whisper in their ear the pact that was made. If they touched the other person, that pact would be broken.

Kordath Bleu asks: How confident is your crew in their new secret mission that the new Consul is dispatching them on that’s so secret they don’t even know about it yet?

Well Kordath, Nighthawk is actually on Phase 3 of the secret mission, but don’t tell anyone!

Leeadra asks: Why are they called chicken fingers if chickens don’t have fingers?

Cause they are finger licking good!

Rhylance asks: What are your plans fictionally for Nighthawk? There are ongoing plans which we are working on the moment

Atty asks: Would you want to bring the Talons back to NH? Are we staying as a spy ship, or perhaps remaking ourselves as a strike team, military, etc ?

Yes I would bring back the Talons, and we are currently having ongoing discussions about our role.

Atty asks: How can we help Nighthawk as a new or vet member?

I am a great believer of everyone pitching in and helping. As a new member ask the Summit what you can do to help be an active member of the Battle Team. As a vet l would like to see you guys help guide and encourage new members to help and get involved, be there for them, and be a mentor and friend to the new guys. I would also like to see vets be advisors to the likes of me as BTL. You guys have a lot of leadership experience between you and your input has already been very helpful.

Xenna Azara asks: How does Constantine feel about Kord being his new boss?

Kordath seems to me to be a person who remains calm and collected, and hands out pretty good advice, so yes pretty cool so far.

Rhylance asks: How does Constantine feel about the house’s new science Chiss?


Nighthawk Award

This month, The Nighthawk Award will go to Atty! For all of her help within Nighthawk; getting things moving on our future, bringing things to a head, and getting members to vote on this subject.

I thank you and l give this award with great pleasure.


As I wrap up this month’s report, I would like to once again welcome all new members of the Clan Summit and wish them all luck with their new positions as well as congratulate Atty once again on her Emerald Dagger and welcome her to our big, happy family. Don’t forget that there are plenty of competitions out there for you all to go and earn yourselves some shiny crescents! Last but certainly not least, keep your eyes and ears open for the opportunity to give your input on the new direction of the battleteam; your opinions are all important. Until next time, you can reach me via email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or via Telegram @ConstantineDJB.

Over and out,




Selen, Dajorra system High Orbit Shortly after the Battle for Nancora Dusk Station was holding. The Golan II battle station had been built to withstand major punishment. The Collective fleet that had arrived in-system hours before couldn't...

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Selen, Dajorra system

High Orbit

Shortly after the Battle for Nancora

Dusk Station was holding. The Golan II battle station had been built to withstand major punishment. The Collective fleet that had arrived in-system hours before couldn't hope to ignore such a threat in their effort to assault Selen. Its location in orbit above Estle City and the geography of the oceanic world below meant the Golan had to be disabled or destroyed to successfully land troops and wreak havoc on Arcona's capital. Given enough time, the fleet of cruisers and lighter vessels may even manage that.

Collective squadrons and drop ships tried to skirt the engagement zone, heading planetside and encountering resistance from both Dusk Station's own Twilight and Lightfall squadrons, and the landbased anti-air as they descended. Very few in the way of landing craft were making it anywhere near the surface, and the islands below offered little for a conventional landing. Perhaps they'd had agents on the ground hoping to take Giletta Spaceport beforehand. If so, the attempts had failed.

Arconan Decimators and Firesprays harried Collective bombers and the now-familiar suicide tugs, the true threats to the massive Dusk Station. Given enough time, the Collective could chip away at its defenses and lay the station low.

There wouldn't be enough time. Navigational familiarity and need caused the Arconan Expeditionary Fleet, freshly returned from Nancora, to exit hyperspace in the inner system. The AEF had been built with rapid deployment in mind, and they'd trained to move around the Dajorra system with ease. That the ships were battered, their crews fatigued from the battle at Nancora, mattered little when the call had gone out that the Collective was attacking the Clans' home systems.

Selen wouldn't be another New Tython, or Karufr, or any of the other planets or systems burned to the ground in the past two years of misery.

Collective cruisers began to change their deployment, hesitance obvious in their headings. Letting up on the Golan II would allow it to recharge its shields, repair what damage they'd caused; but now they had an opportunity to wipe out the Arconan's fleet of quick vessels and raiders. That, and the commander of the fleet wouldn't want to be pinned between the AEF and the planet's defenses.

Whatever hope the Collective had was quickly dashed as more vessels appeared in realspace alongside the Arconan ships, white lotuses emblazoned on their hull. The Odanites, secure in the knowledge of the secrecy of their home's location, had come along to assist those who'd stood with them since before the burning of New Tython.

Ships smoldered in the deep; several Collective light cruisers and support ships would find themselves at the bottom of Selen's oceans by day's end. The rest did their best to flee the tightening noose that was the Lotus forces and Dusk Station. Collective landing craft had made it to the surface, something the Arconan navy noted and did their best to track. No doubt the fanatics of the anti-Force cult would do their best to cause havoc until captured. Just one more problem.

When the shooting ended and the last Collective vessel winked into hyperspace, there was the usual tenseness of forces allied through need. The Arconan and Odanite ships separated, the latter making for out of the system with quiet comms between the two fleets, thanking one another. A formal thanks would probably be issued by the Arconans, praising their allies for standing with them, but those who'd been fighting together against the Iron Throne knew that the help had been a given.

The alliance would stand. For now, both groups needed rest, repairs, and to see to their homesteads.

The Arconans had come home with a vengeance, laying low their attackers with the aide of their allies. It was time to put their house in order, and put the chaos of war behind them.


Well, hi there, Arcona, and welcome to the first update from your new Clan summit team. First, one more shout out to Atyiru/Satsi/badass who put in three fricken years for us. That’s not just impressive, it’s damn near unheard of. We can’t thank her enough, and I’m sure we’ll be begging for her to come back shortly. For now, she gets to rest, and the Shadow Sloth gets to sit in the chair and try not to let everything she built burn. So! Let’s get down to business!


About the Consul

So for those who don’t know Kordath already, he’s a Ryn. Yes, one of the gypsy folk. No, that doesn’t mean he’s automatically a thief. Yes, he’s a bit of a thief, but not because he’s a Ryn. He’s currently at a loss, being in charge (change over fiction is forthcoming as we pound out certain details) and had been in the middle of a personal crisis due to karking up his relationship with the lovely Zujenia, who’d previously agreed to marry him. We’ll see how that pans out.

On the out of character side of things, in the past two and a half years I've held pretty much every post in the Clan at some point or another, from BTL to RM to AED to QUA to PCON to Consul now. I’m a near constant Telegram presence and check my email on the regular, so if any of you have anything to discuss with me, I’m pretty easy to reach. I look forward to what we do together in Arcona, kids.


I’m Terran Koul, pronounced nearly the same as “cowl”, though most DBers just call me "Vic". I've been a member of the Brotherhood for nearly two decades. I’ve seen it as a sister group of the Emperor’s Hammer, witnessed the Split, participated in over a half dozen Great Jedi Wars, led three Houses to six Vendetta victories, and held various positions at all levels of the Brotherhood. I’ve served on the upper Summits of three Clans, was Magistrate to two Dark Councillors, commanded three Battleteams, guided new members as Rollmaster and served on the Dark Council.

For the past couple years, it's been my honor to lead House Qel-Droma, most recently with the stellar help of Zujenia and Lucine. They're amazing, and I know HQD is in the best possible hands with them at the tiller. Moving up to the Clan-level, you can expect the same from me as before: a consistent (if often quiet) Telegram presence, a steady hand, a willingness to work hard, and an open door for anything you need.

We have a lot in store for Arcona in the next six months, from major events to system revamps, and we'll be working under the auspices of a new Consul and Grand Master. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to see what all of us - Arcona and the Brotherhood - can build together. It's going to be legend—wait for it….


Survey Saaaaays

Recently we ran a survey concerning a few items, how you the Clan felt about a handful of issues. Of the 50 rostered members of the Clan, we received 31 responses! That’s pretty good, and more than was actually expected, so kudos to you, kids, you’re helping shape the future of your Clan!


The first question concerned our current alliance with Odan-Urr and how we felt about it. For the most part, we seem to still view this favorably, or with a general indifference. Hopefully future plot points will cause that second number to shrink one way or another.


The second was how we viewed ourselves as a Clan. Dark, Gray, etc. Still overwhelmingly in the Gray category, which fits as we’ve pretty much become ‘The Gray Clan’. Can’t get much more between Light and Dark than the Shadows.


The most divisive question by far. Do we, as a Clan, return to the fold and see if the new Grandmaster is worth bending a knee to; or at least acknowledging and not openly fighting against. Honestly, this question may have been premature, as the Brotherhood’s plot updates haven’t caught up with this changeover and we know little to nothing about Telaris. Keep your eyes open for news reports!


The Collective, the big bads that got thrown at us in the past War. This question was meant to gauge interest in future interactions between Arcona and them. While fully half of you who answered (and yes, I did take the comments made into account for these surveys, thank you for those) signaled a general indifference, enough of you showed interest in them to give us reason to work them into plot updates. They may not be a major player in Arcona fiction for the near future as we have a lot already going on after the last Sins, but we will be doing our best to keep in line with the greater Brotherhood story that’s ongoing for those with an interest in it.


Ask The Ryn

Lucine asks:

  • 1) How much would it cost me for you to forget about the thing?
    What thing?

  • 2) What will Kord wear once Satsi is out of office?

  • 3) What does the future entail?

  • 4) Can Strong come over to play?
    He keeps asking about you, what did you do to him?

  • 5) Was the Ryn actually chipped after our last match?
    Wait, wot!?

  • FMK: Leeadra, Sildrin, Lucine
    Kord: F: Sildrin, M: Leeadra, K: Lucine
    Strong: F: Leeadra, M: Lucine, K: Sildrin (don’t think he knows her though)

Zuji asks:

  • #1 Oh boy, so uh, what's the Ryn thinking? With Satsi karking off of the throne and some new leadershipping happening?
    Kord is hoping that less time in direct proximity with Red will make it more likely to salvage his personal life and the things that are, ya know, important to him.

  • #2 What has been the most valuable thing you've learned from Atty in your time in leadership?
    Talk less, smile more, don’t get CoJ’d.

Tali Zorah Interjects
  • And what is the most valuable lesson you did not learn…
    Talking less.

  • #3 What do you hope to see accomplish in the future of Arcona after Atty's passing?
    Bury the dead, pacif— uh, bring peace to Selen, keep things moving.

  • #4 What advice do you have for the wee jms? The ones interested in giving to the club and the ones just looking to explore what we're about.
    Have fun. That’s the main thing, have fun, enjoy yourself, be social. Apply for jobs. Be confident despite your nervousness. Don’t be shocked if you get prodded towards leadership by those who’ve been around longer, it means they have faith in your ability.

  • #5 Favorite Star wars weapon? :P
    Uhhh...Ewok rock slings?

  • #6 Oh, oh, oh! Would the Arconae try to assassinate him? :3

Lucine interjects!
  • Adding to Zuji's #6, would any members of the clan try to assassinate him?
    backs away slowly, throws a shirtless Strong out to distract

  • #7 Potential reunion just to keep the Ryn's arse from being murdered?
    If he behaves and begs and does everything right, hopefully :/

  • #8 What cradlesong does Kord sing/whistle to Shay when she's restless and can't sleep?
    Oi lil’ Pinky nows tha time ta sleep, till mornin’ comes and hunger wakes us, when ya wake don’t need ta weep, Da will be here if ya make a fuss

  • #9 If Kord were lead the clan, would we still be fighting with the Lotus? Would we turn to the Brotherhood? Would we break off ties and secluded ourselves to, well, ourselves? How would the future look like?
    The Lotus...Kord would probably poll the Shadesworn to see what they think. He’s all for the idea of isolationism when it comes to politics, but he’d bow to the majority, probably. (Oh hey, we did that already!)

Donny/Maaz/Uji asks the following

  • #1 What is one event you either ran personally or contributed to that you would have changed some aspect of? or ran differently? why? and what would you have done different?
    Fall of Scepter, yes.

  • #2 You've held more Clan positions (BattleTeam Leader, Aedile, Quaestor, Rollmaster and Proconsul) then nearly anyone on the sitting Summit (I think actually more then anyone) - How have those experiences shaped your leadership style, how has it prepared you for your current role and future roles? if you saw someone following in your footsteps what advise would you provide them?
    First, ‘than’, not then, god Donny. I have held all the jobs, in that time I’ve been a Magistrate to the MAA and learned a lot about...everything. All the things. I think it’s lead to me having certain mannerisms that seem spastic, I like things to happen RIGHT NOW, I don’t like waiting. I also have to remind myself that not everyone has as much free time as my work allows me, so that RIGHT NOW isn’t realistic. On the positive side, I’m aware of pretty much what every position has as an option, for what it can provide the Clan.

  • #3 While we're certainly not doing badly by any stretch, what plans do you have, who goals have you set around increasing activity within the Clan? Any ideas or things we could be seeing from the Summit to try and pull former members back into the fold?
    Run comps, keep people informed, engage with members. That’s my answer to both questions, really.

  • #4 If you ever made a serious, dark side, NFU or FU an "Edgelord" so to speak - what character or trope would you base it on if you were actually trying to fulfill the DJB's oldschool idea of what made dark side characters cool?
    I know I joked in chat about ‘dark side’ and ‘cool’ but I honestly don’t know what the DJB’s oldschool idea of ‘cool’ is outside of making a DBZ bad guy. If I had to choose? Probably stack up on explosives, intellect, and become Tommy Lee Jone’s from Blown Away (old movie, go look it up, the Dude plays an explosives expert and Tommy is a terrorist).

Constantine asks

  • If you could split an Atom into two parts what would be the result?
    Real world physics? KABOOM. Star Wars physics? No idea.

Lucy/Nath/Aay’han Asks

  • Are you my daddy?
    Negotiable, but he’s certainly attached to Aay’han and feels responsible for her. Out of character? Maybe I’ll get that passport someday, eh?

Xenna Azara asks

  • You are locked in a room with a spoon, what do you do?
    Eat my way out, obviously.

Atty asks

  • you gonna keep the fleet rainbow? :P
    Paint's expensive, we’ll see.

Rhylance asks

  • #1 How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    A bit

  • #2 Are you gonna stay away from Eevie?
    Are you asking me to break character?

  • #3 Did Rhylance Chip you?
    ...when? WHEN WAS I OUT!?

Atty asks

  • Think this already got asked but I am very concerned, how will Kord IC handle Consul? What direction will he steer Arcona in? Back to the brotherhood, casting off cou? Sticking to the good fight? Closing all borders? Why is he taking the seat at all? Is this really just an advanced stage of holding Satsi's jacket, his new job is to hold the magic chair?
    Originally this answer was going to point towards the survey, but that’s already done. For the most part, Kord is going to follow the will of the membership. I think without Pravus standing up and waving his big white robed, uhh, prejudices around, things are going to calm down a bit with the DC.

Turel Sorenn asks

  • Semi-related to this, #asktheryn if you had to define Arcona's current core identity in a sentence or two what would it be? Are there are any changes you plan to make to the clan's theme/identity in the near future?
    Shadow Clan is shadowy. Changes? Depends on what the survey says! I view us mostly as the ‘get things done, damn the consequences’ and the ‘we can work with anyone if we think we won’t get utterly screwed over’ clan. Operate from the shadows, accomplish your goals, hope nobody notices, shank them when they do.


Closing Remarks

Well. This turned out longer than expected, seeing as this wasn’t (and isn’t, really, no competitions listed, no news posts linked….) a report. I hope the information is helpful and in the future you can expect more in depth answers to any AskTheRyn questions because, wow, I’m in the seat now. That’s still sinking in, over a week later. I’m honored to have been asked to serve you lot and I’ll do my best not to disappoint, but never forget, Arcona is what we make of it, not just me. If any of you ever have an idea you want to run as a survey or a plot point that you think we should pursue, please bring it to our attention. I’m a big believer in community driven content (just look at the Selen Development Project, eh).

We’re going to be making an attempt to keep the Clan reports to the second weekend of every month; obviously this won’t always happen as we are human. For example, Terran and I wanted to have this out in the middle of this past week, but both of us were laid low by sickness, so here it is a few days late. If you guys ever feel like we’re not giving enough information, or not the information you want, please let us know so we can adjust our courses. Our job is to provide knowledge and direction, and that works a whole lot better when we get some feedback!

Also! Go apply for Voidbreaker BTL, 2 days left!

Until next time, Arcona, keep being awesome.




Dark Brotherhood, Welcome to my first report as Grand Master. As you all know, Grand Master Pravus has stepped down from the Iron Throne, and I have assumed the position of Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood and Dark Lord of the Sith, following...

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Dark Brotherhood,

Welcome to my first report as Grand Master. As you all know, Grand Master Pravus has stepped down from the Iron Throne, and I have assumed the position of Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood and Dark Lord of the Sith, following ratification by the Electorate and approval of the Star Chamber.

First, a thank you to the departing Grand Master. Pravus has guided our club for three successful years, overseeing large-scale club reorganization and the expansion of new and existing systems. Pravus was awarded his second Golden Lightsaber yesterday, and the superb recommendations describe the positive impact he has had on every aspect of our club.

I have a great deal in store for our organization, and I look forward to continuing to build an excellent Star Wars experience with all of you. For those of you that do not know me, please have a look at my most recent address, and I encourage all of you to visit the Electorate question and answer thread. In short, I have served in the Brotherhood for twenty years, and I have worked at every level to improve membership experience by creating engaging systems and content. My first goals as Grand Master are to reinstate the Recruitment Tribune, ensure the smooth launch of our Graphics Society, review our major systems, and direct the development of a new promotion system based around activity generating experience.

In the coming days, Grand Master Pravus will post his final fiction, which will contain details on the handover of the Brotherhood from Pravus to Telaris. For now, I have a few short but important announcements. I will touch on club health, provide a note on open positions in this short report, and briefly take questions from the membership. As always, my email and Telegram are open to your questions and suggestions.

Report Contents

Club Health
Positions: DGM, R:T, and GM Staff Positions

Health of the Brotherhood

Today, the Brotherhood stands an active organization of hundreds of members spread across six Clans. We average more than a thousand competition entries a month, along with general activity generating thousands of Clusters. In total, our Summits run around one hundred competitions a month, and along with the competitions run by Councilors and their staff, the Brotherhood provides a regular stream of content to members. Our last Great Jedi War was quite the success in terms of activity, and one we will build on moving forward. The combined GJW competitions earned more than 200 unique participants and 1750 entries over five weeks, and had more unique participants than either of the previous two wars, and only a dozen less than the two before it. This Great Jedi War introduced new activities, diversified gaming, graphics, and multimedia options, and built a foundation for future events. In total, I see a club that is active and energetic, committed to Star Wars, creativity, world and character building, and gaming with one another.

But we do face challenges. Perhaps chief among them is attracting new members and retaining members once they join. Our random joins have dipped over the last few months, particularly relative to the heights we saw following the release of Episode VII. Retention is a greater problem, a historical trend that continues to this day, as we lose almost 90% of random joins that make it to Clans over a two year period, and almost 75% of recruits. These are areas we can improve on, and we will. First, we will officially reopen Recruitment Tribune to applications this coming week, as I discuss below, and improve our social media presence. We will critically examine our join process and early member experience to identify how we can improve the club for our newest members. Some units do better with random joins than others, and we will work together to try to adapt what works to different unit cultures and experiences. We will implement a new advancement system, which should make promotions far more transparent for all members, addressing a frequent complaint of membership in the Equites. Finally, Grand Master Pravus and the Regent have already started work on an additional incentive system for recruiting new members. We will provide more details on these and other plans in the coming months.

We are also going to examine our leadership structures and positions, as well as our methods of training new leaders. Virtually all Clans have had some trouble in filling leadership slots, yet we routinely receive more than enough applications for DC Staff positions, and thus it is clear that members want to get involved. This suggests to us a barrier to entry or a disinterest in leadership roles within Clans, and we hope to understand and address this to help unit health while also providing valuable experience to members in generating content and growing our Brotherhood.

Despite our lower join statistics the last few months, the Brotherhood remains an active and engaging corner of the Star Wars universe, and one I intend to grow together with all of you. With all of your help, the Brotherhood will remain an outlet for creativity and community for years to come. If you have any thoughts or concerns about any of these topics, do not hesitate to reach out to me by email or on Telegram.

Position Updates

Deputy Grand Master

I will not be opening Deputy Grand Master for applications. I do not want to waste the time of any leader by opening applications for positions where I already have a candidate (s) in mind. This is the case for DGM, where I have two candidates I am considering. I will announce the next Deputy Grand Master next week. For individuals that were interested in the position and have not yet heard from me, I apologize for any disappointment this causes, but you may feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss your particular situation.

Recruitment Tribune

Next week, we will opening applications for Recruitment Tribune. Please do not submit applications before we open the position officially. We will detail the requirements and expectations for the position over the first few months, and additionally, we will include some relevant information regarding social media accounts and usage statistics. Several of you have submitted applications in the past, and most or at least part of these will undoubtedly remain useful. I encourage those that have reached out to us to keep an eye out for the position this week.

Grand Master Support Staff

I will be opening one Magistrate position for applications immediately. I require someone with a working knowledge of the Wiki, good rapport with the Wiki Staff, and a desire to see our club documentation and history updated to match the times. This individual will find, tag (if needed), and update (or suggest updates) to outdated information relevant to the club, including the various fictional 'encyclopedia' pages and policy pages. The individual will likely work frequently with Wiki staff members and may need to manage / interface with others working on particular Wiki articles. I envision this as being a position that lasts for several months. Interested applicants should apply, by email, with examples of Wiki work and details of previous experience (leadership or otherwise) where relevant. This position is open to any rank in the Brotherhood. Applications are due March 4th. Contact me with any questions on Telegram or by email.

I will also be keeping Montressor on as my Praetor. His role will expand into unit performance metrics, and I will be in touch with summits soon regarding potential changes/upgrades to the 'quarterly' unit reports system.


Before closing this report, I wanted to give members a(nother) chance to toss some questions my way. After about a half an hour of questions on Telegram, I've tried to answer each of them below. If I missed your question, there is always next week!

Atra (CM) asks... @AskTheNewGM When are you making that CS?

Soon(TM). Actually soon, though. You'll get an idea of what my character sheet will show for Telaris in the upcoming fiction. The character hasn't been 'updated' in near 5 years now, and a lot has changed since then. I will be updating his character art and a lot of his attitudes towards the Brotherhood and the wider galaxy.

Kylex Sanguris asks...
@AskTheNewGM Will you hit Evant enough for TLJ items to come into circulation? :D

Evant is hard at work on new possessions items more or less constantly. You'll get some new goodies soon.

Benevolent Whiner asks...
@AskTheNewGM What kind of hat do you wear?

Not a fedora. Other than that, if the hat fits... wear it.

Beardhulk asks...
@AskTheNewGM When is the GJW?

We will be running on a plan of 2 GJWs over the course of 3 years. The first will likely be later this year, but we will release more information in March, after the DC has settled in to being under my thum... er, command.

Abbey Atty Attifer Ann asks... @AsktheNewGM I have dibs on remanding you. That's not a question, I'm just staking my claim.

Remember, I can approve my own sheet.

I won't.

But I can. ;)

Kelly Mendes asks...
@AskTheNewGM How new is a new GM if a new GM is new? More seriously, how does it feel being the first 'new' GM in almost a decade?

To be honest, I don't really think about it that much. I've been in the club longer than either of the last two GMs have and have seen nearly every GM the club has had, so I don't really think of it the same way as I imagine some other members do. Hopefully, I can continue to build on the great things they both have done for our club, while continuing to add my own touches.

BubbaX asks...
@AskTheNewGM Darth what?

Darth Verst? ;)

Areticus Altainatus asks...
@AskTheNewGM What do you think will be some of the hardest decisions, that you can share, that you know is coming your way as GM?

Setting and sticking to a GJW date, based on my past experience in helping run them, hah. But in all seriousness, I don't want to speculate as typically these hard decisions are made when we have to do something that ideally we wouldn't need to.

Leeadra Halcyon asks...
@AskTheNewGM What is your stance on red pandas

The only panda worth having is a red panda. glances at Howlader Hmm.

Julius Caesar
@AskTheNewGM does pineapple go on pizza?

There's always a better topping, but good pizza can survive a chunk of pineapple. For those that do not know, I currently live in New Haven.

Lexiconus asks... @AskTheNewGM Do you think Benioff and Weiss will make the Star Wars fanbase proud after being announced to make a new saga?

I hope so, but to be honest, unless they're hiring George RR Martin to write for them, I'm going to maintain a healthy skepticism.

Famosus asks...
Any ideas to attract new membership in volume? And how do we propose to do that without deviating from the core club culture?

We are planning to increase our social media presence and hope this attracts new members. We will see what comes from the upcoming Recruitment Tribune position, but I don't think there is a secret to bringing in a large volume of new members suddenly. When it has been done before, the majority do not stick around.

Sith asks...
@AskTheNewGM As the Club grows, as we switch leaders, as we continue each year, change is natural. Even beneficial. As GM for the next three years, what are two things you'd like to see us give up (or grow beyond), and two things you'd like to see us take up (or get better at) over your term? What do you see that will make us better, as individuals and a Club?

I don't exactly have two things I would like to give up or necessarily take up; but I would ask all members, regardless of how long they have been in the club, to allow their perspectives to be challenged and accept that what is best for the club may not always seem to be what is the best for any one of us individually in the short term. We will be critically evaluating many club structures/functions in the coming months - so maybe then you can ask me about the two things. ;)

Laren asks...
1. As Grand Master, you're effectively the head of this club. While you have an entire Dark Council to work with on various projects, many members are often curious and interested about helping on such a macro-level scale. Are there any chances that a non-DC member can get involved in such large scale projects, and if so, what would be a likely scenario that could make that happen?

There are often numerous non-Dark Council members involved in large scale projects and I will require that continues. I don't know of any large-scale project I have run that has not had several members outside of the DC, and I feel strongly it is important we engage members across units and at different ranks in projects as frequently as possible.

The best way for a member to get involved is to be proactive and if you see a project you would like to be involved in, volunteer even if you haven't seen specific requests for it. Also, some DCers - I know Wally has done this often - ask for volunteers. I would encourage members to actively ask about specific projects, rather than simply asking for work, because it demonstrates initiative and interest in a given area. It doesn't mean you'll get on the project, but you have a better shot that way.

Laren also asks...
2. Whether for a music club or a Star Wars club, recruitment is important. Currently, we're lucky enough to be in an era where Star Wars is a mainstream product, with canon content being churned out all the time, and that's likely something we can take advantage of. Though only hours into your new seat, do you have any specific ideas as to how the Dark Brotherhood can capitalize on Star Wars popularity to increase recruitment numbers, and address member retention?

I've discussed this a bit above and in various question answers above and in previous documents; the short answer is that I agree we need to increase new joins and plan to utilize Recruitment Tribune and an increased social media presence, with plans likely to evolve along the way. Retention is a multi-tiered problem and I believe some aspects of retention will be addressed by some of our early projects we have planned, particularly transparency in how to earn promotions through a promotion points/experience points system. We intend to take a closer look at where we are losing people, though, and that could adjust our plans.

Laren also asks...
3. At the heart of this club is fan fiction, pure and simple. I'm curious, what has been your experience with fan fiction over the years, in the Brotherhood or otherwise, and how are you going to approach Brotherhood related writing during your tenure?

Fiction and world building are central to the club, and as Grand Master, one of my most important roles is overseeing fictional direction and development. However, I will be taking a more macro view of our plotlines and am unlikely to write the majority of fiction that advances our plotlines. As to my background, I don't have an extensive background in fan fiction specifically, and in fact, for the early part of my career in the club I wasn't able to enter fiction competitions due to how Orders were structured. In the past, Obelisk and Sith could not enter fiction competitions without clones. That said, I have an enormous amount of roleplaying experience in online systems through various MUDs and other MMOs, along with various endeavors in real life roleplaying. I love world building and creating immersive experiences for myself and other players/members, and that is my goal as I direct the Brotherhood's fiction.

Ozosi asks... What do you see could improve with the Heraldry and what do you see or want to see expanding from this department as a whole for members alike?

This is probably the strongest the Herald's office has ever been, but I am most interested in seeing the launch of the Graphics Society. We can evaluate the office after that, but overall I am very happy with our growing art community and how the Herald's office has helped to foster it.

Whew! That was a lot of great questions. Thanks, all!

That's it for this week. Look for more announcements soon, but until then... May the Force be with you!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Grand Master of the Brotherhood

Dark Lord of the Sith


gm jedi sith star wars  

Hello all, First if you have not read the news posts about Atty's Emerald Dagger, or Pravus' 2nd Golden Lightsaber do it. Then come back here. We are currently looking to fill the Department of Legends Professor position. The position...

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Hello all,

First if you have not read the news posts about Atty's Emerald Dagger, or Pravus' 2nd Golden Lightsaber do it. Then come back here.

We are currently looking to fill the Department of Legends Professor position. The position comes with a small weekly credit stipend, but more importantly it helps fulfill the leadership requirements for most promotions! There are a few requirements for the position as you will see below.

  1. 24 hour (12 preferred) grading turnaround times.
  2. Ability to use Telegram.
  3. Having taken all of the courses with a passing grade.

There is no minimum rank required. However, your activity levels will certainly help aid us in choosing. The chosen person will work with the HM, P:HM, and M:HM staff in the creation of 2 additional courses to finish out the Fate of the Jedi and Legacy era's of Legends. Absolute knowledge of those era's are not required, but if you do not know, expect to do some research!

Send your applications to both Farrin and myself. Applications are due no later than 2359 EST on March 2nd.


dept of legends shadow academy  

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood has existed for 20 years based on the strength and diversity of our members. Your devotion has made this club what it is today and what it will be in the years to come. I am indebted to each and everyone of you for your...

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The Dark Jedi Brotherhood has existed for 20 years based on the strength and diversity of our members. Your devotion has made this club what it is today and what it will be in the years to come. I am indebted to each and everyone of you for your continued participation in our club and in the patience you have shown me over the past three years. I encourage all of you to support Mav, support one another, and to do all that you can do to make our club a better place.

Grand Master Pravus



My friends, It is my distinct honor tonight to announce the award that Pravus has received for his service as Grand Master. The Star Chamber, in coordination with the Dark Council and the Consuls, has evaluated the service of Pravus to the...

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My friends,

It is my distinct honor tonight to announce the award that Pravus has received for his service as Grand Master. The Star Chamber, in coordination with the Dark Council and the Consuls, has evaluated the service of Pravus to the Brotherhood, which we find to be exemplary. He is unmatched, and deserves the award of unmatched prestige.

There are few people that have ever received a Golden Lightsaber. Fewer have received two. I now welcome Pravus to those ranks, as the Star Chamber is awarding him with his second Golden Lightsaber! This is in recognition of a stellar career (to-date, as we know you aren't done), and a job well-done as Grand Master.

Please read the full Star Chamber recommendation and all of the other recs by clicking here.

In addition, I highly encourage each of you to join me in thanking Pravus for all he has done, here in the comments, on TG, or by email. He deserves to hear it from each of us.


Jac Cotelin


grand master lightsaber star wars  

Members of the Dark Brotherhood, Reaver Satsi Tameike aka Abbey has recently concluded three years as Consul of Clan Arcona. Her dedication, commitment, and service to our club throughout this period is an example to all of us. She dedicated...

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Members of the Dark Brotherhood,

Reaver Satsi Tameike aka Abbey has recently concluded three years as Consul of Clan Arcona. Her dedication, commitment, and service to our club throughout this period is an example to all of us. She dedicated herself as a servant-leader and her efforts improved both Arcona and our club. Please see her Emerald Dagger Recommendation below and please take the time to congratulate her for her tremendous efforts.

The membership of the Dark Brotherhood consists of many talented and creative people. Within these numbers are a select few who distinguish themselves as future leaders of our club. In 2015, Abbey was one such member. It was apparent, to anyone with a brain, that Abbey was a superstar and destined to lead a Clan and more. I asked her to be Consul of Arcona because I knew she would succeed and I knew she would build upon Arcona's years of success. I was not mistaken.

Abbey has had a unique and potentially singular impact on our club. She is well respected (even loved) by many of our members, she is a creative force across a multitude of our activities, and she is a steady hand in times of crisis. I am fortunate to have had her as a Consul and our club is fortunate to have her as a member/leader in any capacity.

Abbey, I look forward to seeing you improve our club for years to come. Congratulations on a fantastic three years in charge of Arcona and Congratulations on your new Emerald Dagger.

GM Pravus



Introduction Yay, I’ve finally reached a dozen reports. Boo, it’s a day or so late. Yay, there’s lots of stuff for you to read. Boo, Furios writes too much. Quit your griping and read on for my monthly insight and news. It’s beneficial to you as a...

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Yay, I’ve finally reached a dozen reports. Boo, it’s a day or so late. Yay, there’s lots of stuff for you to read. Boo, Furios writes too much. Quit your griping and read on for my monthly insight and news. It’s beneficial to you as a member.

News and Events

The ever-present exploration of ways to improve the club goes on with more change than you can shake a stick at. But as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Our goal to bring the members the best experience an online Star Wars club can give will not waver and that’s one of the things that make the Brotherhood great. Here are the latest examples of the ever-evolving club’s progress.


  • The reign of our soon-to-be late, great Grandmaster Pravus is coming to an end and he’s made his nomination for his successor. This important news can be read here. Yeah, apparently there are term limits. I must not have read all of those Covenant updates from awhile back. #bestQUAever

  • The Headmaster’s 18th report details the end of Laren’s reign as Praetor to the Headmaster, Scroll of Foundation awards for the HM staff, and their upcoming/current projects. Congratulations to the new P:HM, Seraphol. You can comment with your regards on this update.

  • The Voice has opened up applications for a new Magistrate. Applications were due on the 18th and the new Magistrate is Mauro Wynter. Congratulations!

  • In Fistologistical News(TM), we’ve received a [Praetor Report] this month since Drac’s on his “fun” desert excursion. To sum it up, there’s gaming news, PoBs, Brotherhood Gaming League (BGL) updates with JA and HOTS, game deals and gaming comps, and the usual links you need to participate in Brotherhood Gaming. We’ve also got updates in the Brotherhood Gaming League with 16.4, Star Craft 2 with 16.5, and Titanfall in 16.6.

  • Great Jedi War Chapters 5 and 6 were released here and here. They detail the fictional end of the Great Jedi War and seems to promise more conflict with the Collective in the future.

  • MAA Report #8 was released at the end of last month and features a list of all the recent promotions and medals related to last year’s GJW as well as important information about running comps, families, and questions about administrative actions that may be of interest.

Quaestor’s Words

What do I want to talk about this month? Competition making of course. There’s been a small wave of comp creating from the clan members, which is good. So in reference to that, I’m going to share some competition making tips so that we can spend less time making and possibly remaking a competition.

Step 1: Pick a competition type and prompt. When you go to the Competition creation page (Administration>Manage Competitions>+ Create Competition), there will be different archetypical templates for different types of comps. Make sure you pick the most appropriate archetype for the type of competition you’ve chosen.

Step 2: Fill in the Competition Attributes. In my opinion, all following steps are easier done in a Google Doc or other text application. Once you’ve picked your competition archetype, the template will appear and you can copy+paste the details needed and fill them in freely without risking losing our progress if the site happens to crash. More importantly though, make sure all of your details align with the competition you’re running. If you’re not sure, find the information on the site or ask a summit member. For example, the general requirements for medal choices are on the DJB Wiki’s Crescents page.

Step 3: Write your Public and Subscriber Competition Details. This takes a bit more time and effort than the rest so pay attention. You need to make sure you clearly state what you want. The fewer discrepancies in the definition of a qualifying entry, the better. The specific circumstances you want included in the entry should also be stated. Generally at the end of the Public Details, make sure you’re entirely clear on how you’ll be grading the entries. Certain competitions, like fictions and gaming, have predefined rubrics and rules you can use for easily consistent grading. Finally, if you have details that would compromise the fairness of the competition being revealed to non-subscribers, write it in the Subscriber Competition Details box. Not all competitions need this, but timed competition types like Trivia or Puzzles rely on it.

Step 4: Make necessary adjustments to which boxes are checked in the Competition Settings section of the page.

Step 5: Submit and wait. If the competition is bounced back, fix whatever details you need to alter, and if you need clarification, you can always ask the summit.

Step 6: Advertize and cheer-lead for your competition. Making the comp is only half the battle. Following it through is the other half and is key to running a successful competition with at least 10 entries for that Crescent upgrade. Ask our blue-skinned PCON for the best tips in comp-cheering.

Step 7: Grading. Just do it based on the criteria you defined in the Competition Public Details. Finishing your grading in a timely manner is a good thing mkay.


Furios’ Fantastic Feature

Most of my free time these days is spent reading and researching a few personal projects that don’t as of yet have tangible results. But that doesn’t mean my creative juices have been stifled. They’re just flowing through less time-intensive things than drawing, such as block stacking. I think I’m actually getting quite good.


In Conclusion

I am tired and always busy with something or other. Really makes life difficult, but that’s just part of the magical journey that is consciousness. I’ll have another report for you in March, but in the meantime, participate in some comps (or make some) and join us on Telegram or in my next HKM QUA Skype Chat. Practice your Force powers or other abilities. Keep your eyes on the horizon for future Clan/Brotherhood news.

See you next month!

Furios Morega


february report quaestor 2018 star wars hkm karness muur clan plagueis  

Greetings to all Odanites, our allies, and our enemies. There’s a lot of good news this month: fiction, events, promotions, appointments, and so on. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of bad news as well. Of course, nobody wants to read a long preamble...

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Greetings to all Odanites, our allies, and our enemies.

There’s a lot of good news this month: fiction, events, promotions, appointments, and so on. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of bad news as well. Of course, nobody wants to read a long preamble for a report when they could be reading gratuitous character wank COU’s first post-war clan fiction.


Fiction: Resolution

“Any day now, kid,” Darro grunted into the comlink at his wrist as he tried to keep his massive frame behind the wreckage of a downed fighter. It wasn’t easy to keep two meters of broad-shouldered Mandalorian covered; the Technocratic Guild hostage pinned under his hand wasn’t making the task any easier. Two turrets and at least a score of individual soldiers.

“Just a sec,” Alifal’s voice responded as a cacophony of alarms bleeped in the background. “I’m a little busy.”

“We don’t have a second, shabla adiik!” Darro roared, shouting as much to be heard over the din of battle as to vent his frustration. “Get over here and take out those—”

The scream of a TIE fighter cut him off, engines roaring as it chased down a Collective fighter. The TIE’s lasers flashed green and found their mark, and the onlookers below shuddered at the X-Wing’s deathrattle. Small bits of debris rained down on the Odanites, but the bulk of the craft crashed directly into the Collective’s position. The flaming cone of durasteel skipped across Nancora’s dusty surface, ripping apart the dirt and the Technocratic soldiers with equal ferocity until it finally came to a stop, slamming into one of the turrets.

“Huh. Thanks, kid.”

“Anytime, you big lug. Steal me something cool.”

Read the rest here!


Rollmaster Open to Applications

Unfortunately, neither I nor anyone I’ve reached out to has heard from Ranarr at all in the last week. We hope that he and his family are safe and healthy and that we’ll hear from him soon. However, I will unfortunately need to replace him as Rollmaster. The RM’s duties, listed below, are important and they require a quick response on the part of the RM.

  • First contact and orientation for new joins by email(s) and Telegram
  • Taking point on Novitiate and Journeyman promotions with a 12-hour turnaround for ranks up to JM3 and a 24-hour turnaround for knightings.
  • Reaching out to members we haven't seen in a while, when and before they received the automated AWOL emails
  • Community development through competitions and fictional development questions so members could get to know each other's characters better
  • Lore development, specifically the new Jedi Praxeum
  • Advising the CON and PCON
  • Maintaining a high level of activity and visibility

Rollmaster is a crucial position within Odan-Urr’s clan summit and provides great leadership development opportunities at the clan level that can be used to help serve the clan and build a case for future career progression. The successful candidate will be given broad leeway to make their mark on all aspects of lore and unit development. If you are interested in helping build our clan’s future and fostering our great community, send us an application!


  • Applications are due to me and Aura Ta’var no later than 8PM EST on 4 March.
  • Applications should address:
    • DB experience (projects, positions, etc)
    • Any relevant real life skills (no full resume please)
    • Leadership philosophy
    • Your assessment of the current state of COU
    • Ideas for the future of COU, its community development, and its lore. Specifically address the recruitment of new members, retention of current members, and especially how you might foster the growth of Odan-Urr’s community of both old and new members.
  • There is no minimum rank or DB experience requirement.
  • Be prepared to answer follow-on questions via email.


  • This is a Clan Summit position, so put some thought and effort into this. Get it proofed. Sloppy or incoherent applications reflect poorly on the applicant. It doesn’t hurt to make it easy to read.
  • Know the difference between a goal and a plan. "I want to increase run on activity" is a goal. "I will host a tri-annual run on event" is a plan. Tell us how you will achieve your goals.
  • Do your homework! Show the hiring officials you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the unit. Haven’t been around for that long? Ask questions. Do some research. (For those that know the SWOT format, it will not give you extra points)
  • Be professional! This position fulfills an important job. Treat it as such.
  • Be honest! If you have rough spots in your history or community reputation, you should probably address those. Moreover, lessons learned are great ways to show your growth as a leader. Don’t be afraid to own up to your past faults. The best leaders learn from their mistakes and move forward.


Card by Tisto Kingang, art by Ka Rolding

Odanite News

Chaos is a Ladder — For those of you looking to begin your ruthless climb to the top get your feet wet in clan leadership, here’s your shot. The BTL slot for the Wildcards is open, and you’ve got until February 28 to get your applications in to Ed and Cel. Ed’s laid out all the details here. The Wildcards have a ton of potential, so this is a great opportunity to take charge of an important part of our future.

You Can Take Our Kesaret — Satele Shan is proud to present their first house event of 2018, Shadow of the Kesaret. The competitions are live now, so don’t delay! The Kesaret event picks up on some plot seed planted by the recent Tython Squadron events, and no doubt the ramifications will echo throughout the coming months.

But You Can Never Take Our Freedom! — Meanwhile, Hoth is also in the midst of a major house event, The Price of Freedom. This is Hoth’s chance to shine as they take the momentum from GJW XII and bring it forward into the new year.

Saddle Up — Equite promotions require a pretty huge investment of time and energy into the club, so they’re a big deal. Two of our outstanding leaders reached Equite 3 since my last report. I strongly encourage everyone to read the recs for Blade and Max to see what we look for in leaders. And, of course, congratulations to both of them!

Slightly Less Useless Title Holders — Two of our very special Lazy Title Holders have found gainful employment this month. First, Turel/Luna returned to the ACC staff, where he’ll pick up right where he left off as a kickass judge. More recently, Seraphol moved up to Praetor to the Headmaster. Sera’s got a very long history with the Shadow Academy and I look forward to seeing what he does with the position. Congratulations to them both!

I Dub Thee Awesome — The Knight train keeps on plugging along, and Nijalah has joined the ranks of the fully knighted. Congratulations! I’m sure we’ll be welcoming you to the ranks of the Equites in no time at all.

Breaking News — Our very own Mauro Wynter was given the new duty of Magistrate to the Voice. Congratulations to Mauro. We all look forward to seeing what you can bring to the job.


Card by Edgar Drachen

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom

I, For One, Welcome Our Insect Overlords — Per the term limit specified in the Covenant, GM Pravus has resigned. Mav, our current DGM, was nominated to become our next leader. The Electorate confirmed him unanimously and the Star Chamber ratified that, so he will be taking office on Friday. During the confirmation process, Mav provided both a statement of his goals and written answers to questions posed by club members. I encourage you to check out both.

Shadow Lady Dies in Duel with Aaron Burr — Ok, not really. But Atty has stepped down after three years as Arcona’s Consul. She’s largely responsible for our close relationship with Arcona and keeping what could have become a very bitter rivalry friendly and cordial. All hail Arcona’s new Shadow Kord.


Card and art by your fearless leader

Ask Arch

Lennywinks asks: #AskArch what would you like to see the Clan do fictionally in the next few months and also do in reality?

So far I think we’re off to a strong start. I wanted to get back into the swing of doing house and clan events, and right now we’re got two fantastic house events running with a clan event due to launch in mid March. The other big thing I want to see is for us to keep upholding the Odanite Code. When Ed brought up the idea of writing a code back in the lead up to GJW XII, to be honest I thought it was unnecessary. Whether it’s necessary, I don’t know, but it’s definitely been valuable to have our core values written out in a place we can point to when others question what we’re about. We’ve also had, on occasion, to remind each other what our focus should be, and it’s come in handy for that as well.

Fictionally, I’d like to explore the FU/NFU tension the Collective introduced, develop the relationships between OU, the Vatali, the Quorahi, the Vauzem Dominion, and all those other factions in the Kiast system.

The one thing that I’d really like to see happen that hasn’t been happening is that I’d really love it if more members added their work to the Holocron. If it doesn’t take off, then oh well, but I’ve wanted something like this for a long time now and I’d love to see it succeed as a concept.

The Adversry asks: How do you feel about a second DJB lightside Clan? Concerns or would you embrace the idea?


Mav and I have talked a bit about his vision to make the DB universe feel like a big, dynamic place. The last few years have fit the Star Wars film mold of an overwhelming evil empire vs. scrappy resistance, which has been really good to us, but I can see the appeal of giving the clans more leeway in how their interact with the Iron Throne and each other. We've also got the Collective to play with now, and hopefully another faction or two down the road. So I think that's one argument for us to not have a monopoly on being the good guys. Right now we're at war with everybody except Arcona, and that could possibly change if they embrace their history as the Shadow Clan. So it would be cool if we could have some more people who don't want to kill us.

As far as concerns, there are several. Plot-wise, they'd need to be distinctive. We're not realistically going to run all the NFUs out of COU or tell the hypothetical other lighties they can't have Jedi, so they'd need to find some way of not repeating our schtick. Second, it would have to be done in a way that doesn't gut us.

The bigger issue is creating it. Waving a wand and having a functional clan appear would be great, but I think the bulk of a second lightie clan would have to come from COU. That would be a minimum of four summit positions assuming they only have one house and no RM, but most likely more. We've got a bit of spare manpower at the moment, but realistically I think a second clan would seriously deplete that pool.

So it's not a hard yes or no if I get to choose, but I would be bugging Mav about it constantly if he brought the subject up.

Bladey asks: What advice would you give anyone thinking of applying for the open Wildcards BTL?

Think about what you would want the next BTL to be like if you were in their team, then become that person. That’s the first step and it won’t lead you wrong. However, you should also have or start to develop a vision for where you want the team to bit. You can’t control exactly what members or characters you’ll have, so don’t try to force them to all be medics or spies, but it’s still possible to build a theme and fictional track that speaks to a wider breadth of people. Wildcards has this but these things always need attention and development to keep them going.

The Artist Formerly Known As Turel asks: How do you view COU's role in the club both IC and OOC? Sole bastions of the light in a dark club or heralds of a new age of grayness

The Collective and the Iron Throne/Inquisitorius are both trying to completely exterminate us, though it looks like the latter is backing off a bit. So in character, we’re mostly fighting for survival. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that, but I think it would be nice to pull back from those slightly (slightly, not entirely) over the next few months and add more focus on actually being the good guys.

OOC, we’re a big and active clan. I’d like us to keep being both, but if we’re going to be a role model to the other clans, I would rather it be because of how we treat people. In terms of size and activity, nobody stays on top forever. Whether we lose our first clan title in GJW XIII or keep it locked down for the next five wars, I want us to always be the people that the other clans respect and admire.

Attycakes asks: so about that social caste stratification in an authoritarian empire...I imagine Alethia might have some feelings on Kiast's government. What are they? And do you plan to explore that dynamic set next to what is supposedly a democratic Jedi council?

Alethia spent two or three months under the last days of New Tython’s government, but otherwise hasn’t really lived under a system that wasn’t authoritarian or stratified since she was a little girl. Even Alderaan had a hereditary monarch and was filthy rich and (at least in EU continuity) disproportionately well-represented in the Senate by virtue of being one of the oldest members of the Republic. So to her, the Vatali system is pretty standard, albeit fairly relaxed compared to the Empire. From her end, Odan-Urr is a weirder situation, but even that is a heavily militarized wartime government.

The differences between the Space Elves and the Space Wizards will probably pop up here and there, but I don’t know that it’ll be a priority. We’ll see.

Tarvitzkreig asks: May I ask how far do you feel you can take the "Ends justifies the means" or moral ambiguity angle in a character before they turn from Grey to Dark Side aligned? Is there any distinct line in the sand which comes to mind?

For Force-users, I think that question varies a lot depending on your views on the Force and whether the Light and Dark are discrete things, whether the Force has a will, whether the dark side actually pulls you deeper in or if it’s just your own actions, etc.

Personally, intent matters a great deal based on how our system defines the paths. The dark path involves a disregard or active contempt for people other than yourself; if you do care about them, you care about what they can do for you or how they make you feel. Alethia’s done some ethically gross things, for example, but she makes her judgements based around a singular goal of building a galaxy where things make sense and people can life secure, prosperous lives, so it’s hard for me to call her a dark path character even when she’s doing dark things.

Of course, your mileage may vary and certain things (e.g. everything Pravus does) can be a moral event horizon for you.


Card and art by Ozosi Vym

In the Next Report

  • Our super secret co-op event, coming the second half of March

  • A long-overdue update to COU’s Lore Guide.

  • I dunno, probably some bird gifs or something.

Alethia Archenksova
High Councillor, Odan-Urr


jobs rollmaster cou odan-urr  

Pistons hissed and jetted vapor as the shuttle opened its hatch to let Calindra out. She crossed down the ramp with as much elegance as a sprint could convey before her taxi backed up, closed all ports, and dropped through the force field in ...

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Pistons hissed and jetted vapor as the shuttle opened its hatch to let Calindra out. She crossed down the ramp with as much elegance as a sprint could convey before her taxi backed up, closed all ports, and dropped through the force field in Dagger’s belly without ever having touched the steel floor.

These pilots on Excidium’s payroll are definitely something else, she mused quietly while a deck officer waved her over with the casual confidence of a professional doing his job. At least he had the air of an officer; he wore the same wild assortment of tools over grease-stained overalls as did the people working on the parked fighters.
Scouring off the paintjobs and preparing these X-Wings for a fresh look, apparently.

With him stood two figures who didn’t belong. The first to catch her eye was a tree of a man, towering high and thick as a trunk. Bulging heaps of muscle and battle scarred technology contrasted with a bearded face that liked to smile and laugh, crowned by short horns barely clearing a mane of dark hair.

A Nautolan girl two heads shorter than the man and half Calindra’s age nearly disappeared in his shadow. Trinkets hung from her tentacles, weapons and tools adorned her harness and backpack. Both of them had duffels at their feet, not unlike the ones floating by Calindra’s side.
Moving my own luggage, strange times…...

The apparent officer nodded to her when she entered comfortable speaking distance.
“Welcome aboard, Lady. I have to ask you to wait for a few moment until...”
“Yeah yeah, I’ll take them from here, El Tee,” a new voice cut in. Its owner was almost as tall as the treelike Zabrak, but had a whipcord quality to his build. The smile and the tattoo on his crate-bearing arm she would have recognized anywhere, even after years.

“Jorm,” she spoke up, probing the reaction of her new superior, “it’s nice to see you. How long has it been?”
“Two years or so,” the Kiffar answered while he handed the paper crate to the unmarked Lieutenant, “different world and different life, it seems.”
Calindra could only nod at the statement, too true for her taste.

The officer peeked into the crate, and with a cheery grin let out an ear-piercing whistle.
“Break’s on early,” he called to the tech crew and made for the hangar’s exit. He left a trailing smell of freshly baked goods behind that made Cali’s mouth water. All around, techs shut down power tools and floodlights, piling out behind their superior and leaving the dimly lit hangar to the four visitors. The quiet was almost eerie for a moment.

“You’re Bale,” Jorm addressed the other man without preamble. “Zehsaa speaks highly of you.”
The Zabrak smiled, fondly and maybe even a bit smugly.
“Always nice to leave a lasting good impression,” he answered. “How is she doing? Haven’t heard much of her lately,” Bale then ventured to ask.
Jorm shrugged.
“Well enough. Hunting loose ends after the war.”

The mention of the war, the brutal campaign on Nancora and the skirmishes on dozens of other worlds, brought a sneer to the Nautolan girl’s face. Jorm turned to face her.
“Aylin, right? Zeh pointed you my way too. Says you’re slightly crazy, and crazy good. Recognize yourself?”
The sneer made place for a smirk.
“That high praise, huh? I’ll try not to disappoint her.”

The Battlemaster accepted her statement with a nod, then gestured for them to follow. Calindra left her luggage with the others’ as her new boss led them back to the spot she had set foot on the Dagger at. Without a word, he jumped down the ledge from the deck onto the force field. While it was too weak to stop the heavy starships going in and out, it was strong enough to hold unlucky technicians or wayward Sith.

Jorm turned to face them from the low ‘ground’ and pointed downward.
“Look at this.”
Calindra stepped to the ledge and cast her eyes downward. Beyond the force field and under Jorm’s boots was Seraph, splendid in green and blue and white, seemingly no larger than a particularly big inflatable ball. She tried to match the visible shorelines with the map she knew.
Looks like we’re over southern Elaya, maybe?

“Seraph. Capital planet of the Caperion system. Five big fish, ranging from mellow over weird to hostile.” Jorm summarized before crouching down.
“One job for us,” he said and looked them straight in the eyes from below. He punctuated his next words by tapping the force field hard enough to cause sparks dancing over the plant.
“Make,” spark, “them,” spark, “thresh.”
A final spark underlined the mission.

“We’ll make them chase us, each other, and their own tails,” he continued. “Cut into their stashes and their ability to think straight. Fill their investigations and their media with so much Bantha dung that they’ll rename the planet Tatooine. And doing all that, we’ll waste their attention and their energy and buy the Clan the time and freedom it needs to do whatever’s on the agenda this week.”

Jorm stood up and grinned up at them.
“Not gonna lie, it’ll be a wild ride. I’d also not bet against having a price on each of our heads within the year. Questions?”
Bale shook his massive head.
“Nope. You paid for the month.”
Aylin seemed absorbed in her own thoughts and only gave a small shake of her head. Calindra wanted to decline, but a very recent memory made her stomach rumble.
“Yes, actually,” she spoke up, “where is that bakery?!”

Well Hello Again Chaps,

Welcome back to our cozy little Battleteam’s official report. As usual I’ll let you know what’s currently up, running, or coming our way looking for trouble, and will briefly outline what you can expect in the future.

Current Events

Have you ever had a moment when you went “well f...” with amazement? Welcome to being me, looking at the updated roster. Not only did Zehsaa join VI with her alt character Aylin Sajark, but she was followed by Calindra Hejaran and former P:CON Cyris with his mercenary Bale Andros. Three heavy hitters. May the Force be with me.

...actually, may the Force be with anybody outside this BT, they need it more!

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Thinking about Soon! (TM)

March is about to hit, and we will likely see a Clan-wide event to further CSP’s influence on our new homeworld. Each BT will have its own run-on during that period, a chance for us to grow into our fictional roles both as teammates and as Excidium’s bruisers. Next to that, I’ll keep the BT-related competitions on the light side with a little bit of everything, plus the next installment of Caperion Legends.


For Scholae Palatinae I know this report is coming quite late in the game, but CSP is still running it’s BT cup until march 4th. Any of the following activities counts and earns our BT points: *Participation in a competition: 5 points (double for DB wide competitions) *Organisation of competition by BT member: 5 points *Completion of a shadow academy exam: 2 points *Gaining a shadow academy degree: 5 points *Pendant of Blood: 5 points *Scroll of Indoctrination: 10 points

Since ALL competitions count for this, I won’t list all of them separately. Sue me Òó

The most important though is Conflict in Caperion, offering something for artists, writers and thinkers alike.

Caperion Legends: The Island of Doctor... Whom?!, brought to you by yours truly, is still running until the 28th. Go breathe life into our home!

The whole world... uhm, DJB

...too many to sum up. All of them are eligible for the BT Cup though, so have a look and take a swing at whatever catches your fancy!


Aylin, never shy, has placed 1st in a BT-level comp, creating a design for a signature “tag” that we’ll see more often in the future. She also made 3rd place in the DJB-wide Speed Dating comp. She got a Cluster of Ice out of that one too, sweet!

Calindra has left her mark on Mune’s CDW series, taking the 1st place for the winter edition.

Want to see more at this spot? It’s in your hands!

Speaking of open spots, Empress Eli wants you to know that we’re still short a Proconsul. If you want to soar, here’s your chance.

Aaaand that’s all for now! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t be shy to hit me on Telegram or email.

Jorm Na’trej



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