Greetings all, I will be without internet over the next 5 days while I go canoe camping in Canada (beware, Panda!), and will be on leave for another 5 days afterwards, where I will have sporadic internet as I return to civilization and get back...

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Greetings all,

I will be without internet over the next 5 days while I go canoe camping in Canada (beware, Panda!), and will be on leave for another 5 days afterwards, where I will have sporadic internet as I return to civilization and get back into the swing of things. Upon my return I will work to address the most pressing issues immediately but don't hesitate to poke me in a couple of weeks if there is something I did not get to once I get back!

Thanks all,



dgm jedi dark jedi star wars

Obvious bit (at least to me) is obvious. I have been trying to build an odd little theme up in my reports. This was all meant to build up toward the 12th Great Jedi War. I tried to time out things so the ‘conclusion’ of this theme would occur on...

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Obvious bit (at least to me) is obvious. I have been trying to build an odd little theme up in my reports. This was all meant to build up toward the 12th Great Jedi War. I tried to time out things so the ‘conclusion’ of this theme would occur on the eve of the Great Jedi War. Then word came down of a delay. This which has caused a slight shifting of gears for Clan Naga Sadow. I hope that you all have been having a wonderful July and that you have all took an opportunity to participate in the Phase 1 of Winds of Change, as well as gaming, writing fiction and just being your usual awesome selves.

There has been a bit of a quiet spot (outside of pre-GJW excitement, but even with the change of plans, our Summits have been talking and figuring out ways we can keep you busy while we wait to hear from the Dark Summit on a revised start date for the Great Jedi War. To this end, our own Kojiro Keibatsu is going to be running a three-week-long event for the Clan, and others including myself will be running other competitions in August, so stay tuned.I hope to see folks use the upcoming as an opportunity to shine, to fight hard, to play hard and to show the rest of the club how awesome you lot really can be.

I don’t think I can stress enough how much I am hoping to see the best come out in all of you.

Heh, given the wait for the War now, I guess you could say I am (still)….Holding Out for a Hero…?

The original you can of course find if you click here!

Now, I would normally I would like to have some form of fiction that I would have liked to have prepared leading into an event , but with recent developments I am going to forgo any sort of report fiction this time. I am sure that Sang and I will come up with something as we know more, however.


Clan News


The Brotherhood At Large


Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Centre97 has been promoted to Proselyte
  • Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar reaches rank XI: High Inquisitor in the Inquisitorius
  • Mactire has reached Rank V in the Grand Master’s Royal Guard
  • Darkhawk has achieved Rank VIII in the Inquisitorius
  • Bentre recieved a Dark Side Scroll
  • Erik Cato has achieved Rank III in the Inquisitorius
  • Erik Cato also managed to achieve Knighthood
  • Lilith Alema’rha Versea-Stormwind earned a Scroll of hte Master
  • Darkhawk was awarded an Anteian Cross for his contributions to the Clan
  • Kojiro Keibatsu has achieved Rank VII in the Inquisitorius
  • Druda was promoted to Recruit
  • Aul Earned his Dark Maven in Writing
  • Aul Celsus earned his Dark Savant in Tactics
  • Aul Celsus has earned rank VII in the Shadow Academy


Upcoming Events

  • A Clan event, hosted by House Marka Ragnos. Details will be coming very soon soon.
  • There is a Great Jedi War on the horizon, delayed but coming at a date to be announced.


So with the near-close of another month, so closes my report. As we approach the end of summer, I hope that you all are still finding both fun and purpose in what you do. The call of summer is much like the call of school, they draw us all away to that mystical place known as real life, but I hope that you all find some time to get away from it all. We are hoping to help guide the Clan forward into exciting times. I hope that you will all continue to be a part of that future vision. If you want to have a greater part in helping events and things to come to bear, you can always contact your respective Summits or even Sang or myself. If you ever have an idea you can always send me an email at sithferus (at) gmail (dot) com. Or you can even contact me there if you just have anything from a simple question to a suggestion or whatever you like really.

Stay awesome, Naga Sadow.

In Darkness, In Service, in Sadow,


Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow


cns2017 proconsul naga sadow

Welcome Back! Hi everybody! It’s been an exciting month filled with lots of important news, exciting competitions, promotions, and doggos! I’m super excited to have your attention for at least a little while so let’s jump right in shall we? News...

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Welcome Back!

Hi everybody! It’s been an exciting month filled with lots of important news, exciting competitions, promotions, and doggos! I’m super excited to have your attention for at least a little while so let’s jump right in shall we?


WAR! Not just yet though.

In case you haven’t heard, the GM, in his newest report, announced that GJW XII has officially been postponned. There is no start date as of yet, but fear not my friends! There will be war! In the meantime, keep the momentum rolling! Kick some choobs in the ACC! Write some awesome fictions! Continue to create and do all the things! You fight like you train, so consider this a little extra time to train up. I believe in you!

While We Wait…

Since we no longer have a war lurking in the immediate future, Lucine and I are devising a way to keep you all sharp and in tip top shape. Keep your eyes and ears open folks, it’s gonna be big. Or at least average… Don’t judge us.

The Run-On runs on!

As I’m sure most of you are aware by now, we have a competition currently running for our very own Run-on! This is an opportunity for all of you to have an impact on the beginnings of our team. It will run through the end of this month so you still have plenty of time to participate. Go! Write the things! Make me proud!

Reports Fo’ Days!

Check out the latest report from our dearest Voice! Although applications for M:Voice are closed now, there is still a lot of good information here for those of you who do the fiction things and the ACC-ing!

For those interested, Lucine published a very nice report earlier this month. Find it here and shower her in your love!


Since we now have a little more breathing room before the war starts, here are some competitions to keep you on your toes in the meantime.

Fiction Competitions

Other Equally Great Competitions

Member Activity

This is the part where you guys come in!

Rrogon Skar Agrona

  • Collected 6 Clusters of Ice

  • Completed 1 ACC match

Edema R’uh-Kalinor

  • Left us for the shiny goodness of Shadow Gate. You will be missed!

Tali Sroka

  • Promoted to Mystic (EQ1)! Congratulektions my purple friend!

  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star

  • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star

  • 18 Clusters of Ice

  • Completed 3 ACC matches (1 ongoing and 1 awaiting judgement)


  • Joined us from Shadow Gate! [AM DO WELCOME]

You guys are all awesome! Keep it up!

Q & A

This month on #asktheblueberry:

Uji asks: What is the most important thing you hope to leave behind in your time as a leader?

This nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something… looks out the window and sees Skar floating through space On a more serious note, I would most importantly like to leave behind a battleteam that has been set up for success. And I know that falls on more than just me as a leader, but I am a major factor in tipping the scales and I really hope I’m on the right side.

Atra asks: When do we take over?

Soon, my dear Atrapants. Soon™.


That’s ok, my furry friend. I’m pretty sure we’re all a little shy at first. If there’s anything I can do to make you feel more at home, just let me know. <3

Terran wants to know: What do you do with a shy Wookiee?

That is my secret for galactic domination. Cannot share with the general public. Classified.

The End is Near!

That’s all I have for you guys this month. I can’t say enough how awesome you all are. Keep your heads up and keep training and writing and drawing and gaming and whatever else you do. We will get to prove ourselves soon enough. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for some exciting things coming your way from Lucine and I. Big plans. Be ready. As always, if there are any questions, concerns, or cries for help, feel free to contact me via email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) or on Telegram (@LeeadraHalcyon). Until next time. o7


report july voidbreker

Report #1… again ATTENTION: NIGHTHAWK CREW It’s funny, but, 05/10/2015 was the last time I posted a report as the Nighthawk Battleteam Leader. I wanted to start out by saying thank you to Xenna. Five months of leading the team is no small task and...

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Report #1… again


It’s funny, but, 05/10/2015 was the last time I posted a report as the Nighthawk Battleteam Leader. I wanted to start out by saying thank you to Xenna. Five months of leading the team is no small task and we appreciate her for everything she’s done in service to the Battleteam and House. With Xenna choosing to step down, the House Summit has asked me to step into the role, to bear the mantle and keep Nighthawk moving forward. To that end I will be detailing some of the impending changes to the team.

What is the Nighthawk Battleteam? It’s one of the biggest questions I’ve been looking at. What does it represent? What are its members all about? To find answers to this very question, I began by looking at a few statistics.

  • Club Wide Clusters of Fire earned: 324373

  • Clusters of Fire earned by the Nighthawk Battleteam: 30984

  • Club wide Clusters of Earth earned: 281283

  • Clusters of Earth earned by the Nighthawk Battleteam: 26051

Based on the statistics above, Nighthawk has one of the prolific and active group of gamers in the Brotherhood. Nearly 10 percent of all Clusters of Fire earned in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood belong to the Nighthawk Battleteam, which I am damn proud of. Though gaming is not all we do, this does give us some insight into what we do best.



While I have spoken to each of you via Telegram about this, it’s important to note that the Nighthawk team is available to any member within Arcona who has an interest in joining us. I do however want any member who is a part of the Battleteam to be involved, even if it’s just via conversation or by being present. In that vein we had a few members who were either not currently able to invest as much time as they wanted or were not in a position to be part of the Battleteam.

So I wanted to say thank you to a few folks who knew they didn’t have the time or interest to be involved currently. I hope as real life and your interest comes around we will see each of you as part of the Nighthawk crew again.

  • Mateus Kelborn

  • Vivibelle Baenre

  • Jake Blazer

  • Mac

I also wanted to welcome Rodimus Morell back to Arcona and into the Nighthawk team. Welcome aboard Rod, we’re glad to have you!

Gaming Information from our very own Rulvak:

Gaming wise: Destiny 2 is in Closed Beta, which moves to open beta on Saturday, July 21st. The game releases for PS4 and XBone on September 6th. The release date for PC is October 24th. If anyone is looking for someone to help guide and play with them, look no farther than Warp! He will be doing Destiny 2 on PS4 and there's a good chance on PC as well!



Fiction Competitions:

Gaming Competitions:



We are going to be doing some updates to the Nighthawk Wikipedia. If anyone is willing to look it over and make suggestions let me know. I’d love any feedback. Nighthawk.

A few things we’re seeking to update:

  • Transfer the Nighthawk ship information to a separate entry to focus on the team.
  • Clarify what the Nighthawk team does fictionally within the Brotherhood and the role it fulfills for House Galeres.

Keep up the great work everyone! See you next time!




Greetings Taldryan, As the world turns, so do Alaris reports… or something. Many Happy Returns In the last two weeks, we have seen FIVE people transfer to Taldryan! Please join me in welcoming Destavol, Bobecc, Rathus, Armags and Sirrus into the...

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Greetings Taldryan,

As the world turns, so do Alaris reports… or something.

Many Happy Returns

Welcome Back

In the last two weeks, we have seen FIVE people transfer to Taldryan! Please join me in welcoming Destavol, Bobecc, Rathus, Armags and Sirrus into the Taldryan fold, either for the first time or once more. We’re happy to have you back!

The Great Jedi War may have been postponed (though still within smelling distance), so I’m advising all of you to keep that focus up. There are a few things coming your way in the nearest of futures to keep you busy in the meantime. When it comes to activity, I’m not looking for a Jabrill Peppers. Do what you love doing! Even if you just grab a couple flash games and puzzle type competitions, it’s still contributing to the event!

From the ACC Front


I also wanted to take a moment to congratulate those of you who competed in Winds of Change. I’ve seen a few really great stats from the ACC, and I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong, but I believe we have only had two timeouts from Taldryan! Considering what our participation ratio has been in Winds of Change, you have a whole lot to be proud of. We’ll find out who our Clan Champion will be as soon as the rest of it wraps up, but congratulations!

This has encouraged me to continue to test Taldryan’s ACC strength. Perhaps some kind of Taldryan specific ACC event (/endhintsaboutpostgjwstuff)

Alaris’s Taldryanite of the Month


This month, I’m giving it to Kaz!

Kaz has been one of our most active members on Telegram and has been working hard to hype up Taldryan once again. He’s also passed 15 (edit: 19. He’s competed four more since I’ve started writing this report) Shadow Academy courses and earned two Mavens (edit: three Mavens and a Savant) in the interim, and that’s all since Tuesday. I’m looking forward to some more amazing activity from this badass!

Congrats, Kaz!

Reports from the Brotherhood

  • The Grand Master gave his biannual report to the Star Chamber and there will be a delay before the Great Jedi War. Alaris note: This is a really good read, and if you haven’t read it yet, go do so. There is a lot of important information in it.

  • The Praetor to the Headmaster took over for Farrin this report and gave us info on current projects the SA Staff is undertaking. Alaris note: Firstly, congrats to Laren on also being named Aedile of Karness Murr. B of all, this report also features Sang and Kelly, and you get to learn a little about them. It’s a pretty juicy report.

  • We have a Supplemental Fist Report wherein Drac Magic gives us some new comps and some important Telegram rules.


  • Rian asks: If you would roll an NFU character, what would he/she be like?

When I played in forum based Star TREK clubs, I used to love being the helmsman, and indeed, playing any other sims, I always play helm. There's something really amazing about playing as a pilot.

From a personality standpoint, he/she would likely be pretty introverted, but never shy away from raising their opinion when they feel strongly about it. This would make them appear pretty standoffish, but they care a lot about those brave enough to get close to them.

Not sure about alignment, but playing a lighty after 10 years (holy cow) of playing Alaris, who is evil as heck, could be refreshing.

  • Vodo asks: If you were a kitchen appliance, which one would you be?

A coffee maker. I don't think I could operate at all without coffee. I'm already cranky, and I'm much more so pre-caffeine.

Edit: After a continued discussion of the values of french press and pour overs, I changed my response to “a kettle.”

  • Wally asks: Why do you write like you’re running out time?

I was younger than you are now when I was given my first command. I led my men straight into a massacre; I witnessed their deaths first hand.

  • Kaz asks: Cybernetic lekku, y/n?

This is a great question that I've been mulling for some time. I'm going to say "Yes, but" on this one.

Yes, but the dismemberment would have to be halfway up the lekku for it not to cause any neurological damage. A Twi'lek would probably want a cybernetic for balance purposes and communication purposes. So, a soft yes. We'll wanna double check with the Voice staff, though.

  • Kaz asks: Should I apologize for SA spam?

Never. Not ever.

  • Kooki asks: Are you nuts?


(edit: and PeCans)

Tea Time with Alaris


I’m actually drinking a cappuccino right now, but whatever.

It’s moving time for Alaris. I’ve spent the last week packing and I’ll spend the next week packing and moving. The plan WAS to rent an SUV from Enterprise, drive it to my new city, and drop it off there. This normally comes with a fee of $150ish, which, at the end of the day, is STILL cheaper than renting from, say, UHaul.

Well, Enterprise Toronto is about to buy a bunch of 2018 cars come September, which is awesome, but in order to make room for this new fleet, they had to sell off a bunch of their current cars, which is making their current Toronto fleet rather sparse. Because of this, they will no longer allow you to take a car out of their jurisdiction without returning it to Toronto.

This means, I have to rent the SUV, drive to Sarnia (3 hours), unload my junk into my new place, drive back to Toronto (another 3 friggen hours), return the SUV, THEN hitch a ride with a friend who has a smaller car back to Sarnia.

It’ll cost me less money but it means I have 9 hours of highway travel coming up over the next week. This is part of the reason I never became a truck driver. I’ll never know how Brimstone does it.


  • Welcome Home!
  • Taldryan is doing amazing ACC work!
  • Kaz is awesome!
  • Why does Enterprise have to restock its fleet right nooooow?!

I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn.



Update All- As stated in the recent GM Report, the Twelfth Great Jedi War has been delayed. I can assure you, it was delayed for the right reasons, and the DC is working incredibly hard to bring you all the event you deserve. Because of the delay,...

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As stated in the recent GM Report, the Twelfth Great Jedi War has been delayed. I can assure you, it was delayed for the right reasons, and the DC is working incredibly hard to bring you all the event you deserve.

Because of the delay, August is open season for competitions again. The Fist office has two events that are available on the site now, and more will come as the month goes on. I’ll highlight those and some rules for the DB Gaming telegram chat room below.


Two New Competitions

[FIST] Diablo 3 Season 11 will run for the duration of Season 11. This competition will be a little different than what we have done in the past. Instead of cluster grinding and rift pushing with one toon, you will have different weekly challenges that allow you to showcase your skills in playing different characters. I’m not going to tell you what the weekly challenges will be, or how they will be built. It’s up to you to subscribe and find out on your own!

This competition will have an overall winner based off the following points scheme:

  • Particpation: 1 Point
  • First Place: 10 Points
  • Second Place: 8 Points
  • Third Place: 6 Points

Each weekly competition will award second level crescents (upgradeable if participation warrants it) and the container will award first level crescents to the big winners!

I hope you all enjoy this one!

[FIST] Flash Gaming Bracket: August Flash Gaming is a pod racing bracket! Subscribe to the competition and then pit your racing skills against other members of the DJB playing Star Wars: Racer Rush. Check the competition details for the rules and explanation of the bracket.


Rules for DB Gaming Telegram Chat

As many of you saw the other day, I have instituted a ban on stickers and gifs in DB Gaming. I have toyed with this decision for a while, and am fully aware that I also am guilty of posting a gif or sticker every now and then. The point of this is not to single anyone out, nor is it because I’m just mean and don’t like to have fun. I did this for a few reasons:

  • DB Gaming is still required for Vendettas and GJWs. Yes, I know you can queue for the bot without being in DB Gaming. For casual events, I am absolutely fine with people not being in the room. But for large-scale events, I want gamers to be able to easily put out requests for matches for whatever platform they are trying to play on. A simple “anyone for x platform” will suffice as issuance of a challenge. I have no intention of changing this rule.

  • This is the key forum for members to ask questions of myself, my staff, and the gaming community. Sifting through witty stickers and memes (even the dankest of memes) makes it extremely difficult for us to keep track of what is going on.

  • In all honesty, the high level of gif/sticker utilization is becoming disruptive. Replying to a comment with a sticker or gif isn’t helpful.

What will is and will remain acceptable is posting of links associated with gaming. Sales, information on upcoming games, how to guides for a mission or event you or others are struggling with are all allowed. Try to not post a bunch in a row, though!

I ask that you all adhere to this restriction. For now, I’m going to use the big boy/girl rule. You know the policy, so just don’t do it. In the event that someone violates this policy, the following actions will be taken:

  • First offense: Deletion of sticker/gif/media post. You’ll know when it happens.

  • Second offense: Draconian moderation of your posting ability. In simple terms: I will take away your ability to post anything other than text messages.

  • Third offense: This will only come up if a member decides to become disruptive once they have had their ability to post moderated. If that happens, I’ll institute a 24-hour ban from DB Gaming. This action will become progressively longer should the member continue to be disruptive after being allowed back into the room.


I appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the details for the GJW. I’m particularly excited about the gaming events that are in the works. I think you’ll all be very pleased.

See you all in August for the next FIST report!




star wars gaming

Step up Hello again and thanks for taking the time to read up on all the HAPpenings. I'd like to kick off this report with a huge congratulations to [TuQ'uan] for stepping into his first role in leadership as Battle Team Leader! With...

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Step up

Hello again and thanks for taking the time to read up on all the HAPpenings. I'd like to kick off this report with a huge congratulations to [TuQ'uan] for stepping into his first role in leadership as Battle Team Leader! With Malice stepping down, Laren moved into the HKM Aedile position, leaving the BTL position vacant. TuQ'uan had been active since day one, both in the chat and during events. He also managed to plow through his JM4 reqs in an impressively short time and placed 6th in the Wargames even't, even topping some of our former leaders. All this showed us that he has great potential and is ready to take on more. Be sure to congratulate him if you haven't gotten a chance to yet!


Breaking the Habit

A lot of stuff has dropped both in clan and DB wide in the last few days so those of you that have been busy with RL or are on vacation, this is a good chance to get up to speed. The biggest news we've had is that the GJW that everyone has been hyped for is being delayed. I know many of you may be upset, but I happily stand by the decision. Nobody wants a sub-par event where we would all be dreading the things so I am all for waiting to get something better.

A new recruitment reward system is now in the works. Once released, you will be rewarded for recruiting members as they reach stages in their DB career. This will be separate from the master/student program and will provide its own unique rewards.

Those of you that want a promotion, but don't know how to get it will be pleased to know the DB is working on an experience based system that should clear the fog.

The DB has functioned under the same structure of Clans, Houses, and Teams for decades. The Dark Council will be taking some time to evaluate this structure and see if it's still a good fit for the club. You can read more about all of this in the latest Grand Master Report.

In Clan news, Wargame results are in! For two weeks you all have been battling it out and now you get to reap those rewards. Be sure to congratulate our Quaestor, Kelly Mendes, on winning first and HKM Quaestor, Furios Morega, on just barely stealing second place when you get a chance. I would also like to give Oric Ral a personal congratulations on besting me in my forte: Puzzles.



In other Plagueis news: Our magniflourious Consul has gotten their hands on some fantastic artwork for some of Palgueis' valued military as part of the Clan wiki project we had started during our Enemy Below event. Everyone, check out KaRolding latest work: the commanding officer of the Ascendant Fleet, Admiral Cyvaria Ranin.

Cyvaria Ranin

Ka has been growing in popularity and I encourage you all to take a look at some of his other works. Also be sure to check out Furios' Report for a look at the commanding officer of the Ascendant Legion, General Ranthe Benzayne, in his olive green uniform.


One Step Closer

  • Kelly Mendes
    • has risen to GMRG Rank X
    • Completed Galactic History 101
    • Completed Galactic History 102
  • Obsidian
    • has been elevated to Inquisitorius Rank V: Inquisitor
    • Completed Inquisitorious History
    • Completed General Warefare
    • Completed Combat tactics


What I've Done

As I have yet to come up with a shtick for these segments, I went ahead with the standard #AsktheAedile

  • Kelly Asks: Does Az have any loyalties to anyone other than himself? If so to who/what?

    • Azmodius values power so long as he can be left to his own devices. As Furios former student, he obtained great power under his master's tutilage and therefore remains loyal to him. The clan has also provided him with a plethora of opportunities to grow and he honor's this with his loyalties to its leaders as well.
  • Abadeer Asks: If you couldn't use a light saber, what weapon would you take?

    • I would have to go with dual blasters as a main and bladed weapons as a secondary. Mercenaries are "Fresh to Death" and I've always preferred dual wielding.
  • Arden Asks: Who are you? What do you want? Who do you serve and who do you trust?

    • Dont you
    • forget about me
  • Kelly also Asks: How is Az settling into his role as Aedile?

    • Azmodius is enjoying his new role. The previous Aedile left some demon statues in the office he's taken a liking to and while he misses pummeling noviciates and journeymen, he's filled that void with some of the Ascendant Legion's grunts.


Points of Authority


In the End

Well that about covers everything. I noticed a decent amount of you are working on your wikis so I'll leave you with the handy dandy Wiki on wiki.



ajunta pall plagueis report aedile july 2017

Introduction Welcome everyone to my latest and greatest report. Last month, we discussed the ACC in preparation for the Pre-Great Jedi War event. I proofed several excellent pieces of fiction and am proud of all of our members who earned their...

Read More …




Welcome everyone to my latest and greatest report. Last month, we discussed the ACC in preparation for the Pre-Great Jedi War event. I proofed several excellent pieces of fiction and am proud of all of our members who earned their Seals this past month. That free-for-all has passed but unfortunately, we’re being cut off early. Some bittersweet news awaits us in this month’s Quaestor report as we discuss future plans for the GJW, .

News and Events

The big piece of gossip circulating in the club is the delay on the Great Jedi War. I’m sorry to say that we’ll be waiting quite a bit longer than twelve days to start the party. I know it’s frustrating with how high our hopes were, but my words on that are below. Otherwise it’s been a relatively preoccupied month throughout the club. The DC seems to be working hard on the delayed event as well as their usual day-to-day activities.


  • Most recently, we have our words from the Big Cheese himself, Grand Master Pravus in his latest (and most transparent) report. This month, the GM details information on the GJW delay, the overall state and goals of the club, and a series of questions from the members. This is one of his biggest reports of the year so give it a read.
  • The Voice’s latest report can be found here and although the ACC phase of the Great Jedi War is passed, there are some very useful tips for writing better posts. Additionally, the Voice has selected a new Magistrate in Marcus. Everyone give him a congratulations on the new position here.
  • The FIST has released his tenth report which includes details on a new Magistrate as well as the last quarter’s GMRG results. Congratulations to Zednich Wolfram and all those who earned their accessories. We also see his Praetor’s latest gaming update detailing the newest gaming comps and releases from E3.
  • The Shadow Academy’s Praetor has just released this month’s Headmaster Report. Congratulations to the clan’s own Kelly Mendes on her recent appointment to M:HM which can be seen here. We also have Wally to thank for a reworked Leadership Reports course with details here.
  • James continues to document his awesomeness for us all to see in the latest Seneschal’s report.

Quaestor’s Words

This month, we’ll be talking about my shattered dreams by which I mean the GJW delay. I’ll be the first to say that the delay of this event is bothersome. Not only did I have a GJW-specific topic planned for this month, but it’s also rather inconvenient considering the fact that one Seal-earning competition has already finished for most of us. It’s been more than long enough since the last event and another delay feels like a real drag. In fact, this War seems like a much awaited video game in that everyone wants it to be released so they can finally play it. The day draws near and the developers realize that they won’t be ready by the promised date. Do they release the game on time with half the features or delay it to release a finished product? In my experience, it’s better to wait. A few years ago, a video game that I awaited with bated breath had the option to delay again or release unfinished. They chose the latter and when it was finally out, the multiplayer was limited to team vs. AI as opposed to team vs. team. Within a couple of months, it was selling for $15 brand new.

Sure this is one specific anecdote and we’re really talking about an online competitive event rather than a video game but I still think the same rule applies. The creators simply feel that it’s not ready and I’m inclined to yield to that opinion. Unfortunately for the contenders, the decision has already been made and although I agree that it sucks, I feel like it’s for the best. What matters now is what we do in the interim. I don’t have details for you yet but it looks like we’ll be filling the delay with an appropriate snack to tie us all over. With any luck, we can use this as an opportunity to have a little fun while we ride the GJW XII hype-train for a little while longer.


Another important topic I’d like to discuss is the ACC preliminaries which concluded this month. Although the event was presented as bit of a pregame to the delayed Great Jedi War, one fact still stands out to me: this was the only way to participate in the War’s ACC ladder. Once the event actually starts, only one member of each clan (which has already been decided) and the winner of the preliminary get to continue on during the real ladder. That’s right. If you didn’t get at least one qualifying match done, you’ve already missed a Seal for the Great Jedi War and will therefore be unable to achieve a perfect participation score. However, don’t let that dishearten you. Just keep in mind for the actual event that if you aren’t participating in all that you can, your rewards at the end will suffer, as will ours. Do your part, Uncle Slags wants you!

Furios’ Fantastic Feature

With the continuation of the Clan’s personal wiki project, we’re getting to see the release of new artwork faster than Slagar can come up with pretenses to reveal them. This time, our fearless leader has obtained a smashing rendition of the Ascendant Legion’s own commander, Ranthe Benzayn by KaRolding. An artist of increasing renown amongst the Brotherhood, Ka brings his brilliant style to the Ascendant Forces with a pair of militant masterpieces (Azmodius has the other one). Ranthe’s hard features and demeanor are given excellent detail and life in this stunning depiction of the leader of our ground troops in his olive commander’s uniform (turns out the Legion gets olive while the Fleet gets black).


In Conclusion

Keep your heads high. I know we were all told that the War would kick off at the start of the month but TPTB have changed their plan. We’ll just have to make sure our blades don’t dull and our drive doesn’t wane. Maybe the other units will grow complacent and tired while they wait but we’re a different animal all together. Clan Plagueis is bred for battle and I know that we’ll be ready, in spite of such a delay. Do you think I’ve been writing my advice into these reports to read my own thoughts? No! I write this advice because I think it’ll help us achieve the greatest scores in both clan and club-wide events (but mostly to fill my reports). We’re the Ascendant Clan and we’ll prove it on the field of battle, no matter when the horns of war pierce the night!

See you next month!

Furios Morega


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Victory-II Star Destroyer Paladin, Main Hangar "Not a prisoner," that vexatious voice cut in, sounding almost bored. "A guest." "A guest, then," Laren replied curtly with a nod toward the cloaked figure. "You...

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Victory-II Star Destroyer Paladin, Main Hangar

"Not a prisoner," that vexatious voice cut in, sounding almost bored. "A guest."

"A guest, then," Laren replied curtly with a nod toward the cloaked figure. "You take me as your guest, and for what? I'm flattered that I'm considered important enough by one with the power of a Star Destroyer in their possession, but frankly -"

His voice cut off again. There was a tightness around his throat that made it difficult to breathe. He reached up, attempting to loosen the collar of his dark shirt, but he found it was already loose. It was as if the air itself was suffocating him, tying invisible threads tighter and tighter around his slender neck. He sank to his knees, spots beginning to appear in his eyes. He could faintly see polished boots striding forward toward him, the dark brown cloaked figure stopping inches from where Laren suffered helplessly. Frantic golden eyes looked up, and they bulged. A gnarled, tree-like hand was out-stretched, fixed on Laren, and he could see the faint shape of an eyeless face contorted into what could be a grin of pleasure. It seemed he had walked straight into the clutches of a Sith.

"Release - me," Laren struggled hoarsely. His vision was beginning to fade, and he knew his face must have been flushed dark blue with effort to continue breathing.

What felt like an eon later, the pressure around his throat disappeared. Desperately he drew a powerful breath, though he quickly regretted the act. His chest heaved and swayed as he coughed, his body filled with the sweet bliss of air once more. He turned his eyes toward the gnarled tree-like man - it was a man, considering its deeper tone, he decided - and his gaze burned with fury. He did not like being taken by surprise, let alone by one who could wield the Force. Feeling helpless to anyone made memories of his enslavement, so carefully shoved into the distant corners of his mind, bubble to the surface with his rage.

"Have I come to be tortured," Laren said after a time, rising to his feet. "Have you brought me here to satisfy some debt?"

"Nothing so petty," his tree-like captor replied. "No, you're here to be tested."

You can find the ongoing Shadow Academy Run On here. If you like what you're reading, you catch some typos or other mistakes, or both, feel free to contact me over Telegram or by e-mail (see dossier for e-mail).


Now some of you might be asking yourself, “Wait a minute, where’s the real Headmaster? Like all of us do from time to time, he’s off enjoying himself on a fantastic cruise somewhere until sometime. Until that sometime elapses completely, I have all of the power. And all I’ve really done with that power is force Ood to take less naps, send Kelly away on errands with a bad mood, and leave Bentre a massive pile of paperwork that had to be done two months ago. And burn the office down. Notionally.

In all seriousness, however, this report is (as usual) going to cover a few bits and pieces. First off the mark I’ll actually be handing this report over to two staff members, Kelly Mendes and Sang Entar. Before Farrin left, he agreed that it might be kind of a neat’o idea to highlight a small portion of our wonderful staff, and have them talk about their experiences with the Shadow Academy. Following that, this report will cover our ongoing projects, some exam numbers, as well as the #AskthePHM portion, which turned out to be quite interesting this go around.

Without further adieu, let’s get started.

SA Staff Highlight

  • Kelly Mendes, Magistrate to the Headmaster

Hey all, for those who don't know me, first that's a lot of rocks to be living under and secondly well I'll tell you just a bit (can't have a bunch of strangers knowing everything about my life.). I've been around a little over 3 years, all spent in Plagueis. #darksyde4lyfe I've been known to dabble in everything, though my passion for the club first expressed itself in the venerable halls of the Shadow Academy (overseen by Dacien at the time I believe). Now this is still a passion of mine, though I really need to do more of it (will have to make sure that's allowed).

Anyways, I've been trying to get a SA staff position for a while now, this being my third or fourth attempt. It just goes to show that if you bother someone long enough they'll give in. In all seriousness, persistence pays off. Before the move up to Magistrate I was the professor of the Leadership blah and blah department. It was fun and a promotion from just handling Leadership Competitions, which was part of my role as M:MAA that I carried on since nobody was put in place to replace me.

Now, jobs in the SA, there's a good many of them that exist. Most of them are Professor roles, where you'll be responsible for grading certain exams. Some courses still have Docents too, which are a junior version of professors and a more manageable workload than a whole department at once. Be on the lookout for these when they come up. If you want a promotion, shiny, or just to give back to the community, PROF and DOC roles are great ways to get your foot in the door. Of course, the current Praetor and my murder buddy Laren didn't start off with a lower role. He went straight in and claimed his place as Farrin's second. (though we know Ood is always first in his heart) This is also a possibility and by no means am I suggesting anyone wait forever until Sang's graded a billion exams and calls it a day. If you're interested in a job and one comes up, go for it.

Seeing interest in what the SA does motivates us to be the best staff we can be, keep courses up to date, (the error form is also quite useful) listen to suggestions for courses (Laren handles that but it's something we as a staff like to see.). The goal of the Shadow Academy is to expand members' knowledge and for some courses skill sets. We want to make the best members we can and I think the SA does a damn good job of it. Now, Laren asked me for a paragraph or two, this should be enough and sorry for the wall.

  • Sang Entar, Professor, Department of Lore

Hi, I'm Sang.

I've been in the club for going on 8 and a half years now. During that time, I've been involved with the Shadow Academy in one way or another as a Docent or Professor for 7 and a half years! I started off as a Docent marking Clan Arcona's History exam and from there somehow managed to blag my way into becoming one of the longest running SA staff members outside of Ood, my beloved Belgian manservant.

I've gone through several different Headmasters; Taigikori, Ronovi, Solari, Dacien & Farrin, Each one of them brought something different to the table, a way that bettered the Shadow Academy and made it a more fun and useful experience for our members, new & old.

I've marked 1162 courses during my time as a staff member, ranking just behind Ood and dbbot (who has THOUSANDS!!!!) and I've loved every minute of it. When I see an exam from someone who has truly put time and effort in and given me a fantastic answer, it makes my day a little brighter.

If you're wanting to get some cool stuff for your dossier from the SA society, or you are a Journeyman grinding to Knighthood or an Equite earning your Mavens, your exams often light up my day. Keep up the good work, guys and girls!


Just like Farrin did in his last report, there will be a double reminder about the Google Form we use to track troubleshooting. E-mails or direct communication on Telegram is great, but submitting to this form (it’s quick I assure you) allows us to track all issues with the Shadow Academy, and have them all co-located in one spot. This form will also be linked at the end of the report, in case you didn’t read all the way through. :)

Ask the (P)HM!

“Ask” portions are always a blast, and this time around was no different. We had a good variety of questions from loads of folks. Take a gander below and see what people have asked the P:HM.

Let’s begin with our featured question, by none other than the former (and super amazing) Praetor to the Headmaster, Marcus himself!

Marcus asks:

  • #AskThePHM what is the most exciting thing you have in store for us in the near future?

God I really like this question. Besides our on-going project (which isn’t all too exciting) making some upgrades and changes to the Leadership courses, not much in the ‘near’ future. But I suppose it depends on what you consider the near future. If we can consider the ‘near’ future to be within the next six months, lots.

As some may know, and others may not, the Shadow Academy works heavily across departments. In fact, some departments write their own courses, providing us with quality, completed material that simply needs to be implemented on the site. As of now some of these projects have slowed for the upcoming Great Jedi War, but they are by no means in the dust.

One of my first projects as Praetor was to work with the Fist and create a new Advanced Warfare course. My hope is in the future to continue a revamp of our available warfare courses, with the Fist’s cooperation and approval. I would love to see our current selection of warfare courses updated to reflect Star Wars canon, and perhaps to expand the department with another new course or two about warfare in the Star Wars universe.

Other departments, such as the Voice and Herald, also have concepts and courses in mind. In the near future, expect Wally and his crew to work with us to release another updated writing course or so. And let’s not forget Atra’s beta testing with the writing workshops, as well.

Speaking of workshops and interactive learning… no. You know what, I’m going to stop there and leave you all thinking. Let’s just say it’s an upcoming proposal, and you’ll hear more once action has been taken.

Terran Koul asks:

  • #AskThePHM What did you do to piss off Farrin?

Might leave his office a little messy upon his return. Besides that... perhaps a few too many eager messages over Telegram. I think I’m at a five or six-to-one message ratio. I swear I’m not annoying, okay?

Kojiro Keibatsu asks:

  • #askthePHM will the leadership and communication savant be updated anytime in the near future. Last update was waiting on a new CoJ course.

The CoJ courses themselves are an ongoing project and the purview of our friends in that department. The current goal now is broad: we're attempting to overhaul the existing leadership courses where possible. In short, it's in the pipes, but no action has yet been taken. Yet. :) Please stay tuned.

Marcus also asks:

  • #AskthePHM Lotus or inquisitors?

Both? Neither? Perhaps I’m just Plagueis #darksyde4lyfe #selikafanclub #abadeertooiguess . In all seriousness, however, Laren currently doesn’t openly align with either party, preferring his loyalties to be in the hands of powerful individuals rather than larger organizations. It’s easier to serve a master with one head, rather than numerous.

Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj asks:

  • #AskthePHM Will we ever see courses that rely on material outside of the notes getting more readable materials? There's at least one course that uses a hard to read document.

Oh yes. Here’s a prime example of a fantastic non-notes oriented course right here, and the notes found here. The magnificent Wally himself just hammered out this fantastic course. There are other examples of non-notes courses as well that are easy to read and super informative, though I would hope you folks will take the time to explore the Shadow Academy, do some courses, and find out which for yourself.

And regarding that one example, I think you’re referring to Alchemy? I know I found it difficult to read, though I appreciate all the work that went into creating the document.

Dek Ironius II asks:

  • #AskthePHM Does the Shadow Academy have any events or involvement in the GJW at all?

Perhaps. :) Stay tuned for more.

Maximus Alvinius asks:

  • #AskthePHM I am horrible with acronyms, what does PHM stand for?

Phat Headmaster. Or in reality, Praetor to the Headmaster.

Qor Palpatine asks:

  • #AskthePHM How's the history courses? You better not have ruined them -.-

I like to think they’re excellent! The entire team worked super hard on getting these courses done. Besides the Advanced Warfare course, the history courses were my first ‘big’ project coming into the Praetor’s chair. And as I said in the chat, without Marcus’s and Lexiconus’s work that they left for us, none of this would have been possible so quickly or efficiently. And to that, I tip my hat to you folks, as well as to the awesome Magistrates who helped the SA Staff make these courses a reality: Celevon and Bentre. For more information, check out this report for more information.

Marcus finally asks:

  • #AskThePHM You get to give yourself any title you desire, including Supreme Purple diktat of snazzyness. Which do you choose?

Well after using the assistance of a medieval name generator, this is what I got: Phillipos Flambard Al’Rheanion, Lord of the Supreme Purple Diktat of Snazzyness, First Lord of House Plumbuss, Defender of the Gumdrop Fairies and Shield of the Unicorns.

Does that work?

Thanks for all the questions, folks!



Shadow Academy Staff are currently engaged in the following projects:

  • Core Leadership Courses Audit - Laren, Kelly, Bentre: Farrin has tasked the staff proper to give the Leadership courses an overhaul. With the exception of Report Writing, which was completed by the ever-amazing super worker known as Wally, we intend to keep the current courses and department structure. The audit has us examining the finer details, everything from the current course notes to question. Estimated completion: end of 7/2017

  • DJB History I & II Update/Rewrite - Alishu: Alishu has completed first drafts of both courses and they've been sent to the DC for approval. The DC has a lot on its plate right now, but I think we'll see some movement on this soon to get these courses released for all to enjoy. Estimated completion: TBD

  • Operation Remodel - SA Staff: In an effort to streamline the organization of the Shadow Academy and make it easier to initially get to information and then to find similar information, the SA will see a fairly extensive reorganization. The first phase of this is done, and the graphical elements will begin shortly. Estimated completion: end of 8/2017

  • Operation Remodel (Degrees) - SA Staff: The reorganization, as well as the addition/removal of various courses, has left some of our degrees a bit outdated. With the release of the new History courses, we’ve asked James to rework the History and Legends degrees as outlined above in my report. The Leadership and Law degrees are still being sorted, and I don’t have a timetable for their completion. Estimated completion: TBD


  • There are a couple of things in the earliest planning stages, but aren’t quite ready for prime time. Stay tuned for more.

Top Exam Takers

Name # of Exams # of ACs
Professional TuQ'uan Varick 31 85
Augur Atra Ventus 21 27
Neophyte Casey Denimore 19 6
Warden Celevon Edraven Erinos 17 40
Proselyte Angel Snow 15 4

Note: these numbers cover the period from 6/15/17 to 7/19/17 and count both initial attempts and retakes.


While Farrin looks something like this on board an awesome cruise ship:


We the Staff continue to serve. Grading times have been excellent, and exam takers have been fairly diligent. Keep up the good work on that front.

The Shadow Academy is an amazing resource, created and administrated by some imperfect human beings who strive for perfection. We try our best to catch and fix any and all errors before we release courses, but we're not always successful. Because of that, we will always need your help. If you spot an error, please report it to the SA Staff using this simple form; if it's a major enough error, or you spot enough, you'll be rewarded. With cookies. And an SA team thankful for pointing it out. And a Headmaster thankful to scold his staff. I kid, he gives us cookies, too.

In Darkness -
Laren Uscot,
Praetor to the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy


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House Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report Introductions: So here we are. My first report as Quaestor for Marka Ragnos, because this isn’t scary. I follow in some large footsteps but if there’s one thing I’ve learned that regardless of how worried you are...

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House Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report


So here we are. My first report as Quaestor for Marka Ragnos, because this isn’t scary. I follow in some large footsteps but if there’s one thing I’ve learned that regardless of how worried you are or how nervous you may be about something just do your best. So I’d like to thank Muz for his hard work and stepping in to teach and support me after his predecessor departed the position. I’ve done what even I never expected, obtained QUA and now it’s time to lead you wonderful lot through a Great Jedi War, once it arrives.

I’ve also chosen Marcus to be my Aedile. I had some excellent applications for the position but his application stood out just a tad above the others. Some may wonder why I chose to choose someone who had left the clan and only returned recently. Well, the simple answer for you is everyone deserves a second chance and that’s also something I learned from Muz. I’ll let him introduce himself in his Aedile report to come but for now, that's all I have to say on that.

Before we get into the meat of the report I’d like you to all use your imagination and pretend there are shiny report graphics everywhere to make this look awesome. They are in the works so Hopefully by next report!

State Of The House:

So I had a look over numbers a while back as Aedile and again recently as Quaestor. Though I cannot say I am overly impressed with our actives to roster participation I can say those of you who are involved and doing things make me proud as punch. The reason I’m bringing this up is two fold.

1.During a major event like a GJW, the usual scoring these days is based on Participants to the Active roster. So if we have 25 members in the House and only three members took part? Well, that utterly destroys us as a House and we barely scrape any participation points never mind wins.

2.I need everyone to pull together and step up. Veterans help our newer members. Newer members getting involved and asking for help from our vets. Work as one coherent unit to ensure we can, when the time comes, destroy all competition in any major event.

Our House numbers are fluctuating and in recent weeks we lost a fair few new members to the Rogues, or are in the process of doing so. This cuts our active roster down but also assists with the above situation of active participants to roster during major events. The House currently sits at 26 members and 15 of those are in the Night Hawks. However, with those about to Rogue that will knock our numbers down by about 6/7. Bringing us back down to roughly even numbers with our sister house.

Though these numbers aren’t life threatening, so to speak, we need to be on point especially when it comes to challenging larger units. We all have our likes and interests. Some of us are graphics fiends, some enjoy gaming and a lot of others enjoy fiction. However, during a war, you don’t get a choice of what’s presented to you when it comes to competitions. So I will impart one final piece of advice to you before I move onto the next section:

Do everything available regardless if you are good at it or not. Can’t draw? Try and if it’s rubbish submit it for participation points. Hell one of my older entries for Graphics was a Star destroyer going pew pew and Sangs secret pink and pony covered bedroom. Don’t like writing stories? I am sure you can find 500 words, or whatever the minimum is, to put together to tell a story about your character. This is a staple across all wars and events. Participation matters.

The War:

So for those of you who haven’t seen the war has been postponed. There isn’t much to say on this matter except that Pravus wasn’t happy with the direction the story of the club was going. I am going to link the report he put out for you all to read as I would rather it be his words that explain the situation rather than me attempting to reiterate them.

Pravus Report

So what happens now? Do we have a small break and do a few comps? Nope, not this time. In replace of the war, I have moved up one of my events, been given the green light and it will be launched on the 1st of August. In honour of the new Season of Game of Thrones I label this event:

Winter is Coming.

House Marka Ragnos forces have been arrayed on the Southern continent of Tarthos in Terra Do Gelo. This is a frozen wasteland that to those in the know hold a myriad of treasures to be discovered. Chief among them are two secret Dlarit bases. What secrets do these bases hold? What horrors await? What ever happened to the enemy forces that held the main city and we pushed out? How many pairs of socks do we have to wear?

Wrap up warm it’s going to get cold!

PS: That’s probably a hint to look at possessions for this upcoming event in prep for fiction comps. Unless you think you can get your character through the Frozen wasteland in a Bikini. This will be a staple going forward for my events that use the voice fiction rubric on grading for realism. Remember you can sell items so you won't lose credits.


Only one major Project at the moment being headed up by Armad. He is going through our Wiki and culling, editing, altering and bringing it up to scratch. If you wish to get involved please message him to see what you can do.


Not much to say except I hope I can serve you all well. Should you have any issues or complaints throw them at Marcus and me. We will try our best to learn and develop alongside the house and help you achieve everything you so wish.

Thank you.

Kojiro Keibatsu
Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos


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