Hello Space Cowboys! There are a few updates the Herald Staff would like to share with you, so let's get right into it. New Magistrates We have selected two new Magistrates to fill our ranks. Everyone, please congratulate Abadeer Taasii and...

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Hello Space Cowboys!

There are a few updates the Herald Staff would like to share with you, so let's get right into it.

New Magistrates

We have selected two new Magistrates to fill our ranks. Everyone, please congratulate Abadeer Taasii and Ryū Suoh!

Ryū (aka Nero) will help us mostly with graphics. he has developed and advanced greatly in the short time I've followed his work. I'm sure he'll develop even more as he starts off working on your sabers and guns.

Abadeer, who is also PCON of Plagueis, will take on the administration aspect of the team and develop new and interesting competitions. He will also engage with members in DB Art Club and start learning the basics of what it takes to be on our team.

Thank you both for applying and I expect I'll see great stuff from both of you.

Changes to Releases

In other news, you may have noticed a lack of reports on my part as well as a lack of released images. Unfortunately, we had to take some time off from our work. Several members of the Herald staff had to take leaves of absence due to burn out and we took a much-needed break after making literally thousands of images non-stop for almost three years now. I am immensely proud of every member of my team, current and former, for keeping up with my demands and making Brotherhood graphics as great as they are.

That said I've also realized the reason behind the burnout and I will be pushing back the Release dated by one month starting this December. From December on, we will release new skins and graphics every three months. This is important for us as we go into the future because more and more projects are piling up and we will need the extra time to get all our work done.


Thank you all for your time, congrats once more to Abadeer and Nero and as always I'll see you later, space cowboys.



Aedile of Imperium Greetings Imperials! It’s that time of the month again where I go back to the Markdown course of the Shadow Academy to figure out what I’ve done wrong again. Firstly, yes, I don’t have gfx yet. HOWEVER, I simply wanted to wait...

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Aedile of Imperium

Greetings Imperials! It’s that time of the month again where I go back to the Markdown course of the Shadow Academy to figure out what I’ve done wrong again.

Firstly, yes, I don’t have gfx yet. HOWEVER, I simply wanted to wait until the Herald’s office was done with the GJW before I asked for them.

I guess I have some explaining to do...considering some of the Clan changing events in the past month (me leaving Aedile, then coming back to Aedile, Raiju taking over Quaestor, two new Battleteams, and new Consul, Proconsul, Excidium Quaestor, Aedile, and Battleteam).

In the same vein and Raiju and Calindra, I think I should start with some personal info about myself. Born in Canada, grew up in South Africa, and finished college in southern Ohio (in the USA). When I rejoined the DJB back in 2015 I had just started a 2 year contract as a TEFL teacher in a small village in Albania. I had hoped to do a third year and extend my contract (because I love Albania, Eastern Europe, and the relaxing community I taught in). However, the decision from the higher-ups had to be unanimous and one person voted “no”.

So I came back to southern Ohio in search of a job. I’m still going through that search. However, end of July, beginning of August was a not-so-good time for me. I was going through some mediocre culture shock, and was just about to go on a family vacation to Tennessee. In the process, I let my thoughts and emotions get the better of me. I needed a small break to really integrate back into American culture. I needed time to reflect on myself, and even this club. In doing so I was able to heal some parts of myself and get over some of the easier aspects of culture shock.

But I’m back and prepared to continue the legacy of Imperium. With that in mind, this is my second official report as Aedile, but my first one since coming back to the position (hence the title).

As Aedile, one of my duties is to give you the opportunity to be active and to make sure all of you are rewarded properly and are given credit where credit is due. Because of that I’ve decided to restructure my report a bit. You can easily get major news from the Consul and Quaestors, as well as others. So for me, I want to highlight what you’ve all done and what you can do.


Obviously, your level of activity is up to you. We do have a GJW coming up on October 13th. Until then, we have some excellent comps for you to participate in:

Clan Level:

Member Hunts 2017 – The last two member search/hunt competitions where you must find out which member the revealed information is talking about in the fastest time (ends on September 23rd)

The Emperor Wants You! - A recruitment based competition, where the more people you recruit and the more they get promoted, the more points you get towards winning (ends on of September 24th)

Give Up! – Flash game competition based upon getting to the highest level (ends on September 30th)

Imperial Heritage – Fiction competition on what it means to be a member of our Clan (Scholae Palatinae) (ends on October 2nd)

Stronghold Siege! – A cluster of competitions based around fighting off a group of Meraxis Loyalists on Seraph (ends on October 12th)

Character Development Workshop: Autumn/Winter 2017 Series – A cluster of 17 competitions based upon improving your character and increasing your understanding and contribution you have to your character. There are many competitions in which to participate, however, the entire thing ends on January 31st, 2018.

House/BT Level:

Know Thy Enemy – Trivia competition based around the Dark Council, Consuls, and the Iron Throne (ends on October 1st)

Down the Rabbit Hole Part 1 – Another cluster of competitions based around our two newest Battleteams (Krennic and Pellaeon) and their fight for legitimacy (ends on October 8th)

The Great Heirloom Dagger of My Ancestors – A Run-On competition based upon Calindra’s family’s ancient dagger. It’s not a traditional Run-On and it will be taking a break for the GJW (ends on November 22nd)

Upcoming Competitions:

Let’s Porg This Together! – Clan level flash gaming puzzle based around the newest shown creature in previews for The Last Jedi (starts on September 21st and ends on September 30th)

Brother From Another Mother – House level fiction competition based upon writing from another characters perspective talking to your usual character (starts on September 24th and ends on October 8th)

From Behind the Tides of War – House level ‘other’ competition where you will be directed to a YouTube link and you must transcribe whatever the link says in the fastest time possible (starts on October 1st and ends on October 12th)

Obviously, there also also plenty of DJB level competitions.


I’ll eventually continue Lex’s log of activity and participation, especially when we get closer to the end of the year. However, as for now I want to still recognize members within the report itself. If I miss something, let me know so I can slap myself over the head. Also, some information may have been repeated from previous reports. I’m content with congratulating people more than once for things they do.

Francesco Cenicola
* New member! Welcome to House Imperium!

* New member! Welcome to House Imperium!

Novosi Shim
* New member! Welcome to House Imperium!
* Promoted to Novice!
* Earned 2 Clusters of Fire!

* Promoted to Recruit!
* Created a CS!

Ord Canfre
* Newest member! Welcome to House Imperium!
* Promoted to Novice!
* Passed DB Essentials 101 – 106, DB Basics, and gained the Dark Pundit: Essentials (all in one day!)
* While I wrote this report, obtained the Dark Pundit: Vendetta!

Arron Saylos
* This past summer Arron celebrated 4 years in Dark Path and 2 years as a Dark Jedi!
* In July celebrated his 4th pinday, and 4th year in CSP (congrats!)

James Malum
* 69 Clusters of Fire!
* 1 Cluster of Ice (every single one counts!)
* Ruby Crescent
* Promoted to Knight! (one more step to EQ1)
* Became ACC qualified!
* 24 Shadow Academy course passed!
* Earned Dark Mavens in Lore, Flight, Combat, and Galactic History!
* Currently running the “Stronghold Siege!” competition

Elad Cirith
* Spend 2 years as a Sith!

* Emerald Crescent
* 14 Clusters of Fire!
* Became Battleteam Leader of Krennic!
* Spend two years in the Gray Path!

Kyo Akumu
* Dark Cross awarded!
* Celebrated his 2nd pinday and 2 years in the Dark Path/Sith!

Calindra Hejaran
* Ruby Crescent
* 8 Clusters of Fire!
* 4 Clusters of Ice!
* Became Battleteam Leader of Pellaeon!
* Spend 2 years as a Sith!
* Recruited a member (Novosi)!

Dek Ironius II
* Emerald x6, Sapphire x4, Amethyst x3 Crescents!
* 4 Clusters of Graphite!
* Celebrated 12th pinday, 2 years in the Clan, and 1 year as a Loyalist!
* Earned Dark Mavens in Philosophy and Writing!
* Earned Dark Savant in Writing and Philosophy!

* 1 Anteian Cross!
* Emerald x3, Amethyst x2. Sapphire x2 Crescents!
* 1 Legion of Scholar!
* 6 Clusters of Graphite!
* Spend 2 years as Dark Jedi in the Gray Path!

Reiden Karr
* Sapphire Crescent!
* 8 Clusters of Graphite!
* Spend 2 years as a Sith!
*Co-Orginazed the Abstract Art series of competitions!

Rayne * 1 Dark Cross!
* Ruby Crescent!
* Spend 2 years as a Sith!

Lexiconus Qor
* 1 Grand Cross!
* Sapphire, Amethyst, and Sapphire Crescents!
* 7 Clusters of Ice!
* 14 Clusters of Graphite!
* Ended termed service as Appeals Panelist!
* Ended 17-month service as Quaestor of House Imperium!

Raiju Kang
* 1 Steel Cross!
* Amethyst x2, Emerald x3, Ruby x2 Crescents!
* 4 Clusters of Ice!
* 2 Clusters of Graphite!
* Celebrated 10th pinday!
* Became Quaestor of House Imperium!

Kell Dante Palpatine
* 1 Dark Cross!
* Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire Crescents!
* 3 Scrolls of Foundation!
* 13 Clusters of Ice!
* 13 Clusters of Fire!
* Spend 2 years as Gray Jedi in Gray Path!
* Celebrated 15th’ve been here 15 years…
* Reached at least rank 12 in all societies (Shadow Academy, Inquisitorious, GMRG)!

I recorded all the things generally from early to mid-June. So there is a bit more of a hunk here than might usually appear. Basically, we still kicked ass and we’ll kick ass in the Great Jedi War as well.

Also, happy to report that I had to update this for many members while I was writing this report :)

Also, I wanted to call special attention to Lex’s Grand Cross for all he did as our wonderful Quaestor!


Ok. Now that we got that chunk of stuff out of the way, let’s discuss House fiction.

I did allow for one more day in the House survey. Raiju and myself are pretty content with the results. However, I will still keep it open just in case some things change around a bit. The final results are as such:

1 vote – A city state like the Vatican, allowing House Imperium to rule without foreign oppressors

3 votes – Space station

3 votes – Colonial base

7 votes – Small fleet

8 votes – Co-exist with a nation on Seraph

So we’re sitting on co-existence and a fleet of sorts. Raiju and myself are going to attempt to form something from this that still allows the members of the House to have choice and agency within the story and history.

Also, Great Jedi War is on the way soon. October 13th is the day that it starts. I will have one more report out before then, however I did want to say that this event is no ordinary event.

For those who don’t know, the Great Jedi War is a 5 week long mass competition where the Clans face off against each other. This means our entire Clan becomes united in a single cause; to have fun (while fictionally stepping happily on the faces of other Clans in order to get to first...emphasis on fictionally). However, if you need a break beforehand, please don’t be afraid to take one. Because if we win a GJW, we get prizes for the Clan in the form of credits (to buy stuff), rewards, prizes, and you may have your name placed into official DJB history. Members can do great things during the GJW whether you’re an Apprentice or a Prophet, Dark Jedi or Light Mercenary, new member or old member.

In a GJW you will compete against the best. This doesn’t mean don’t participate. In fact, this means participate in all you can. Give your all, and you will potentially be given all in return.

Glory to the Empire!

Dek Ironius II


house imperium aedile dek ironius ii raiju kang clan scholae palatinae

In which James talks about recent changes to the site, once again copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon. Hi all, Time for another report from your friendly neighborhood Seneschal with the latest...

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In which James talks about recent changes to the site, once again copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon.

Hi all,
Time for another report from your friendly neighborhood Seneschal with the latest site-related facts and tidbits.

Deployed Code Changes

Below is a list of most of the code check-ins done to the site since my last report. This is a non-exhaustive, automatically generated list, and does not contain code changes that have not yet been deployed to the main website, nor does it list code changes that are outside the scope of the main website.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Tweaks to inventory/possessions management, most notably the introduction of Container Items that can be used to group items together. A Cold Storage Container item was also added. Items stored in Cold Storage will not be shown on your public Possessions dossier or unit tab.
  3. Updates to Regent Possessions admin tools; Introduction of the NPC Armory entity whose possessions can be equipped by Clan and Plot NPCs
  4. Character Sheet Quality of Life changes (auto-aging, improved skill tier tooltips)
  6. Lots of minor changes and bugfixes
  7. Did I mention [REDACTED]?
James Entar:
      Add 'Rugged' options to allowed warbanner shapes
      Competition Supervisors (Co-organizer permissions without getting credit(s) for it. Contact MAA to set this up for a competition.)
      Potential fix for timezone edge-case
      ACC extensions overview on battles
      Fix auto word count not triggering for people without any loadouts defined
      Update chat links
      Just to be sure, add an additional guard clause to prevent issuing open challenges for ended competitions
      Update kallisto rules
      Update P:MAA permissions
      Force recalculating gaming scores prior to closing Gaming Competitions
      Add weapon spec warning to CS
      Update cluster processed notification
      Minor fixes
      Some adjustments to word counting algorithm
      'Skip last opponent' config option for ACC open challenge competitions
      Allow Regent to administer DC possessions
      Allow Regent staff to purge store inventories
      NPC Armory
      Inventory Tweaks
      Misc fixes
      Regent tool tweaks
      Hotfix: link to item path from public inventory rather than item management path
      [REDACTED] tweaks
      Show all [REDACTED] on [REDACTED], not just active ones
      Allow managing [REDACTED] for inactive [REDACTED]
      Send out notification e-mails on gaming activity comments
      Allow Regent staff to manage NPC armory inventory
      Hide non-DC e-mail addresses to members not in a unit
      Fix 500 error when trying to comment on an unsubmitted gaming match
      Fix ACC Hall API throwing 500 error when encountering deleted dossiers
      Minor bugfix for a bug that occurred when trying to edit a very old news post originally posted by a deleted dossier
      Fix space in member email link
      Minor bugfixes; show item worth on account overview
      Rogues activity overview for DC members
      Minor bugfix for rogues overview
      Display Skill/FP tier on CS using popover
      Add some table indices to speed up Herald backend tools
      Fix lists inside competition prompts being treated as 'lists inside lists' by the CSS
      Fix dossier infinite loading bug
      Make unit and [REDACTED] pages a bit more mobile friendly
      Fix Win/Loss overview breaking on deleted dossiers
      Add link to Report Writing Guide to News Management
      Allow Voice to manage Dark Council NPC Roster
      Breakdown several stats detail pages in all ranks vs JM and up
      Calculate current character age on CS based on approval date and age at approval date

On the Horizon

This section provides some sneak previews of upcoming site changes and the larger things on the Seneschal Office's todo-list in various stages of completion, in no particular order.

  1. SA Revamp
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ (On hold pending some GFX items from the Herald)
    *An effort by the SA staff to streamline the organization of the Shadow Academy and make it easier to get to and find information, and to create a more focused new member experience. *
    This is done on the coding side. The only thing left to roll out is a revamp of the SA landing page that will replace the current "Message from the Headmaster". This new landing page will feature some GFX that's currently being worked on by Vyr and his staff.

  2. Skins
    Status: ▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold until after GJW)
    Integration of Possessions Items with Dossier Graphics.
    Coding has not yet been started, but Vyr and I have brainstormed a lot on how this is going to work. I'm probably picking this up after the GJW.

  3. Possessions: Item Upgrades
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold pending content)
    A proposal to implement Upgrades, which basically can be described as pre-written aspects provided by the Regent Staff (members can't submit custom versions), that don't necessarily need to have a downside like regular Item Aspects.
    This is currently on hold at Evant's request until the Regent staff has enough decent content to drop into this feature. Once this is the case, this should be fairly easy to implement as we can leverage the existing Item Aspect infrastructure.

  4. Graphics Society
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold pending Society Development)
    A new Society to provide our artistically capable members with a new outlet of creativity and activity.
    This is currently on hold until the final details, point values and rewards for the society have been worked out. Once this is done, translating everything into Promotheus rules should be fairly easy.

  5. Recruitment Incentive System
    Status: ▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ (Brainstorming)
    Additional incentives to recruit your friends to the Brotherhood
    This is currently in the brainstorming phase. See the latest GM report for more information.

  6. Random Bug fixes and Things That Come Up™
    A wild Dark Council member appeared. It uses Feature Request!

  7. The big "When we get to it" list
    Random small or less small things the Seneschal office tackles when they have spare time. Feel free to mail/message me with any suggestions for this list.

    • Re-work character sheet states to bring them in line with competitions (so withdrawing a sheet doesn't render it unavailable anymore)
    • Look into ways of letting people know their CS metadata (name, unit, saber) is out of date before taking snapshots or issuing an ACC challenge
    • Ability to restrict an ACC venue to a specific Hall or set of halls
    • Blind competition grading feature


As always, we've seen lots of fixes and additions being applied to the site, and even more interesting things to come. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me, Telegram me, or throw in a comment.

James L. Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood


updates changelog site changes

Hello yes, this is Wally. Just wanted to drop a quick update so everyone can see what's going on with the Voice's Office. New Magistrate Selected: TuQ'uan Varik! We had a lot of great applications from various units and from members...

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Hello yes, this is Wally. Just wanted to drop a quick update so everyone can see what's going on with the Voice's Office.

New Magistrate Selected: TuQ'uan Varik!

We had a lot of great applications from various units and from members with varying experience in the club. This was really encouraging to see, as it shows that the Brotherhood as a whole is continuing to move to a great place where all units feel like they can have a say in how systems are shaped and formed. It is my hope that these applicants will be able to help out with smaller tasks that pop up for the Voice Staff. That said, my project work is going to take a backseat to GJWXII administration and writing, but there is always work to be done and we'll do our best to get as many people involved as we can!

I've personally reached out to every applicant through either Telegram or Email. I've spoken with two members on why I made the decision that I did, and am happy to speak with anyone else if they have questions or concerns. Just shoot me an email or a PM on Telegram. Always happy to talk about my process.

In the end, Atty, Braecen, and I all agreed and made the call.

That said, I can only field one Magistrate position at this time. So without further ado, I'd like to welcome TuQ'uan Varik to the Voice Staff.

Atty has already staked a claim on her new bestfriendforever servant Magistrate, and will work with Braecen to get him up to speed with CS and Competition queue procedure.

Quick Hits

As usual, let us know if you have any issues or questions with this. You can always reach the Voice team at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Expect the release of [The New Order] Chapter 5, which will serve as the Finale to the Undesirables story arc that has been the central plot-line for the Brotherhood. Following that release, expect a Voice report from me containing more details on what type of Fiction related events and activity you will see in the upcoming War.

Wait did he say War? Yes he did, other Wally. Yes he did.


That is all. Thank you.



fanfiction writing great war fiction new magistrate wiggle sith jedi

Introduction Howdy, boys and girls! We've got a lot going on, with an upcoming war, Clan and House projects, and the next evolution of our recruitment drive. So without further ado, let's dive right in! Table of Contents * Introduction * ...

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Howdy, boys and girls! We've got a lot going on, with an upcoming war, Clan and House projects, and the next evolution of our recruitment drive. So without further ado, let's dive right in!

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Projects
  3. News
  4. Competitions
  5. Awards
  6. Promotions
  7. Transfers
  8. Aedile Alley
  9. Crescent Leaderboard
  10. Closing Words



The recruitment drive has been our main focus the last month. While the going is still slow, we are gradually catching the attention of people who aren't members. As a refresher for those who aren't familiar with the project, we are utilizing social media to hook new and active members for our House. Currently, we have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel. I'll link them below and I highly encourage everyone to follow and share the content around.

So far we mostly share all things Star Wars as well as some topics about the House and DJB. New to the drive is an interview series where we sit down for 5 minutes with a Qel-Droman and ask them some questions. This gives visitors to our pages an inside look from people who are already actively enjoying the club. We are always looking for new content to share, and we encourage you to send us any fictions, art, etc. that you wish to publish there. We also call out for any content ideas, video series, themed talks for Facebook and Twitter, and so on. If you have an idea shoot Zujenia an email (and copy Terran) with the subject "HQD Recruitment Drive". We are working on a few competitions focused on building some Recruitment Drive content. So keep an eye out for those.

Lastly, we welcome any volunteers to help keep posts flowing daily and maintaining the platforms. A 24 hour turnaround on messages, daily posting, and a fun, friendly, and open-minded attitude is what we strive for on the team. If interested, let Zuj know.

Blow Up



  • War is coming!
    • Yes, you heard us correctly. War is officially starting on October the 13th as stated by our Grand Master. So sharpen those blades, clean those barrels, and shine them knuckles! We got a war to win! Lasty, check out the updater Vendetta wiki page linked in the report.
  • [The New Order] Chapter 4 - Order
    • A brand new, shiny with that fresh smell, Brotherhood fiction update! Find out the closure to the Undesirables’ arc, interesting and scandalous relations between some members of different clans, a look into how the Howlander panda runs his office, and more. Go, go, read!
  • Help Wanted! ACC Judge
    • The Combat Master is looking to fill one of his judge slots. If you are interested in the ACC center and want to learn from the other side, or add a helping hand in discussions on the system, go apply! Closes Saturday Sept. 23rd.
  • Proconsul_
    • PCON application time has closed and the Summit are pressing their heads together on who next will take the helm of second in command. Keep an eye, ear, and foot out for an announcement in the near future.



  • Selen Development Project
    • Arcona’s base planet, Selen, has been barren in its wiki presence. Thus, Atty and Kord have called out for new material! Help us develop this important planet to us, and flush out the fact it not only hosts our mysterious clan but a whole other society! Don't hesitate to give them material for any closed comps either!
  • Secret Sibling
    • Organized by the Ryn next door, this comp focuses on family. Interesting what one may develop when it comes to backstories. Have fun!
  • Pictures In The Sound-5
    • The token art plug. This series has been a big favorite in the art community with folks of all skill levels. Listen to a selected piece of music and draw what it makes you feel.
  • Jedi Academy Guns Server Test
    • We recall way back some hopeful comments for a gun only server on JA. Well it looks like the Drac pool has heard you! Go and help out with the testing! Make JA a better game again.

Good Is Not Nice

Additional competitions can be found in the Competition Center.



Leeadra Halcyon


Rrogon Skar

Lucine Vasano



  • Lucine has been promoted to Equite I! Well earned and deserved. Thank you Lucine for all you do!
  • Kelviin has been promoted to Equite I! This Wookiee who is always giving with his puns and joy deserved some giving right back!

Congratulations to the both of you!



  • Constantine has joined us and has been an active member of Voidbreaker. Glad to have you!




Aedile Alley

Hey all you wonderful folks!

We have over three weeks till the countdown to war ends. Our wits are sharp and we’re prepared to dig deeper. With the days to come, I intend to go undercover and harass interview the old ones on the best practices, tips, and tricks they have gathered through their war-torn years. I'll release these tales onto the undercona market within the Arcona War room. Bring paint and let's redecorate that chat with teal, the color of Qel-Droma. If you aren't in that chat yet, kick down my door and politely holler for me to add you! Because by goblins, everyone should embrace the soft but creepy light of burning corpses pouring out of that room! Well, that and the abundance of good advice and easy access to proofers. Like, how the underworld do we do a battleplan!

I would like to give a shout out to Constantine. He has been a huge help with the recruitment drive, taking over our Twitter page and flinging out exciting news at our Facebook page. Thank you, Const, for all you do. Mentioning the Recruitment drive, keep your eyes peeled in the near future for a recruitment drive-related event that will have you dishing out creative content series ideas in a quick and light competition. Participants will have an chance for their entries to become official on our social platforms and be given the opportunity to help run them. So bring your thinking caps, the ones splashed in rainbows and glitter, and get those ideas cracking!

Remember, my door is always open. Don't hesitate to hit me up with any questions, concerns, ambitions, or just to talk. Got a competition idea? Let me be your soundboard. And most importantly, follow your dreams!

We're the Crew

May the Force be with you,



Crescent Leaderboard

Below you will find the numbers used to determine the scoring and the leaderboard itself.

  • Diamond: 7
  • Ruby: 6
  • Amethyst: 5
  • Sapphire: 4
  • Emerald: 3
  • Topaz: 2
  • Quartz: 1
Member   Points
Kelviin 16
Tali 15
Lucine 14
Zujenia 14
Edema 10
Luka 2


Closing Words

There you have it, Qel-Dromans! We're looking at a War in less than a month. The recruitment drive is live and ramping up, with lots of work from both Zuji and Constantine (great job, guys!), and both Kordath and Atyiru are working on expanding Selen and the Dajorra system. There's a ton of opportunities for you all to help out, and a ton of opportunities coming up for you all to prove exactly how badass Arcona is and why we continue to be the First Clan of the Brotherhood. So get out there and show everyone else in the Brotherhood just how awesome you are!

Smash and Grab

But I believe in every one of you. Let's do it!

Augur Terran Koul
Quaestor, House Qel-Droma


hqd arcona report

Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

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The Leviathan Raid will be live on the site this evening, once I’m home from work. There’s a bit of a change to how raid submissions work for Destiny 2, so please pay attention to the details!

The raid is extremely challenging and time consuming. I won’t get into the mechanics or details of the encounters here, because some of our PC crowd is avoiding spoilers like the plague and will want to go in blind. The only thing I will highlight are the defined encounters, so you know what you have to complete in order to get credit for the event.


Potential, but unavoidable spoilers for the raid follow:

There are four key encounters for the Leviathan Raid:

  • The Bath House
  • The Pleasure Gardens
  • The Gauntlet
  • The Throne Room

These four encounters are the only events that will count for submission. Because raids are difficult and sometimes not completed in a single sitting, I have set the system up to allow you to submit for the number of encounters you complete. So, if you do all four encounters, you get full credit for the raid. If you only do one, the modifier will only give you a portion of the raid’s CE value equivalent to one quarter of a raid completion.

Here’s the setup:

  • Leviathan Raid: 30 CE base value

Modifiers: * One encounter complete: x.25

  • Two encounters complete: x.5

  • Three encounters complete: x.75

  • Four encounters complete (Full Clear): x1

Additional Modifiers:

  • 2-3 DB Members present: x1

  • 4-5 DB Members present: x1.1

  • 6-9 DB Members present: x1.2

  • Hard Mode: x1.5

So, if you do the math, the maximum CEs you can earn from the raid is 54. That’s a full clear, hard mode (when it is active), and a 6 DB member raid crew. There is no limit on the number of times you can submit for the raid. If you and your raid crew are only able to clear a single encounter, you can submit for that. If you take four days and use checkpoints to clear all four encounters, the math still only adds up to 54 CEs. If you start a fresh raid four times and only clear the first encounter all four times, once again, the best you can earn is 54 CEs.

As always, screenshots must show all individuals that are part of the submission, and all PSN IDs, XBox Gamertags, and IDs must be listed on members’ dossiers.

If you have any questions, please email the Fist staff or send me a PM on Telegram.


That’s all for tonight. Keep on gaming!




destiny 2

Introduction CALLING ALL ASSASSINS OF TA! THE SEPTEMBER REPORT IS HERE! LET'S DO THIS! News Not too much has happened since the last report. The official start date for the GJW has been declared! Get ready folks! Oct. 13th will be upon us...

Read More …






Not too much has happened since the last report. The official start date for the GJW has been declared! Get ready folks! Oct. 13th will be upon us before we know it! We gotta make CSP proud!

Kylex and I are working towards establishing headquarters for TA in the new system. We have a long-run idea of what TA will have, but we have to take it slowly. Currently, our main goal is to get TA's primary base of operations established. More information will be provided the further we get into making everything a reality.

Lastly, Rasilvenaira StormRaven has taken up the position of Aedile, while Jorm has become the Leader for the new Battle Team, Lemniscate. Congrats to you two! It’s a pleasure to be serving with you.

Recognition and Awards

So much activity from you guys along with so many shinies and accomplishments! Let’s begin!

  • Lucyeth- awarded 1st place for "The Horror In the Dark", "Stop, Drop, and Retrieve"

  • Koryn Palpatine Thraagus- awarded 1st place for “TA Member Puzzle: Koryn Thraagus”, “TA Member Puzzle: Katyusha Neige"; 2nd for “TA Member Puzzle:Kylex”, “TA Member Puzzle: Brandon Tarsus”; and received a Steel Cross

  • Zehsaa Hysh- awarded 2nd place for "[Art 4 Arx] Continent III: Sorasu Desert", "[Art 4 Arx] Continent I: Elos Vrai", "[DC Event] Art 4 Arx"; 3rd for "[Art 4 Arx] Continuent II: Uskil"; and received a Dark Cross.

  • Derek Cinn- awarded 1st place for "[Daybreak] Flash Game Phase 1", "Care to Explain?"; 2nd for "Stop, Drop, and Retrieve", "{CSP} The More You Know", "[Excidium] Royal Chamber Decor"; and received a Steel Cross

  • Levi Zetta- awarded 1st place for "Member Hunt 2017 #7", "Member Hunt 2017 #8", “TA Member Puzzle:Kylex”, “TA Member Puzzle: Brandon Tarsus”, "[Excidium] Royal Chamber Decor"; 2nd place for "[Excidium] Caption This 1", “TA Member Puzzle: Koryn Thraagus”, “TA Member Puzzle: Katyusha Neige”, "Care to Explain?"; and 3rd for "[Excidium] Caption This 2"

  • Katyusha Neige- awarded 3rd place for “TA Member Puzzle:Kylex”, “TA Member Puzzle: Koryn Thraagus”, “TA Member Puzzle: Katyusha Neige”

  • Angel Snow- awarded 1st place for "Member Hunt 2017 #9"; 2nd for "The More You Know #4", "Member Hunt 2017 #10", "Scout's Honor!", "CDW:AUT/WIN 2017 - Character Concept I - Cliché"; 3rd for "{CSP} The More You Know", "Member Hunt 2017 #11", "Member Hunt 2017 #14"; received a Dark Cross; received a Dark Maven in Philosophy; elevated to SA rank IV: Junior; and reached Inquisitor rank I.

Congrats, assassins! I’m really proud of you!

Announcements and Reminders

Again, the GJW will be happening this coming October. Till then, there are some competition opportunities as well as some project opportunities. Alara is looking for anyone willing to help out with the House Excidium wiki. If interested, please contact her and I’m sure she’ll find a section for you to work on.

As to the comps, there are a few going on as well as one coming up for TA before the GJW begins. Remember, participation helps you get closer to promoting as well as provides a chance to get shinies.

CSP Comps

Excidium Comps

TA Comps

Coming Soon


My dear family of misfits and shadowy fiends, You continue to impress me, and I'm ever so proud to have all of you apart of this great family of assassins. I always look forward to chatting with ya'll in chat, and you guys continue to encourage me to work harder for all of you. With the GJW coming up, I know we can work together and give it our all. If any of you have questions or concerns about the GJW, especially if it's your first, please let Kylex and myself know, I've taken part in a few, and as much as there is a lot to do, you can still have fun. This is your chance to make a difference in CSP history. If you also have any questions regarding stuff for TA, I'd be happy to answer them. Remember to stay awesome, stay alert, and to have no mercy on haters. We're Tacitus Athanasius! We strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

Also, before I close, I'd like to thank Alara Deathbane for the header and footer graphics of this report. If you ever need any, she's the person to go to.

"The sharpest blades for the sharpest nights"

~Battle Team Leader, Shadow Nighthunter



Goodness! I’m actually in the report writing business now..! Who would have thought!! O.o; Well, I guess I should bid you all welcome to Battle Team Pellaeon’s very first report! My first 15 days of as Battle Team Leader have been about reaching...

Read More …


Pellaeon Report

Goodness! I’m actually in the report writing business now..! Who would have thought!! O.o;

Well, I guess I should bid you all welcome to Battle Team Pellaeon’s very first report!

My first 15 days of as Battle Team Leader have been about reaching out to House Imperium members to get a sense of what they’d like to see in a battle team, brainstorm ideas with them and the House Summit.

From the early comments I’ve been getting, people want varied competitions. They want: flash games, graphics, poetry, fiction, member hunts, multiplayer gaming, fiction writing -- You name it! They also want to compete with other clans or DJB members and develop some friendly rivalries.

In that time, I have also been quietly plotting with our sister battle team’s leader: Wagglehorn.



So my dear compatriots, we have listened, and we have designed a two-part package of competitions designed to get your creative juices going!

I am VERY EXCITED to announce the Down the Rabbit Hole competition that is going on from NOW until October 8! As well as Down the Rabbit Hole (Part 2) coming to you shortly after the end of the Great Jedi War.

Battle Team lines have been drawn, and I’m hoping that those of you who are undecided will pick sides (mine)! Therefore, we purposely made the competitions accessible to everyone in Imperium, because we wanted to give you all a feel for the new battle teams.

It’s now time to get involved; get hyped, and sink your teeth into these competitions as they will define who we are as battle teams going into the war, and what our characters / battle teams will become!

Competitions & Training:

As everyone benefits from training (myself included), might I recommend:


Battle Team Administration Section

This section will eventually cover Battle Team specific member shout outs. As the battle team is relatively new, I don’t have much to report here other than wanting to welcome Novosi Shim and Ulfsark for being brave enough to jump onto the Battle Team band wagon with me! I think we’ll be doing pretty awesome stuff together, but that’s just me! ^.^

Future reports will include:

  • Rewards and Recognition Section: to highlight accomplishments of members in various competitions, highlight merits and other awards, as well as other milestones or achievements.

  • AskTheBTL / Question and Answers Section: I suppose I should be fielding questions... hah!

  • Roster Moves Section: Where we’ll highlight the arrival new members!

Getting to Know the Battle Team Leader:

Since this is our first official report, I also wanted to share a little bit about myself too.

I am 41 years old, have three children with my ex, and two stepchildren with my love interest of 2 years. We have another one on the way, which means March 2018 will be a very interesting month when the 6th (and hopefully final) child is finally with us. My children range from ages 6 to 12 years old, and they all keep me fairly busy. We’re starting cubs with some of the younger ones this week, and the eldest is interested in the Air Cadets. I hope to volunteer in some capacity with either group, but time will tell..!

My first job out of high school was with the Canadian Naval Reserve as a Naval Combat Information Operator. That got me my security clearance and I eventually joined the Public Service where I have been working in some capacity or another since the mid-90s, though officially since 2001 (I actually saw the twin towers falling on my first assignment)!

I’m also a Real Estate investor with two properties under my belt, and have a Tarot reading business on the side. I hope to have enough properties/money to retire early from the public service by the age of 45.

If you have questions (personal or otherwise), feel free to email or contact me. I have a wide range of experience and assorted wisdom given my eclectic service record, and I’m happy to help in any capacity that I can.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


reports imperium pelleaon battle team

Hey Team, It’s just past the midway point of September and been about two months since my last report. In this report, I am going to cover the activity since my last report, available competitions to participate in and more. But first I wanted to...

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Hey Team,

It’s just past the midway point of September and been about two months since my last report. In this report, I am going to cover the activity since my last report, available competitions to participate in and more.

But first I wanted to start out by saying thank you to the Nighthawk team. It’s been a lot of fun to be back in the Battleteam and have the opportunity to interact on a “small” scale, so to speak. There is nothing like the environment of a good group of people in a Battleteam. Tt makes the Club more enjoyable. It makes you want to log in and see what’s going on, see what’s been posted, and what you have to shake your head at (I’m looking at you Ernor).

While I am very glad to be back in the team, I want to stick to my promise that my time as BTL would be short. I am still seeking interest from anyone who would like to step into the Captain’s chair and take over for me. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being a Battleteam Leader. But I’m at a point in my DJB career where I want to be helping leaders in these roles, not necessarily fulfilling the role myself.

If you have concerns, or questions or interest (whether you are Nighthawk currently or not), let me know. I’m happy to help answer any questions and get you on a path toward leadership. My time as BTL, Aedile and Proconsul have been some of the most rewarding opportunities I’ve had in the club and I genuinely hope to be able to help others down that path.


Activity Records between (7-22-2017 and 9-17-2017)

Major Kharoc Garrlan

  • Participated (ACC) - 1
  • Participated (Total) - 1
  • Clusters of Ice - 4

Reaver Marè Littus

  • Participated (Regular) - 1
  • Scrolls of Foundation - 3

Warlord Ood Bnar

  • Participated (Container) - 1
  • Scrolls of Foundation - 7

Knight Rodimus Morell

  • Participated (Gaming) - 1
  • Participated (Container) - 1
  • Crescent with Amethyst Star - 1
  • Cluster of Ice - 2

Battelord Rulvak Qurroc

  • Participated (Container) - 5
  • Participated (Gaming) - 4
  • Participated (Timed) - 5
  • Participated (Brackets) - 1
  • Participated (Regular) - 11
  • Anteian Cross - 1
  • Crescent with Diamond Star - 4
  • Crescent with Ruby Star - 6
  • Crescent with Amethyst Star - 1
  • Pendant of Blood - 5
  • Cluster of Fire - 369
  • Cluster of Earth - 803

Augur Uji Tameike

  • Organized - 4
  • Co-Organized - 1
  • Participated (Container) - 5
  • Participated (Gaming) - 3
  • Participated (ACC) - 1
  • Participated (Timed) - 1
  • Participated (Brackets) - 2
  • Participated (Regular) - 6
  • Crescent with Amethyst Star - 1
  • Crescent with Sapphire Star - 1
  • Cluster of Fire - 49
  • Cluster of Earth - 207

Savant Xenna Azara

  • Participated (Container) - 1
  • Participated (Brackets) - 1
  • Participated (Regular) - 6
  • Crescent with Amethyst Star - 1
  • Cluster of Earth - 40


Arcona - Selen Development Project

Selen, our capital world, the home of the Clan, the place half of us hang our robes. Settled after the Exodus, Arcona has been on Selen for a good while now. So what do we have to show for it? We have the Citadel and a few cities on the wiki.

We can do better than that.

The purpose of the Selen Development Project is to flesh out the locales and the world of Selen. This means creating local venues, such as shops, services, restaurants, parks and everything that makes day to day life worth living in a city.

Each month (barring the first, which will get the ball rolling), we’ll be running a number of competitions to this effect.

These will include:

  • Venue/locale Creation (for wiki use, not ACC)
  • Development of NPCs for said venues
  • Art associated with the venues for the wiki pages
  • Fictions centered on the venues and NPCs populating them
  • Other competitions as things develop, perhaps even mapmaking

There will be awards monthly for the competitions ran, though there is no overall reward associated with this project.

But! You will be helping breathe life into one of Arcona’s primary settings, and your creations (with permission) may be put into wiki format and become a part of the Clan’s prospectus. This is a chance to shape one of the worlds we live on, and that’s neat.

Battlefront Cluster Race Send Off - 6 days remaining

September Mobile Gaming - Color Switch - 13 days remaining


Rulvak Qurroc awarded the Anteian Cross

With nineteen competitions participated in and seven Crescents, including two Diamond, two Ruby, and three Amethyst, Rulvak hasn't let up in his semi-retirement from leadership. In the three months since his Steel Cross, he's also picked up a Pendant of Blood, Seal of Loyalty and two hundred and forty Clusters of Fire, along with five hundred and seventy-nine Clusters of Earth. He also passed an Academy course. All said, I'm proud of his activity and am thankful that he's stuck around to be an awesome member and Clan mate. So here's an Anteian Cross, Rulvak, because you keep being awesome!

Kordath Bleu

House Galeres, Quaestor


Not a ton to cover here. To be honest, I have not had the energy or thought processing ability to do much with the wiki at this point. Gaming continues to dominate our activity (#Destiny2isgreatyoushouldbuyit) and we have Star Wars Battlefront II right around the corner that a lot of folks are excited for (#FighterSquadron4life).

The Great Jedi War is impending next month and should be getting started right around the middle of October. For further details go here: - I’m not sure who among us has been involved in a GJW before but they can be a long of fun.

I’m not going to delve too deeply into lore for the ship or crew at this point, as the Battleteam consists of folks who primarily seem to enjoy gaming. Now, if someone is interested in the lore behind the vessel, the crew, etc - I’d be happy to work with them via TG or email to hash things out. It’s just not something I am able to do solo at this point. I’m a collaborative writer at best these days and without someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m pretty damn well useless.

So bear that in mind, future applicants for BTL. I want someone to replace me who is more capable than I am at sitting down and getting some writing done. I’m too prone in my retirement to want to sit down and game instead.

Continue having fun, engage with your fellow members and I will end with a huge shoutout to members of our sister house Qel-Droma - Lucine Vasano and Kelviin for their elevation to the Equite ranks this week! Excellent work to both of you and may you continue to rise within the ranks!



leadership destiny 2 battleteam report nighthawk

EDIT: The PRO BOWL placements in the text & the data on the full results image have been updated to reflect entries that were not included in the scoring at the time of the initial publication of results. Introduction You may notice that this...

Read More …



EDIT: The PRO BOWL placements in the text & the data on the full results image have been updated to reflect entries that were not included in the scoring at the time of the initial publication of results.


You may notice that this report is going up a bit later than usual, but it was decided that I was going to hold off on my report this month until the results for the just completed Pro Bowl event with Taldryan were released. As such, given that the 15th is usually Arden's day to post his Rollmaster report, you can expect to see that report posted on the 25th of this month. Of course, we've got some big news updates this month between Pro Bowl results and a date for the Great Jedi War, so let's get too it.

Table of Contents


This month's art feature is a piece done a few months ago by KaRolding depeciting Buio. Horray for the trooper life!


Pro Bowl Results

Just as it was last year, the Pro Bowl was another success for Clan Plagueis. This time, however, we had Clan Taldryan along for the ride as well, so I hope that everyone enjoyed their time working with their fellow DB'ers from the Brotherhood within the Brotherhood. The basic results numbers can be seen below:


Beyond the numbers above, which highlight the top three finishers on each team, the top ten placements were also highly competitive:

  1. Laren Uscot - 195 points
  2. Selika Roh di Plagia - 193 points
  3. Kelly Mendes - 184 points
  4. Misium - 181 points
  5. Rhylance - 178 points
  6. Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj - 177 points
  7. Furios Morega - 175 points
  8. Arvalis Raith - 172 points
  9. Rian Taldrya - 172 points
  10. TuQ'uan Varick - 170 points

You'll notice one tie in those rankings. Between Arvalis and Rian the tie was broken on our first tie breaker: total entries. Full competition by competition results have been posted to the website, and can be seen via the container competition page on the DJB site.

Breaking down the overall participation numbers for Plagueis, the Clan generated 291 total entries across the 25 different events. House Ajunta Pall was the more prolific of our two Houses with 142 entries to Karness Muur's 76, with The Ciricle generating 25 (and the balance coming from our three House-less Clan summit members). In addition, Plagueis alone generated sufficient entries to cross the 10 entry threshold in every event save 4, and three of those saw us generate 9 competition entries. Additionally, we saw 19 unique participants across the Clan submit entries. So, all in all, it was another solid competitive effort for the Ascendant Clan.


Great Jedi War XII

Now that the Pro Bowl is completed, the next thing that should be on your collective radar is the upcoming Great Jedi War. We have received our dates for the war, which will run from October 13th, 2017 until November 19th 2017. Unlike our Clan competitions that run all out for their duration, the Great Jedi War will have an "off week" in the middle to allow members to rest and recharge between competitive rounds.

There are a lot of new twists and turns coming for this new vendetta, and the Clan leaders and Dark Council have been very busy working on things behind the scenes. As we get closer to the street date for the competition, I'll be relaying what information I can to all of you about what you can expect this time out of the gate.


Brotherhood News

Position Applications


Adapt, Ascend, Avail



plagueis clan report pro bowl

For older news, please visit our News Archive