A hearty but chilly spring greetings to you all and welcome to yet another installment of the Clan Naga Sadow Rollmaster's Report. As you are doubtlessly aware, we are almost a third into the wonderful New Ties cooperative event with Clan...

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A hearty but chilly spring greetings to you all and welcome to yet another installment of the Clan Naga Sadow Rollmaster's Report. As you are doubtlessly aware, we are almost a third into the wonderful New Ties cooperative event with Clan Tarentum, but things churn on in the background despite the joint awesomeness. Our Clan continues to make their Rollmaster proud, and members continue to impress me with their efforts across a plethora of fields. As the weather gets prettier out, I am sure that we will all be out enjoying the warmer temperatures, but I hope that you will remember to come back and enjoy your time with all the rest of your wonderful Clan-folk. Without any further ado, let us get into the meat and potatoes of this report so that we can all get back to showing our awesome potential in New Ties!

News and Happenings Across the Brotherhood

  • The Fist has released a new report detailing a new platform, new magistrates, and highlighting gaming opportunities.
  • The FIST's Praetor has also released a report highlighting some games and related changes I hope you have already checked out.
  • Sang announced the start of New Ties. (Are you sensing a pattern here?)
  • Shar Dakhan's Battle Team Leader released a report for your consumption.
  • Before I forget Drac also received a Sapphire Blade for his service as the FIST
  • Darkhawk has released a report for the Nigth Hawks over in House Marka Ragnos.
  • Meanwhile the Aedile of Marka Ragnos has also reported about goings-on in HMR
  • How has provided us with another report, this one dealing with recommendations, competition grading and also highlighted some awards some of our fellow Sadowans earned. Go read it!
  • Oh, very much worth mentioning is that Heroes of the Storm is also now officially a supported platform for Dark Brotherhood gaming. Get out there, and crank our matches like the mad people I know you all are. Take full advantage of this new platform to show the awesomeness that are our Sadowans!
  • Finally, a "brief" digest of Star Wars-y goodness has been released (spoiler warning) of content from our galaxy far, far away that I highly suggest you go and check out.

News Closer to Home

That isn’t to say that Clan Naga Sadow has been completely quiet either, though. These are in no particular order, as my email is a bit of a jumble, but here we go!

This is just a small screenshot of things to occur on the Naga Sadow scene. If you like this section, see I missed something (it is always possible) or would like to see something else here either instead or in addition, feel free to tell us so in the comments below. This section is nice in that it allows me to highlight more than my primary charge of Journeyman.

Master-Student Program

I am a bit surprised that you all don't get tired of hearing from me about how the Master-Student Program is the lifeblood of future generations of Sadowans to grow from. I can speak from experience that my former Master and my then-Rollmaster and Quaestor all worked to make my early days in Clan Naga Sadow and Shar Dakhan very enjoyable. The master-apprentice system is the lifeblood of our system- older members giving support and feedback to our newer members to help enrich their experience.

New members can be paired with an experienced member who has been right where they are at now. This program also helps us to retain members who might otherwise look and wonder where they can fit into the odd band that is CNS and the Brotherhood. As such, I urge our pre-JM4 members to use their experience, freely given to help find your place and fun. Who knows, you just might make a new friend, as I did in my former master, among others.

If you are interested in taking part as either Master or Student, click this handy link and fill out the form. As openings become available, your friendly, neighborhood Rollmaster will pair members up. It is a tad more detailed than the previous iterations of the form, but this just helps my office to match members together better, so no fear!


This section is where I plug the things that you all can take part in an enjoy. Oh, did I forget to mention that New Ties is going on? Well, just in case, we are about a third through New Ties and I encourage our members to take part in New Ties to show just how awesome Clan Naga Sadow can be. This is not your traditional competitive event, being a chance to grow closer with our fellow Clan and club members, but that is no reason not to take part in the fun! So, go on already. Click this link to check out the many competitions of New Ties!

Also going on is the slightly less prominent but still fun Trials of the Black Guard is also going on. It is about half-way done at the time of writing this report, but that leaves plenty of opportunities to participate. The Trials include PVP gaming, PVE gaming, graphics, writing, Battle Plan planning and a puzzle competition. The overall competition gives our members a chance to score some second level crescents as well as allowing our non-Summit members the chance to serve as a member of the esteemed Order of the Black Guard.

Although it is nearly over, members have the chance to write an alma mater for the Shadow Academy, write a fiction about a night on the town, the Master at Arms is running another Puzzle comp, you can write about an uneasy alliance with a rival, you have the chance to write a possibly reality where you are thought to be the last of your kind, or you can try to design your clothes as the theoretical Emperor of the Empire.

The Herald is also still running the Shroud War tournament while such staples as the Quarterly Gaming Challenge and Gorefest offer the usual challenges. Don't forget to take part in Lifeblood or the Voice Dialogue Series as long as you are scoping things out.

This all isn't enough for you? Well, there is the main competitions page to look at too. It changes frequently so check it regularly, or risk missing the fun. No joke. Click here. Do it. Do it now.

Journeyman Activity Report

It's that time of the month. Join me, and let's take a look at the activities and accomplishments of our Journeyman since March 3rd.

Marcus Nye

  • no observed activity

Har' Lei Rinou:


  • no observed activity


  • no observed activity

gujjar ge:

  • no observed activity


  • tranferred to Rogues. (Hopefully you return to us eventually)

Genris Vaitor:

  • no observed activity

Keten Maanhath:

  • no observed activity

Katsumi Yeigo:

  • no observed activity

Aiden Kyja:

  • transferred to Rogues (hope you return to us one day)

Aristo Tzadkiel:

  • no observed activity

Vexra Darkstone:

  • no observed activity


  • transferred to Rogues (hope to return to us somebody)

Motan Starblade:

  • no observed activity

Coas Jewell:

  • no observed activity (unless I missed you in Telegram?)

Ingram Thorpe:

  • no observed activity

Gabriel Cruvera:

  • no observed activity

Keten Maanhath

  • no observed activity

Sabe Baze:

  • transferred to Clan Tarentum (best of luck there)
  • changed name to Satre Pelles

Jayden Arken:

  • no observed activity

Marcinius Turrelles:

  • no observed activity

Jason Kane:

  • no observed activity

Leeadra Halcyon:

  • transferred off to Arcona (best of luck there)

Konar Auryus-Saas:

  • earned the before-mentioned Anteian Cross!

Kyrath Amaranthi

  • no observed activity


  • no observed activity

As spring ramps up, things are ramping up in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. We have New Ties (plug plug), the Trials of the Black Guard, the upcoming Great Jedi War and lots of things we haven't even seen just yet. There are always ways to take part. Things can be work/writing/creation on the wiki, writing some fiction on the discourse, gathering with your Sadowans in Heroes of the Storm to game a bit, playing Pazaak or Jedi Academy with others in the Gaming Channel, or taking part in any number of competitions that we all have available. With Heroes of the Storm now a chance to earn Crescents, for example, the range of activities you can take part of steadily increases. Take part excitedly in that fun to demonstrate yet another facet of your awesomeness as a Clan!

The Brotherhood is an awesome place to be. It can be even better when you find your niche to take part in. As ever, I encourage everyone, from the greatest Elder to the freshest Apprentice to find your own niche and drive that bit home. Some of you are more gifted with Graphics than narratives, or more quick on a game than you are to take part in

TLDR;points of interest

  • several Sadowans recieved awards and recognition

  • updates from various offices of the Brotherhood

  • New Ties

  • Trials of the Black Guard still going on

  • Sanguinius and Jax Bendal are our Consul-Proconsul team

  • congrats Evelyn Wyrm and Jurdan Krennel on Quaestor and Aedile respectively in House Shar Dakhan

  • stop reading the TL;DR and go read about awesome chances and accomplishments by our members!

Closing remarks

This club is an awesome place. There are more opportunities for fun than you can find in many other places. We all take part in this massive fictional world to make stories and experiences that are both wonderful and at times strange.

The defining part of that awesomeness is none of that, though. The thing that makes this place is awesome is all of you. I don’t mean only you, my sweet Sadowans. I mean every one of you. From the Grand Master clear down the newest initiate in the club make this a wonderful, spectacular community to be part of. The fond memories and stories that we create together that transcend any character we can fathom, close friends and frenemies alike locked in untold conflicts and cooperative affairs, they are all an important part of our Brotherhood, our fellowship.

Yes, that is an almost direct quote from my last report, but it makes it no less true. There are always events or competitions of varying scope going on and the only thing that limits your chance to take part is you.

Also, if you feel we are want for an event or an activity that you feel would be enjoyed? Contact myself and the rest of the Clan Summit, and we can consider adding a new event/competition so that you all have even more stuff you can do.

The Great Jedi War still looms just over the horizon. Join the rest and rock the space in between in the way that only Clan Naga Sadow can. If you need anything look to myself, to Sang or Jax, your respective Quaestors and Aediles, or even your Battle Team leaders and we will do what we are able. Lacking that, we will put you in contact with the folks who can do that which we cannot. Our purpose in our positions is ultimately to serve you, our membership.

As ever, if you need help, somebody to talk to, or whatever feel free to contact me as ever on Telegram or via my email- both which can be found on my profile. As ever, I am your Rollmaster and...

Your Servant in Shadows, Your Servant in Sadow,



rollmaster naga sadow new ties

Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

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Message from the Fist

Hello DJB! Welcome to my 7th (I know, right?) report as Fist of the Brotherhood.

I’ve got plenty to cover this month, and figured I should probably pull myself away from Mass Effect: Andromeda long enough to get this report done. I also normally put my reports out on the 1st of the month, but since there is actually some real news, I don’t want anyone to think the report is fake or a hidden joke. We have a long-awaited gaming addition, some new magistrates, some pendants, and a full list of competitions for you all to enjoy.

Over the past month the staff has run three different game tests, looking at Heroes of the Storm, For Honor, and an additional mode for Overwatch. I’ll let you read on for more HotS info, but based off the tests, For Honor and OW vs. AI will not be added at this time. Both of these tests failed due to lack of overall interest, but if interest ever peaks again, I’m more than willing to give them another go.

With that out of the way, and knowing my Xbox is waiting for me to return to the Andromeda Galaxy...let’s get to it!


New Magistrates Announcement!

Not long after becoming Fist, I decided that Magistrate positions would move from indefinite terms to six-month terms, changing over immediately after the completion of a GMRG quarter. This go around I had two open positions, with Irfy and Beef’s terms coming to a close. I can’t thank both of these men enough for what they have done for the club and for the Fist office over the duration of their terms.

With that, i am pleased to announce the two newest members of the Fist Staff:

Congratulations to Uji of Clan Arcona and Junazee of Clan Odan-Urr on their selection to serve as Magistrates for the next six months! Both have already joined the staff chat and are busy learning the ropes.

Thanks to all who applied. It was not an easy selection process, but I think Uji and Junazee have the right ideas as we move forward toward the Great Jedi War and beyond.

The next application period will open up in June. I encourage you to apply, even if you are not the greatest or most prolific gamer. This is an opportunity to learn about the systems and to serve on a DC-level staff.

Congrats to the new team members, and thanks again to Irfy and Beef for their service to the Fist office.


More Fist Bot Updates!

James is at it again. Effective immediately (as in about two weeks ago), you may now use the Fist Bot to re-queue against an opponent even if you have not played a full set of matches against that person. This is a member-driven change, based off your feedback and preferences. The match limits outlined in the Rites of Combat are still in effect, so you can’t requeue against the same person for the same game if you have already played a full 12 matches.

I’ll repeat what I said last month: Both parties will have to agree to be re-matched, so don’t accuse someone of match-dodging if they decide they would rather not ruin their PvP score by you are waffle-stomping in JA decides he doesn’t want to be re-matched with you after playing the minimum number of matches!


New Platform: Heroes of the Storm

I am pleased to announce the addition of Heroes of the Storm to our library of supported games. This game’s inclusion is an example of member-driven content addition. It is a well-known fact that I am not personally a fan of MOBAs, and after two failed tests for League of Legends and DOTA2, I didn’t think Heroes of the Storm would make it out of the testing phase.

I thought wrong.

The statistics for this test were staggering: Over thirty of you subscribed, and twenty-five of you actually participated. All but ONE clan had someone participate. Across all participants, nearly 400 screenshots were submitted. We had more data than we needed to prove this game met the requirements for support.

Effective immediately, Heroes of the Storm is live. There are two options for you to earn clusters in this game.

PvE: Vs AI Mode. Team up with your friends and take on some bots! Modifiers exist for each difficulty level! Beginner, Recruit, Adept, Veteran, and Elite.

PvO: Quick Match - Standard PvO mode ... 5 v 5 Human Teams no AI. Comparable to Destiny Crucible, Overwatch Quick Play, and Titanfall 2 Matchmaking

How to Submit:

Submit PvO Activity: -> Heroes of the Storm -> Quick Match (2 CFs per match)

Submit PvE Activity -> Heroes of the Storm -> Vs AI -> Difficulty Modifier Beginner/Recruit: 2 CE; Adept: 2.5 CE; Veteran: 3 CE; Elite: 4 CE)

As per protocol, there is a daily cap of 30 Clusters per day for both PvE and PvO activities.


FIST Sponsored Gaming Competitions

[FIST]1st Annual Flash Gaming

[FIST] 2nd Annual Mobile Gaming

[FIST] GMRG Gorefest 2017

[FIST] Quarterly Gaming Challenge Q2 2017 This goes live soon! Get those submissions in for the Q1 Competitions and prepare for the next round!

[FIST] Galaxy of Heroes Quarterly Squad Arena( Apr-Jun 2017 A friendly reminder: this competition will NO LONGER provide a weekly crescent. The overall winners for the quarter will earn first-level crescents.

[FIST] Diablo 3 Season 10 Greater Rift Ladder Remember these? Bringing them back due to popular demand. Pay attention to the competition details here! [FIST] Diablo 3 Season 10 Greater Rift Solo Tier How good are you? Test yourself in the highest possible solo Greater Rift you can complete. Highest tier completed wins!!!


DJB-Wide Gaming Competitions

Starcraft II - Co-Op Commander Uji is running a StarCraft II Co-Op event! Give it a go!


March Weekly and Saturday Pendant of Blood Awardees

Congratulations to the following individuals on earning Pendants of Blood for the highest overall PvP score for the weeks/Saturdays listed! all need to step up your game. Blade is crushing it!

Weekly PoBs

Saturday PoBs


  • DB Gaming on Telegram on Telegram. Come be part of the discussion in the one and only official gaming channel of the Dark Jedi BRotherhood!

  • Ask the Fist Google Form. Post a question here anytime, day or night, and either I or a member of my staff will try to answer it for you.

  • Send us an email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]



1) New Magistrates!

2) Another new gaming platform!

3) Blade won a LOT of PoBs.

4) Competitions. Competitions EVERYWHERE.

This club is built on member activity. Remember, your opinions and wishes matter. Heroes of the Storm is a key example of that. I might not like it, but you all do. And at the end of the day, that is all that really matters!

Keep on gaming!




magistrates mass effect heroes of the storm gaming starwars djb

Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

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Unknown Space,

35 ABY

The soft whirring of the engines droned on through the night as the duo sat in their cockpit, the Quarren staring out into the abyss of space while the bald Human slept silently. Lexiconus softly rubbed his chin and observed the nothing before him, as the passing of time forced his thoughts to turn.

He considered the progression of the House, the members and this outcome of their future, that their path was uncertain. He believed he was the best person for the job of commanding a collection of soldiers, but the strain was palpable on his mind. He’d seen it many times before, soldiers refusing his orders, commanders laughing in his face, the sight of privates doing as they please instead of following Sergeants. It was a nightmare on his mind.

“What are you staring at?” Jurdan looked up at the Quarren as his vision became clearer, his sleepy eyes widening. Lexiconus shook his head and sighed.

“Nothing, exactly nothing. The future that the Force has for me is unclear.”

“Well,” Jurdan replied as he stretched. “Maybe your judgement and perception is unclear and clouded. You seem to be overworked lately. More than usual, I mean.” Lexiconus changed the subject.

“So, where is this contact you are meeting?” A small blip appeared on the screen as a shuttle slapped from hyperspace and proceeded to dock with their ship. Jurdan quickly stood from the cockpit as the duo went to greet their visitors. The Quarren quickly followed behind while his grip tightened on his saberstaff, which made Jurdan weary.

The hissing and clunking of the docking procedures finally ended and the airlock opened to reveal a familiar woman standing with a Warhost commander. Before Lexiconus could move, the snap-hiss of her crimson lightsaber burst and cleaved its way through the Quarren’s chest. Blood trickled and spat from the cavity as the Quarren’s face grew pale, then dead. His corpse plummeted to the ground, while Jurdan watched with complete silence and shock.

“Jurdan Krennel? You have been chosen to join the Sadowans. Come with me.” Her tone cold and alluring, she turned and left her mess to rot. Jurdan couldn’t shake his eyes from the Quarren’s body, his mentor for months on end, simply carved and tossed aside.

Evelynn escorted Jurdan further into the shuttle, while the doors hissed shut and left the ship behind. As the man stared back at the ship, a single blaster cannon fired and shredded the grave of Lexiconus. The streams of light expanded as the shuttle slipped away into hyperspace.

IMS Tipoca II,

35 ABY

“The reports from our scouts are true - the Imperator’s ship was destroyed by a Sadowan. The hyperspace emissions match up to a ship owned by the Shar Dakhan unit.” Elincia finished her report, while G14 worked her technical magic in showing the model of ship.

Xen’Mordin quietly stewed these words, his fingers running across his cheek as his eyes darted across the monitors. His silence broken as his hand motioned for the protocol droid, the servant for this area of Tipoca, who limped towards the east door and disappeared.

“Naga Sadow will be served justice, but we have an immediate problem arising. I lost the only two leaders of Imperium, and there are no successors. What do we do, Elincia?” Xen’Mordin turned to his old ally, as his hand brushed against his stubble in silence. Doctor Rei had an idea, but it wasn’t a favoured one.

“There is a suitable option, Xen. I believe Mune has a viable candidate under his wing.” The Togruta shifted in her seat as she spoke of it. She heard rumours about this subject that Mune kept close, they weren’t pretty.

“Oh, I’ve heard of this beast,” Xen’Mordin stood and approached the observation window, his eyes scanning the void of space. He searched for a better answer to his problem, but the Force didn’t hide the truth. He needed an enforcer, someone capable of defending and protecting his laws and people. He needed a being capable of instilling fear and desperation into his enemies, into their hearts. To make them realise they are only mortal, compared to the power of his Empire. They needed a beast. Elincia raised a datapad to her face and began reading.

“While on an infiltration mission to the broken planet of Ilum, Mune came across a mining colony owned by Hutts slavers. Inside the main yard, he saw a riot beginning and a group of Wookiees began to attack and crush the guards. Mune said, and I quote, the Force bled from this particular Wookiee, like a half-bitten pear would bleed its juices. It sounds like this beast has the gift.” Elincia looked up to the Consul, who silently nodded in agreement.

“He sounds like our man, but is he capable of obeying orders?” Xen’Mordin turned back to the Grand Vizier and stared into her eyes. He needed this answer, more than anything else. It was the key placement of their success, a keystone. The eastern door slid open and Mune walked inside.

“Yes, he is very open to following your commands, Consul. We have a life debt.” Mune smirked.

“We?” Elincia’s brow raised in concern, but her questions were then answered.

The ground rumbled and vibrated as low thuds echoed through the corridor. A giant, black figure ducked under the doorway and rose to meet with the group, his eyes burning like a fire. With charcoal fur and a beard inlaid with golden chains, Wookiee appeared and felt in control.

While the protocol droid quickly limped back into the room, the Wookiee let out a loud but reserved growl, causing the droid to jump and fumble, and fell to his knees. Xen’Mordin’s eyebrow raised as he noticed an elite shock collar still attached to the Wookiee’s neck.

“Does he not feel free in your presence, Mune? What’s with the collar?” Xen’Mordin asked.

“My Emperor, that was his choice to keep it. The droid translated that it gives him the fury to win his battles.” Mune replied. Their eyes quickly darted to the collar, as a jolt of electricity surfaced and ran across the beast’s face. A small smile crept against his fur.

Xen’Mordin smiled back. This was a plan.


Just a quick update here folks! With a heavy heart, we say goodbye to Jurdan Krennel as he takes his place as House Shar Dakhan’s Aedile, we wish him all the luck he deserves!

This fiction update also shows us something else, as a far more sinister persona appears. For a while I have stewed over the reasons behind Lexiconus commanding a House of knowledgeable fighters and Imperials, and it did not seem logical to me. A more sinister and imposing figure seemed better fitting for the role, which is why you shall be looking at Imperator Yorzhul a Wookiee Sith hailing from the unknown.

If you’re unsure how he fits into this role, just think of Darth Vader but with 100% more fur. That’s what I do! ;)

Additionally, with the absence of a BTL I needed a replacement, and after careful study, scouting and communication, I have bestowed this honour onto Dek Ironius II, he will lead Shadow Guard for you now.




djb csp hi sg

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Following the (overwhelming) interest of the last Digest, it’s time for the second one! For those who didn’t catch the last one, you can find it here.

I would like to thank Aabsdu on submitting his review of Empire's End to the Voice staff to include in the Digest. As always, feel free to send your own reviews to the Voice staff for inclusion in the next installment! We’ll accept anything from book reviews to comics and shows.

What is the Star Wars Digest?

Brought to you from the Voice office, the Star Wars Digest is your monthly dose of the Star Wars universe. Covering all things from comics, movies and shows,  we will look into what each of these media add to the Star Wars canon. You can  expect to see mentions of characters, technologies, or species. However, we will refrain from talking in-depth about the plot for those who haven’t had the chance to read the latest comic book issues or see the latest episodes of Star Wars Rebels. That being said, we will use spoiler tags wherever something might be too revealing of the storyline—so watch out for those!


Empire’s End

Book Cover

Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, our first deep look at the immediate months following the Battle of Endor, comes to an epic conclusion in Empire’s End as Grand Admiral Rae Sloan, Gallius Rax, Norra Wexley, and crew race to the barren world of Jakku in anticipation of the final battle of the Galactic War. Wendig’s third outing is filled with legends material canonized, references to other Star Wars tales, and the same second person present tense writing style that will make or break your enjoyment of the novel.

Minor spoilers ahead…

If you did not enjoy the story or, more likely, the writing style of Aftermath and Life Debt you should expect nothing new here. Following the disastrous Imperial attack on Chandrila, the puppet master Gallius Rax has pulled all remaining forces to the Western Reaches world of Jakku, a harsh, barren world designed to harden his troops’ resolve. Our ragtag gang of Star Wars protagonists (a pilot, a bounty hunter, a child, a defector, a crazy droid) remains on the hunt for Grand Admiral Rae Sloan, unaware of her decline in power. Toss in a few subplots with Senator Leia, Han Solo, and Chancellor Mon Mothma (during an election cycle) and all plot lines converge in the sweeping third act Battle of Jakku.

On the New Republic side, much attention is given to the clash between heroes of the rebellion unable to transition out of wartime mindsets and a new wave of politicians scrambling for power. This theme lines up with the political landscape of Bloodlines, set two decades later, showing us that politicking is hard. Mon Mothma faces an election challenger via a senator with genuine intentions for democracy yet methods that reek of order and control. Freedom versus Order: core Star Wars philosophy.

While interesting, the plot line drags as a solid third of the novel is spent following Mothma and Leia’s attempt to get Senate approval to fight the Battle of Jakku. Wendig throws in a passing action sequence with Han Solo to spice things up, but the entire second act feels like filler when we know how things go down in the end.

The protagonists’ journey throughout the trilogy never quite hooked, though Life Debt was an improvement over Aftermath and Empire’s End serves as a nice capper. The inter-relationships and drama between Norra and her son, Snap Wexley of The Force Awakens and NBC’s Heroes, or the hard to care about romantic relationships of other crew members often comes across as delaying tactics to the meat we came for.

Indeed, you find yourself rooting for Sloan’s quest for revenge as, though her intentions remain pro-Empire, she becomes less menacing than the dominating outsider seeking to activate, as we learn, Darth Sidious’ contingency plan. Flashbacks reveal via a chess metaphor that Sidious took a “if the king dies, the entire board deserves to be wiped clean” attitude toward a post-Empire galaxy.


Little is revealed on the Republic end of things beyond the expected political drama, but we learn much about how the Empire transitioned into the First Order. Jakku is a clean slate maneuver meant to aid Rax in bringing about a rawer form of opposition. I will spare the immediate consequences for the reader, but we know from The Force Awakens the result is a fringe element concerned less with governing and more with chaos. Rax even gives an inspirational speech reminiscent of General Hux’s Nazi Starkiller send off.

The death of Palpatine at Endor revealed, in Sidious’ thinking, that galactic rule is not the right path for Sith power. The intertwining of Darth Sidious with the formation of the First Order also means that while the Knights of Ren are not Sith in and of themselves, the Sith are still connected to our journey thirty years later.

The Battle of Jakku is satisfying with the brunt of it taking place over what feels like days, though we learn the battle goes on for months. Admiral Ackbar leads the battle in space while Republic troops advance on an Imperial weapons facility that is, in truth, an ancient Sith Observatory similar to the temple on Malachor seen in Rebels and no doubt a plot location we will experience in future novels, books, TV shows, or even films. Again, I leave the revelations of Sidious’ plans to the reader, but no, Gallius Rax is not Supreme Leader Snoke (a character undoubtedly being saved for a cinematic reveal). Instead, the story leaves the early First Order leadership (including Hux’s father) in search of something mystical using an ancient Sith star chart ripped right out of KOTOR…sounds like set up!

Yes, we do experience the fall of the super star destroyer now buried in the sands of Jakku. The event is a moment of military maneuvering that would make Gareth Edwards proud.


As before, Wendig’s novels drag on plot but are filled with small details, new canon elements, and interesting character interludes that shine more light on the post-OT galaxy. Notably, an extended sequence covers how individuals across the galaxy are receiving creepy dark side visions from the Force and some of Darth Sidious’ priests have begun forming a cult to steal Sith artifacts. This group is called the Acolytes of Sith and is not immediately connected to the Empire or First Order, but clearly begins the story of the Knights of Ren.

Other interlude fun facts can be covered in list form:

Minor Spoilers

  • Coruscant remains under Imperial control; Mas Amedda is given a figurehead governorship after he formally surrenders the Galactic Empire Galen Erso and Director Krennic’s kyber crystal research gets name dropped
  • Armitage Hux has daddy issues, as if anyone who saw The Force Awakens could not have guessed. Rax makes Hux a commanding officer at a very young age, so the boy is walking entitlement
  • U-Wings take place in the Battle of Jakku
  • The Mandalorian War with the Republic is mentioned, post Rebels name drop, along with an ancient Sith armada that defeated the Republic (Revan style)
  • Ben Solo is born the day the Galactic Concordance is signed
  • Boba Fett’s armor is in the possession of a Tatooine sheriff and Malakili, still raising a Hutt baby
  • Wicket sent Leia a baby gift
  • Lando and Lobot return to Cloud City (post comic storyline) to continue as businessmen
  • Lando mentions hiring war refugees and they discuss a baby gift for Ben that might be setup for future tales
  • Luke Skywalker is roaming the galaxy is search of old Jedi teachings
  • Other cameos: Dengar, Embo, Jar Jar Binks, Chewbacca and son

Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy is unlikely to sit atop many “best nuCanon Star Wars novel” lists, but he has given us a rich development of lore in the year following Return of the Jedi that is ripe for Wookieepedia editors. While he tones down his uncommon writing style over the three novels, if you have trouble with Aftermath you may be better off reading plot summaries. The trilogy has been more relevant for its incorporation of numerous Legends people, places, names, and ideas, updates on characters post-OT, and, most importantly, crucial setup for the New Republic, First Order, Knights of Ren, and mysterious Snoke as we build toward the revelations of December’s The Last Jedi.

Purchase at Amazon


Han Solo

Cover Art

One of  the better series of the Marvel Star Wars comics, Han Solo competes in the dangerous race known as the Dragon Void Run, where Han Solo himself races against the most prominent and starship racers in the galaxy. Of course, the nature of a Han Solo series will include  several  new alien species—at least two.

Spoilers Inbound!

Regardless of being a cover for a rebellion-assigned mission, the Han Solo series of comics is a Cannonball Run-inspired mini-series written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Mark Brooks. Although Chewbacca retains the role of Han Solo’s copilot, the story focuses mostly on the smuggler’s persona more. It was interesting to gain some insight into what kinds of challenges Han Solo might have faced on the oft-mentioned Kessel Run the smuggler brags about whenever he can. Shining a light on Han’s feelings towards his allegiances between himself and his new role in the Rebellion (willing or not,) Marjorie created the conflict throughout the entire series between Han’s desire to finish the mission, or finish the race. After helping to blow up the Death Star, Han has tried to return to his smuggling ways; that is, until Princess Leia (assisted by her Zygerrian bodyguard, Selentia) asks for his help to uncover a Rebel spy turned traitor, it brings Han into an intergalactic race.

We are introduced to a new character of a dying race, Loo Re Anno, who is known in the comics as both the oldest and greatest racer in attendance. We are also introduced to a Pantoran intent on winning the race, even at the risk of using ‘illegal’ tactics, the Twi’lek Starshot Team, and various other characters competing against Han for the Dragon Void Run’s trophy. This comic also marks the re-appearance of both Elomin and Selonians into the new canon with the reveal of Dorae, a female spy for the Rebellion who shares a sour past with Han Solo.


Along the race, we see several dangerous obstacles; mines drawn to a starship’s signatures, a test of endurance and the Empire itself provides the excitement of the comic series. Although we are introduced to Loo Re Anno throughout, the comic’s conclusion unveils a gate at the end of the race to another realm - that which Loo Re Anno’s species, and eventually Loo Re Anno herself, have disappeared into signalling her reunion with her people.

All in all, it was a refreshing perspective in the realm of Star Wars to see a plot centered around a dangerous civilian sport, rather than the usual political or military conflicts that we are used to seeing in the Star Wars setting. It really showcases the skill of Mark Brooks in the Han Solo series' illustrations. I, myself, took particular interest in developing a character around the same ideas presented, so it was nice to have reference material to work with!


That’s it for this issue of the Star Wars Digest! I will look at branching off into reviews for different series, books, or Rebels episodes next time around. Let me know what you think, and whether or not future reviews could persuade you to read the featured comic series or books that come out. For those who would like to read reviews that they would like to feature, please contact me and I’ll see if I can include your reviews in a future issue!



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A terribly happy end of March to all of you fine people. My hope is that you are all well into the enjoyment of our event: I think we’re all enjoying it. I know I’m enjoying seeing how much hype we’re getting from our Summit, and how much...

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A terribly happy end of March to all of you fine people. My hope is that you are all well into the enjoyment of our event:


I think we’re all enjoying it. I know I’m enjoying seeing how much hype we’re getting from our Summit, and how much discussion we’re getting about it from you guys. I can’t wait to start grading. But we’ll talk more on this in a little bit.

Well I’m moving tomorrow, so if you need me, I’ll be totally unavailable. I’m barely sneaking in a cheeky last second report in after packing our truck. Literally sleeping on an air mattress tonight in our living room. Good times. But I have good stuff for you guys! I’ll try to make this a good one.

But enough about me and all my life! Let’s get going with this report!



Fiction Update

Aliso City

From his vantage point atop Hak’s Hideout, Arden was in his element. While most of his Sith compatriots would have been more at home on the ground, working from up high was what he did best. Moving from target to target with a finely honed grace, he was dropping droids with virtually every trigger pull. These older model B1s weren’t the brightest droids in the galaxy which made the Overseer’s job that much easier. While he had wished he’d brought one of his longer range rifles so he could hit even more droids, the F11D-s superior ammo capacity was coming in handy right now.

“I could do this all day,” he muttered to himself as another squad of droids pushed into his view. While Arden probably could have held this position by himself for a good while, thankfully, he didn’t have to. In between shots, he’d get calls from the Pinnacle promising reinforcements or make calls to the city’s security forces which were quickly getting organized. They were managing to hold their own and were managing to keep the droids fairly contained. Once the Ascendant Legion arrived in force they could start pushing back the droids.

And they were never late.

Just as Arden lined up a shot on an approaching droid, his focus was broken by the familiar buzz of approaching LAATs which caused the droids to immediately bolt for cover. Arden shook his head and keyed his comm.

“You ruined my shot,” the Overseer grumbled. “But welcome to the party anyway. Command squad on me. Everyone else, proceed to a suitable LZ and push south towards the breach points.”

“Acknowledged Overseer,” a monotone voice replied.

With trained precision the LAATs started to fan out across the city. A short moment later, one came to a hover right over the Hideout. Ropes dropped to the roof behind him and within a couple seconds, boots could be heard hitting the building while the door gunner laid down repeating blaster fire on the droids in the street. The first group down the ropes formed up on the front of the building with Arden while the second fire team moved towards the ladder in the back. Between the seasoned squad and the supporting fire from the LAAT, it wasn’t long before the immediate vicinity was cleared of droids.

Exhaling, Arden stood up and turned to see a Legion officer behind him. Arden acknowledged the lanky Mirialan. “Lieutenant Grando, isn’t it?”

“Yessir,” the Mirialan replied. “Apologies for our timing.”

“No need for that Lieutenant, I’d downed plenty before you arrived,” Arden answered, his tone not suggesting whether he was being sarcastic or not. “Status report?”

“Besh company is deploying now by air with Cresh company four minutes out,” the Mirialan lieutenant rattled off. “Aurek company is inbound with the ULAVs, they'll be here in fifteen.”

Arden nodded. “Good, we can finally go on offense now. The droids have been coming up from subsurface caverns on the southern end of the city. Let's go push them back down their holes.”

The Mirialan grinned. “Return to sender, yessir!

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The Enemy Below: Week 2

Mmm, I love plotty goodness. But you can’t just read about history, go make it happen. We’ve got stuff for you this week. Even more competitions to sink your teeth into! Go fight against those dastardly Enemies Below in Week 2. The competitions will open tomorrow at site reset!

Week Two: March 27th - April 2nd

There are some other competitions and other things to do out there, but I’m not going to tell you what they are. We need you focused, here and now on The Enemy Below! I’d say just kidding, but we do appreciate if you do our stuff first, and then if you’ve got all 8/8 done then you can think about doing some other stuff. I’ll allow it.


We’ve got lots of reports out, and here’s a good list of what’s going in the DB.

  • PLA CON Report - If you missed week one of TEB event and you need to get caught up on the fiction, here’s Slags report on that. Go check it out.

  • PLA Rollmaster Report - Arden leaves us a nice fiction, as well as asking for more volunteers for Master/Student relations. If you’re interested, he’s the man to talk to.

  • Combat Master Report - Atra is running a creative writing workshop, if you’re interested in improving your writing, go check out his report on how to apply.

  • Herald Report - Morgan has a fun art competition running currently. If you’re not signed up, it’s a little too late, but if you are participating don’t forget to go do that. Once you’re finished with all of our stuff of course.

  • Drac got a new toy - Even after they leave the nest, and move on to bigger better things, we still love to see when our guys do good. Obviously Drac is one of the best, congrats on your new Sapphire Blade.

  • HAP AED Report - Kelly has a great report out. If you’re on her team, Team Odd, make sure you let her know about your progress on events. She wants to know.

  • HKM QAE Report - Furious’ report is also out, and he’s thrown down the gauntlet. His challenge is at least 10/24 competitions for the event. Can you do it?


Concluding Thoughts

Let me finish up by saying how happy I am to see you guys doing so well this last month. I get emails every day for your guys activity and I couldn’t be more proud. We’ve got a really strong core group of members here in Plagueis, and I want to see that grow here in the next several months. I’m going to issue a challenge to you guys, to take it to the next level. You’ve probably seen or noticed that our numbers in the clan have definitely dropped some recently, but that’s not unfixable. Go out, invite your friends who love Star Wars. Invite your friends who enjoy creative writing. Invite friends who are gamers, looking for some people to do it with. We have lots to offer here, and many great ways to sell it.

The next best thing to getting strong new members, is going out to find some of those members who’ve been missing for a while. Half of our current Summit consists of members that have been on hiatus for some amount of time or another. There are some great members that we haven’t seen in a while, who could really help Plagueis step up. If you’ve got friends, old masters, old pupils who you think might come back, go get them. Send them a friendly email. We’d really appreciate it, we love having everyone here, and remind them that they’re missed. Plus we’re coming up for a GJW later this year, it would be super helpful to have some more teammates to help out with that.

We’ve had some great participation for our Event so far this week, and more than anything I’d love to see the opposite of our normal trend for events. I want to see Week 2 and 3 even bigger than Week1. I know you can do it. My advice, and this is coming from everyone on the Summit, tackle the little things first. Do the small easy events. It gets them out of the way. If you try to tackle the big stuff first and that takes all your time, then you don’t even get it done for some reason, then you haven’t done anything. That just makes me cry. I want to see you guys succeed, so go out there and do it.

Alright, I’m getting off my soap box now. I hope you guys had a great March. Get ready for an awesome April. We should be seeing the first trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII, I’m excited and I hope you guys are too. Work hard, keep earning those awards. If you do well in the event you’ll get those too.



  • Fiction

  • Go do the event!

  • Other people's reports


events plagueis the enemy below proconsul

A few things this week – and one general reminder that I’m going to put right at the top. When you’re emailing in a request (say, you need a competition edited, or you have a question), please use the MAA Staff Google Group (the link is at the...

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A few things this week – and one general reminder that I’m going to put right at the top. When you’re emailing in a request (say, you need a competition edited, or you have a question), please use the MAA Staff Google Group (the link is at the bottom of this report!) or email both Teylas and myself. Why? Simple! Then you’ve got two sets of eyes looking at something instead of just one, and it’s likely your thing will get fixed or answered even faster! Thanks!

News from the Medal Bot

The Master at Arms Policies page has been updated with some changes:

  • An additional note on offensive names can be found. It states: “While there is no formal list of names that are considered offensive, the Master at Arms Office reserves the right to review potential or actually offensive names.” --- These cases are few and far between, but in the interests of transparency, it is appropriate to have something in writing.

  • Rewards for Brotherhood activity may not include non-Brotherhood or otherwise non-fictional based incentives, and must be spelled out in competition details. The reasons for this statement are below.

Please take a moment to review these pages, and let me know if you think there’s anything that needs to be added, deleted, or changed!

I am running another puzzle competition. Click the puzzle!. It runs for about a week!

Notes on competition awards

The above policy statement on competition (and honestly, all sorts of awards) is a formalization of something that has been in place for a long time. The basis behind this? Brotherhood activity of all sorts should be recognized with Brotherhood based things. There have been instances in the past where people have wanted to buy members games, or generally spending their own money.

The issue with this? Not all of our members (or leaders) are of the same real life socio-economic status or age, and it might place an unfair obligation or burden on that 14-year-old consul who is just scraping by, versus the 31 year old leader in a different clan that has a full time job and disposable income. If you take that to the second or third order, there could be a situation where non-Brotherhood incentives may drive people towards a different unit when they otherwise might not have transferred.

Notes on recommendations

Overall, I’ve been very (double very!) happy with the quality of recommendations for promotions and medals in the past two months. There are just a couple of things I want to comment on.

  • Primary recommendations, in most cases, should be the meat and potatoes. Yes, there are going to be situations where a more junior leader knows a member better but does not have the medal or promotion authority to put it in themselves. That said though – part of your (and everyone’s!) responsibility as a leader is to do the work when you’re putting in a medal or promotion recommendation.

  • Real life stuff really doesn’t have a place in promotion or medal recommendations. I get that people know their members, and that they want to demonstrate that – but sometimes it can cloud the issue – which is what we in the Brotherhood care about – making sure all our members are recognized for what they do for and on behalf of our club.

  • People love bolding things, maybe because they think I’m old and I can’t see. You really don’t need to do it. I can read just fine. :P

Notes on competition grading

People make mistakes when grading competitions, they miss a screen shot, they make typos – it isn’t a big deal, these things happen. I’m happy to help people fix them, but the release of possessions has complicated things. For example, if you have to regrade a competition, the Regent staff also have to do some work, they need to remove the credits from all the participants (plus those that were awarded crescents). For some competitions, this is 40 people, so it is quite a bit of leg work. So all I ask is that everyone double check their competitions so we don’t create work for the Regent staff unnecessarily. I appreciate it!

Promotion assessment tool

The promotion assessment tool makes life easier for the Master at Arms staff and life easier for leaders, but I think there is a bug with it. James is currently on leave, so he hasn’t been able to confirm it – but we suspect that there’s a bit of an issue when using it when a member has unawarded (i.e. since last recognition, or last medal, or last promotion, whichever tab you’re using) competition activity from before the launch of the new database. It seems to not count things properly.

So the number of cases this will actually impact is pretty low, given that the site launch was July 2013, but I would ask that all leaders in the Brotherhood double check your recommendations when including activity from that date and beforehand.

Medals and Promotions of Note


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Marka Ragnos Aedile Report The Fallen Spear Tarthos Orbit The footsteps echoed down the corridor as the Nihilgenia and the Lion walked side by side. Silence accompanied their footsteps and both men did little in the way of acknowledging one...

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Marka Ragnos Aedile Report

The Fallen Spear
Tarthos Orbit

The footsteps echoed down the corridor as the Nihilgenia and the Lion walked side by side. Silence accompanied their footsteps and both men did little in the way of acknowledging one another until they reached their destination. They stopped before a vast door that led into a great room, a room lined with scrolls and books, and everything that the Lord of the Krath had collected over the decades. It was a bookworms wet dream and the stuff of legends and all that collected knowledge lay now before them as the heavy door swung inwards.

“I see the path you tread brother, and though I do not like it perhaps there is something here you use to help you gain the knowledge you need to come to terms with what is happening with you. I have sensed something in you since you came back into the fold and my presence and so...well it doesn't matter,” The Lion sighed slowly and beckoned for Raikou to enter the room. “You are proud of this cult you have created, but I want you to learn about true power. So the task I set before you is simple. To learn.”

As Rai stepped into the room he felt the Lion turn on his heel and exit the room, the heavy door slamming shut behind him. The clones fist banged against the door but no response came and the door wouldn’t budge. “Just how long you planning to keep me in here?”

Until you have learnt, though on a reasonable time scale. I would say three weeks. You will be granted rations and there is a refresher room in the back. See you then. The voice drifted into the clones head.

The footsteps echoed down the hall and became easily muffled by the room the man now found himself in. He sighed and moved towards the nearest bookcase pulling at books randomly, he found one that took his fancy. The History of the Krath was its title and with annoyance spread across his face he pulled up a chair, turned on more of the room's lights and set about his task.

Mini report fiction which it literally just an excuse for me going on holiday for three weeks and why ICly getting ahold of the fanatic will be nigh on impossible. I’ve made the decision not to take my laptop to Australia with me. I’m there to see my kid so I don’t really fancy wasting my days doing DJB work. I can be reachable when on wifi and on Whatsapp/Telegram but I am not doing Clan or Club work and if I talk I am talking for fun and will push you all towards Muz.

So after Tuesday, I do not exist until the 12th of April.

Projects and News!

Go do the event! The CNS and TAR crossover event is now live, go do it. I have done most of it already and I’ll have the run-on posts completed before I fly. If I can do it, you certainly can. Have fun, meet new people and all in all just enjoy yourselves. This is not a competition in the sense you are trying to beat them, in fact, this is the furthest from that. We are cooperating to solve a problem so cooperate well and kick ghost ass! Tarentum has a bunch of lovely people so go get to know them. Shoo, shoo!

The next bit I haven’t touched because I am still looking for someone to do this!

So I have a small wiki project for anyone who would like to do it, it involves Sands of Time at the moment. I need the fictions wiki worthy and put up on the Wiki with a brief run down of mission details, a small synopsis and so on so forth. If anyone would like this task please PM me on Telegram or ping me an email!

Awards and Promotions

Busy month for all!

  • Tasha - 19 CoF,
  • Firith - 12 CoF, 5 CoE, 2 CoI, Crescent with Sapphire, 7 CoG, EQ2 Promotion WOOOOO!
  • Muz - 3 CoI, Crescent with Emerald, 2 CoG
  • Armad - 3 CoF, 5 CoE, Crescent with Ruby, Crescent with Sapphire, Crescent with Amethyst,
  • Macron - 4 CoI, Crescent with Amethyst,
  • Corvek - Promoted to Novice!
  • Shimura - 10 CoE,
  • Raikou - 4 CoG,

Shadow Academy Courses

  • None this month!


The Huge Event! Go do it, do it now.
New Ties

There are so many active competitions I won’t list them all. Go to the Competition page linked here and have a look and participate in all you can!



So again I am off on Holiday, Muz is always around and people are great. Sang is Consul, we are doomed but we shall persevere. The only other big thing of note again is to go and take part in the Tarentum event. Even if you think we have no hope of winning, go take part and stop thinking we can’t win. This is preparation for the Great Jedi War, it’s a lot of work and if we have any hope of doing well you need to step up and get involved. Otherwise, you let not just yourself down, but your friends and colleagues who are doing their best. Clan Naga Sadow is a good, hard-working clan. Regardless of how others see you. I believe in you, Muz believes in you. Hell, even Pravus I’m sure believes in you between blowing us up.

Take care, and shall see you in a few weeks!


Love to all from the lightning tiger above!


Aedile of Marka Ragnos


Night Hawks Battle Team Report #4 Sometimes the road less traveled is the most rewarding… The transport was comfortable for the duration of the flight. DarkHawk was anxious, he steadied his chi and came to center. Using The Force to aid in his...

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Night Hawks Battle Team Report #4


Sometimes the road less traveled is the most rewarding…

The transport was comfortable for the duration of the flight. DarkHawk was anxious, he steadied his chi and came to center. Using The Force to aid in his calming, breathing deep, and long. He knew not where he was, but knew his destination. He was bound for Master Muz’s flagship The Fallen Spear.

He had never been on it, only have caught glimpses of it. The Batlemaster has been summoned there to deep space. He requested his training be furthered, and accommodations had been made for just that.

There out the port side, he could see the flagship in all of its glory. He recentered himself and took in more deep calming breaths. The docking sequence was smooth as silk, and then the doors whisked open. There Master Muz and his bride Augur Ashia Keibatsu stood attentively waiting for the Battlemaster.

DarkHawk bowed, then knelt. He could hear the scuff from The Lion.

“There is no need for those formalities here, DarkHawk.”

DarkHawk nodded, Ash had a very intent look on here face.

“Your training will begin immediately,” she said

“Understood Ma’am.”

“You will not be so grateful for what you asked for, this I assure you…”



First and foremost, I have to apologize for the tardiness of my report, so it's kind of a report and half, or two reports in one. However, you want to look at it.

So after a three and a half week whirlwind tour, I am back home. I went to Phoenix for the SOCOM (Special Operations Command, from all services) annual reunion, saw some old friends, paid respect to those lost. This one is the first one I attended in probably 8 yrs and the first since I retired. Still very emotional and makes one ( at least me) put things into perspective. So after leaving Phoenix, I loaded up my 5th wheel and hooked her up to the truck and drove down outside of Houston and seen my big sister for a week long visit. Then slowly made my way back to good ol’ windy Cheyenne! The day after I got back, went down for a second surgery on my back. Was released from the hospital yesterday and home. What a month of March!

So enough of this ol’ crusty dog, So a few things have changed since my road trips. First and foremost I want to point out that Mystic Firith is no longer Mystic Firith, he his now Savant Firith! So flipping cool, It was hard to keep it a secret brotha but glad for you, definitely well deserved!!!

So, I think my priorities will be changing at the moment, One we have a huge new comp out that I would like to get all of us involved in. Just so we can stay at peak performance when the GJW kicks in. Go look at the New Ties Event and dive in. Like to see us take on as many of those little comps as we can. If you could though please shoot me an email or a TGM and let me know which ones you are doing in the event.

The second that I will definitely need help from you all, is recruiting. I would like to start some sort of recruiting campaign and get a couple of good solid folks on the team. If you have any ideas or, simply know some folks that Would like a good home and are Night Hawk worthy, let me know and let's get started!!

Would like to get some ideas on how we can spruce up not only the Night Hawks Wiki Page but our B/T Page. So, if there is anything you guys want to see or ideas please let me know. Would like to gather that information in a week and see what we can do.



 We have a new ProConsul!!! Congrats to Marcus!!!!

 Regent Report

 Headmaster Report

 Herald Report

 Voice Report

 MAA Report

 Fist Report

 Combat master Report  Wiki Report

 Augur Atra has come up with a new Creative Writing Workshop!

 And lastly but definitely not least, House Shar Dakhan is looking for a new Aed. Interested? Want a challenge? Here is an application.



Augur Ashia Kagan Keibatsu

 Organized Old Fart Sadowans

 Another…hic Corellian Ale, Barkeep!

 MAA Puzzle #4

 Working on joint fiction with DH

Captain Marcinius Turelles

 No Activity

Savant Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind

 Organized A poem about Me

 Riddles in the Dark

 Searing Blade Squadron Insignia Patch

 Dancing Bantha Insignia Patch

 Who’s that sadowan #1

 Snake…?SNAKE?!

 Who’s that Sadowan #2

 Artifact Hunters

 Treasure Puzzle

 MAA Puzzle #3


 Won SoT!

 [FIST] March Flash Game Helicopter Game

 Old Fart Sadowans

 MAA Puzzle #4

 Another…hic Corellian Ale, Barkeep

 I am the man who arranges the blocks

 The Shroud War

 Trail of Fire

 Trials of Black Guard

 New Ties Week 1 Flash Game

Battlemaster Shimura Keibatsu

 Taking care of R/L internship

Knight Inryi Ginovef

 Transferred to Rogues

Battlemaster DarkHawk

 Working on Joint Fiction with Augur Ash

 Shadow Academy Exams

 Week One New Ties


Final Thoughts

So though not a lot of content on my part for this past month, we still managed to have a great month! Every time I see or hear of promotions and all the great things you guys accomplish it's just a cool day.

As always if I forgot anything regarding your activity please let me know so I can get it updated…

Battlemaster DarkHawk



35 ABY The changes, they just keep coming, thought Lilith as she assisted in treating the wounded from the attack by the Iron Legion of Darth Pravus. NOTES FROM THE BTL Since my last report House Shar Dakhan has a new Quaestor. Let’s welcome...

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35 ABY

The changes, they just keep coming, thought Lilith as she assisted in treating the wounded from the attack by the Iron Legion of Darth Pravus.


Since my last report House Shar Dakhan has a new Quaestor. Let’s welcome Evelyn Wynn as our new Quaestor with Darkblade stepping down and moving to another clan. Seems like just last month that we welcomed Evelyn as our new Aedile. Oh wait, it was just last month. House Shar Dakhan is now in need of a new Aedile again and Evelyn has opened the applications to the whole of the Brotherhood. If you think that you have what it takes please make sure to read what he is looking for here and apply. Applications are being accepted until March 25th.

If anyone has any ideas for competitions that they would like to do and that they don’t know how to get something going, hit me up. I’m game to help out however is needed. I would like to see some new and different competitions than what has been offered in the past, but even I get stuck in a rut with graphics, fictions, and run-ons.

I would like for all the Battleteam members to let me know what they think as we go along. I am always open to suggestions and any and all help from everyone involved in Devil’s Shroud will be much appreciated.

If any of our newer members have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, either privately on Telegram or even through my email. I do check both several times a day and will help you out anyway that I can.

Major News


  • Regent - Report #9
  • The Headmaster Things They are A’Changing
  • The Herald New Rubric, Tournament, Bye-bye old skins
  • The Voice Guidelines and Species feats updates, Oh My
  • Master At Arms - Report #2
  • The FIST - Report #6
  • The Combat Help Me….Help You
  • The Wiki Blink and You’ll Miss It
  • Creative Writing Workshop Trial Run


We are currently doing a co-op event with Tarentum. Make sure that you join the group chat for this event in Telegram, if you haven’t already. See the competition listing below for the parent comp with all the lovely little children comps being run for the next couple of weeks.

We are also looking for names for our new ships and squadrons, please feel free to mention any ideas to one of your friendly neighborhood summit personnel.

Also don’t forget that the lifeblood run-on is currently ongoing as is the newest Black Guard competition.

Activity Report - February 15th through March 15th

This section describes the quantifiable activity updates (awards, promotions, major achievements, etc.) for each member of Devil’s Shroud since the last report:

Savant Marcus Kiriyu

  • Changed Name from Marcus Kiriyu to Jax Bendal
  • Appointed as Proconsul

Savant Scarlet Agna

  • 2x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 10x Clusters of Graphite
  • TG Activity

Augur Locke Sonjie

  • Transferred into Devil’s Shroud, Welcome!!
  • 1x Crescent with Diamond Star
  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 20x Clusters of Earth
  • 4x Clusters of Graphite
  • TG Activity

Mystice Aul Celsus (See I didn’t forget you this month ;))

  • 1x Steel Cross
  • 1x Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 2x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 8x Clusters of Fire
  • TG Activity

Savant Lilith Alema’rha Versea-Stormwind

  • Promoted to EQ2 - Savant
  • 3x Clusters of Fire
  • TG Activity

Mystic Vosiri Lightcrest

  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 1x Scroll of Indoctrination
  • TG Activity

Knight Leeadra Halcyon

  • Transferred to Arcona

Acolyte Coas Jewell

  • No Quantifiable Activity

Neophyte Gabriel Cruvera

  • No Quantifiable Activity

Apprentice Aristo Tzadkiel

  • No Quantifiable Activity

Apprentice Genris Vaitor

  • No Quantifiable Activity

Apprentice Keten Maanhath

  • Went Rogue

Neophyte Motan Starblade

  • No quantifiable Activity

Proselyte Har’ Lei Rinou

  • No Quantifiable Activity

Novice Jayden Arken

  • No Quantifiable Activity

Apprentice Habardr

  • No Quantifiable Activity

Competition Updates

As you can see, I am stealing a page from Aul and giving highlights of some competitions that are either for our Clan/House/Battleteam or even run by someone in the Clan/House/Battleteam. You can view a [complete] listing of competitions here.

  • Trials of the Black Guard, this will take you to the parent comp for the six competitions
  • New Ties: a TAR-CNS Event, this will take you to the parent comp for the so far thirteen competitions
  • Lifeblood a CNS Clan Run-On

Miscellaneous Items

In this section I will be giving you heads ups of things that will be happening in the Battleteam or any news that doesn’t fit in any of the categories above.

I am asking that each member of Devil’s Shroud sit down and think of what they would like to see being done in the team, what kind of Comps you all want to do, any ideas that you have to make this the best Battleteam in the DJB. I want to involve everyone. Please either respond on this report, PM me on TG, or shoot me an email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Final Thoughts

Well folks, I’ve rambled on long enough. Stay active, keep up the good work, and most of all have fun. Let’s show Tarentum how well CNS can rock it.

From the (cough, cough) office of Lilith Alema’rha Versea-Stormwind. Talk to you next month. Lilith out.


Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle Qirool VI Qirool System Taldot Sector The shuttle soared through the valley, hills flashing by as the pilot honed in on their target. The Lieutenant piloting the shuttle scanned the horizon, watching out for any inherent...

Read More …



Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle

Qirool VI

Qirool System

Taldot Sector

The shuttle soared through the valley, hills flashing by as the pilot honed in on their target. The Lieutenant piloting the shuttle scanned the horizon, watching out for any inherent threats that would impact their flight path. Three other Lambda-class T-4a shuttles accompanied the ship.

The co-pilot watched the data output from the computer and pressed a button to open the comms to the seating area where several Sadowans and Warhost soldiers sat. “We’re approaching the drop site, prepare for landing.” The co-pilot then flipped a switch that bathed the seating area in red light, a visual warning for the passengers.

Raikou Keibatsu checked his rifle in response to the warning, the Aedile had volunteered to join the lead party investigating the reports of ancient ruins on the planet. Naga Sadow had undergone a recent metamorphosis. Their previous Consul, Locke Sonjie, had announced that the Clan were to rebuild the mythical Sith empire of the legend, Naga Sadow. To do so, they were to seek out ancient Sith artifacts that could be used against their enemies and tear down the power of the Dark Council and the Star Chamber.

The soldier didn’t care much for the idea, but he always relished the opportunity to excel and prove that he was more than a clone and worthy of respect. The strike by the Iron Throne against Naga Sadow had debilitated the Clan and destroyed several of their larger ships and injured Locke Sonjie. The Proconsul, Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar, had stepped into the void and risen to command the Clan that wished to herald in a new Sith Empire.

It was he who had declared that the Clan would continue to follow Sonjie’s vision and seek out artifacts. The Consul was situated on the Harbinger, a recently appropriated elderly Venator-class Star Destroyer in orbit over the planet. The Harbinger had been named for it’s predecessor, lost over Sepros in the strike by the Iron Throne. The Venator was accompanied by several other vessels, the bulk of which had been bought or stolen to shore up the losses that the Warhost had suffered, yet they did not plug the wounds that had been made.

Raikou didn’t regret volunteering for the mission in the slightest, and nodded at his companions seated opposite him. Tasha Vel’Versa smiled and nodded in response, while Armad simply stared back at the Aedile. The pair had been hand-picked by the Consul to be part of the expedition, who was assured of their loyalty and dedication to the cause.

Each shuttle contained more Sadowans, such as the new Quaestor of Shar Dakhan, Evelynn Wyrm and his compatriots, Aul Celsus and Lilith Alema’rha Versea-Stormwind.

The red light bathing the seating area began to pulse as the shuttle came into land and then turned green as the door opened. Raikou hit the release switch on his harness and exited the shuttle, his rifle raised as he scanned the area for threats. More Warhost troopers stomped down the ramp as the other shuttles landed.

VEN Harbinger

In orbit of Qirool VI

Qirool System

Taldot Sector

Jax Bendal stood on the bridge of the Harbinger, the newly appointed Proconsul was a relative newcomer to Naga Sadow, yet the man had filled the void in the Shadow Academy left by Marcus Kiriyu’s death. The Raider had a need to prove himself to his compatriots and was over eager to see that this investigation was a success. Admiral Simonetti, usually an ever-present addition to any Warhost operation was still recovering from his wounds received during the attack and instead the operation was masterminded by the Captain of the Harbinger, Wes Terol, who had commanded the Harbinger’s namesake.

The Chiss watched the progress of the shuttles on the computer screen, noting their touchdown with satisfaction. The planet was uninhabited according to their scans, yet caution was always required to avoid catastrophe. The shuttles had been accompanied by a squadron of T-70 X-Wings, who had parted ways to fly overwatch before returning to the Harbinger. If there was any trouble, air support could be scrambled and reach the expedition in minutes.

Sanguinius sat uncomfortably on a chair that had been installed near the rear left hand corner of the bridge, put there despite his protestations. The Augur had taken the role of Consul, but disliked the pageantry that often accompanied the role.

Wes Terol stood up from where he was leaning over the computer display and moved to where Sanguinius and Jax were located. “It appears that the expedition has landed safely, Consul.”

“Thank you, Captain.” Sang replied, smiling at the Chiss. “Please do keep me informed if there are any further developments.”

“As you wish, sir.”

Jax watched the Captain walk away before speaking. “Why are we not on the ground leading the expedition?” he enquired.

“Because despite the position I find myself in, Jax. I feel the need to let our fellow Sadowans blow off some steam.”

“So, we should have struck back against the Iron Throne!” Jax demanded.

“That would be folly, my friend. Let Pravus think that we are scared and licking our wounds. It makes us all the more dangerous.”

Jax kept silent, biting his tongue.

“Anyway, let us hope that the expedition has some good news for us.” Sang finished.

The rest of the fiction can be found here: New Ties Fiction

Welcome to our co-op event between Naga Sadow and Tarentum.

The aptly named New Ties denotes an opportunity for Naga Sadow to develop a friendship with our fellow club members and for both Clans to have the chance to have some fun before the upcoming Great Jedi War taking place this summer.

As you might have seen in the fiction, Clan Naga Sadow has gone exploring, eager to find artifacts that will allow them to herald the return of their namesake’s Sith Empire. Unfortunately, our little expedition runs into a problem that only one of our fellow Clans can help us with. Tarentum, experts in dealing with the dead due to their past exploits, has come to assist their new found “friends”.

Whether Tarentum and Naga Sadow part on good terms will be a different matter. Will Naga Sadow retrieve what they were looking for on Qirool VI? Will Tarentum take the artifact from them?

Well, you’ll find out as we progress through New Ties.

For our friends in Tarentum, the Week 1 fiction is unfortunately Naga Sadow heavy due to setting the scene. I am looking forward to the other fictions for the opportunity to highlight our new friendships and interact with one another! :D (hint: I’m also looking forward to your RO posts).

My terrible fiction writing was inflicted on you for Week 1, I hope that it wasn't too bad for you all!

Frosty, Beef, Jax and I have got lots of competitions for you to enjoy and I’d like to thank those who got involved in creating this event, such as Evelynn, Muz, Bentre, Korras and Ranarr! I'd also like to thank our Herald, Vyr, for his quick turn around in throwing together a banner for the event despite my terrible gfx ideas.

We’ve using a brand new custom Telegram channel for this event, the link to that can be found here.

The Wiki Page for this event can be live soon and I'll advertise the link on Telegram. My thanks to Bentre for putting this together!


In the interest of openness, we are using the following scoring system for this event.

Overall Awards:

  • Overall event winners (for Crescents) will be based on point totals
  • 2nd-level Crescents, upgrades for high activity levels.

Competition Winners:

  • 2nd-level Crescents mainly, with upgrades for activity.

Grading/Point System: (per competition)

Weekly competitions:

  • 1st - 5 points
  • 2nd - 3 points
  • 3rd - 2 points
  • All other - 1 point

Event long running competitions (3 weeks):

  • 1st - 10 points
  • 2nd - 8 points
  • 3rd - 5 points
  • All other - 3 points


You can find our rather large list of competitions below.

Running for 3 weeks

Week 1

As you can see, we have 4 competitions running over the entirety of the event, a Battle Plan, a Run On and two gaming events.

You will see between 5-10 weekly competitions for Weeks 2 and 3. This will allow you the opportunity to find something for everyone.

In Closing

The next three weeks are an opportunity for us to have fun, make new friends and become less isolated (Naga Sadow!) Take the chance to chat to one another and work together where possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Frosty or myself and we’ll be able to provide an answer.

Have fun!



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