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(Please read the other clan title announcement below, then come back to this one!)

Something was wrong.

Atyiru felt it the moment the doors to her office hissed open. The air, already too quiet in the absence of her once-loyal Proconsul, suddenly seemed to weigh on her, thick and oppressive. She felt her breath becoming shallow as he stepped into the room, the rhythmic cadence of his footfalls entirely oblivious of the sudden tension.

The next moment, Timeros Arconae, her brother and newly-appointed Rollmaster, took a knee and bowed his head. “Your Excellency.”

“Please, brother,” the Consul said, as she tried to recover her customary levity. Where...did that come from. “Must we stand on formality like this? I’d much rather you stand.”

“As you wish,” the Adept intoned, rising as smoothly as he had fallen before standing stock-still and silent, eyes fixed upon the Augur. “You requested a meeting.”

The question remained but unspoken, but Atyiru was adept at reading her brother’s cues. “I did. It appears there’s been a security breach at Dusk Station.”

Silence. Not a flicker of the eyes nor a word of response. Just a cold, waiting stare that lingered at the back of her head, poking at her memories.

“Brother…” she said, finally, leaning over across her desk. “I have the security logs. Mejas Doto was released on your orders.”

There was a momentary flicker of awareness in the Arconae’s eyes. When he spoke, however, his voice was dead and monotonous.

“His talents were required.”

“His talents?” The blind Augur raised an eyebrow. “I was unaware that he had any save in the field of murder, and we have others who are...amply equipped for that. Could you give me the cause?”

“It shall be apparent soon.”

“Brother, that will not suffice. You - ”

Atyiru’s incipient remarks were broken up by sudden noise from her office’s antechamber.

“The Consul is currently indisposed! You cannot -”

A loud crash silenced the protests, and the doors behind the Adept slid open, revealing four instantly-recognizably men. Strategos. Wuntila. James. Rayze. They stepped into the room with the casual organization of veteran killers, spreading around Timeros in a half-circle, hands on their sabers. Through the opened door, she could see Bly lie on the floor, clearly unconscious.

The Consul froze. Five men. Five Arconae. Five Shadow Heart Arconae, all armed. At long last, she recognized that deadened, dissecting look in her brother’s eyes: It was a look she’d seen him give to enemies on the battlefield.

She heaved a sigh, moving back her chair and fixing each of them with a stare through her blindfold.

“Well, then. A coup?” She managed a wry smile. “I suppose the dungeons did just get a few new empty spots.”

“Oh, Atyiru,” Strategos said pleasantly as he took a tentative step around the desk. “There’s no need to make this harder than it has to be.”

“Well, I suppose that if - “ the Consul’s words were interrupted by a storm of motion as she sprang from her seat, throwing herself bodily out of her chair and towards the door. She felt herself stop even as she began to move, however, her moment roughly arrested by five pairs of invisible hands that left her hanging in midair.

“Ah, yes. I thought that might come up,” Strategos sighed. “Very well. I suppose further talk is-”

“Superfluous to requirement, yes,” the Augur managed to say. “Whatever you came to do. Do it.”

James glanced at Rayze, who nodded before producing a dark sackcloth motion at Atyiru.

“Oh, you’re kidding me. I’m already blindfolded! I’m bli-”

The next instant, Wuntila’s fist came crashing down at her, and everything went black.


She awoke to a series of sharp stabs in her stomach.

“...awake,” a voice spoke close to her ears, indistinct through the sack, accompanied by another piercing sensation.

“Atyiru Caesura Entar.” This time, she recognized the voice. Timeros.

“Every action has a reaction.” James.

“Your actions have been seen.” Strategos.

“And judged.” Legorii.

“The consequences are yours to bear.” Rayze.

“Atyiru,” spoke the voice near her head, and recognizing him as Mejas. “We name you Atyiru Caesura Entar, di Tenebrous Arconae.”

“Rise, Consul,” intoned the group, as the pricks at stomach continued, slowly marking out the Clan sigil.



Today marks the two year anniversary of Atyiru as Arcona Consul. Over the past four years of her membership, she has repeatedly shown her value to the Clan. She has been a great artist, an amazing writer and an all-around enthusiastic participant. She has grown, too, within those years, and Arcona has grown with her. Leadership can be a tumultuous affair, and having seen it up close we can say that she has handled every crisis thrown at her with grace and wisdom.

As such, the Arconae have unanimously decided that it is time to add to our ranks, and welcome Atyiru as the thirteenth di Tenebrous Arconae. Congratulations, Abbles. <3

On behalf of the Arconae,
James and Tim


clan title arconae atyiru

Three years ago this month Plagueis achieved something that many had thought we would never see: our returned to Clanhood. We, along with Taldryan, became the first houses to reach this milestone in quite some time. Many people in the Clan had...

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Three years ago this month Plagueis achieved something that many had thought we would never see: our returned to Clanhood. We, along with Taldryan, became the first houses to reach this milestone in quite some time. Many people in the Clan had worked tirelessly to see this moment over the course of many years, but the man who became the newly minted Consul of the reconstituted Clan Plagueis did a lot to bring us to that goal. I know that, through his actions, he reminded many of us that our dedication to the family we had built was of more import than any external tribulations we might have faced. I have no doubt that the vibrant Clan we all share today would not have continued without the welcoming manner and steady hand that he brought to the home we all have grown so fond of.

As a more recent newly minted Consul, I made it one of my goals to recognize the work that Montresor had done to help bring us to the place we find ourselves today. It gives me great pleasure to report that Montresor has been approved by the assembled di Plagia for inclusion in our ranks. While it is not the norm to recognize one who is not within our Clan, I hope that this exception truly underscores the import of this action we have taken. One's contributions to their Clan should not be negated or rendered unimportant by a desire to serve the Brotherhood at large as Montresor has done, both in the Chamber of Justice and in service to the Grand Master. I'm sure many of us, both within Plagueis and without, owe some thanks to the work he has done there. I know that Plagueis and its members have benefited greatly from things he has helped bring about, such as the Promotion Assessment Tool that he provided the inspiration for.

In the end, however, Montresor should now proudly stand with his fellow di Plagia. There are few who have deserved it more!



di plagia plagueis

Marka Ragnos Aedile Report So here’s the news for February. This will be a mini report, after writing a large amount of fiction alongside Muz this last month we are taking a miniature break from bombarding you with vast swathes of fiction to allow...

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Marka Ragnos Aedile Report

So here’s the news for February. This will be a mini report, after writing a large amount of fiction alongside Muz this last month we are taking a miniature break from bombarding you with vast swathes of fiction to allow you to settle, relax and not worry about who we are killing next. Not that we’d ever personally kill anyone...without your permission of course! Truthfully, though, Muz and I will work and develop our new story going forward and it’ll kick ass. Hell, we developed the Sands of Time Storyline after all which means every storyline is epic and usually painless.

Now because this is a mini report and there’s no fiction I am going to waffle for a bit more, mainly to put you to sleep so the report seems longer but also because quite a bit has happened which needs to be brought up and shared with all of you fine people, so without further ado.

Projects and News!

So I had planned to talk about Sands of Time first, SoT, but obviously most have seen the latest news which has hit the clan. Locke has stepped down as our Clan Consul. What does this mean? Well, it means a bloody war for succession can now begin and may the victor wear the crown well! Or it actually means we await the DC, primarily Sarin and Mav, deciding who is best to lead us into a new chapter for the Clan. If you have not seen his report I wish for you all to go there now and thank him for his hard work. I have not done so personally as I wish to thank him here first.

Locke is a gem of a man. Things like burnout can occur to everyone and some throw in the towel completely but Locke fought not just for himself, but for everyone. To log in daily and deal with a bunch of degenerates (the Summits) and the House weirdos (you lot) takes a lot, Locke has done it for a long time and regardless of your opinion of him or the Clans state of current affairs he’s done a swell job like the majority of Consuls who grace the Brotherhood. We may not have always agreed, but I have always respected the man. So thank you for everything Locke. Good luck in your future as Chaos Spawn in HSD!

Bye and thank you, Locke.


Onto other news.

SoT finished! Hurrah! Weird space zombies, ancient Sith Lord's doing weird stuff and more than enough hi-jinks to last us awhile I say! From boosting up personal stories, Tasha and I got a major kicker, to forging bonds between compatriots in awesome stories of loyalty, betrayal and zombie slaying!

I am proud of every one of you and wish to thank you for participating. You guys rock and though at times I may not always be the easiest Aedile I have never loved you dirty rotten lot more! Except when I’m drunk, but as proven by our Houses fellow Quaestor we love everyone more when drunk!

Overall the event had placements from both houses but I am very proud to say we cleaned house with placements. Firith, Ashia, and Tasha taking the top spots!

So I have a small wiki project for anyone who would like to do it, it involves Sands of Time at the moment. I need the fictions wiki worthy and put up on the Wiki with a brief run down of mission details, a small synopsis and so on so forth. If anyone would like this task please PM me on Telegram or ping me an email!

Awards and Promotions

Busy month for all! Oh look a wild Darkhawk finally got EQ2, took ya long enough!

  • Firith got a Crescent With Ruby Star, 3 Amethyst Stars, 1 Diamond Star, 3 Sapphire Stars, 1 Emerald Star, 7 CoI, 2 CoF, 2 CoE!
  • Macron got 6 CoI, 1 Sapphire Star, 1 Ruby Star!
  • Tasha got 3 CoI, 3 Ruby Stars, 3 Sapphire Stars, 2 Emerald Stars, 1 Dark Side Scroll, 58 CoE, 6 PoB, 1 SC!
  • Darkhawk got 3 CoI, 1 Sapphire Star, Promotion to Battlemaster!
  • Ashia got 1 CoI, 4 Amethyst Stars!
  • Sabe got 8 CoI, 1 Amethyst Star, 1 AC!
  • Shikyo got 2 CoI, 2 Amethyst Stars!
  • Shimura got 15 CoE!
  • Armad got a Ruby Star!
  • I got a Sapphire Blade!
  • Muz got 6 CoE!

Shadow Academy Courses

  • Muz passed Consular Legends, Galactic History V, General Warfare, ACC Combat Studies, Martial Arts: Forms, Gaming 103!


The official Follow Up fiction and wind up competition for the Sands of Time event!

When the Walls Came Down

There are so many active competitions I won’t list them all. Go to the Competition page linked here and have a look and participate in all you can!



Change is never a bad thing when it occurs. Some people change their lives and get busy, some change their habits and drop out of things. All in all, change can be a force for good and sometimes it can be bad, it affects us all and we as a summit can do nothing for you if something creeps into your life and causes you issues in the club if we are not told about it. I may not always be the most approachable person and I will apologize for that, of late life has changed and I have to deal with having my baby son 10k miles away in another continent so I can be frosty and this isn’t due to any of you at all.

You are all worth something extraordinary. Never give up hope cause I ain't giving up on you!

Talking about change. Yes Riku to Raikou. I liked two more letters, plus away from Riku of Kingdom Hearts...into Raikou from pokemon but eh!


I wholeheartedly promise not to put any more Pokemon images or gifs in my reports. Snag showed me how to. I blame him!

Love to all!


Raikou Keibatsu
Aedile of Marka Ragnos


report marka ragnos locke

Introduction Hello and welcome to the first ever Rollmaster Report that I have ever written. In all the years I've spent in this club and the club that preceded it, Rollmaster is a position I've never held. However, that doesn't mean I...

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Hello and welcome to the first ever Rollmaster Report that I have ever written. In all the years I've spent in this club and the club that preceded it, Rollmaster is a position I've never held. However, that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing, I feel like this position is tailor made for someone like me and I intend to do my best to do great things with it.

I'll start by introducing myself to those who have the good fortune to have never met me. I'm Kromtal Stormfyld, also known as Darknyte. I've been a member of the DJB for 17 years and in that time I've seen a lot of crazy things, and been a part of a lot of crazy things. I feel like I should be able to bring a certain sense of maturity and wisdom to this position given my rather advanced age.

Master/Student Pairings

Currently, we have a great deal of Master/Student pairings in Tarentum and that is something I like to see. Pairings are open to all members of Tarentum. Should your rank be JM4 or higher you can be a Master and guide a new member on their path to greatness. If your rank is JM3 or lower you are more than welcome to become an Apprentice. Should anyone want to become a Master or Apprentice please contact me and I'll see what I can do to pair you up.

Now, for a note to current Masters who have an Apprentice. I'm not sure how Ranarr did things, but I do have my own method that I would like you to adhere to. Before bestowing any medal or promotion on your Apprentice I need to reach out to me. You can either email me or catch me on Telegram (@Darknyte). It's my goal to get everyone promoted and awarded fairly, so I need to be involved just to make sure nobody is getting too much or too little for their efforts. In regards to promotions, anything JM3 and below you just need to contact me. If it's for JM4 I ask that you also CC Frosty, Beef, and that Apprentice's QUA and AED. For merit awards you need to CC the same people as you did for a JM4 promotion.


Currently we have quite a few competitions running in Tarentum. Each report I will highlight all of the Clanwide competitions. One thing I will ask is that if you run a House or Battleteam please make your competitions Clanwide that aren't internal lore/fiction. This allows greater opportunity for the Journeyman to participate in things like gaming, trivia, etc. Recently, I did a trivia competition that was marked for another unit, I even placed in this competition... however, I was unable to collect my Crescent due to being in the wrong unit as. I feel if we make these competitions Clanwide it will create a higher degree of participation because, which is what we all would like to see.

Current Clanwide Competitions

Closing Statement

I'd like to thank Frosty and Beef for this opportunity. Competition for the position was fierce and I faced very stiff competition in the form of Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn and Tebbo Jensen. All three of us were fairly evenly matched and it could have went to any one of us. I promise I will do my best to bring dignity and activity to the position, and above all else, I promise to work tirelessly for the glory of Tarentum


Hi everyone, As of late, I have struggled to keep up with competing demands from real life and the Brotherhood. I am sure that this has been noticeable, as it has become increasingly difficult to satisfy my obligations in multiple places. After a...

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Hi everyone,

As of late, I have struggled to keep up with competing demands from real life and the Brotherhood. I am sure that this has been noticeable, as it has become increasingly difficult to satisfy my obligations in multiple places. After a lot of thought, and the influence, advice, and guidance of many individuals I respect, a decision has been made. I will be leaving the position of Consul. I hope that this will provide good opportunities for others to lead the Clan. I am confident that whomever my successor is, they will do well.

I have had an exciting experience in these past two years. I've worked with a lot of great people. I've learned a lot from them, as I hope many of them have from me. I look forward to seeing what the future holds and hope that it is not only as good as the past couple of years, but even better.

I do not intend to disappear. I will return to my home in House Shar Dakhan, and continue as a member from there. Despite my currently busy schedule, I intend to be active and enjoy the Brotherhood from a different perspective.


Locke Sonjie


2300 Hours Jurdan’s Quarters in Imperium Headquarters The hour was late and Jurdan was uneasy. He could sense something coming. There was a change in the wind. He could hear it howling through him and coming from within him. It whipped around him...

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2300 Hours Jurdan’s Quarters in Imperium Headquarters

The hour was late and Jurdan was uneasy. He could sense something coming. There was a change in the wind. He could hear it howling through him and coming from within him. It whipped around him like snow slapping your face in a wintery storm. What was this magic? Suddenly he was not alone.

A ghostly voice came from out of nowhere, silently at first. “Jurdan. Jurdaaan. Sorry I had to do that.”

Jurdan was startled and a bit surprised at what he saw.

“It is really me Jurdan. I am your brother Delak. I have found my way back from the Netherworld of the Force. I have been watching over you and I know your plight. You have been troubled by the visions of a war. It is a war that will lead to the destruction of Clan Scholae Palatinae if you don’t stop it.” Delak’s Force ghost said.

“What must I do brother?” Jurdan asked. “I don’t know if I have it in me with just my team, your team, to defeat this coming storm.”

“There are others who would help you Jurdan. If you seek them out they would offer to help. Shadow has been having similar visions and is equally troubled. I am sure she would use her team to help you make sure that the Empire survives.” Delak said silently and with assurance.

“I will do as I must in your stead. I will lead Shadow Guard forward into glorious victory in your memory brother.” Jurdan vowed.

“Farewell brother.” Delak said as his form faded away.

Jurdan reached for his communicator. “Comm center. This is Jurdan. Get me a line to Shadow in Excidium.”

Greetings Shadow Guard,

Sorry this report is late but ive been busy with school finals and coming up with some nice things for you to do. We have some interesting months ahead of us starting March 1st. I will detail more information on this in the report below. For now I am proud of the activity you guys have been giving in competitions and in everything else you do.

We have seen the end of the Reign of Blade in Excidium as she leaves to take over as COU(ewwwwwww) Rollmaster. With her absence the power vacuum was sealed by Braecen and Alara. We wish them luck in their jobs as they try and fill Blade’s big shoes. (Or did Z destroy all those?)

On to the fun stuff. Shadow and I have discussed it and we are going to run a new story arc for our two battle teams. We call it…..


We have come together to come up with an evil Warlord to fight and destroy. There will be more details in March as far as a fiction is concerned. I will outline our competitions below.



I don’t have the link yet because I am waiting on some flash games from Shadow first but here are the rest of the details.

Imperial Infiltration

Quen's Imperial Remnant

BT Comp Planets

Belderone - Main Warlord Planet

Ossus - Planet Base + Starbase

Trogan – Shipyard

Budpock – Base

Columex – Base

Warlord Name - Oli'Ver Quen - Human Male - 45 years old – Previously served under the Emperor’s Command at the Battle of Endor. He survived when he ordered a tactical retreat when he saw the Executor fall into the second Death Star. He was in the Imperial Navy for twenty years prior to his rise to self-proclaimed Warlord.

Lieutenants - Jon Digg - Human Male - 40 years old – has served under Quen for five years and has become one of his most loyal servants. He is adapt at tactics and hand to hand combat. He wields a sword instead of a blaster.

Quen Tin - Human Male – 60 – Mentor of Quen. He was an Admiral in the Emperor’s Fleet. When the Emperor ordered him to be terminated Oli’Ver flew him into the outer rim territories until word of the Emperor’s death reached him. He has served under Quen ever since.

Sera Lancet - Human Female – 25 – Top graduate in the Imperial Academy as a TIE Pilot. She was a Top Gun and later on she was promoted to Squadron Commander. She runs the top Squadron in Quen’s fleet.

Enemy Fleet

Imperial Star Destroyer II - 6 Wings of T/I

Victory Star Destroyer - 4 Wings of T/F

Victory Star Destroyer - 4 Wings of T/F

Acclamator - 2 Wings TIE Bomber

Acclamator - 2 Wings TIE Bomber



Starbase - 3 Wings T/F - 3 Wings T/I

Main Fiction – Month Long

2 graphics comps 1 each half of month 2 weeks each

2 Poetry 1 each half of month 2 weeks each

2 Flash Games 1 each half of month 2 weeks each

PVP - Play against any member of the DJB month long

Joint Runon - Month long 2 post minimum 250 words minimum 1000 maximum length

Battleplan Month Long - Plan to attack base on the planet chosen – solo or team

Scoring for main competition participation 1st place gets 10 points. 2nd place gets 7 points. 3rd place gets 5 points. 4th place gets 3 points. Every other submission gets 1 point.

Art Corner:

Here is the banner I made for our joint story mission to help define our two Battle Teams.




• Motto: We Strike from the Darkness

• Website: Battle Team Shadow Guard Website

• Description: Primary Protection for House Summit Leadership and Stealth Infiltration Unit

• Subunit Of: House Imperium of Clan Scholae Palatinae

• Members: 6

• Battleteam Leader Battlemaster Jurdan Krennel

• Assigned Subunits

• Roster

13944 Battlemaster Jurdan Krennel [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

6352 Commander Dek Ironius II [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

14274 Warrior Kyo Akumu [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

14167 Privateer Wagglehorn [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

14838 Knight Reiyden Rosenau [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

14045 Acolyte Drake Starfire [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Battle Team Leader's Corner:

This should be fun guys. The competitions should be in the system for approval to start March 1st and run till the end of the month. After that arc 2 will start after a week off and run for 3 weeks. Our final arc should lead right up into the summer and hopefully the Great Jedi War. This will be great practice for all of us.

For the Empire!

Battlemaster Jurdan Krennel (Sith) / BTL / Battle Team Shadow Guard of House Imperium of Clan Scholae Palatinae [GMRG: XI] [SA: III] [ACC: Q] [INQ: IX] SCx3 / AC / DCx4 / Cr:4D-14R-17A-18S-24E-3T / PoBx13 / CFx2665 / CIx69 / CEx2001 / CGx21 / SIx3 / SotM / LSx2 / SoLx2 / S:3Cr / LoR {SA: DPE - DPV}


Greetings all, I've spent my last few days as Rollmaster in a dark, dusty conference room, deciding. I had good company though! I had good company during my entire period as RM. Frosty Romanae and Sith 'Beef' Bloodfyre, thank you for...

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Greetings all,

I've spent my last few days as Rollmaster in a dark, dusty conference room, deciding. I had good company though! I had good company during my entire period as RM. Frosty Romanae and Sith 'Beef' Bloodfyre, thank you for your support, shared wisdoms and fun during this awesome time in the summit.

We had to make a decision, and a hard one that was. All applications were really good!

Thank you for that

After some additional questions... It was still a hard call... We see potential in all who applied.

It's official! Tarentum's new Rollmaster is... Drumroll..........

Kromtal Stormfyld, aka Darknyte.

I'm looking forward to his future accomplishments! Be on the lookout for his, soon to come, first Rollmaster Report.

Ranarr Kul


Hello? This thing on? Oh, it is! Good day fellow Galerians! As you most likely know by now, I am Qyreia Arronen, your new Quaestor for the House. I come bearing news — some mundane and some fresh — but all of it is important to some degree or...

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Hello? This thing on? Oh, it is! Good day fellow Galerians! As you most likely know by now, I am Qyreia Arronen, your new Quaestor for the House. I come bearing news — some mundane and some fresh — but all of it is important to some degree or another.

But Qyreia, if it’s all important, then isn’t it all just the same then?

Well you see, SHUT UP, NURSE!

Ahem… Moving along then…

I’ll make my personal OOC intro brief: I am a fiction junkie; a PC gamer because I have neither console nor television; and I come from Clan Naga Sadow with about one-and-a-half years of DJB experience under my belt. There, that about covers all the important things.


Intro Fiction!

Galeres Quaestor Quarters
Arcona Citadel, Estle City, Selen

When she finally returned to the apartment, she found Keira napping on the couch, their effects largely unpacked save for a few small boxes of Qyreia’s more sensitive items. Looks like someone was busy while I was gone. With a pleasant grin, she resumed her unpacking, limited though it was: hanging up her tiny selection of clothes, setting out picture frames, and storing her more prized accoutrements at the back of the closet. She’d even managed to cover Keira in a blanket and start a kettle going for tea when the door chimed once more. What is this, the three ghosts of Life Day? Her eyes darted to the couch where the Force user remained unmoving and asleep, clearly recovering from her earlier excitements. Still knocked out.

In a quick and silent stride, Qyreia moved to the door and pressed the button to open it. “Yello?” When she looked down, she noticed a particularly blue and fuzzy individual standing at her threshold. “Bleu?”

“You? You…” Kordath clearly fumbled for the Zeltron’s name before remembering who he was looking for. “You’re… tha new Quaestor?”

“So I’m told.” The bags under the Ryn’s eyes had subsided greatly since last she saw him, but they were still present. “How’s the baby treating you?”

“Oh Shay? Wee one is doin’ fine. Tha info ye gave me an’ Zuj helped a lot.” He leaned close to whisper. “I don’ suppose you’d want ta babysit, seein’ as how you’re not too far away anymore?”

“My my, only just meeting your boss and already asking favors.”

“If I’da known ye were gonna be like that, I would nae have kept sober for the encounter.”

“I’m joking Bleu!” She clapped him on the shoulder and jostled him amiably. “Sheesh, you must still be having sleep troubles.”

“A bit,” he sighed, patting his jacket and wishing he’d brought his flask.

She chuckled, stepping outside the doorway and letting it close behind her. “How about this? You and me go and grab a few drinks, talk a little shop before things get too hectic.”

“You buyin’?”

“I’ll buy my drinks.”

If you want to read more than just this snippet, you can find the rest here


Key Business

Battleteams and the House

One of the primary concerns that was put forth is the state of the Battleteams, Nighthawk and Tal’mahe’Ra. Nighthawk is without a BTL at the moment, and TMR is lacking sufficient active members. After some deliberation within the Summit, I’ve decided it best to combine the Battleteams into one. TMR will be merged into Nighthawk, as the latter is a long-standing group with established history. Xenna will likewise be appointed BTL of Nighthawk until such time as she steps down to give someone else a crack at the leadership role.

Fictionally, Nighthawk will retain its position as the intelligence department, conducting other covert combat operations as necessary or directed. The remainder of the House will take on a more dedicated general-combat role, fulfilling our classic duty as Arcona’s military arm. Galeres already has the Inquisitorius listed as a diplomatic enemy, so we will also be taking on the role of protectors of the Undesirables and rooting out the Voice’s agents (I’m looking at you, Atrapants). More to come as things develop, but look forward to having a home-base of sorts in the (hopefully) near future.

Wiki Work

Right now, the Galeres Wiki is about six months out-of-date in general, while the History section is pushing between two or three years if my sources are correct. That’s a lot of backlogged work that needs to be done.

So, I am asking for any and all people that can help on this to do so. Older members who remember the history can team up on that section to fill in blanks and apply the new timeline years to it. Newer members who might feel intimidated by that can still help by refining and trimming other sections. This will be a group effort and one that, once complete, will give Galeres a shiny wiki page that we can be proud of, and a means to award those who help for their hard work.

Please, if you can help and would like to, e-mail or message on Telegram myself, Kordath, or Xenna.


Promotions & Awards

I’m doing this based off of what’s happened since Kord’s report on the 5th. Since we are very gaming-oriented, I figured it would be good to point out that even our folks that don’t visit the website (apparently) are still active. If you’re not up here, that means there wasn’t anything to report since the above date, but don’t worry: next month I’ll be using this report as the reference date. Awards are in no particular order.

Val Cole

  • 30 Clusters of Earth

Atra Ventus

  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 4 Clusters of Ice
  • 5 Clusters of Earth

Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae

  • Promoted to Warlord (EQ4)!

Maré Littus

  • 2 Crescents with Amethyst Star
  • 262 Clusters of Earth
  • 32 Clusters of Fire

Ernordeth Puer-Irae

  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 23 Clusters of Earth

Rulvak Qurroc

  • Promoted to Battlelord (EQ3)!
  • Appointed Magistrate to the Grandmaster of Assistants
  • 4 Crescents with Amethyst Star
  • 1 Crescent with Topaz Star
  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 160 Clusters of Fire
  • 427 Clusters of Earth

Kordath Bleu

  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 3 Clusters of Ice
  • 78 Clusters of Fire

Qyreia Arronen

  • Transferred to Arcona and Galeres. Hello me!


  • 71 Clusters of Fire

Jake Blazer

  • 81 Clusters of Fire

Elania Li

  • Promoted to Hunter (JM3)!
  • 2 Crescents with Emerald Star
  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star

Plaid Sadira

  • Promoted to Acolyte (JM2)!

Damak Weir

  • Promoted to Proselyte (NV3)!


  • Promoted to Apprentice (NV2)!


The Cramped Corner

This is where I’ll be putting any news tidbits, big competitions, final notes, et cetera.

Final Notes

I guess this is my final blurb. I’m new to Arcona, even though I’ve been in the chat for a couple months at least, so if I haven’t sought you out to say hello, don’t worry: I’m not good at seeking anyone out. I don’t know the who’s-who down in Whoville, as it were. Know, however, that my door is always open, whether it’s for House business or if you just want to chat.

There’s going to be a lot of little projects and competitions in the coming months as we ramp up for some big events later this year (#soon). If you’re looking for something to do, speak up. I’m sure either the other Summit members or I can find something.

Finally, a big thanks to the folks of Arcona that have thus far helped me get acclimated to the new job and new home!I look forward to working with you all, and I hope that we can make this great House even greater!


alt text


galeres quaestor february report

Manifest Destiny Fiction Korada Monastery Aliso 35 ABY Furios stood still, silent, and invisible, meditating on the future of the clan in a trance-like state. The sounds of the ocean waves were all that broke the silence as the new Quaestor of...

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Manifest Destiny Fiction

Korada Monastery
35 ABY

Furios stood still, silent, and invisible, meditating on the future of the clan in a trance-like state. The sounds of the ocean waves were all that broke the silence as the new Quaestor of House Karness Muur stared out over the waters. Standing on his new balcony, the comings and goings of Plagueians and slaves gently echoed from the courtyard below. A lot of changes had just occurred but the goals of the clan on Aliso didn’t. Their efforts to make Aliso their home would not be impeded.

10-Alliel "The Circle"
Aliso system
35 ABY, Two Weeks Earlier

The searing thrums, swings, and clashes of training sabers echoed in the colosseum-like structure of the Training Ring. Proselyte Malacath and the Novices of The Circle sparred with training droids while their Taskmaster watched from the ring above. A mildly frustrated scowl adorned his face as he input various correctional notes on his datapad. He’d just lost three students during their trials and was growing frustrated and concerned. They had all failed to internalize the full attitude of Clan Plagueis and it was only a matter of time before the Overseer decided the failure rate was higher than the desire to produce dedicated, competent members of the Ascendant Clan. He grumbled under his breath as a student overextended himself and received a burning blow to the abdomen. The Taskmaster was recording the mistake when an idea came to him. He’d seen Abadeer Taasii make a similar mistake during his little training session. Perhaps some decent sport was in order. Furios made a couple of final notes on his datapad and pulled up the training droid controls. He turned it up to eleven (a custom addition for The Circle) and watched each of his students succumb to the burning pain of training sabers. The Epicanthix strode back to his office while his students grunted and cried out in pain. He pulled out his chair and sat at his desk, pulling a bottle of clear spirits from the chiller behind him. One of the perks of virtually teaching children all day in Clan Plagueis was access to a decent supply of alcohols. He poured himself a shot, paused for a moment, and drank it before deactivating the training droids. He barked orders into his comm link, echoing into the Training Ring below. The Battlelord opened a channel to the Korada Monastery on Aliso, hailing the Quaestor of House Karness Muur. A few moments passed and he took another shot. The holoprojector on his desk flickered to life with the figure of Arden Karn.

“Greetings, Quaestor,” the Epicanthix stated plainly.

“Furios, speak of the devil!” the House leader exclaimed. “I was just talking about you.”

“I'm almost afraid to ask what that conversation pertained to,” the Taskmaster replied with mild sarcasm.

“I'd like to make use of your facilities to test my Aedile. The summit has something in mind for him and we need to verify his abilities.”

“Coincidentally, I'd like to do the same. He's taught my students a bad habit and I want to break it, starting with him.”

“Are the children not holding your interest?” Arden asked almost rhetorically.

The Taskmaster only frowned in response.

“Then I believe we can kill two birds with one stone,” the Quaestor continued.

Read More: Discourse


For those of you who don’t know me, I am Furios, not to be confused with the breakfast cereal Fury O’s (just say it with a hard S). I joined the DB in 2010 because I thought it would be fun to learn what I can about Star Wars in the Shadow Academy. Over a short period of time I found interest in other activities like writing, gaming, graphics, etc. until I had a desire to participate in just about anything, and everything when it comes time for an event. This kind of inspiration is what eventually led me to leadership in this club and after stints as Aedile and BTL, I’ve finally stepped up into a Quaestor position.

Now that the boring backstory is over, let’s get down to business.

News and Events

  • As all of you have no doubt seen, the biggest clan news is the near complete reshuffling of the clan summit. A heartfelt thank you to Teylas Ramar for his long and well-done stint as our Consul. With his resignation we see him being replaced with the appointment of Selika Roh AKA Slagar AKA Slaggles. Abadeer Taasii took his place as Proconsul, leaving HKM’s aedile spot open. Arden Karn stepped into the Rollmaster spot as Jai’de Serpens stepped down due to the dreaded RL, thank you Jai’de. I took Arden’s place as Quaestor with my new Aedile Malice, who’s replacing Abadeer. My former BTL position is being filled by Azmodius Equesinfernum, one of my students. Also fairly recent, Kelly Mendes was appointed to Aedile of House Ajunta Pall. Long story short: Laren’s the only one who didn’t move. Good luck to all our summit members, returning, maintaining, and new.


  • In Brotherhood-wide news, we’ve unfortunately seen the Chamber of Justice perform actions on three different members. I’m always a little sad to see a member get CoJd, even if they completely deserved it. I think of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a place where everyone is one big family with all the pros and cons of each individual. CoJ cases show when a member loses sight of this idea.

  • The FIST office has released some new additions to the list of Brotherhood platforms: Titanfall 2 and Star Wars: Force Arena, info here.

  • The Combat Master has done a slight restructuring to the Feats and Force Powers, info here.

Quaestor’s Words

I have a couple of topics I’d like to address in relation to the clan. The first of which is about the Chamber of Justice. As any member can attest, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood goes a lot deeper than most online clubs. Nothing says that more than our Justice system. With the recent increase in judicial action, I feel a need to give my two cents on the matter. If what you're doing is, or can be, unfair to another member, don't do it. If what you're saying to another member is especially bothersome or harassing, stop saying it. If you find yourself using or about to use your position or influence to control members for your own gain, don't do it. If you’re thinking about making a second DB account for any deceptive purposes, don’t do it. Alternatively if you want a second account for the sake of starting over, let your superiors know and we can facilitate that transition. These are a few examples of COJ-able offenses: Cheating, Harrassment, Abuse of Power, and Cloning. You might be reading these words and think to yourself, “Why would anyone do this?” Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not. What I can tell you is this: If you don’t know whether you’re about to do something wrong or not, ask a leader first. If you find something prohibited going on, tell a leader immediately. Together we can keep the club cohesive and fun for everyone.

Another thing that bears mentioning is the Possessions system. A lot of cool items are up for purchasing and as most of you are aware, those items cost credits. There are two types of ways to earn credits. One is passively earning credits, which are awarded for time in rank and time within a position. Secondly, you can earn credits actively. There's a handy dandy guide to what earns how many credits here. As you can see, passive credits can easily be overcome by participating in competitions. One competition (run or participated in) per week is worth more than double a Grand Master's weekly rank salary. So to those of you who want bigger and better things out of Possessions (such as a certain Firespray), I only say this: Do more things, get more money.

In Conclusion

The month since our last Quaestor report has come and gone. Since our last major event, the Winter Trials, everything has mostly been business as usual in the DB. This is the perfect time to perform a sort of maintenance on your characters. Work on/update your wiki pages. Finish that Degree in the Shadow Academy. Drop some lines in the Clan RO. Run and compete in the club’s Competitions. Malice will have more for you on the 10th. Have fun and be active while you await the next installment of the Clan Plagueis Saga.

See you next month!

Furios Morega


manifest destiny report quaestor 2017 star wars hkm karness muur clan plagueis

Greetings fellow Dakhani! This report will contain information about some of the recent changes in HSD, upcoming plans for Devil’s Shroud and some very important Clan fiction recently dropped on us. Been some time My last report has been quite...

Read More …



Greetings fellow Dakhani! This report will contain information about some of the recent changes in HSD, upcoming plans for Devil’s Shroud and some very important Clan fiction recently dropped on us.

Been some time

My last report has been quite some time, and my sincerest apologies for that. Time has been getting the better of me since I went back to school again. I’m back though to finding a rhythm that suits my DJB activity and have delved back into where I left off at the end of December. Expect timely reports from Evelynn,Lilith and myself in the future. Onwards!

Clan News

Locke and Sang released a report recently, which is extremely important to read! It details the fictional developments CNS is now officially undertaking and moving on to our “Indiana Jones in space” direction. Also, it gives thanks to some prominent members who have worked their butts off for CNS the past months, make sure you congratulate them on their hard but well earned Merits/Sacs/Promotions.

I urge you to read the report if you haven’t already, click me! If you don't have time to read the report, here are the links to the three part fiction.

Many thanks to Marcus, Bentre, Locke, Aul and Sang for writing the fiction below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

HSD Overview

The recent Wiki NPC cleanup is finally nearing completion, with some thanks to Aul Celsus and Marcus Kiriyu. For a list of all CNS NPC’s, check out the link below. There’s a few in there that still need to be updated but they are currently being handled by members. I’ll be reaching out to the active creators of some of the imageless ones (namely the ten NPC’s acting as crew for the HMR MJHC Retribution) to have them updated with at least one image, in order to give it the same feeling as the ones I updated throughout the course of the last 2,5 months.


For now, the House Summit will be shifting its focus back towards the productivity of its members. Within the next couple days expect an email from Evelynn, Lilith or me asking about the goals you hope to achieve within the DJB. Should they be realistic, reasonable and within our abilities we will strive to make a personal “goal list” for you. Together with your input we hope to increase activity and ultimately help you towards getting that sweet promotion or Merit medal.

An example would be “I want to become a better writer.” For that we would look at the fiction comps running, SA courses available, personal fiction advancement, character wiki etc to see where we can jump in and help you or advise you to take/do. Becoming a better writer takes practice and time, mainly learning from your mistakes and using the feedback the competition organizer or grammar checker provides you with.

Another example could be that you want to make it on the GMRG board, but don’t have as much time as others in order to game. We would then be able to make a list of the games you can/could play, and a timetable that fits your schedule in which we would try our best to be able to help you out in playing Pazaak, JA or any other game that we own by playing with you, or reaching out to other members in or outside of CNS that would also like to play.

I would like to say that although we will take the time to set you up with something that fits your needs, we are by no means your babysitter and we won’t be sitting on top of your to do list if you aren’t serious about it.

The current core members of HSD are struggling to stay active other than on Telegram. The Summit hopes to change this around by providing a personal goal system, giving you something to work towards. Telegram presence and a comp here or there once a month doesn’t count much for Merits/Promotions in the long run!

Aedile Actions

Evelyyn has been hard at work in writing up a proposal for the Upper Summit. Having recently submitted it to Locke and Sang, once the proposal is accepted and the kinks worked out we hope to be able to bring you something unique and hopefully bring us all closer together in a fun and relaxing way.

As is also well known by now, Evelynn is an avid gamer, dare I say, perhaps a fanatical gamer?! For the few gamers amongst us Evelynn will be encouraging gaming for PC, with platforms such as Overwatch and Diablo 3 (when they finally bring out something new). However, he’s always looking for a gaming buddy, Star Conflict, Pazaak and Jedi Academy for example.

Hit him up if you feel like earning some CF/CE and contributing to keeping him on the GMRG Leaderboard. As the only Sadowan in the top it would be great to keep help keep him up there!

BTL Plans

Lilith and I have been throwing around some ideas for an event primarily focused on Devil’s Shroud. We both felt that it was time to expand on the lore of the House’s sole remaining Battle Team. However, due to recent DJB fiction not moving as fast as we had anticipated, we have come to a standstill until the next major fiction is released. Should things go as is planned for the next update, Lilith will be able to proceed with preparations. All we would need is a date, but this would most likely be after the GJW which is planned sometime for Spring/Summer release. However, the next event for HSD will be focusing on Devil’s Shroud and their new HQ, Myrmidon.

Clan Event with Tarentum

As was mentioned in the latest CON report, CNS is collaborating with Tarentum to host a light co-op event to get warmed up for the GJW. The supposed start time will be sometime in March, so be on the lookout for further news as we head closer/into March.

This is also one of the reasons that HSD hasn’t run one of their own House events since the Leadership for Kel Rasha event, with Sands of Time and Project:SPECIAL taking up the time after that event. CNS has been busy and will continue to be busy leading up to the GJW with a high chance of at least a couple weeks downtime once the GJW start date is announced!

Final words

Check out the CON report, it holds tons information which may hopefully answer some questions you have been burning to ask for months but we couldn’t provide an answer for. The fiction released alongside the report is well worth the read and, again, I strongly urge you to read it if you haven't already. Something icky happened which has consequences for my character, perhaps you too will be affected by it!

Keep rocking Shar Dakhan!




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