Welcome to Week Two of the 2018 Pro Bowl! Week One wraps up at midnight GMT, so we have a little bit of overlap, but Week Two is underway! A bit of clarification going into Week Two, there are ELEVEN events carrying us forward. Please note for the...

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Welcome to Week Two of the 2018 Pro Bowl!

Week One wraps up at midnight GMT, so we have a little bit of overlap, but Week Two is underway!

A bit of clarification going into Week Two, there are ELEVEN events carrying us forward. Please note for the Lucioball event that if you submit the same screenshot for the Fist August event, that I WILL see it. Don’t be ridiculous and silly. Also, because many of you do not have access to Lucioball due to not owning the game, I am also running a staple Cluster Race for Week 2.

For PvP Gaming, your matches MUST be against someone from another team. Again, I will be keeping an eye on that.

All your competition needs can be found here!

  • Flash Game 1 is a quick score what you can as fast as possible type game!

  • Flash Game 2 is have the lowest score possible (must be golf?).

  • Infinites allows you to explore your creativity in changing any one single event in DB history OR from the last four SW films released!

  • Hunt the Tally is exactly what it sounds like, but I’m gonna make you find three of them!

  • Jigsaw because what would an event be like without a jigsaw puzzle?

  • Lucioball is just trying to accumulate the most stats you can in a single game! Either Regular or Copa are acceptable.

  • The Word Search is exactly what it sounds like. Taldryan related!

  • PvP Gaming must be against people from another team!

  • Poetry is such a great way to express yourself!

  • You all know how a Cluster Race works!

  • Design the Graphics for my new Vineyard!

If you have any questions. Slide into my DMs or shoot me an e-mail!

May the Force be with you,

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn



Nine Months Ago Grief tasted of ashes, seawater and brine, and copious amounts of blueblossoms, everliliess, rojos and lorchads. The vibrant bundles of flowers made the air almost sickly with their airy, heady scent, mixing noxiously with the...

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Nine Months Ago

Grief tasted of ashes, seawater and brine, and copious amounts of blueblossoms, everliliess, rojos and lorchads. The vibrant bundles of flowers made the air almost sickly with their airy, heady scent, mixing noxiously with the other smells hanging nearby. Terran breathed shallowly, catching a vague memory of a woman with blooms in her hair on the roof of his mouth with every inhalation.

The floral display was, he'd been told, a favorite on peaceful, blooming Selen. He did not know exactly how many people, from where, had laboured to see these flowers here now; but the red-eyed and hollow-stared mourners seemed grateful for them.

“As we commend your souls to the Force, to the Light of the Stars and the Dark of the Void and the Embrace of Eternity, blessings of the moon and sun upon you, for you are the salt and earth of this land, our beloved...."

Atyiru's voice was strong and rose over the near-silent congregation. Her copper and silver features were tired with grief, but she stood tall and delivered the last rites of any Selenian with a compassion that hummed deep to his bones. Terran silently hoped for her peace, knowing she was going to carry every death here like she'd caused it with her own hands.

Just as silent was the lie of that hope.

There were, of course, no bodies, and there would be no burial in any family crypts or graves, no ashes consigned to the empty and starlight of space. They'd had to burn every corpse in the mass pits they'd dug, to be sure the plague wouldn't spread any further while inoculations were delivered. Even those who had died of some other cause at the time — a murder or two, some accidents, an overdose — had been included in the cremation. The risk was too great that the disease could've found a home with them.

Thus, they had all come together for this makeshift, heartfelt ceremony.

He broke his vigil over the immense display of personal effects, flowers, and various offerings to various faiths that had been brought by so many survivors; so, so many holos of their dead family members, wives, husbands, children, grandparents, friends, so many trinkets and candles and messages on scraps of flimsiplast. The piecemeal shrine presided over the scene, and Atyiru stood at its head, as far as the citizens were concerned, as the Principal Trustee of the Commonwealth of Selen.

Her speech changed then, as she finished the last of her recitation, pausing before its closing lines. Faces rose from where they'd lowered, some confused, some expectant. What would she say?

"I know now how terrible this is, how nothing can make better our pain or return what we have lost, how deep this wound," the Consul murmured, clear and quiet but suddenly sharp, like a mountain peak. The crowd rustled around her, the sentence hanging in the air a long, long few heartbeats, silence speaking more for all the dead than anyone still breathing could. Terran felt in the center of his chest a tendril of the Force, light and small and sweet, a caress, and knew that she was reaching out — to him, to them, to every heart and mind here, enfolding them in calm.

"I know," she went on eventually, turning to sweep her blindfolded face over the assembly, "there here is a sorrow too terrible to name. We are going through that which nothing I say can encompass, that which has no words; we are going through the unimaginable. But here, too, is this truth: we are alive. And we are not alone."

Her face was so very kind. It was full of true answers and love and heartlight and it made the hope she spoke of seem a tangible thing. Like the free-floating petals around them that tried so hard to cleanse any lingering smog or stench of sickness.

"We are alive and we are not alone," repeated the robed Miraluka. "I know it is just as unimaginable to hope right now, but though hope is frail, it is hard to kill. And our hope is alive. It is in all of you. We must remember that in the days to come. We must rise each morning and know today is a better dawn than the previous dusk, for we are alive, and we hope, and we stand together. Together, we have withstood the plague that assailed us.Together, we begin rebuilding efforts immediately. Together, we will nurture and reap the new crops soon coming. Together, we will join hands as one and cross this river, overcome this which is unimaginable. The Force is with us all, my friends, my family. We builders, we survivors, we who hope so strongly. The Force is with us all! And we are all with each other."

Her smile was bright with better bright beneath, like copper-gilded gold. Terran noticed a few tentative, teary smiles directed back.

"So come, my friends. Come and live with me. With each other. With those who have gone still alive in each of us."

Bending, Atyiru placed a bundle of green springs before the flames of a brazier at her feet. Then, lifting her arms, she called out one last time.

“Farewell, daughters and sons of Selen. May we soon meet across the stars.”

“Farewell,” the entire congregation echoed, voices mingling, some strong, some scratchy, some bearing the weight of the entire world. Their mournful wish seemed to hang in the air, perhaps trapped by the oppressive flowers and smoke, perhaps so heavy with grief that the words could not reach the next realm.

Atyiru doused the fire. Another crisp mountain breeze whisked away some of the lingering scents, cluttered with flower petals. Silently, in groups and one by one, the gathered witnesses, friends, acquaintances, and various debtors walked away. The Shadow Lady smeared ashes over her delicate cheeks and lowered her head in what had to be prayer, standing there until even the longest lingering had gone.

Terran wondered if he should maybe go shake her, eyeing some of the other Summit members who seemed to be thinking the same, glancing at the prone Miraluka for a cue. Others marched off, Timeros never one to spend more than a necessary second on any task, Kordath probably needing to lie down before the booze did it for him. Zujenia escorted the man off, Uji stood away conversing silently with a woman, and Lucine left swiftly as soon as it seemed courtesy was done. But their leader of endless Sunshine and Rainbows...

Other eyes wouldn't have caught it, but the Kiffar's did, crystalline and sharp: Atyiru's shoulders gave a fine tremble, her mile of hair hiding her face. Was she crying? Or doing whatever an eyeless woman did to cry?

He almost went to her.

But then Ishwarr's heavy, furry paw settled on his shoulder, nudging him along, because of course — he was the one that had argued these people were his responsibility now, the he couldn't leave them, that he owed them care. He had work to do.

The Quaestor turned away, muttering to his Wookiee companion about her nagging, if only for show. The glint in her eye told him she knew better, but he wasn't about to give her the satisfaction of acknowledging it. They climbed up the steep mountain path to the plateau where the Citadel lay, crossed the long bridge. Work to do. Hope to be had, if Atyiru was to be believed.

She didn't join them inside for a very long while.

Present Day

The monument had been defaced again.

It was nothing new, exactly, not recently. The scrawl was done in cheap paint, and one of the weird religious crowd of what he thought of as regulars was already scrubbing at it furiously, muttering about respect for "Our Lady of the Night." The Selenian's fellow zealots, a small enough group to avoid violating the new assembly restrictions, were leaving flowers and talking at the stone and hopefully not leaving any blood behind this time. Terran eyed them a second longer just be to be sure nobody was cutting their hands open.

The smooth, low wall of obsidian rock was full of fine crystal edges that glittered in direct sunlight and made the whole thing almost iridescent every day. Thousands of names were imprinted on it, row after cramped row, lines of neat, laser-cut Aurebesh. Standing above the wall as she had above the crowd at the memorial was a woman's figure, smiling and eyeless but otherwise relatively vague in feature; long hair morphed into flowing robes morphed into the edge of the wall as if water flowing to the ground. The obvious parts were her prayer-folded hands and her upturned lips. She watched over the plague victims like some shepherd for the dead.

The sculptors hadn't caught but a piece of her fire, but it was, admittedly, a pretty fancy piece. He wondered whether or not she'd have hated it.

The Kiffar Proconsul sighed heavily and turned his cool gaze back to the tiered city sprawling out below him. The memorial was a good spot to see from, not so distant as the Citadel tower but nearer to the edge of the Huscar ring than the plateau — exactly the reason they'd even held the service in this location.

His view was a dismal one. He knew, logically, that it was just his tiredness and mood that made Estle look grayer, but that knowledge didn't prevent the effect. And it wasn't any trick of the eyes that things were patently worse: buildings having been burned, others falling into disrepair, more and more graffiti sprayed in the streets while the number of bodies idling in those same walkways increased. Signage mostly reminded of curfew time and the feeding hall schedule for the day now instead of advertising local entertainment. Troops in full kit patrolled in small groups, constantly on alert for signs of simmering violence. Citizens skipped work that either couldn't pay or couldn't function and milled about on their stoops and roofs and flung invective about the heat, about their power still being out, about their rations. Everything was just...hungrier, angrier, crueler.

Just worse.

And they were responsible.


Clan News

First, big congratulations to Luka on ascending to Knighthood! Well done! Things have a been a bit quiet the past month (and a half) as we get things lined up for the Clan event of Sins, and reordering our report release schedule so as to avoid overlap.


Brotherhood News

Since the last report, there’s been little public movement on Club news outside of various DC reports, which we’ll be linking below. Look forward to a major event in the works come winter! On a more light-hearted note, the Summer Puzzle Series recently ended with a victory for our very own Rhylance!


Competition Spotlights



  • Xenna Asks,

    • selen is going to be hit by an asteroid tomorrow afternoon. No one will believe you, how do you plead?
      • Not my fault, next?
  • Lucine asks,

    • Can I borrow the Skitters? Someone keeps circulating a rumor that I am Rhylance's secretary, and I want to find that person so I can put them to rest.
      • I believe you already 'borrowed' POR-7. I'm certain you'll be able to investigate quite well on your own. Of course, my associate Sprout is still on Ol'val running Bleu's Clues Investigations and may be for hire.
  • Skar asks,

    • #asktheryn will there ever be a civil conversation between Skar and kord
      • Someday. Maybe. After he gets his mask forcibly merged with his face.
  • Wally asks,

    • Do you still worry that one day, ghost Atty might return, learn of all he's done since she's been gone, and turn him into an Astromech while wearing his fur as boots?
      • Of course not. She's paste. Hah. Hah hah. Not nervous at all.
  • Tali asks a few

    • How's the progress on Ol'val?
      • Well, you all did a fine job of raising funds through the bake sale, so it's on the up and up.
    • When's the next inspection day?
      • When I decide on it.
    • Any juicy gossip on the new secretary seen attending to Rhylance's office? The one with the red hair and Rhylothian maid outfit?
      • I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Zujenia asks,

    • How formal are our ceremonies anymore? Does the Shadow Sloth hold them or wave them off with a 'yeah, yeah, done'?
      • Knighting ceremonies (congrats again, Luka!) are still pretty important, that's about the person being recognized. Outside of Shadesworn getting brought in? Can't say Kord holds much to ceremonies.
  • Archenksov asks,

    • Speaking of Sins, do you have any you'd like to confess?
      • Not without my lawyer present.


Final Thoughts

So this wraps up July/August, keep an eye out for an announcement about the start of Sins Episode IV! Also, big shout out to Terran and Satsi for penning up the intro fic to this report and all their hard work on the event!




Hi all! Welcome to the Scholae Palatinae Consul Report for the month of June 2018. This has been a busy month for many of us in real life and summer is always a quiet DB time, but we have results from the latest event, words and war, as well as...

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Hi all! Welcome to the Scholae Palatinae Consul Report for the month of June 2018. This has been a busy month for many of us in real life and summer is always a quiet DB time, but we have results from the latest event, words and war, as well as the new event to come to the clan, the pro bowl!

News & Announcements

Leadership Restructuring and Open Position

We've had a few changes in our leadership structure at house level over the last few weeks. Dek has resigned from the position of QUA of Imperium, with Korras / Darth Aeternus taking up the lead role, with Shadow moving over from Excidium to Imperium to serve as the Aedile. Massive congratulations to both of them on their new positions!

That leaves a gap in Excidium's Aedile spot. If you are interested, please email your applications to Alara Deathbane, Elincia Rei, Mune Cinteroph, and Raiju Kang. Deadlines for applications is August 31st. At anytime, however, we can close applications depending on those we receive should we find a acceptable candidate in a faster period of time.

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • 24 - 48 hour email responding time
  • Creative skills in assistance to developing competitions, plot storylines, fiction, and campaigns
  • Ability to use Telegram, DJB Wiki, Trello, Google Docs, and DJB Markdown (willing to train in this, but please take the courses!)
  • Ability to work with others in a timely fashion
  • A general understanding of where you want to be in the DJB in the near future

We've had a flurry of awards here recently, so I'd like to congratulate James Malum, Ulfsark, and Kadrol Hauen on their Anteian Crosses! Many thanks for all your hard work!

Fleet Restructuring

As you all know from recent reports, we've been working on a restructuring of the clan fleet, which comes from a re-imagining of what the fleet actually is: a plot device. Something to use in fictions. As such, we gave roughly 10 million to each house and 5 million to each BT in order to build their own forces to drive house / bt level fictional development, which would have come out of the credits we had earned since the new clan possessions sytem came into effect. As it became very quickly apparent that wasn't enough, I expnded this to 25 and 10 million, which put the clan at a defecit. Jorm has been instrumental in helping me cut costs.

The relevant sales / purchases have been made, after discussion with Dante, Arden, and others interested in military matters. Most notable changes is that the Venator Star Destroyer - which requires an extensive starfighter contingent to be effective in combat - has been replaced by a second Victory. Both are 75 million, but with the Victory we could cut costs on starfighters. We also found the cash to upgrade the starfighters we had left, so we now have a smaller contingent, but all are top quality. Also, Juggernauts are pretty awesome so we bought some. They're giant tanks that hold a load of troops for land attacks.

New military can be found here


Words and War


Participation in this event was relatively low compared to previous events. Perhaps this is due to summer, or that we didn't do a great job of advertising it, or that the whole path of war vs path of subterfuge thing was only interesting in my head, but many competitions had only one or two entries. Nonetheless, thank you to Mako, Mune, Wagglehorn, Derek, Xantros, Jon, Reiden, James, Jorm and Bale for their participation.

Final scores are as follows:

1) Mako - 113

2) Wagglehorn - 28

3) Bale - 20

Congratulations to Mako, Wagglehorn and Bale for their placements!

Closing Fiction

The closing fiction for this event is a combination of numerous authors, and ended up quite lengthy, including fictions from Bale and Mako, as well as extensive writing by Raiju. We're currently still working on it, trying to make all the different elements work together as one cohensive piece, so more on that later!


Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl has started! This is a 3 way event involving us, Taldryan and Plagueis, but rather than clan v clan v clan, teams have been drafted to be a mix of all 3 clans! CSP has never participated in an event like this before and I'm looking forward to seeing how we all do. The event will be 3 weeks long, with each week focusing on a different clan. First week is us!

Teams can be found here: and more information can be found at


Ask The Eli

Andrelious asks: Should we play 4-4-fwecing2 in the probowl?
Elincia: After the world cup I'm becoming a bigger fan of the 3-5-2 to be honest.

Xen asks: How do you feel knowing that the best week of the probowl is coming to an end and nothing will ever come to compare to it?

Shadow asks: In regards to the Pro Bowl, what pokemon would represent your team?
Elincia: Mega Rayquaza. Because we're green and ridiculously overpowered.

Xantros asks: What is your most favourite part of leading the Clan? Why?
Elincia: CSP has had quite a major influence on my life outside of the DB for a long time. Leading the clan lets me feed back by providing a positive experience for the members like the one I had when I joined.

Elincia Rei,

Consul of Scholae Palatinae


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Introduction If you havent yet, make sure you read the reports from the DGM, GM, and FIST below! Welcome to my first report as Headmaster! I apologize for the length of time between my elevation to this illustrious position and my report. It has...

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If you havent yet, make sure you read the reports from the DGM, GM, and FIST below!

Welcome to my first report as Headmaster! I apologize for the length of time between my elevation to this illustrious position and my report. It has been a very busy first few weeks for my office, and I wanted to get things rolling as quickly as possible. I have news on some of the projects that the office is working on.

Who is this guy?

A fair few of the people in the club know me or have interacted with me over the years. I'm a fairly long time member. I joined in late 2000 and was originally placed in CSP, House Dorimad Sol ftw! I served in quite a few House level positions over the years while in CSP. I later joined Plagueis and was asked to help build the now defunct Independent House Revan. After that I eventually drifted to Odan-Urr where I've been a major annoyance since.

I have been a part of the Shadow Academy since about 2007 when I was hired as Eclectic Pedagogue for the Astronomy course that I created. The position was eventually folded over into Flight Studies where I stayed on staff until about 2010. I re-joined the Staff around 2014, and have since been Praetor, and now I'm the big guy in edumacation. In RL I am an overly glorified sound engineer for a conferencing center.

I have always enjoyed teaching others in one form or another. In the DJB I approach teaching the same way as I do in RL. I believe that teaching is just showing the path to the student, but letting them find the answers.


Imperial Reclamation Society

One of the key things I hit on in both my Praetor and HM applications were to take a hard look at the fictional function of the Academy. If you ask a member what they picture the SA is like in their minds eye, most will tell you a library similar to the one seen in the prequel movies. This is something that I would like to see changed. While the SA will still maintain the idea that it is a repository of data and collected knowledge of the Brotherhood, it will undergo a change for further use in the club overall.

Currently within the DJB we have our warriors (GMRG), assassins (INQ), and ne’er do wells (Shroud). The idea for the Reclamation Society is for members to go out among the stars and claim new sources of power and knowledge. The fundamental idea of the SA will remain the same, that it is a learning institution, however it will expand more into a sort of post secondary education. The higher ranks will be given tasks of higher difficulty and trust. We will still be using the SA facilities on Arx, but will also expand to also have a ship with resources to assist members in acquiring the objects they seek.

Training Videos

A few months ago I was approached by one of my Professors about doing a project that involved tutorials on each position. At each level of leadership and specialized positions in the club you are given new menu options that reflect your new responsibilities. While the hiring person can explain the new tools, I believe that having a secondary resource to keep for reference will keep downtime to a minimum for the member.

My office will be working in collaboration with our Social Media Tribune to release a series of How-To videos. These videos will be hosted on YouTube on the DJB channel. Any member will be able to view these videos regardless of their respective positions. In addition to giving members the secondary resource for learning, it is my hope that members can see the work involved that each member volunteers for when they accept positions of responsibility. In the coming weeks we will be releasing videos for the positions relating to the HM offices. Remaining offices and positions in the DJB will be worked on at the discretion of the responsible leader over each position.

New Courses

Before I go into some of the ideas presented, I want to go ahead and put out my policy (soon to be added to the HM policies wiki page) on new course ideas/creation. I maintain an open door for new courses, just send me and my Praetor an email with the idea and a small proposal. Make sure you include the following things. We will not budge on these points, so dont ask if we will.

  1. The course can only include content that is Canon. Anything that comes from Legends cannot, and absolutely will not be accepted.
  2. Include how it would be beneficial to the DJB as a whole.
  3. How does it fit into our current lore in the DJB?

Keep in mind that creating a course does not mean you will be added to the staff. It could give you a step ahead for future appointments, but nothing is promised. You will be rewarded for your efforts however.

I have been approached about courses that covers Biology and some of the Force Religions and there is work being done on these ideas.

SA Audits

I believe this is the one thing that is a staple of the Shadow Academy. The dreaded auditing of courses. Over the next few months I will have my staff performing updates to their respective departments. These updates will affect all departments in one form or another. I look forward to including information from TLJ and SOLO, a rebuild of the Department of Leadership, Law, and Communication, and two new courses in Legends to cover events from Fate of the Jedi and Legacy.

New Minions!

A few weeks ago I ran applications for the Dept. of Writing Professor. We were lucky to receive one standout application from a relatively junior member of the club. With that said, I welcome the newly promoted Knight, Jinius Griffin, to the Shadow Academy. He is being tasked with evaluating several of the courses he has for potential updates.


I do want to thank the DC for giving me this chance, as well as those who have helped me get to this esteemed office. I also want to apologize for the lack of contact from those who have reached out. I had some family issues arise that could not be avoided. I'll wrap this all up with the words of that Farrin guy.

The Shadow Academy is an amazing resource, created and administered by some imperfect human beings who strive for perfection. We try our best to catch and fix any and all errors before we release courses, but we're not always successful. Because of that, we will always need your help. If you spot an error, please report it to the SA Staff using this simple form; if it's a major enough error, or you spot enough, you'll be rewarded. With cookies. And an SA team thankful for pointing it out.

In Darkness -
Daniel Stephens,
Headmaster of the Shadow Academy


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News Heya all, it is another fantastic report straight from your Rollmaster. As with the summer, time has flown and fall is approaching fast. A Clan Event has kicked off entitled Encounter at Citadel. Currently, it has reached into the second...

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Heya all, it is another fantastic report straight from your Rollmaster. As with the summer, time has flown and fall is approaching fast. A Clan Event has kicked off entitled Encounter at Citadel. Currently, it has reached into the second phase. We have had some nice participation and I hope to see more with this second phase. If you have not had a chance to participate, here is the link. Go get those shinies!

Also, I am pleased to announce that Jinius Griffith has reached the rank of Knighthood! Congratulations, I am very happy to see another one of our members reach knighthood. It is one of the first milestones here in the DJB for beginners and returning members that takes a bit of work and determination, but when the work is over, you can see all of your accomplishments and a new rank title. Plus, a very proud Rollmaster that loves to sing praises about her members.

Marcus gained a scroll of the Master.

Erik and Calenhad have also hit GMRG V.

For reports here are some local news articles of the day


As of right now I have seen an increase in gaming, awesome job all. I hope to continue this gaming setup. I have also been trying to offer myself as a partner in gaming if you all would like to play some Star conflict, HOTS, and JA. So if you would like an extra person to help out please feel free to send me a message. I would love to see more of those sweet clusters!

As for the Master Student program, I have seen some of the newer members who have participated in it, but I have not had anymore increase in new joins atm.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about what might be better or more helpful for the rollmaster please feel free to message me on telegram or email me. I am always looking for ways to help make transitioning into the clan and DJB a lot smoother for new joins and returning members and I am open to ideas.



Ashia asks:

What is the current status of our MSP and are newer members taking advantage of it?

The master student program so far has been still happening as I get new members and returning members, I try to direct them towards the Master/Student program. To my knowledge, most are taking advantage and using it. For those that have not, I try to direct them to participate via email if they are not on telegram.

Again, if you have any thoughts or ideas for me, please feel free to message me.


  • Our Members have been moving up the ranks and doing activities, yay!
  • If you got an idea for me or need anything let me know!
  • Competitions!
  • Contact me if you have anything else you might have a question on
  • You all are awesome!



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Message from the Fist Aloha DB Gamers! Only a couple of things to cover this month. We have a new magistrate and a discussion on the Fortnite test. New Magistrate After consideration of all applicants, I have selected Raiju to fill the vacant...

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Message from the Fist

Aloha DB Gamers! Only a couple of things to cover this month. We have a new magistrate and a discussion on the Fortnite test.


New Magistrate

After consideration of all applicants, I have selected Raiju to fill the vacant M:Fist spot. Magistrate positions are six month terms and focus primarily on gaming activity approval and running at least one club-wide gaming competition each month. I'm excited to have him on the team, and look forward to everything he will bring to the table.


Fortnite Test Results

After a one-month test run, Fortnite has failed to meet the minimum requirements necessary for me to consider adding it as a supported platform. In all truth, I was surprised by this test failure.

The initial poll for Fortnite showed a club-wide interest of well over 20 people. During the test, only twelve members subscribed, with only six actually submitting. In comparison, the Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm tests actually had more participants than people that showed initial interest in the poll.

Because Fortnite failed to meet the necessary gates for support, I am no longer considering it for addition to the DJB's library of supported games.

Thanks to all who participated.


Gaming Test Method

On How I Consider Games for Tests:

I've talked about how we test games before, and there is a wiki entry on the gaming information page that outlines the process. I do still get questions on what I'm looking for in a game, specifically if I give preference to games that are available on multiple platforms. The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

The DJB gaming community is spread out over three main platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A select few own two of those platforms, and an even smaller number owns all three. That means that I have to consider all platforms when looking to support games. Sometimes, that simply doesn't work (see Heroes of the Storm, Jedi Academy, and Star Conflict). Other times, the games are available on all three, but there is no cross-platform play (See pretty much every game we support). In the end, I will always attempt to support a game that the majority of the club has access to. I love free games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm that do not have a pay to win model.

In the end, the games I consider for support come down to two basic concepts: are people playing it, and will they continue to play it for an extended length of time?

On How We Will Test in the Future:

I am looking into a new method for how test events work. The current zip file method gives me an easy way to see how many people are likely to play a game, as well as a lot of screenshots to review to make sure I have enough info to actually validate if/when a game is supported. It is also very cumbersome to grade, creates a problem for members who submit large numbers of screenshots, and can bog down the site.

I'm working with James on a new method. I won't say what it is or when it will happen (because I don't run James' timetable). Once I have something solid I'll let you all know.


Fist Sponsored - Gaming Competitions:

[FIST] 2018 Monthly Gaming Challenge - August

Diablo 3: Season 14

Brotherhood Gaming League: Season 1

Gorefest- August 2018


Admin and Policy Reminders

All current Gaming and Fist Policies can be found on the Gaming Information page. I suggest that all members read this page as it has some great info. I will make sure this page stays updated to reflect all current office policies. I do not want to confuse anyone, especially with what is and is not allowed in the DB Gaming Telegram room.

Other items of note:

  • The staff has 24 hours from the time you submit gaming activity to approve it. If your submission has been sitting for longer than that, there is a problem. If it hasn’t, there is no problem. The staff do their best to process gaming submissions as quickly as possible, but they are real people with real lives. I do not expect them to sit behind a computer processing gaming submissions all day, and neither should any of you.

  • Solo submissions are never acceptable for Clusters of Earth/Fire. My staff and I will reject any that come in. You must play with at least one other DB member, no exceptions. This is not changing any time in the near (or far) future.

  • Pendants of Blood are not acceptable for submission to cluster-counting competitions. If we see them, we will remand the request.

  • Reminder: Feel free to run Gaming competitions DB wide. Gaming is a slightly different community, and is one of the few that consistently brings club members together outside of the competitive environment. Most of the people I currently game are all in different clans. By opening up your event DB-wide, you increase the pool of possible participants, which could allow for a crescent upgrade!

  • Reminder: While I sincerely appreciate having proposals/great ideas sent to me via telegram, please email the staff list (email is at the bottom of this report). I ask that your House and Clan leadership take a look at your proposals before you send them up. This isn’t to add a layer of bureaucracy, it’s because I’m sure they’d like to know how you are trying to help the club improve...helps with award and promotion recommendations and all that. Feel free to cc them on your email to me and my staff.




  1. New Magistrate

  2. Fortnite Test Failed

  3. More on how tests work

  4. The Future of tests


I’m finally in a rhythm at work, so I should be able to start some normal gaming again. Timezones make it hard to play during weekdays, but I should get some good weekend time here soon.

The trip to Molokai was awesome. It’s worth a two to three day visit if you are ever in Hawaii.

Until next time.


-Dracpool, out.




Greetings all, Welcome to my latest report, where we will recognize the exceptional work of our Social Media Tribune and discuss some important topics related to Elder promotions, the next Vendetta, touch on some major DB news, and visit the...

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Greetings all,

Welcome to my latest report, where we will recognize the exceptional work of our Social Media Tribune and discuss some important topics related to Elder promotions, the next Vendetta, touch on some major DB news, and visit the happenings in my office related to the Rollmaster position. I'll close with some thoughts on random join retention, and how we're working to improve it, and how the path system may be adjusted in the future.


Maximus awarded an Amethyst Kukri!

First and foremost, congratulations to our Social Media Tribune, Maximus Alvinius (Landon to many of us), on his fancy new Amethyst Kukri, earned for his excellent work as Social Media Tribune and as an extremely prolific member of the Herald's office. Landon is an exceptionally talented member that has really given it his all to improve the Brotherhood's social media standing, the results of which are easy for all of us to see on a regular basis, with so many new random joins finding our club. Although we know most random joins don't stick around (but see below), we've been lucky to convert many of the random joins from the social media campaigns in May into productive members, and we're looking forward to Maximus' future efforts in this area. Moreover, Landon's an incredibly talented artist that has contributed hundreds of images to our club. To many of us that is particularly impressive, because we had no idea the kind of talent Maximus had until recently. As a side note, it has been really enjoyable to see Maximus' skills really grow as he worked harder and harder at his art.

Congratulations, Maximus - your AK is well deserved!

Thoughts on Elder promotions

When I became Grand Master, many members questioned whether I would loosen the requirements for Elder. The answer was, and still remains, no - however, I thought it was worth clarifying my thoughts on the matter. I have often said that in order to reach Elder, members must make substantial and long term contributions that impact the entire Brotherhood. Many members interpreted this to me saying members must be on the Dark Council to get Elder (or Consuls serving an extended period of time), but this interpretation was not my intent, although I can see why that is how it may have come across.

While I believe that long-term Consuls and the DC often have the most opportunities to impact the Brotherhood as a whole, such opportunities are not exclusive to these positions, and nor is it only through serving in those capacities can a member better our organization. In fact, I firmly believe that very long term contributions within a Clan - when punctuated with assisting on projects at the Brotherhood-wide level (even if not as the primary individual running the project), along with regular participation in large scale club events - can, over time, bring an individual to sufficient level that a promotion to Elder is possible. A hallmark achievement is typical of Elders, but it is not a requirement, and there is no 'Elder clock' that resets when a member leaves a position. Of course, there are other requirements of Elders, including how the member is perceived leaders in our club and the like.

This does not mean that every EQ4 will have the activity or influence to reach Elder, but there have been Elders whose marks upon the Brotherhood came virtually entirely from the level of commitment they showed within a unit (and without being Consul). In practice, Elders are among our most respected and best-known members, both for their levels of activity and their contributions to our club - and not individuals that fit the Elder mold will have served on the Dark Council or had long stints on Clan Summits. I know this is all very vague - but that is because every Elder has a different path to the rank, and generalizations don't fit how the rank is handled. Regardless, I'm happy to discuss with anyone in greater detail my thoughts on Elder promotions.


The next major Brotherhood-wide event will be a Vendetta in the Fall, and as previously announced, it will be a Rite of Supremacy. The key difference between this Vendetta type and a Great Jedi War is that the GJW is meant to showcase, most of all, examples of membership skill, and to rank units based on this skill. In comparison, Rite of Supremacies have a long and varied history in our club as being diverse Vendetta events; in this particular case, the relative unit rankings at the end will have a much greater weight to participation relative to placement.

You can still expect a large variety of competition types to participate in, and we expect the event to last (right now) 5 weeks. In addition, we are hoping to use a slightly different format from the past, and our current goal is to enable member decisions made during the event to influence the direction that the story and related competition prompts between phases. As with any preliminary discussions and announcements, this is all subject to change.

In related news, CNS and COU are running Clan events, while Taldryan, Plagueis, and Scholae Palatinae are currently engaged in a co-op competition, the Pro Bowl III.


Evaluating the Rollmaster Position

Rollmaster is a position that we intend to adjust, because the usage of the position varies enormously between units and often in ways completely different from the current documentation related to the position. In many ways, Rollmaster is a holdover from the days before the site performed as many functions as it does. As the site absorbed most of the functions of the position, units found new - and highly variable - ways to utilize the position. Together, this has made the position difficult to handle, to perform well as, and reward. Many members feel very strongly about the future of the Rollmaster position, but I have wanted to evaluate the position with a bit more of an eye towards how it is being used today across all of our units.

Members currently serving on summits recently received a survey regarding their perceptions / usage of the Rollmaster position, and my Magistrate, Aurora, will be releasing a general membership survey to Clanned members soon regarding their perceptions and interactions with Rollmasters. I would ask every member to take the time to look over and answer the survey over the next two weeks.

Our goal from these surveys is to evaluate what functions Rollmasters perform in various units, particularly relative to our written expectations for the position and the Dark Council's perception of how the position is used most often. Following the completion of both surveys, Aurora and I will discuss the results with the Dark Council and Clan summits before I make a decision on the position.

Force Disciples: Neither Jedi nor Sith

As I was gearing up to begin the Order rank name discussion threads, the Dark Council started to debate some of our Order names - particularly for the Gray and Dark Jedi Orders. These orders were meant to classify Force users that didn't ascribe to Sith or Jedi teachings, but they were not meant to necessarily imply fallen / wayward Jedi.

As the terms have moved out of canon, they have become somewhat misleading. To that end, we are renaming the Gray and Dark Jedi Orders to Force Disciples. While we discussed many Order names internally, we ultimately have decided to rename these orders to Force Disciple. These Orders already share all but one rank name and so the change will be relatively seamless. Once this change gets more further in the pipeline, I'll reach out to folks interested in rank renames and we'll get that up and moving.

When this change goes through, we will create a Gray Jedi and a Dark Jedi tradition that members can utilize, as well.


Occasionally I feel it is important to address or bring up current discussions the Dark Council is having, even if they are at a preliminary stage before we can share specific actions we will take. Below are two such cases.

Random Join Retention

Lately, the Dark Council has been discussing ways we can help improve retention of random joins. Historically, the random join retention rate is extremely low. The majority don't make it to clans, and even those that do, more than 90% rogue out in the first month or two; even more are gone within a year. This has been true of all random joins the last few years, whether they occur during a large influx from a movie or other Star Wars event, or find us more organically. Interestingly, our retention of recruited members is better, but not by leaps and bounds, making it quite clear we can do better with member retention in early ranks. So while we received more than 150 new members into Clans over the last few months, we have seen (and expected to see) the large majority to not stick around. While we have made considerable progress at improving the new join experience (such as the implementation of a small character creator in the Test of Identity), we are always looking for new strategies to help engage new members.

Due to the massive influx of new random joins in a short period, a few units were able to contact members losing interest in the club before they left or went inactive regarding their early Brotherhood experiences, and they've conveyed them to me. In many cases, it is simply a matter of the Dark Brotherhood being something other than what they expected (often from folks that think the DB is something akin to an online game); but in other circumstances, members that liked the idea of the club became discouraged by the difficulty in jumping in to activities other than "taking tests." We have also heard complaints or confusion about the site/finding important and relevant information.

While we do not want to discourage or downplay the Shadow Academy for our new members, we do want to make other facets of our club as easy to jump into and interact with immediately as the SA, especially competitions. as well as better ways to integrate members into Telegram. We are also looking into how the news page looks to folks logged in as well as those not logged in to the site. We will have more details about how we plan to improve these areas of our new member experience in the coming weeks, and of course, we welcome feedback from existing members (especially those of you that have joined relatively recently) on how we can improve new join experience in particular.

Thoughts on the Paths System

When we implemented the Paths system, we hoped it would ameliorate issues with the random join process in terms of membership distribution, while also enabling us to maintain members joining units that matched their expectations. In that regard, we think the Path system has been largely a success.

However, there has been an unintended side-effect of this in that characters are often heavily defined by their Path. In some ways, I see this as the unintended outcome wherein additional "membership choices" on the dossier unintentionally restricts membership choice and flexibility in their writing and character development. Additionally, a great many new joins (and even some veteran members) are under the impression that Gray is the only option for individuals that are not comically evil (or ridiculously, selflessly 'good'). The reality is that Star Wars has always been a tale of light and dark, but through it all there was always internal conflict within characters, with varying degrees of adherence to any one path at different points in the character's growth. Rarely do our favorite characters wear an obvious badge declaring their allegiance so plainly.

With that thought in mind, the Dark Council has started to consider ways that we can de-emphasize path once individuals are in units. Paths won't be disappearing from units exactly, but are likely to change in a format we've not yet determined. We will have some detailed discussions with our Summits well prior to any such change, but I wanted to mention this particularly due to a recent discussion in Fiction Chat regarding paths and characters. The end goal is to have a system where our members can play characters as complex as those featured in the movies and stories we love.

That's it for this report. As always, I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns on Telegram or here.



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I hope the month and the warmer weather find my spectacular Sadowans well. The month of August sees us taking part in the second part of our Encounter at Citadel event. It is not all fun and games for the best Clan in the Brotherhood, with the...

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I hope the month and the warmer weather find my spectacular Sadowans well. The month of August sees us taking part in the second part of our Encounter at Citadel event. It is not all fun and games for the best Clan in the Brotherhood, with the addition of a new wrench in the words for Clan Naga Sadow. While members have been relaxing, training or been otherwise engaged, tensions have been brewing below the surface. Telos may not be the short-lived sanctuary that the Sadowans had hoped for.



36 ABY

Who has the time to sit around and piddle time away like this anyway? The Kel Dor used a finger to shuffle through the different portions of the datapad’s display, before coming to stop on the sensor grid monitor screening software. Something was setting off a sensor buoy around the system’s border.

The commlink at his side buzzed, drawing his attention away from the screen for a moment. Returning his gaze to the screen, Calenhad tapped the commlink to receive the call. “Station crew have mentioned a military ship incoming. Go to code Besh.” Syntari’s voice was hushed, but he could hear the stress under the low tones.

“Just saw something kick off the sensors on the borders. I will check with the Perdition, see if there has been anything else odd. If that checks out, I will cycle through common comm channels and see if anything comes up.”

Clicking off the comm, Calenhad adjusted the device for the Sadowan Fleet channel before clicking the comm back on. “-detected on patrol. Dispatch Howler and Massassi Squadrons to check out the situation.”

“This is Blackguard 2 to Perdition.” The Kel Dor spoke firmly. “Requesting a status report. Sensors here have detected an incoming object. Do any Sadowan assets have eyes on the object in question?”

The comm crackled. “Reports are coming in of a ship that matches the description of a ship formerly sighted during the retreat at the Orian system. We are sending squadrons to confirm.”

Calenhad silently cursed to himself. “That will have to do, Perdition. Will pass along the news to the Summit. Blackguard 2, out.”

If you like, you can find the rest of the fiction on the Discourse


Clan News

  • The second phase of Encounter at Citadel has kicked off for Naga Sadow. You can check out the fiction here or on the Discourse to find out a bit more.

  • Kojiro released a recent report, in part encouraging his members to take part in Encounter at Citadel and putting up a “help wanted” for some House wiki projects to help bring things up to muster

  • Meanwhile, the Battleteam Leaders in CNS, Locke and Calenhad and [Erik] have been similarly pushing for their teams to take part in the event. It looks like this latest event has fired up a bit of competitive spirit between the Houses

  • Erik Cato also released a report to follow Discovery for the Disciples of Dakhan

  • The results of the recent Clan ship naming comp have been tallied, and now our new ships have similarly shiny, new names. I wish to thank Erik, Sanguinius, Kodais and Alexander for their entries as well

  • Now among our new fleet designations are the Khar Shian, Stalker, Harbinger, Defiant, Dauntless, Blood Moon, Spectre, Implacable, Wrath, Hammer, Magnificient and more. For full details you can check out our Clan's Possessions page

  • In case you had not seen, Locke’s Master of Puzzles comp series for House Marka Ragnos has come to an end. The final tally saw Teu, Sanguinius and Ashia take first, second and third places respectively

  • Jinius Griffin continues to impress- having become a Professor in the Shadow Academy and having reached the rank of Hunter!

  • I would feel like I was not doing my job if I didn’t ensure you took a look at Ashia’s last Proconsul report if you have not already done so. Short and sweet, but to the point. And man, it makes me want some pecan pie so badly now.

Reports and News In The Club At Lage

  • In his usual fashion, James submits change logs to keep the Brotherhood in the know about what has changes, will change and might change in our little corner of the holonet

  • Junazee presents some gaming updates, wiki updates and releases some data about the latest round of Dark Council guards from the GMRG** as the FIST’s Praetor

  • Yet another update arrives from the office of the Herald

  • Dracaryis released one, two, three FIST supplementary reports.

  • That ]([pesky jerk in the Wiki Tribune seat keeps releasing reports giving updates and tips for the Wiki.

  • Atra gives a situation report and posts a vacancy for a new ACC judge. If you think you have what it takes, I encourage you to apply!

Ongoing Competitions of Note


Parting Words

I know that some people were thrown off by the focus on drinking at the beginning of Encounter at Citadel. We have been trying to correct course a bit, as what was intended to be relaxation in character inadvertently made some folks rather unhappy. Our intent was to start the event out on a lighter note, before diving into a slightly more serious portion of the story. We hoped to make a small jump to the next section of the Clan’s storyline. Ashia and I really hope that you all will take part in and enjoy the second portion of Encounter. I hope to see you all prove the strength of Clan Naga Sadow, together.

Show the Collective and the galaxy at large that we are the best Clan in the Brotherhood!

I remain, as ever, your Servant in Darkness,


Consul of Naga Sadow


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Hello Taldryan, another month has come to an end and with it a lot of preparation for the next chapter of the Caelus Chronicles. As of now we are half way through our attempt to gain as much control over the system as possible. Anyways lets jump...

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Hello Taldryan, another month has come to an end and with it a lot of preparation for the next chapter of the Caelus Chronicles. As of now we are half way through our attempt to gain as much control over the system as possible. Anyways lets jump right into the report giving you a major update on the various things that are going on in the DB right now that are related to Taldryan.



Over the course of July there have been quite a few reports released which you can find here:

Clan wide

DB wide

The CSP/PLA/TAL Probowl

In case you have been living under a rock recently, the members of Taldryan will participate in this years Probowl. For the next three weeks members of Taldryan will participate along the members of Scholae and Plagueis for supremacy.

The teams have been drafted yesterday and Alaris was kind enough to post a news post regarding a list in which team you are here: Pro Bowl III: Official Team Announcement

Additionally each team has set up a telegram chat and the best and most easiest way to get access to it, you should contact your team captains at the top of the list.


Chapter IV: BROKEN CHAINS (Results)


Chaper V has been delayed until after the CSP/PLA/TAL Probowl and will be held slightly different from the previous chapters, stay tuned to more updates.

Caelus Chronicles: A new Home (Bonus Chapter)

Same as for Chapter V goes with the Bonus Chapter as I have been stuck with working on updating the Chyron wiki to give you a hint as for what will be going on in the Bonus Chapter so again stay tuned on updates.


Honorable Mentions

  • Congratulations to Arvalis, Justinios and BigWhaleCale on their recent promotions.
  • Also congratulations to Arvalis, Andrelious and Raistline on placing Top 3 in Chapter 4 of the Caelus Chronicles.
  • Raistline, Catmatui and Omega for receiving the most Clusters of Fire
  • BigWhaleCale for gaining the highest amout of Pendants of Blood
  • Andrelious, Arvalis and Joe Durham for being our top three writers with the most Clusters of Ice
  • Rian Taldrya for gaining the most Clusters of Graphite
  • Arvalis, Raist and Justinios for snagging the most Crescents of various Levels
  • Welcome to our newest members Vycis Andor and BigWhaleCale and welcome back to Ryuu Suoh, Talon Jade, Aiden Dru and Vodo Biask Taldrya




Brotherhood wide




Consul's Choice

Ok so while the Probowl is on and I would love to see all members of Taldryan to participate no matter which team they are in but let's also not forget about Andrelious Dozen of Games II: Round IX: Epic Coaster



That's it for the moment, now get out there and kick some a** at the Probowl ;)

~Rian Taldrya

Son of Taldrya

Consul of Taldryan



Hello, Plagueis, and welcome to your Wrath’s fourth Proconsul report! Guess what: I’m in Seattle right now! But weddings and vacation time won’t stop me from getting a report in on time. I have a reputation to uphold! Today is a very big day, and...

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Hello, Plagueis, and welcome to your Wrath’s fourth Proconsul report! Guess what: I’m in Seattle right now! But weddings and vacation time won’t stop me from getting a report in on time. I have a reputation to uphold!

Today is a very big day, and I hope you are all ready to have some fun! Let’s get the hype train rolling!



Pro Bowl Time!

If you haven’t been in the know, today is the first day of Week 1 of the third annual Pro Bowl! Those of you who have never participated in a Pro Bowl: Trust me, this is gonna be awesome.

The event includes some friendly competition as you work to put your team on top, participate in several fun and engaging events. and collaborate with various different members of both Plagueis and other units.

And what are those units, you may ask? Why, none other than Clan Taldryan and Clan Scholae Palatinae, of course!

Taldryan partook in our second Pro Bowl last year, and we figured, “Hey, three Pro Bowls - three clans!” There are three teams vying to be the best team evah, with three captains each, representing all the units. My team happens to be Team MRR (led by Captains Mune from CSP, Rian from Tally, and yours truly), or as I’ve unilaterally christened us, Team Angry Cat.

I have participated in one Pro Bowl before, as a regular member, and I can tell you right now that it is a no-stress, all-fun way to spend some down time during the summer. The opportunity to compete and collaborate is also a plus. While I will always root for my team to win, I want everyone to enjoy themselves during this fantastic event. You are in for a treat during these next three weeks, as Xen from CSP, Alaris from Tally, and your friendly MAA guy Teylas from Plagueis provide you some interesting, funny, and invigorating comps.

So what are you waiting for? Click the links below to see the official announcement that tells you what team you’re on, as well as the news post specifying what competitions Xen'Mordin of CSP has in store for you during Week 1!


Other Clan Happenings

The Song of Discord

“The Song of Discord,” our clanwide run-on, is still ongoing! While we do not expect a slew of posts during the Pro Bowl, you are always welcome to pop down to the link below and provide an update for your character. We put up a second plot post some time ago, so check it out if you haven't already - we’ll see what happens next with Plagueis’s unruly slave population!

Shifts in Leadership

In just the past week or so, there have been a number of changes to both our clan summit and our house summits. These were changes we anticipated as a unit and prepared for. Much like the good old US of A, we believe in a peaceful (enough) transition of power, and that is what we’ve done here.

First of all, our very own Furios Morega - who recently was honored with the di Plagia title for his incredible contributions to Plagueis - has stepped down after eighteen months of service as Quaestor of House Karness Muur. It is an understatement when I say how much he has positively affected Plagueis with his activity, leadership, and spirit. We know that he needs some time to take care of himself and focus on other things, though we sincerely hope he remains an active member of Plagueis and the di Plagia circle. Rest up, Furios; you’ve earned it.


In light of Furios’ resignation, we have reorganized the summits a bit. To begin, the impeccable TuQ’uan Varick has agreed to leave the position of Overseer/Rollmaster and assume the vacant Quaestor spot. We thought that his presence in the house would be invaluable to the membership, and it would allow him a more hands-on, interactive environment as a leader.

Treat him well, Karness Muur. And TuQ, you will always be an honorary clan summit member in our hearts. Don’t worry - as Ahnold memorably said, you’ll be back!

This means, of course, that we needed a new Overseer/Rollmaster for the time being, and so Teylas Ramar di Plagia has agreed to assume the role. Y’all know him. Y’all love him. Y’all put up with his curmudgeonly charm. We’re happy to have him return to the summit. No pressure, dude!

Of course, let’s not forget: If you haven’t congratulated Taranae Rhode yet on becoming the new Aedile of House Ajunta Pall, please do so! I’ve included the formal announcement in a link below:

PlagCast, Episode VIII: (Not) The Last Podcast

On July 31st, we released one whopper of a PlagCast episode, featuring Alaris Jinn of Taldryan and Raiju Kang of Scholae Palatinae! If you haven’t listened to it, it’s definitely a doozy, but worth every minute. We discuss the Pro Bowl, answer your questions, and even review wine! Enjoy.


Awards and Accolades

As usual, here is the monthly list of clan-wide accolades from July 6th to August 5th. Special shout-out to TuQ’uan, who earned a whopping 432 Clusters of Fire! Looks like Kelly has some gaming competition here. Nicely done, Hat Man!

Taranae Rhode

  • 3 Clusters of Earth
  • 1st Place: “Dozen of Games II: Round VI: Bug on a Wire”
  • 1st Place: “Dozen of Games II: Round VII: Stickman Archery”
  • 2nd Place: “Dozen of Games II: Round VIII: Top Spinner Cricket”

Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto'nedansr

  • 2 Clusters of Earth
  • 3rd Place: "[FIST] Unpuzzle - Flash Gaming"

Kul’tak Drol

  • 50 Clusters of Fire
  • 13 Clusters of Earth

Kelly Mendes

  • 201 Clusters of Fire
  • 9 Scrolls of Foundation
  • 3rd Place: “[PLA] May The Meme Be With You”
  • 2nd Place: “[FIST] Hearthstone - Witchwood”

Arden Karn di Plagia

  • 3 Pendants of Blood

TuQ’uan Varick

  • 436 Clusters of Fire
  • 7 Pendants of Blood
  • 2nd Place: "Prologue: First Pick"

Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae

  • 2nd Place: “Dozen of Games II: Round V: Free Kick”
  • 2nd Place: “Dozen of Games II: Round VII: Stickman Archery”


  • 3 Clusters of Graphite


  • 1st Place: “[PLA] May The Meme Be With You”

Azmodius Equesinfernum

  • 2nd Place: “[PLA] May The Meme Be With You”

Furios Morega

  • 1st Place: "Prologue: First Pick"


Closing Thoughts


It’s time for another good idea, bad idea session focused on leadership! This month, with emphasis on the Pro Bowl, I will wade into a bit less Captain Obvious territory. Heck, this might be advice that some seasoned and veteran leaders might disagree with me on. But who knows! We’re gonna talk about priorities again.

So. Your clan is participating in a big competition or event. Could be a Great Jedi War. Could be a Rite of Supremacy. Could be the Pro Bowl. You want to lead by example by kicking butt at competitions, but you also want to be there for other members. How should you prioritize your work? I have the (very, very subjective) answer here!

good idea

Focus more on helping other members do well during events, even if it means you don’t participate in every event yourself.

bad idea

Focus more on doing all of the things to show how active you are, even if it means members of your unit aren't able to do the same thing.

Like I said, some may disagree with me on this. But as I always say, as a leader, your members’ glory comes first - not yours. Some leaders get a lot of flak for not participating in every event in a large vendetta or competition, but there might be a good reason for it. Maybe it’s because they were spending time proofreading others’ ACC posts. Maybe they were giving advice for a fiction submission or a graphics submission. Maybe they were easing a member out of a breakdown on Telegram. Whatever the case, sometimes a leader may go 7/10 or 15/20 or even 2/7 for the week because they’re focusing more on supporting their members.

I will always believe in the power of leading by example; after all, you can’t inspire members to participate and do all of the things if you don’t at least try to do it yourself. But if your members see you active and present and helping, they’ll understand if you don’t get every competition down. Be available, and they’ll get the hint.

So aim for doing all of the cool things. This Pro Bowl, focus on that especially. But above all else, always - always - be there for your team.

Have a blast during Week 1 of the Pro Bowl! I know I will be. Go, Team Angry Cat!




For older news, please visit our News Archive