This will be short and sweet. After reviewing all applications sent, I have chosen Marcus Kiriyu as my new Praetor. Marcus has past experience in the Academy and his ideas for the direction of the Academy match mine. If you sent in a valid...

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This will be short and sweet. After reviewing all applications sent, I have chosen Marcus Kiriyu as my new Praetor. Marcus has past experience in the Academy and his ideas for the direction of the Academy match mine. If you sent in a valid application you should be receiving an email soon.

Thanks to all of the applicants!


praetor headmaster dark council  

Hello my fellow Plaguians! I know my report is a little late but RL has been a pain in the butt the last few days. But after some rest...and some Redbull, I am ready to report! I want to take this time to welcome our newest members! If you see...

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Hello my fellow Plaguians!

I know my report is a little late but RL has been a pain in the butt the last few days. But after some rest...and some Redbull, I am ready to report!


I want to take this time to welcome our newest members! If you see them around, please give them a nice warm Plagueian welcome and make them feel like part of the family!

Apprentice Kusharr

Apprentice Tribelius

Apprentice Septo

Apprentice Kilata91

Apprentice Dark Sidias

Apprentice DogeIsPro

I also want to quickly touch on our Mysteries Of Aliso event! This was a lot of fun and we got some fantastic entries from those who participated. While participation could have been a little bit stronger, I am very proud of what everyone came up with for both locations and NPCs and there is a lot for us to work into the lore of Plagueis. Speaking of which, we are looking for volunteers in order to help us create and adjust wiki pages for some of the entries created by you the members.

If this is something you’d like to help us out with please reach out and let us know, this is project that will help the clan as a whole and something that your Summit will be grateful for.

P.S. Volunteering for this will also go towards promo requirements!


We Are Legion

Part of the reason this report is late is because I have been working really hard in RL putting together a Charity event (single handedly), this is an annual event and my first time taking it over (don't worry, there is a point to this story). I was disappointed that this event did not have a larger turn out, in fact there were about 30% LESS people there this year compared to last year. To me this was a kick in the pants, my first year running this important event for such an incredible cause (Mental Health) and I felt like I had failed.

As the day was winding down and I finally got a chance to take a breath, I started going through the number from the day. To my complete shock, we had actually surpassed what we had raised last year, not by much, but by enough.

(Remember when I said there was a point to this? Well here it is.)

This reminded me a lot of Plagueis. Just because we don't have the largest clan doesn't mean we don't give it our all, it's what we have been known for in the past. We are clan that supports each other, encourages each other and helps each other out. We make sure that every member and every entry into a competition counts and that no one gets left behind. I guess what I want to pass along to members both old and new is that we are not a clan of one, Plagueis is for everyone. Everyone here has the opportunity and the ability to make an impact on the clan and it's members. From the newest Novitiate to the long standing Elders. This is a club for you, for me, for us!

This is not a new sentiment, you've probably heard me say something along the same lines before. But it is an idea I feel bears repeating. Now I will wrap this section up before I continue rambling on any further and get sappy(er).



Competitions to Check Out

There are a few really fun competitions running in the Brotherhood that are great experience for members both new and old.

  • The Great Droid Revolution - Ends 6/23/18 - Take part in the Great Droid Revolution in a series of Brotherhood wide competitions designed to have fun and tell the story of a few brave droids who have risen up and cast of their shackles.

  • Father's Day - Ends 6/24/18 - Design a Father’s Day card for your character’s dad.

  • From a Certain Point of View... - Ends 6/30/18 - Write a story from two different perspectives and show how everything comes...from a certain point of view.

  • Let Me Just Pull Up Your Med File - Ends 6/30/18 - Create a med-file for your character and tells us how healthy (or not) your character really is. Have all of those Sandy Siths been taking their toll?


News in the Brotherhood

A lot has happened recently in the Brotherhood! If you haven't already please check at least a few of these out.



We’ve had a busy month in Plagueis between the MoA event and the proceeding shinies and promos that have come out! (Congratulations to everyone by the way for your hard work and well deserved recognition!)

The excitement is quite over yet, our Consul has mentioned the restarting of our Clan Run-on with a more guided direction than we’ve seen in previous incarnations. What this means is everyone should work on updating their Character Sheets and Wiki pages. If anyone needs any help with either of these, please just ask, myself and your fellow Plagueians would be more than happy to offer a helping hand.

If anyone would like to reach out to me for any reason, I can be found on [Telegram - Log in to view join link] (if your not on Telegram yet, I’d highly recommend it. It’s free and our primary form of communication.) and by e-mail with very little delay.

For members looking to become masters and help guide our newest members can apply by filling out this form here

Members looking for a mentor in Plagueis can fill out this form.

Alright, until next time! And don't forget you can reach out to me at anytime for anything!


  • TuQ


june 2018 telegram star wars rollmaster plagueis  

Pecan Report #8 This is were some really cool graphics will be once my wonderful husband has the time to do them. “You did what?!” The Nightsister stared hard at the man in front of her. Sang was silent for a moment. “What was I supposed to do? We...

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Pecan Report #8

This is were some really cool graphics will be once my wonderful husband has the time to do them.

“You did what?!” The Nightsister stared hard at the man in front of her. Sang was silent for a moment. “What was I supposed to do? We can’t fight this alone!” The man’s shoulders sagged a bit; his face, stricken. He looked very much like a man that had already been defeated.

Ashia furrowed her brow. “We have other resources…”

“We can’t depend on him to pull us out every time. He has his own agenda and I will not interfere with that.” Entar interrupted her. The former Consul straightened up and looked cautiously at the Keibatsu. Normally, he would never speak to her that way.

“What is your next move then?” She knew this man well. He always thought several steps ahead. This was not an impromptu move on his part. This was well meditated with different outcomes playing out in his mind.

Bentre stepped forward at this. “We will regroup and drive them from Sadow space.” The newly appointed Consul spoke confidently, his gaze, unwavering.

Ashia gave him a sidelong glance and the just shook her head. Bentre stiffened slightly at this but said nothing. Arrogance crossed his visage sharply bringing a chuckle to her lips.

“So what do you want me to do?” Ashia raised an eyebrow and waited.

“We want you to step back into the roll of Proconsul. To aid in leading us against them and reclaiming our home.” Sang was the one that spoke this time. His manner was soft, almost imploring. Her loyalty to Naga Sadow was somewhat of a mystery and it was unknown how she would react.

The Keibatsu said nothing. Her face empty of emotion as she regarded the two of them. Silently she turned on her heel and as she proceeded to exit the room...

“They have Koji.”

Welcome to the first installment of what the frell is my Proconsul doing now? In it I will lay out my plans, discuss clan domination…uh, er I mean what I have achieved and what we still need work on.

Leadership in the DB
A leader in the club should be able to provide continuous fun things for the members to do without over saturation. I have seen leaders run comp series after comp series after comp series with not much of a break and then wonder why they weren’t getting participation. I’ve also seen leaders not run much of anything, expecting other to do so and their members get bored and leave. Balance is the key.

So how do we achieve that?

This is an important part of being a leader in the DB. Without it, there’s no clear path and the members get lost. A good form of communication is in the form of reports.

“But Momma Ash! I hate doing reports and it’s much the same from one leader to the next! Why bother?”

Reports let those above you know that you are actually doing your job! It let’s those you lead know you are paying attention to what they are doing. Recognition is important. If you know how to do a proper report, you can do so effectively and efficiently without a lot of regurgitation.

As such I will be rolling out a report schedule for our leadership team. Everyone will be expected to do a report once a month and it will be spread out so as not to overlap too much. You will see this taking effect as of the month of July.

I sent out a questionnaire to all the leaders in Naga Sadow. In it I asked the following questions:

1) Why did you take this leadership job?
2) Do you want to move up in leadership?
3) What kind of time are you able to devout to the club?
4) What goals do you have for your current leadership role?
5) Is there anything your leadership team isn’t doing that you would like to see?
6) Anything else you would like to add?

I have received some wonderful feedback. Thanks to you all for the detail you have provided, it has been very helpful.

I am now in the processes of sitting down on telegram with each member one on one to open the lines of communication, get to know them better and make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what is expected of them in their current leadership position.


Koji's Comp for HMR A New Dawn: Sanctuary Phase One ends in 2 days so get your entries in!

Erik’s Comp for HSD Discovery This is still going until next month. Don’t wait to get your submissions in!

Vosiri’s Comp for HSD Exodus of the Disciple: Runon This ends in 2 days too so get your posts up!

There are other comps out there too. Go check it out here


I would like to take a moment to give a shout out to our esteemed Rollmaster, Tasha’Vel. She has gone above and beyond the call of RM in greeting new members, returning members and is working hard to get the Black Guard up and going again. Thank you for all your hard work!

In Closing:

I hope that as we move into more of a routine with things and get the lines of communication open we can better ourselves for the sake of the clan. We have some incredible people here. Some have been around for awhile, others are just joining us and getting into the club. My hope is to bring us together more as a unit; make us more of a team.

Ashia Kagan Keibatsu

Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow



Important message from the office of the Taldryan Consul: Last night, forces of Taldryan have attacked the former imperial prison known as the Bastion on the moon Orth. Once the lead ship of the imperial garrison of the Caelus system, the Imperial...

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Important message from the office of the Taldryan Consul:

Last night, forces of Taldryan have attacked the former imperial prison known as the Bastion on the moon Orth. Once the lead ship of the imperial garrison of the Caelus system, the Imperial I-class Stardestroyer was repurposed into a prison after a coup following the events of the galactic concordance. Over the past decade, the prison became a tolerated black market for salvaged technology with more recent intel indicating that terrorists were working on restoring the Bastion for their own use. Well aware of this imminent danger to the Caelus system and its citizens, Astor Ky'Lian reached out to the forces of Taldryan, requesting the Clan's assistance in dealing with the threat.

Following the request, Taldryan sent out two strike teams.

During the first attack wave, Warlord Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj and Licon Inahj led an aerial attack against the Stardestroyer's anti-air artillery which was countered by the Bastion mobilizing its lone functioning Tie-Fighter squadron. The following skirmish above the stardestroyer allowed a second strike team including Prophet Halcyon Rokir Taldrya, Mystic Justinios Drake, Savant Arvalis Raith and Colonel Quejo to enter the Bastion unnoticed through maintenance shafts.

After dealing with initial resistance, the second strike team successfully made its way to the ships main-reactor where they placed Ion-grenades in strategical positions to deal the most non destructive damage to the Bastion.

When the second team reported its mission objective as success, a specialized exfiltration team was sent to the Bastions main hangar to pick up the second strike team and return it to the Paragon that had moved into an orbit above Orth to provide heavy direct-fire in case the mission turns out unsuccessful.

Neither happened and the two Taldryan strike teams returned save and sound to the Paragon with the Bastion's main reactor being disabled.

Chapter III: The Bastion – Results and Canonfication

1st Place: Halcyon Rokir Taldrya and Justinios Drake

2nd Place: Arvalis Raith and Quejo

3rd Place: Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj and Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

1st Place: Arvalis Raith

2nd Place: Raistline Taldrya Majere

3rd Place: Justinios Drake

1st Place: Arvalis Raith

2nd Place Raistline Taldrya Majere

3rd Place Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj

1st Arvalis Raith

2nd Justinios Drake and Raistline Taldrya Majere

4th Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj and Halcyon Rokir Taldrya

6th Quejo

7th Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

Thank you for all your submissions you gave me quite a hard time grading the events of this chapter. As for the parts that will become canon, both the graphics submitted by Arvalis and Raistline will become official canon with Arvalis artwork being displayed on the underside of the Bastion should it ever get skyborn again and Raistline's work becoming the noseart for the Bastion's Tie-Fighter squadron.

As for the Co-Op fiction, each of the three teams submitted outstanding fictions and I would have loved to give all of them a 1 st Place but this was out of discussion. However to make up for this I contacted all of them and discussed the above mission report that gives all of them a canon appearance.

Chapter III: The Bastion – Aftermath

In return for our continued assistance in the local governments fight against the terrorist Vishes and his followers, Astor Ky'Lian has decided to grant the Clan control over a small sector on Chyron. while largely used for industrial purposes in the past, this sector includes a spaceport large enough to service capital starships and several construction sites to build us a new home as well as direct access to the other two sectors of the colonized parts of the ecunemopolis.




Plagueians and other DBers! I am so happy to present you with our sixth PlagCast, after many months of radio silence! This episode, you'll get to know our new regulars, hear about a chance to become the fourth regular, and learn about your...

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Plagueians and other DBers! I am so happy to present you with our sixth PlagCast, after many months of radio silence! This episode, you'll get to know our new regulars, hear about a chance to become the fourth regular, and learn about your clan summit and its priorities.

Below, as per usual, you will find the timestamps and production information. Once again, though it may be PlagCast, the podcast is meant for everyone in the Brotherhood. Enjoy!

And a serious shout out to TuQ for editing! We're happy to have you as a new regular and lead editor.

PlagCast EP VI: Return of the Podcast Notes and Timestamps:

Here's the episode!

This episode was recorded on June 6, 2018.

  • Moderator: Ronovi
  • Edited by: Tu'Quan
  • Co-Hosts: TuQ'uan and Arden


  • 00:00:00 - Opening and Introductions
  • 00:02:32 - Introduction to TuQ
  • 00:03:40 - TuQ ranks the Star Wars movies
  • 00:06:20 - Clan Plagueis and Plagcast news
  • 00:17:08 - First question for the Clan Summit: Why did you decide to apply for the clan summit?
  • 00:23:23 - Second question for the Clan Summit: What is your favorite part of being on the clan summit?
  • 00:25:57 - Third question for the Clan Summit: What is your top priority for improving the clan, its member retention, and its activity levels?
  • 00:27:33 - Wrapping up the podcast with listener questions.
  • 00:52:15 - Final thoughts and closing.
  • 00:53:46 - Outtake: TuQ can't pronounce Aliso.

All previous episodes can be found below:

As always, if you have questions or topic ideas, send them along to Ronovi here: [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

I hope you enjoy, folks.

Adapt. Ascend. Avail.



Happy June to you all from my office on Arx! I hope that all ye lighties, darkies and grayfolk have been enjoying yourselves since our last report. It has been a quiet month for the wiki, as is more or less standard for the summer, but the staff...

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Happy June to you all from my office on Arx! I hope that all ye lighties, darkies and grayfolk have been enjoying yourselves since our last report. It has been a quiet month for the wiki, as is more or less standard for the summer, but the staff has not been idle. Projects have continued in the background, and I have watched the Clans and our staff slowly working toward a nicer, cleaner Wiki.

Given the summer season, this report might be considered a little shorter than I hope to make others, but I am still here to keep you all up to date on all things Wiki.

Wiki Policy Changes

Well, I am not going to talk so much about any policy changes this time. Rather, I wanted to hit on an old policy that has been missed a bit. This one is not so much of a big deal, exactly, but I prefer to operate with a good bit of transparency as I am acting to rectify this small issue. For you see, one of the things that I have been noticing is that a fair number of our members have names that differ from their dossier account. I will cite the wording of the Wiki’s Code of Conduct:

DJB members are expected to use their DJB Character’s Name as their login name.

As such, I will be changing outdated Wiki Account names to coincide with their dossier designations. This is a measure which makes it easier for me to easily track who is changing what on the Wiki as a whole. Given as how it should not affect the membership as a whole as end users, I wanted to at least make you all aware of possible changes to your Wiki account for, again, the sake of transparency.



Greater Ease of Navigation On the Wiki: Learning time for Wiki staff. There are options, but they are more involved than initially figured. This is on the backburner for now, but not forgotten.

Perpetual Wiki: Things have been going at a nice clip, with Wiki Staff making up some ground alongside the Clans.

Project Shift: Things will be moving to Arx. Give it time. We should have it done by August. PERPETUAL WIKI takes precedence.

Codex pages: Straightforward, it needs to be updated. Two weeks and i hope we can have this done. An ideal goal, but I feel certain it should be done in pretty short order.

Brotherhood Guidelines Category update: Pages that are rather bare and/or missing information in some cases. So it will be a general update of all things under this umbrella.

Wiki-Sponsored Summer Spectacular: COMING SOON. (should be some fun for everybody, I hope)

I do have a few other ideas, but they have to pass through the crucible of Mav before I can chat up about them in a report. Check back here in July where we can keep you updated on projects new and old!


This month’s Featured Article comes from Clan Odan-Urr. The House Satele Shan page is a pretty concise example of a balance between pictures and text or between detail and obscurity for an individual unit page. This page works very well as a cover page for the Clan without being needlessly wordy. It is a good source for those unfamiliar with the unit to familiarize themselves, and thus after some consideration it was chosen for this month’s Featured Article.

As for our Wikipedian of the Month, I would like to present our very own Wally. Even in this relatively quiet point in the Wiki, Wally continues to fine tune and adjust the Wiki pages associated with his office, particularly in refining our Fiction Center.


Wiki Tips of the Month

The tip for this month is pretty simple. When you edit your page, there is a preview button that is available when you go to edit your page. Looking through the Recent Changes logs, I have noticed a number of members make minor edits, making some 10 character to 30 character changes, in a string of 5 to 10 plus changes chained. Pages are patrolled by individual changes. So, if something goes awry, it helps us to help you set things to right if we have less logs to go through.

Otherwise, I want to remind folks that my box is always open. I have had more folks hitting me up in PM, asking for help, and I want to reiterate that either myself or my team are willing to help with questions/concerns/inquiries or whatever if you should feel the need. Another quick resource you can access is the Wiki Tutorial. Even I have to use it sometimes when something is on the tip of my tongue, or if I am switching between Markdown and Wiki Markup and find myself stuck on how to do an external link on the wiki, for example.


Final Words

Remember: the Wiki is a collaborative project. We all contribute to it. The Wiki team helps to ensure that things are kept orderly, but the Wiki belongs to everyone. It is a chance for everyone to help build and grow the corner of a galaxy far, far away that we inhabit. Even if you are just creating a page for your character or an NPC, you are helping to further outline and define that world. Don’t have fear to add to the Wiki. If there is something amiss, we might revert the change and get a chance to talk to you about the change but that should not dissuade you from contributing!

And do not forget:

If you have a Wiki problem...if no one else can help...and if you can contact us... you can hire....... The Wiki Staff team.

In the meantime I remain as ever, Yours In Darkness,



dark brotherhood star wars report wiki  

News Welcome one and all to another set of announcements! I am Tasha’Vel Versea your friendly neighborhood Rollmaster and I am here to inform you that summer has finally arrived. Well that’s not all the news, but hey I like a bit of sunshine and...

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Welcome one and all to another set of announcements! I am Tasha’Vel Versea your friendly neighborhood Rollmaster and I am here to inform you that summer has finally arrived. Well that’s not all the news, but hey I like a bit of sunshine and warmth.

Anyhow, I have had several more new people join our ranks and have finished up our Blackguard event. Congratulations to Syntari Bastiayn and Calenhad! They our the two new blackguards that will be guarding our Consul Bentre Stahoes and our new Proconsul, Ashia Kagan Keibatsu. So if you see them around, give them a congrats.

Also, I would like to highlight a few more people as I do love bragging about my members. We have Alexander DelGotto a returning member who has been taking quite a few exams and working up to obtain perfect scores.

Another member, who is none other than our favorite grumpy cat, Sanguinius Tsucrya Entar, has completed all the exams necessary to earn himself a Dark Maven in Combat.

We also have some up and coming members doing awesome things. Andurian Planetjug has been gaming and working his way up the ranks. He is now a proselyte!

Congratulations and amazing job all of you! Participation and getting into things are what I love to see. So keep it up!


Well since I have my two awesome new blackguards, I went ahead and updated the wiki to reflect it. Link here

Gaming nights: Still a work in progress, however we do have a strong hots gaming presence and a lot of times if you ask in Naga Sadow chat, you should be able to find some people to play with. If you need someone to play hots with or perhaps another game, I am available after work. You can always send me a message.

Hangouts: I have been working with Ashia on her hosting a series of Hangouts over weekends. It has been a lot of fun and I would love to see more of them in the future. We also hope that more can join in our fun random chatter. So if you are around on the weekend and we have a hangout, drop on by.


Here are a few competitions for you all to check out.


Bentre Asks: Yanny or Laurel?

Definitely Yanny

Marcus asks:

You've been aspiring Rollmaster for quite some time, now you have it. What are the new ideas you are going to be bringing to the role, despite the fact that the role has been reinvented a few times over the last few years.

Well, one idea that I decided when taking the position is to also apply myself as sort of a morale officer not only to the newer joins but also to our older and returning members. I am trying to bring back that sense of family and camaraderie we have always had and helped make Naga Sadow an enjoyable and fun clan to stay a part of. I know that sometimes people in their busy days can always use a good word or laugh and I am hoping that I can be that someone to give them a smile.

I also am trying to work more with the blackguard positions and create run-ons and fictions to make it more meaningful and fun to take part in.

How are you going to approach the newer members? You often see that there are quite a few new joins who initially show promise, but suddenly disappear. How will you deal with that?

When they first come in, I try to reach them by email and offer them some ways that they can move up the ranks and grow. I also have been trying to encourage them to join telegram and to participate. I still try to contact and reach out to the new joins that start to taper off, unfortunately, it is still difficult when they don’t reply back and can be a bit disheartening, but I still want to try and at least reach out a few more times in hopes that they respond and return. There isn’t a whole lot that I can do when they disappear, but I can at least try to show that I am here for their benefit.

Bentre Asks:

Any plans to further develop the Black Guard beyond the bounds of what it was in my time as Rollmaster and days past?

Yes, I am hoping to involve a lot more fiction and missions related to becoming and being a Blackguard. I want to make it more than just a simple title and ‘oh yeah you guard the Consul.

When are you going to draft Sang into the Blackguard, for that matter?

If he is needed, yep Sang I will be calling you.

When are you going to support a Pokemon gaming night?

Dear god, you make me answer everything don’t you? I will think about that.

Syntari asks:

Why did Bentre steal my question?

Because, he is a pain in the arse. XD

Sang Asks:

What work is being done by the summit to engage with a large number of new random joins?

I have been emailing and trying to keep up with contacting them as well as encourage our other summit members to assist them with any questions. I am also trying to show them a bit of the DJB and things they can participate in.

Why did you ask for questions?

Because I love questions and I enjoy answering to the best of my ability. Plus, you lot are hilarious.

Why is Bentre not collecting a decent space marine chapter?

Because I am in control of his current finances. XD

In closing, I would like to say that I have really enjoyed working with you all and meeting several new people. In the future, I am going to be working on giving the title Blackguard more meaning than just a title, and I will be trying to come up with more fun and exciting competitions for all of you in the future. So for now,if you have any questions, comments, ideas or thoughts please feel free to message me anytime. I will do my best to contact you within 24hours. You can either email or send me a telegram. I am here to help you out and to have fun in the DJB.


  • We have new Blackguards and more people doing awesome things!

  • The wiki for blackguard has been updated, and still working on the gaming nights and hangouts is here!

  • Competitions galore!

  • #AsktheRM had some unique questions

  • Contact me if you have anything else you might have a question on

  • You all are awesome!


rollmaster reports competitions members marka ragnos shar dahkan naga sadow  

Hello If you missed Drac’s Fist Report, make sure you give it a read. For he mentioned important information you should know. I would like to thank Drac for this opportunity. I recently served as Magistrate and now am proud to serve as Praetor....

Read More …



If you missed Drac’s Fist Report, make sure you give it a read. For he mentioned important information you should know.

I would like to thank Drac for this opportunity. I recently served as Magistrate and now am proud to serve as Praetor. Donny and Edgar, it was a pleasure working with you both. Thank you for all of your guidance. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Now, a big welcome to the new magistrates! Justinios and Ayden, looking forward to working with the both of you during your time in the office.

A little about myself, I joined the DJB just over 3 years ago. Gaming is what attracted me into the DJB in which resulted in many friendships. I am by far not the best at gaming but have fun and enjoy gaming with others. For supported games I enjoy Overwatch the most (Once I get my new graphics you shall see). Every once and awhile I’ll play some HoTS or Battlefront. Non supported games I enjoy Borderlands, along with Horizon Zero Dawn and the Tomb Raider games just to name a few. Enough of myself for now on to the good stuff!


Gaming News and Updates

At the end of May Overwatch had it’s two year anniversary event! Making past and new items available to collect and a rotation of past events within the arcade. A new map was added for FFA: Deathmatch named Petra. Also you can now play FFA: Deathmatch in competitive mode! For more information check out the latest patch notes. Also, with the help of the free weekend to play. Overwatch became the number one platform for activity for the month of May!

Heroes of the Storm came to a very close second in activity for May! A new event had started on May 22nd ending on June 11th, Nexomania! Thru questlines you could earn new rewards within the game. Starting June 12th-July 9th will be a new event! It is called Echoes of Alterac! Where the Horde and alliance battle on the new map Alterac Pass. Check out the latest patch notes for more information.

Season 13 came to a close within Diablo 3. Congrats to the winners Rulvak, Valhavoc and Gavriel. Season 14 will be staring up on June 15th: The Season of Greed. During the season treasure goblins will be doubled, which means twice the loot!

Hearthstone has had some updates as well. A new event Taverns of Time starts June 11th, ending July 3rd. Don’t miss out on the free golden pack day on June 13th!

Destiny 2’s Year 2 expansion will be arriving this fall. Check out the latest news on Bungie.

Important Force Arena update

Due to the announcement of the age regulation that has come into affect. The guild within Force Arena is monitored by the fist office, in this case the regulation will apply there as well. With that said all members within the guild or applying moving forward must have their force arena ID added to their dossier. Those that are in the guild already. Please double check that your dossier is updated, or you will be exiled from the guild.


FIST Gaming Competitions

Member Created Competitions

Would you like to see a certain type of gaming competition? Feel free to create one, any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact a member of the FIST staff.

  • Dozens of Games II - Coming Very Soon! Series of flash games every week! Check them out.


Weekly and Saturday Pendant of Blood Awardees

Congratulations to the following:

Weekly PoB’s

  • 20 - 25 May 18: No matches Played.

  • 27 May - 1 June 18: Jafits

  • 3 - 8 June 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

Saturday PoB’s

  • 26 May 18: Raiju

  • 2 June 18: No Matches Played.

Gaming Information

  • Supported Games - List and information on games supported by the brotherhood.

  • Rites of Combat - Rules to follow when gaming.

  • Fist-O-Matic - Report PvP matches against other DJB members.

  • Pendant of Blood - How to obtain 6 medals within the different gaming platforms.

  • Cluster Values - List of the gaming platforms to view cluster values and modifiers.

  • Discord - DJB voice server for gaming.

  • Telegram - Chat program that is used within the DJB. Click Here to join the Gaming channel or one of your liking. Make sure you follow the rules at all times.

Contact the FIST Staff

Any questions or concerns please reach out to us. We are here to help.


Thank You

That concludes my first report as Praetor! Thank you all, and look forward to serving all of you gamers!


Praetor to the Fist



My fellow members of the Brotherhood and Clan Odan-Urr in particular, It is my distinct honor to announce the addition of Alethia Archensova aka Arch and Ruana Suoh aka Jack to the Councillors of Urr. Arch has served in clan summit positions...

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My fellow members of the Brotherhood and Clan Odan-Urr in particular,

It is my distinct honor to announce the addition of Alethia Archensova aka Arch and Ruana Suoh aka Jack to the Councillors of Urr.

Arch has served in clan summit positions continuously since February of 2016 serving as Shan Aedile, Quaestor, Clan Proconsul and currently as our Consul. He’s made his mark DB-wide serving two years as an ACC judge and a year term as an appeals panelist for the COJ. During his summit time Arch took the lead on designing our possessions military, drafted an ACC guide for COU members and worked tirelessly during the GJW coaching and encouraging members during the ACC prelim event. In the time I’ve known Arch he’s been a steadfast leader, source of wise counsel and a pillar of the COU community.

Jack, the man with many character names, has a long history in COU having served at various times as Aedile of House Odan-Urr, Aedile of Hoth and Battleteam Leader of the Knights of Allusis. His biggest contribution to the Clan however, has been the direct impact he has had over the years providing one on one mentorship to a parade of members which includes myself. His last promotion rec contains just a sampling of the testimonials you’ll find if you wander around COU and ask about him. There are few prominent clan members he hasn’t mentored in some way. I’ve often said leadership is about more than position and Jack embodies that. He invests great deals of time into other members, not because it’s his job or because it’s going to get him the spotlight, he does it because under that grumpy exterior he really does care about the members.

I’m honored to announce this small recognition of the service and leadership both these members have given to clan. I also know this is not the end for their service and look forward to working with them for years to come. Congrats gents, we’ve saved you rocking chairs on the porch.

Turel Sorenn
Councillor of Urr

In addition to the above, I want to just say thank you to both Arch and Jack for everything they’ve done for Odan-Urr and the DB over the years. Some of my first experiences in the Clan were via these two individuals and I’m still alive to tell the tale. But seriously, great work to both of you. This Clan wouldn't be the same without you. :)

Sushi is on you!

Aura Ta’var
PCON, Odan-Urr


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Greetings to all Odanites, our allies, and our enemies. Let me start by providing two critical items that I promised in my last report: my opinion on Solo and a picture of my bird. Solo was fun and I liked it but it wasn’t life altering or...

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Greetings to all Odanites, our allies, and our enemies.

Let me start by providing two critical items that I promised in my last report: my opinion on Solo and a picture of my bird.

Solo was fun and I liked it but it wasn’t life altering or anything. I enjoyed it but it’s probably the first one since maybe Attack of the Clones that I won’t see multiple times in the theater.

And this is my bird:


Station to Station

This month we’re moving forward into some overdue lore developments, namely the release of two new platforms. Well, the first isn’t exactly new. Palioxis Station first appeared way back when we introduced the Kiast system. Kiast itself is in the depths of the Palioxis nebula, where a bunch of astrogational hazards make getting into and out of the system itself a massive pain. The way the Vatali interact with the world is through Palioxis Station, which is a platform just outside the nebula, along the Perlemian trade route. For the vast majority of the galaxy, if they’ve ever interacted with the Vatali, it was through this platform or one of its predecessors.

The second one is brand new. As mentioned, it’s no small feat moving one warship through the debris fields and into Kiast, and even more of a headache to move our entire fleet through. It makes quick response to the Collective or the Sith a bear, and it’s not exactly subtle having them go through a major trading port before launching raids. Additionally, having our fleet loitering around in Vatali space is making certain parties very nervous. Enter Pharos, the Odanite Expeditionary Force’s dedicate staging point in deep space at the edge of the Palioxis cloud.

“Man, Arch, those wiki pages are kinda sparse.”

Well then do something about it! I would love for both of these facilities to have articles like what we have for Sky Breach base, complete with a variety of cool NPCs and nooks and cranies for members to explore in the years to come. To that end, we’re running two art competitions and two for lore development. Much like Wally’s Collective Chronicles competitions, your entries to these comps will directly impact COU’s lore moving forward. Also there’s a puzzle, because schuttas love puzzles.


Odanite News

Where Are We Now? — For the best in recent Odanite news, see Talis’ AED report for Satele Shan and Celevon’s QUA report for Hoth. Additionally, there have been some minor tweaks to the COU chat policy, mostly to bring the language in line with the current version of the Covenant.

Everyone Says 'Hi' — Welcome back to returning members Tebbo Jensen, Lu`aisha Gresee, Tyraal Bitshiver, and Zeon Blacktooth! Welcome to new transfers Saba Astor Tarentae (formerly known as Farrin Xies) and Constantine! And last but certainly not least, welcome to new joins Knightfall98, Dia Zoler, John Villa, Z'non Corvac, Balong, Ardyn, Father, Zakal, Imperius Rex, Gordonpaul, Halehound, Kwalak, leon, Rex'zar, gray raven, Thorn, Bagheera91, Warmonger, and Syrano!

Fame — Congratulations to Ozosi, who was promoted to EQ1 with recommendations from the clan, the Herald, and the Shadow Academy. Additionally, congrats to Ozosi, Maximus, Turel, Aura, and Mauro for being recognized with Seals of Loyalty on May 4th!

RepetitionThe Holocron is still there and still hungry for content. Feed it your fiction, your graphics, and whatever else you want to share. The major change since last month is that the member art directory was removed; “Member Fiction” was renamed to “Member Folders” and all the art was moved over to the users’ respective folder. If you can’t find a folder with your name on it, hit me up and I’ll take care of it.

Nero wanted different birds, so here you go. Or maybe it’s my bird again. You can’t tell, can you? Racist.


Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) — After countless hours of hard work by Vyr, the Herald staff, and others across the DC and their offices, the Shadow Syndicate is real. There are two takeaways from this. First, there’s a cool new society to reward members for participating in the DB art community. That’s something that really blossomed over the last few years and I’m thrilled that Odanites—including Esca, Moro, Osozi, Maximus, and of course the Tree himself—have contributed so much to its growth. Second, the DB universe just got a little bigger as we’re seeing an organized, club-wide criminal element for members to play with in their own stories.

Fashion — On the subject of art, Slags and the Herald staff have launched a Soloriffic batch of dossier bling for your enjoyment and edification. For those of you who like to run competitions, be sure to check this report for some more detail on the new options for graphics comps.

Changes — The Electorate recently approved new changes to the Covenant, prompted by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Heroes — There have been multiple appointments over the past month. The king of all codgers, our very own Seraphol, is now our new Headmaster. The Fist staff rotation saw Junazee take over as P:Fist (see that report for a shoutout to her predecessor Edgar’s accomplishments) and Justinios and Ayden

Hallo Spaceboy — As mentioned elsewhere, Farrin walked out of the Shadow Academy and into our arms. See his last report for more information, and don’t forget to check out his last work: How to Not Get CoJ’d.

Absolute Beginner — Bubba has been making a lot of noise as the new sheriff in town. Aside from the Cov updates, he’s hired Arden to replace him as LHoJ and issued an introductory report

Let's Dance — See Atra’s latest report for a new transparency mechanism in ACC judgments, and be sure to wish Tisto Kingang, Tyraal Bitshiver, Ka Tarvitz, Kah Manet, and coach Luna Okami's Team Red Panda luck in their Coach's Corner event matches!

Loving the Alien — Wally unveiled the newest and wrinklest of the CS system’s species in his latest report In addition to the Weequay, he also gave a quick rundown on some other odds and ends.

Boss of Me — And to wrap things up, have a look at the Grand Master’s report for some high awards, appointments, and other odds and ends.


As the World Falls Down

Turel asks: What's next for the Kiast system? We've had some house events shake things up but is there anything coming in the near future for developments at home you can share?

First I should probably recap who the Vatali are and why we care. Way way back before the Disciples of Odan-Urr or the modern Brotherhood existed, the Sephi somehow discovered the Kiast system and colonized it, even allowing non-Sephi to migrate in and help extract the copious resources. After several centuries, King Vatal realized that, given what a massive pain Kiast would be to invade, he could probably get away with declaring independence from the larger Sephi empire, keep the system’s goodies all to himself, and rule with an iron fist. That worked out pretty well for him, but less well for his successor, as all of those non-Sephi (the Quorahi) rebelled from borderline slavery and overthrew her.

Her successor, Emperor Taselm, took the lesson to heart and managed to avoid any future issues. The Quorahi, the powerful Sephi noble houses, and the imperial administration managed to get along just fine until Taselm up and died, leaving three surviving heirs. Eldest son Essadan took over for all of ten minutes before his little brother, Vauzem, offed him in a coup backed by several of the Sephi houses. Vauzem was not about all that Quorahi rights crap and wanted to reinstate the old governing system of ‘Frack you, I’m the Emperor.’ A bloody civil war erupted, but ended as the Quorahi and the more republican-minded nobles killed him and put his little sister on the throne. Empress Kaltani got about forty good years of peace and prosperity before the fault lines started to show.

Two years ago, then-High Councilor A’lora Kituri managed to negotiate temporary asylum in the Kiast system for everyone who made it off New Tython; in exchange, Odanite forces launched a quick raid to clear Kiast from the First Order’s navigational charts. We then proceeded to bumble into Vatali politics long enough to get the Conclave, which holds the real power in the Empire, to grant us permanent residency across Kiast, Daleem, and Solyiat. With the last civil war decades behind them, and feeling nice and insulated from external threats, the various factions in the system promptly turned on each other. Powerful guilds maintain a stranglehold on Daleem and have been building up their own private armies, Vauzem’s supporters were never completely purged, and the Odanites brought their own trouble into the system.


Although the Council of Urr has tried to stay out of Vatali politics, they’re about as good at it as they are at staying out of wars. JTF Shan leapt into guild politics almost immediately, and more recently helped forcibly nationalize the massive Shipsmiths’ Guild. JTF Hoth managed to keep to themselves until Solyiat’s governor launched an open rebellion with Collective support a few months back.

So what’s next? Well, let’s take a look around:

  • The Collective wants to kill us, and they managed to slip at least one company into the system before Hoth killed them all.

  • Speaking of which, Pius Kopchak’s failed rebellion left a pretty big power vaccuum on Solyiat.

  • Meanwhile, on Daleem, the already-powerful guilds are racing to secure their positions after Shan crushed the Shipsmiths.

  • Marick called the Inquisitorius off our backs to deal with the Collective, but certain people still believe they can move up in the world by climbing on top of the corpses of dead Jedi.

  • There have been rumors circling the Conclave for years that Vauzem’s supporters still have weapons and supplies cached all over the system.

So yeah, probably nothing to worry about.

We'll see all this play out over the summer. Mauro's already written most of the introductory fiction for a short Shan event later this month, Blade and I will be do a clan update in the coming weeks, and then sometime in July we'll see another fiction to kick off a big clan event.


In Conclusion, Carthage Must Be Destroyed

Constantine asks: Now that the Clan has won the GJW last year, what are the plans for next years Win?

I’m probably not going to be the Consul on the hook for GJW XIII in 2019, but I suspect it’ll be more of what we did last time. To be honest, a lot of our success in GJW XII came from having a large and highly active member base going into the event, but the summit did do several things that I think directly contributed to our success. We set up a war room for proofing, teambuilding, and such and tried to keep it a positive and hyped up atmosphere. We plugged comps. Probably most importantly, we were all very visible and active and committed to leading from the front. I would expect to see all of that happen again in GJW XIII. But, like I said, the member base was key and it’s going to be on me and the rest of the summit to keep COU active and healthy until then.

Tune in next month for:

  • Clan fiction!

  • Teasers for the summer clan event in July!

  • Some pretty pictures of XQ2 platforms!


Who wants to live forever?

Alethia Archenksova
High Councillor, Odan-Urr


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