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Results for RoS: Meridian!

The Rite of Supremacy has concluded, the Collective has been defeated on Meridian, and one Clan has emerged victorious! After a month and a half of hard-fought competitions, and 1455 entries later, we name the Heroes of the event and declare a winning Clan. Additionally, we highlight members that completed every bin and those earning the most points in their units. Expand to read more!



High Councillor Report #9

A brief debrief on the RoS, a retirement, a policy update, and ominous remarks.



[Taldryan] Consul Report 12.1

Hello Taldryan, welcome to my post RoS Report. As you surely have seen all the events have been graded and soon the spoils will come to everyone who has participated. My life has been pretty busy recently causing this report and other things to happen only in December rather than having a report up and posted in November but anyways here we go:



[Arcona] Consul Report #7 Happy Fricken Sithmas

End of year Arcona Clan report



Plagueis Consul Report #8 - A December to Remember?

Hello Plagueians and others, it’s time for another report from your pinniped loving Dread Lord. While I got a lot I want to talk about this time around, I wanted to start things off on a good note. So, here’s something I found the other day that seems to fit in right about now… OK, on to business. Summit Job Opening After nearly 2 years as a member of the summit Scudi Ferria (the artist formerly known as Kelly Mendes) has decided to step aside as Quastor of House Ajunta Pall once a replacement is chosen. Thus, I’ll be accepting applications from not just current Plagueians, but anyone in the Brotherhood that thinks they can make the unit a better place. For those who might not have been around for my prior hiring efforts, I prefer to...



Fist Report #25

My 25th Report as Fist! 2019 Roadmap, GMRG and Gorefest Changes, and other updates!



December 2018 Report

Styling changes, news page revamp, and more! Expand to read more.



New Summit Organisation, New Opportunities and Eli on Holiday

Hi all, I'm very pleased two announce two new appointments to the clan summit. Firstly, I'd like to congratulate Mune on his appointment to Proconsul. Mune has been excellent in the role of Rollmaster, and has been contributing beyond the typical responsibilities of this position for quite some time already, so this is a natural shift for him. To fill the empty Rollmaster spot, Alara will be moving across. To recap, the Rollmaster position is largely a support position in the clan summit, primarily assisting new members and also helping with clan projects. We both feel that this position will play more directly into Alara's skills in project work demonstrated during her tenure as Excidium QUA. This means that the position...



Howie Flee!

Hello all. I'll be on vacation without access to a laptop/desktop for a little over a week starting on Sunday the 2nd of December. I am off wandering from the afternoon of Sunday, December 2 to the afternoon to Tuesday, December 11. I will still have my phone with me, but seriously. Use email. Email me. Email Teylas. Email Qyreia (only one way to learn!) The MAA Staff group email address is at the bottom of this news post. If you only email me? Or worse? Just message me? Things will take way more time. Probably over a week. That's why you email all of us. Just send an email, it really isn't that hard. Important Links * Promotion Guidelines * [Log in to view e-mail addresses] * Master at Arms Policies * Master at Arms...



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