Fist Supplemental 16.3: One More Thing...SC2 Update!


Fist Supplemental 16.3: One More Thing...SC2 Update!

All- Quick update. Adding a free PvE (Cluster of Earth) option for you Real Time Strategy fans out there.


StarCraft 2 PvE Mode Added!

After having a chance to sit down and game for the first time in ages, I tested the StarCraft 2 Cooperative Mission matches mode with a few of our members. After playing it, I firmly believe it deserves a spot in our library of supported game modes. A quick Telegram poll shows a sizable interest, and after a quick discussion with the GM, I have decided to add it as a cluster-earning method for gaming.

For those of you that don’t know what it is, StarCraft 2 has been a PvP platform in the DJB for ages. Prior to the combining of Tier 1 and Tier 2 games into a single “Supported Games” category, StarCraft 2 held the distinction of being the only T1 RTS the club supported. As gaming in the club continues to gravitate toward cooperative play and less on traditional PvP, it makes sense to give this new mode a place in our gaming library. StarCraft 2 is free to play. You can play one race in all modes without spending a dime. When playing with someone else that does own the game, you gain access to the other races/modes as well. That’s a really great option for any of you that don’t have the money to drop on PC games.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Rules:

  • Members IDs (Battlenet) must be listed on their Dossier in order to Qualify for CEs.
  • The group must contain two members of the DJB to qualify for CEs
  • A member has a "Daily CE Cap" where they can earn up to 30 CE's for playing Starcraft 2 each day. If greater than 30 CFs are earned the excess in queue will carry over to the next day of the week. The exception is midnight between Thursday and Friday. All CEs in queue are reset on this day.
  • Members must submit a screenshot of the post game Stats screen.

StarCraft 2 Co-Op Support Build

  • Casual Mode: 3x.75 CEs per submission
  • Normal Mode: 3 CEs per submission
  • Hard Mode: 3x1.3 CEs per submission
  • Brutal Mode: 3x1.6 CEs per submission

When submitting, use this screenshot:



That’s all for now. Thanks to all for your feedback in the poll. This will be the last gaming addition until the May timeframe, so enjoy the new gaming option!

Keep on gaming!



That was quick.

Yayyyy! Another method to play games with friends AND diversify!

Expanding our possible platforms is always awesome!

My life for Aiur.


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