Jinius Griffin: A Knights Tale


Jinius Griffin: A Knights Tale


Jinius Griffin

A Knight’s Tale

Fiction by

Takagari “DarkHawk” KogaRyu

On the outskirts of the Coruscant shipping ports, DarkHawk and his Journeyman Jinius Griffin had been tasked to retrieve some crucial shipping routes that The Collective was using to increase their profit margins. Those supplies belonged to Clan Naga Sadow. Supplies, The Collective took control of when they pushed the Clan from the Orian system. Acquiring those routes meant the Clan could intercept and gain control, repossessing what is rightfully theirs.

The Trandoshan brute slumped over as the blade of Jinius Griffin saber cut through the torso of the reptile. Before his adversary hit the ground, Jinius was already turning to check the status of his Aedile Battlemaster DarkHawk. Jinius’s Aedile was currently dealing with a Trandoshan of his own. The Journeyman watched the behemoth reptile accurately wield his long bladed spear with efficient accuracy at DarkHawk. Narrowly missing his target, though the torn battle suit and trickles of blood proved the reptile found his mark more than once.

Takagari saw an opening as the Trandoshan over-extended himself from a volley of parries. The Battlemaster executed a lightning fast spinning heel kick catching the reptile in the side of the head. The blow landed solidly, causing the oversized reptile to stagger. Jinius watched his Aedile’s cobalt-colored blade, lop the head off in one fluid motion.

“I have seen better from you Sir,” Jinius said sarcastically.

“You’re still buying the drinks when we get back Jin” replied DarkHawk.

“What! Wait a second I had to wait on you...”

“RHIP Jin” DarkHawk said with a small smile.

Jinius’s look of confusion was all the pleasure the Aedile needed. He padded his Journeyman on the shoulder and motioned him to the incoming shuttle.

“We are late, we need to get to the Reaper’s Call like ASAP!”

“We are not done here, Sir…”

Jinius began to speak again, but the Battlmaster cut him off, “We retrieved what we needed. Battlelord Etah would not have pulled us if it was not important.” DarkHawk said sternly.

The VT-49 came in without touching the surface. The pilot expertly hovered the ship and opened the crew door, the two Sadowans jumped in. The pilot closed the crew door and pushed the throttles forward racing into the outer atmosphere.

Jinius just sat silently staring out the port window. DarkHawk slapped Jinius’s knee as he walked past heading to the flight deck. “Chin up Jin, you did good” the Aedile stated. Jinius nodded his head and continued to engross himself at the sight of the outer atmosphere.

DarkHawk returned from the flight deck and strapped himself into his seat. The pilot came over the ship’s PA system and announced he was about to make the jump to hyperspace. The ion engines roared, and then in an instant Courusant was gone.

“What do you think Etah wants with us,” asked Jinius.

“Not sure, though pulling us as he did, no doubt it carries a weight of importance.”

The pilot pulled the ship out of hyperspace midway through there original route. Jinius looked even more confused. “That was quick…” he said.

“The Reaper changed rendezvous points, Etah stressed he wanted us there yesterday” replied DarkHawk.

The pilot pulled the Decimator into the hanger bay, and the Marauder Class Corvette’s massive doors closed behind them. The pilot landed the ship perfectly in its tarmac spot. Crew personnel rushed over and began their safety inspections and post-flight checks. The Crew door opened, and the Two Sadowans disembarked and headed for the turbo lift.

“Where we meeting Etah at?” asked Jinius.

“The Bridge” DarkHawk said coldly.

Jinius stared at the turbo lift walls wondering why leadership pulled them from their mission. He was anxious to get back in the mix. That emotion was written all over him. The turbo lift stopped, and the doors whisked open. Much to the surprise of young Jinius Griffin, the entire House of Shar Dakhan was gathered aboard the bridge in their formal attire. In the middle of his House-mates, stood the Clan Summit, Consul Bentre Stahoes, Proconsul Ashia Keibatsu, Rollmaster Tasha'Vel Versea and Jinius’s Master, Savant Marcus Kiriyu.

Marcus called on Jinius to stand front and center. Jinius moved hesitantly towards his Master. The Journeyman positioned himself center of the Summit and his Master.

“Kneel Jinius Griffin” instructed Marcus.

Jinius dropped to one knee and paid homage to his leaders. The Savant detached his saber from his utility belt. He cradled the saber under both his hands as he held it above Jinius’s head.

“This Knighting signifies that you Jinius Griffin will now have the prestigious rank of Dark Jedi Knight bestowed upon you. It is a milestone to be elevated to the status of Knight. Now you will carry forward as a true disciple of Clan Naga Sadow. You have proven yourself as an exceptional alley, fighter, and brother to Clan Naga Sadow. I am honored to present to you the title of Dark Jedi Knight.”

Marcus ignited the blade, placing it near Jinius’s left ear. Its mesmerizing hum echoed throughout. Marcus moved the saber from left to right, christening his Apprentice.

“Rise, my Apprentice, rise as a Knight of Sadow,” Marcus exclaimed.

The entire bridge exploded in cheers of jubilation. Jinius still could not believe what was happening, but the smile he wore said everything his Clan-mates needed to hear. Jinius bowed to his Master one more time, then shook his hand.
Marcus held both his and Jinius’s hand over their heads as the bridge continued to roar in the excitement of their newest Knight.



Thanks, everyone for welcoming me to the clan! I'm enjoying every minute of it and looking forward to some canon fiction with many of you soon!

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