A Final Message


A Final Message

Plan of Attack

1 - Fiction

2 - Aedile Report

3 - Final Thoughts

Fiction tl;dr

  • Arx is scuffed, despite the full might of the Iron Legion and the loosely united clans.

  • Xuner’s droid, faithful until the end, dies.

  • Xuner, Vesh, and Katrea leave to save their planet from civil war and to lead it into a new age of glory.


Even with full might of the Brotherhood brought down, it wasn’t enough to stem the tide of The Collective’s might as it bared down onto Arx. With it’s shield gate shattered, it was now open to a full planetary invasion. Among the frantic calls for aid, Xuner Holst heard only two.

One was from Katrea.

The Collective had found their homestead on Arx. Luckily, she wasn’t there. In its place, was the Sevra family servant droid. An advanced droid, both in its age of over 2000 years and its AI processor, which had allowed it to seek out replacement parts to keep itself running, to continue serving at full capacity.

Katrea, with a heavy heart, rewired its power cords to overlord its core. The droid was her only form of familiar company as Xuner left to lead Clan Naga Sadow’s forces in the Shadow Academy platform that had also been orbiting above.

“With this, you’ve earned the right to be named and remembered. What would you like to be remembered as, droid?” She asked, trying to keep her composure. Among the people of Celaeus, to be named is a great honour among the warrior societies of Xuner’s people.

“As what I’ve always been, Lady Creator.” Its tone, despite it being the same monotone buzz had a lower pitch to it, denoting a somber and melancholy deposition.

“A tool to serve.”

The door exploded, the use of brute force ripping it apart from the middle. Soldiers rushed through as they cleared the rooms. When they entered through the entrance room, they were met by a large and open foyer. Over yonder, near a door that led outside was a portion which was sunken. There, the droid stood in front of a fireplace. It stared deeply into the amber flames, as if contemplating some great philosophical thought.

“Turn, droid!” A voice burst out.

The droid, which held, out of sight from The Collective personnel, the detonator to his own make-shift bomb, ignored them for a while longer. With a heavy sigh, the droid looked up.

“Had to be me. Somebody else might have gotten it wrong,” It quietly muttered to himself.


Still ignoring them, the droid lifted his thumb that suppressed the trigger.

Within a fraction of a second, a bright light engulfed the room as a kinetic force ripped everything apart. Blue flames incinerated everything, leaving ash in its wake. From the outside, chaos consumed Arx and starfighters soared through the air fighting to the bitter end. And blaster fire ripped into the skies. All manners of ships, from light frigates and dinky gunship to large capital ships, traded salvos in orbit above.

A small eruption of blue flames from what was once Xuner and Katrea’s home added nothing of any value to the calamity that raged across the planet. Xuner tightened his grip upon Katrea’s hand. She returned his feelings with a gentle touch, calming him. The pair took to the skies in a ship bound for the flagship of Clan Naga Sadow. They had rallied in the hangar with Vesh, whom herself had readied a hyperdrive capable starship.

“Are you ready to depart?” Vesh asked.

Xuner nodded, taking from Vesh a datapad that she had held out. On it were two letters. Both stating their intent to resign from their posts. Xuner had added his signature to his portions.

As they boarded, Xuner had called for a technician. He called to her and ordered her, using his rank of Major and Vesh’s position as Aedile to supersede her original orders, to deliver the datapad to the Qaeustor Malisane.

The three departed from everything. Arx. The Brotherhood. Clan Naga Sadow and from House Shar Dakhan.

All was abandoned to answer a call for aid.

Its origin was that of Celaeus.


A Final Report

Hello all.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a report as there was a war going on. So lets jump straight into this mess. Shall we?

I would like to formally announce my stepping down as Aedile of House Shar Dakhan. It’s been a great year and I’ve had an awesome time being one of the leaders in my favorite Clan.

But my time has come and a new face is needed to lead our House and Clan to greatness!

Submission for applications to the position will be announced at a later time.

Final Thoughts

I would like to thank everyone in Clan Naga Sadow and to all in the Club as a whole for their participation in the War. I was great to see so much activity and I can not wait to see the final results.

Remember, what we do drives the story forward. No matter what you do or how small an effort it was, your activity ultimately is what tells the story.


I will be joining the Rogues for the foreseeable future.

But fear not! Or do, I love to see people squirm. I will be back.

Until then, I have been until the end, ever in faithful service to Clan Naga Sadow.

Ever in the Service of Sadow,

Xuner Holst

Lord-Commander, 88th Celean Siege Army Group and hopeful king of Celea

Long live the Overlord! Long live the Empire!

Thank you for your service to HSD and CNS!

Thank you for serving, I hope to see you around again soon.


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