A new Shadow Lord Emerges


A new Shadow Lord Emerges


Introduction of a New Consul!!!

Hello, everyone! To those of you who don’t know, my name is Rhylance, also known as Aiden, Science Chiss, Ben, and to my great despair, Chissy-Face. I have been a member of the DJB since August of 2015, been a member of two Clans during that time, and have had the pleasure to work with a multitude of amazing people across this Brotherhood. I have the fortunate privilege of having friends in every Clan, and a good relationship with many of the great people in this club!

My leadership experience in this club stems from almost every level. I have been an Aedile, a Quaestor to two different Houses, a Proconsul working under some amazing Consuls, and I had the privilege of being a Consul with a dedicated and hardworking summit in Taldryan. I have had the chance to work amongst the Voice staff and the Fist staff, as well as alongside the Headmistress while creating an SA course!

I look forward to working my butt off for you guys and giving you the Arcona experience you all deserve! If you ever have comments, questions, criticisms, whatever, never be afraid to come and talk to me about it.

A New Proconsul is Needed!!!

Since I have taken the role of Consul, my old role of Proconsul has become vacant. With this new opening, I have decided to open up the position for applications club-wide. I will have an application window of two weeks. That being said, if a particularly great application comes through, I withhold the right to close the application process early. If you’d like to apply, please send your application to me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Kordath. ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Proconsul is an important role within the Summit ranks. They are my right-hand person and will assist me in running a Clan of amazing folks who are passionate and hard-working. They will also be a member of Arcona’s story team and will assist me in running events for the membership.

If you think you have what it takes to step into my old shoes, send me your application and let me know your ideas and what you bring to the table.

Ask Rhy

  • Kordath asks:

    • Let's get it out of the way, is it gonna be Aiden, Rein, Rhylance, Freylia (please be Freylia :P) who takes the throne?
      • As much as I would absolutely love seeing how Freylia took over and destroyed everything...She wouldn't be long for this world. I will be using Rhylance as my Cosul character. Aiden, as much as I love him, has just never clicked with the populace as a character. Eevie isn’t a fit for the role. Eleceos is nowhere near ready for that responsibility, and Rein is simply too new to the Clan.
  • Skar-boi asks:

    • When will I have a new mission?
      • There’s these pesky so called ‘gods’ making trouble on Selen. How would you like to charge headfirst into the fray and try to wipe them out? We shall be right behind you, I promise.
  • Nero asks:

    • Do you have ideas on who you want to replace you as the Pecan Pie, or are you opening applications?
      • As stated above, I am opening up applications for the Proconsul position.
  • Donny asks:

    • Are you going to hire Kord just to get revenge on him whether he wants the job or not?
      • Now see, there’s an idea. Though I don’t know if he’d trust Rhylance enough to do it.
  • Aru asks:

    • I have asked this to every Consul. Can I finally open my casino with blackjack and twi'lek dancers?
      • Sure, if you can self-finance it. How much were you in debt again???
  • Lucine asks:

    • Can Lucine select the outfit of the incoming Con? And plan the subsequent party?
      • I will entertain ideas that you bring forward, but I’m not promising anything.
  • Lucine also asks:

    • Does Rhy have a plan for dealing with all these fake gods and caxquettes that are running around? They're really starting to affect property values.
      • We definitely need more information about what we are dealing with. Going in without it would be a stupid decision. Knowledge is power, and we need all the power we can get.
  • Wally asks:

    • Rhylance- how do we know that Lucine isn't using your back door to secretly run Arcona. No judgment, just curious.
      • I am no one’s puppet. Ignore the strings you see behind me.
  • Atty asks everything!!!:

    • What is one thing you would like to do with your time as Arconan Consul?
      • Aside from keeping as in the First Clan spot? I want to keep this wonderful Clan, the strong family and safe space that it is. I want to bring whatever I can to the table and make my members happy, excited, and cared for.
  • 2:

    • Tell us about something you love or are passionate about. Hobby, craft, game, interest, food, in the DB, not in the DB, whatever. Something about you
      • Well, I love to cook, and my favorite foods are pizza and pasta. I am a huge nerd for board games. I will spend hours playing games like Cataan, Champions of Midgard, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and my new one, Tortuga 2199. I love to perform on stage in theater. I don't have options to do so right now, but it’s a huge passion of mine. I also have two children who I adore and would do anything for.
  • 3:

    • Bit about you if you wanna share? Job, favorite color (blue, right? right? no wait that's Lucine)? Family or animals? Pet pictures are required. If none plz post any catto.
      • I work for the Mackinac Bridge, for those of you who don't know. It is a 5 mile suspension bridge that connects Michigan’s two peninsulas. I do like my job, but the customers I get can be quite ruthless. My favorite color is midnight blue. When you look at the sky and it isn't quite black, still a hue of blue to it, that color. Unfortunately my current residence doesn’t allow for pets. :(
  • 4:

    • What do you like about Star Wars? What do you like to write in the DB?
      • Star Wars has filled my mind with wonder since I was a little boy. It was probably the first actual thing I fell in love with, fiction-wise. I used to spend hours with my brother watching the movies and talking about it while playing with his action figures. Lightsabers are the coolest weapons, I don't care what anyone says. Unfortunately I’ve hit some kind of mental block with my writing so I couldn’t tell you what I enjoy writing. I plan on participating in the RP’s more, mainly because writing for those has seemed easy to me.
  • 5:

    • Any personal storylines you wanna pursue/character moments you'd like to write/characters you want any of yours to meet? Addendum, ACC rematch sometime?
      • While Rhylance will be my main for Arcona based stories, I foresee Eleceos and Rein being the characters I interact with the members most with. I love all of my characters, but very few of them have seen true connections with the Clan members I care so much about.
  • 6:

    • The fleet will still be rainbow under your reign, right?
      • Rhylance is smart. He knows no one wants him as Con. He’s not gonna change the fleet colors, cause he knows that would probably get him killed by certain groups within the Clan.
  • 7:

    • Given Arcona is Gray, Dark, and Light (in personality) #shadesup, do you think we need a change of motto One Day TM, or shall we honor our history?
      • Honestly, that’s tough. For so long our Clan has had this motto “Light is limited; Darkness is infinite.” but in recent times, we have really shifted more towards the light and become more gray than anything. I don’t think a motto change is necessary, but it is something we can look into. History is definitely something to respect and honor, but sometimes change is good and sometimes it is necessary to grow.


In Closing…

I look forward to my time working with all of you. If you need to get a hold of me, I am on Telegram(@AidenLD) and my email is [Log in to view e-mail addresses].




And awesome report/introduction! :D

Nice report.

Great report. If the Shadow Lord ever needs some wet work done feel free to reach out the Clan Vizsla and we'll do it if the credits are good!

Fifth! Great report, and an exciting start. Here's to your success, and to the success of our ckan!

We have people for that, but you could totally be hired to-- /me gets black bagged.

Hail to the new Shadow Lord and Arcona Invicta!

Amazing stuff, I look forward to the future.

Excellent start to a proud career!

For one, I don't think being "limited" is necessarily a bad thing. If darkness is infinite, what more is there to it? Your own darkness doesn't add anything of note, while if Light is limited, your contribution matters more. I'd almost read it the opposite of what the intent might have been in the edgier days. "With so much darkness around us, make the finite light count".

Anyway, CONGRATULEKTIONS to the new CON! ^^

Congratulations and good luck, my friend


Congratulations Rhylance.

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