Aedile Report #4: Not sure how much more I can geek out


Aedile Report #4: Not sure how much more I can geek out

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Celebration Burn Out

There was some great moments at Star Wars Celebration. Jame Arnold Taylor was, as usual, a fantastic panel host on all his interviews. Both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher interviews I had to re-watch because of how humorous both actors are. BB8 rolling onto stage out shined the rest of the cast panel while Billy Dee and Corey Williams hung out in the cantina. The cosplay competition was really cool while the audience participation was both cute and creepy. If you havnt checked it out, go check it out. Play it in the background while you clean or work on those cf's.

The Fun house

We got some things going on to spark your interest.

And as always, all DB wide competitions can be found here.

Star Wars News:

-The Novels and comics are starting to really pour out now. Halc already updated us on the new book Lords of the Sith.

-A couple of fans sent an X-Wing to space.

-Marvel has acknowledged that the rumor of a Star Wars easter egg in their phase 2 movies.

Go watch Avengers Age of Ultron and geek out. The new Star Wars trailer should look nice on the big screen.

KE Raistline Majere

Cosplay Competition was definitely sweet. Like you mentioned, audience participation was.... unique at times.

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