Aedile Report #4: The Post-Halftime, Pre-Post Game Report


Aedile Report #4: The Post-Halftime, Pre-Post Game Report


Good morning everybody! To those of you who are not having a morning, guten tag and to all of you who are not having a good, I wish you a great. Sorry for the lack of a report around the 13th, the change in occupation, time zone and general climate have taken up a lot of my time initially but I have not forgotten you all I assure you. Even if I had I doubt the Headmaster or Locke would stop cracking that whip on me anyway.

Also before I forget I would like to congratulate Aul Celsus on being selected for the position of Battleteam Leader over Devil's Shroud. I hope he and all of DS will continue making us proud!

I hope that you all have been having weather as nice as we in the Land of the Midnight Sun have been experiencing. Well hopefully you have had less rain than we have been experiencing but I digress. I hope folks have had a chance for a nice vacation or a day or two at the beach at least!

In case the talks on Telegram and the emails from your Summits and the fact that I have probably been pestering folks on and off to make sure you are participating- we are in the last days of the Feud. As Locke and others have pointed out a number of times, we missed taking Phase One by some 40 points, so participation is a big thing. I would love to report post Feud that we had five, ten, maybe even FIFTEEN people who participated 100% in Phase 2!!! Believe in yourselves like I believe in you Shar Dakhan like your Aedile believes in you. I know that I have used that phrase a lot half-jokingly in Telegram but it is no less true. Our House and our Clan Summits have high hopes for both our Houses, but I would hedge my bets on HSD any day. I just believe that we are that awesome!

So maybe you are saying "hey Benny/Zachary/Mustard, I am bust with my family or school or my summer job or whatever, I don't have time to focus a lot of energy on the Feud." Put something together I implore you. Since my move my life has gotten busier so I can sympathize, first off. Second off, put in a wee bit of participation anyhow! A few participants could easily be the difference between victory of defeat in the Feud. Just because you don't win a Crescent, or a Legion of the Scholar should not dissuade you. The top ten places get more than just participation credit, so there is still ground to be gained! So get out there and show CSP and the Red Fury the might and tenacity of House Shar Dakhan. Let us show them the wrath of Clan Naga Sadow.



Non ministrari sed ministrare, Aedile Zachary O'Maille

PS: I think that we owe you all an activity report, but I like to dote on you all and we are still in the midst of that Feud so we will wait until the 2nd or so...until next time HSD keep classy and keep frosty. I would have included more but I wanted to hammer with this report that we are capable of defeating Clan Scholae Palatinae if we fight together.

Nice lil report.

Come on guys, we can win this!

I look forward to seeing CNS and HSD push for the win.

Keep up the good work, Sadowans.

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