Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #2


Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #2


The Blade sends

Already a full month since my last report? Time just flies when you're having fun it seems. We have a few new members adding to the HAP ranks, some awards of note and some great competitions for you all to work at.

It makes me feel so proud to be working with all the fantastic members In the DJB and especially in Ajunta Pall itself. We have a fantastic summit to boot, and that's what makes Plagueis stand out : the team as a whole. Not just one member slogging their hearts out gaming, writing and such and holding us up above everyone else, but everyone working as a team and doing all these things together. It's so heart-warming to see everyone joining in, having fun and being friends. Together we are the pillars that support Plagueis. Now lets get out there and do what we're good at : being the BEST!

A little teaser for you: Tahiri of Karness Muur and I will shortly be launching a competition for both houses to compete in. A simple graphics competition but it will of course earn you the much needed participation and crescents needed to raise your rank in the club. Keep your eyes peeled for more of this soon™!

Remember the Clan RO is still ongoing too. Get a post in and see if you can cement yourself into the Clan lore! The link for the Run On will be in the competition links below. Go on, you can do it!


Also don't forget that the ACC event : Operation Tempered Iron is live. Go get yourself a higher ELO and FIGHT!



New Joins

This month we welcome a couple of new members to the HAP ranks, please meet and greet

Draglec and


We hope you both have fun in this strange world we call the DJB!


Competition update

Here are some competitions to get your teeth into. Try a few and submit to them. It's nice to show a little interest and thanks for the lovely people who set these up for your pleasure!


MAA Puzzle #21 : Puzzle

Bageled! : Fiction

DJB Diamante : Poetry

Autumn Puzzle Series : Puzzle


The Song of Discord : Month 3


Ending Words

It's great seeing all of you settle and enjoy the club. If you want to do more and help out somehow, contact Kelly or I on telegram (@DJBKmendes/@TaranaeRhode) or via our emails which can be found on our dossiers.

Together let's keep Plagueis great. Get out there, do some competitions, write some fiction, game and make this club better than it already is by participation! The club thrives on the participation of our members. Our summit and members do our best to dream up good things for you to do; you can thank them by doing your part by submitting to the things they put together for you. The more you do, the more we can dream up all sorts of new things for you to try!

Go out there and make us proud; Adapt, Ascend, Avail!

Have fun and I hope to see you all around in TG or the brotherhood in general!

I am, your servant,

Taranae Rhode, Blade of the Fallen


Yes, definitely try to get into either the run on or the ACC event, preferably both, but I know how limited time can be.

Great report, Taranae! Thanks for underscoring the events we have available, those activity reminders are always welcome.

Looking forward to this competition you have cooking!! Great report!

Great report Taranae!!!

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