Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #4 : The end is nigh!


Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #4 : The end is nigh!


The Blade sends

And that's it! The Rite of Supremacy is over and we await the news of the awesome work each and every one of you has done! I want to be writing award recommendations for as many Pallians as possible, so I hope you all do well. Apparently we had a fantastic turnout for the event and expected no less. You have all done Plagueis proud, win or lose and you're all winners in my books. Now just the agonising wait to see if you placed or not. Think of those shiny Novas! But the main thing we want to know is; First Clan or not? Fingers crossed!



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Other things....

Ok. I found a link in Telegram art chat the other day and clicked it. I was wowed. A group called K/DA did a promo video for skins for a certain MOBA game and the animation in it was PERFECT. I was hooked. I watched the video on average three times a day (Thanks Atra lol). I decided to give this a whirl. Why isn't anyone playing this?? I know it's similar to HOTS but it seems easier to get to grips with! Anyway, after playing this a while I downloaded HOTS and will give that another go too. Here's the video link : Watch it and be amazed. This doubles as my moment of Zen !



Ending Words

No matter what you did or didn't do for the Rite of Supremacy, I'm proud of you all. I'm sure you all did what you could and entered every bin you could get something in for. Did we do enough? Time will tell. Even if we're not First Clan, you're MY clan and I am proud of each and every one of you. f you participated, that's enough for me. I hope you had fun doing it. Now we can rest a while and see what other fantastic things get thrown at us for the festive season (hint).

I am, your servant,

Taranae Rhode, Blade of the Fallen


Awesome report Taranae!!!! :) I just recently found that video myself, beautiful work. Haven't played the game yet though. Might just download sometime in the near future ;)

Great report, Taranae! We are so lucky to have you as an Aedile in this great clan.

Just for clarification: Applications are open for Plagueis PROCONSUL, not Consul.

Ah dammit. Need to fix that 😜

CSP PCON! CSP PCON! I'm not going anywhere!

So much for clarifying... :P

good report apprentice. you keep surpassing your master

Lol even Ronovi got it wrong :)

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