Apex Brigade Digest #2


Apex Brigade Digest #2


Get Up!

Apex: the top or highest point of something.

Brigade : a group of people organized to act together

The Great Jedi War started on January 9th. Have you participated? Have you tried? This is one of the most important events you could ever participate in within the DJB. They only happen every few years and it they define our future. Arcona will NOT be brought down. We have to ensure that. We are Apex Brigade. A group of people organized to be the highest point of Qel-Droma. We need to live up to the name. There’s 11 more days of war left. Are you a WAR?!?!? GET UP APEX!


Battle Sergeant’s Soapbox

The war is half over. Arcona is doing great. And this is a great thing! But I’m a bit sad to see our Battleteam so inactive! The war is a great place to show your love for the club and your unit, and even if you can only do a few of the competitions, that helps us out so much. It’s a place to have fun and to challenge yourself. The war has something for everyone!

So if you can, look into Round 2! There’s still a week left and you can easily get a few of the competitions done! Help Apex Brigade and help Arcona. Help us win this war and go down in history!

If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to ask if you see me on the IRC or throw an email at me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] .



Decent work guys! Let's step it up!

  • Kanis Da’uul was awarded 1 Emerald Crescent.
  • Adam Bolera was awarded 36 Clusters of Fire.
  • Ernordeth was awarded 3 Scrolls of Foundation, 1 Ruby Crescent, 5 Pendants of Blood, 1114 Clusters of Fire, was elevated to GMRG Rank XII and promoted to Praetor to the FIST.
  • Rhiann was awarded a Topaz Crescent, Sapphire Crescent, Amethyst Crescent, and 9 Clusters of Fire.
  • Marrek was awarded an Amethyst Crescent, Sapphire Crescent, and 36 Clusters of Fire.



You want competitions? How about a WAR There are no shortage of other competitions to participate in so go out, have fun, and maybe earn some awards!


Ask the BTL

  • Q: <Turel> Why does it burn when I pee?
  • A: Rhiann stepped in for this question. Her answer was SPACE HERPIES.

  • Q:<@Turel> Do you wanna build a snowman? (It doesn’t have to be a snowman)

  • A: You know what? Sure. I’ve never actually built one.



  • Read the report.
  • Thank you Rhiann for our new graphics that earned you a shiny crescent!
  • Open door policy = comes to me for anything. Contact me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or WhatsApp.


Great report now GO DO ALL THE THINGS!

Sexy graphics! And yes, do all the things!

I need to fix those graphics a tad, now that I've seen them in a report.

And yes, Space Herpies. It's a semi inside joke :p


I'm loving the graphics. Great report, guys! :D

avoids the Space Herpies

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