[ARC] Voidbreaker Report #6: I'm Late for a Very Important Date


[ARC] Voidbreaker Report #6: I'm Late for a Very Important Date


Welcome Back!

Hello friends! Sorry, I’m late this month. I know you all sit on the edges of your seats and anxiously await this snarky piece of news, so I apologize for keeping you waiting. It’s been an interesting month of just the right amount of chaos. (Too much and I’d have to blame Lucine for the excess. Sorry boss.) With that said, let’s just dive right in, shall we?


Brotherhood News

Quite a few things have happened Club wide that may affect you. Be sure to check them out.

  • Dracpool has posted a new FIST Report in which he details the results of the Fortnite test and further explains how tests work for games the club is considering adding to the repertoire of supported games. It’s good information for those of you who want to know how we decide which games count for clusters and which don’t.

  • The Headmaster of the Shadow Academy has also put out a fancy little report where he (finally) introduces himself and outlines a few projects he is hoping to take on, as well as introducing his new slaves minions helpers!

Clan News

It’s officially more than a whisper! Sins is making a comeback in the very near future! Keep your eyes and ears open, kids. Go for some target practice, find a sparring partner, meditate, eat some burgers, do whatever it is you do to get ready for a good fight! In all reality, we want you all to have a good time. Here is the link to the Sins fictions so far if you’re so inclined to read them. But otherwise, keep an eye on the competition page so you can start doing stuff to make us and yourself look good. And maybe earn some shiny things while you’re at it.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Here is where you can find all the Reports and News you may have missed!

  • Consul Report: Yet another report from our Over-sloth. Go read his drunken ramblings. There’s actually some good stuff in there underneath the drunken slurrings. I would say go sniff around, but that’s probably bad advice.

  • HQD Summit Report: Wherein our lovely house summit (read: Lucine and Rhylance) detail the aftermath of last month’s fiction update and attend a funeral. Go check it out to learn more!

  • Galares Summit Report: Go support those other Arcona guys and check out what the Q MurderLizard has to say. Even if it is all propaganda.


Competitions are a little sparse as we ramp up for Sins, but that just means it’s easier for you to decide which ones you want to do! Right? Right?

  • Quatrain: Our friendly neighborhood Magik has organized a nifty little poetry competition where you get to describe your character in a single stanza! Check it out and challenge yourself to fit a whole lot of description in just four lines!

  • 2018 Monthly Gaming Challenge - August: Check out the FIST sponsored competitions which include mobile and flash games along with club supported games you can play with your friends. Or your enemies. Or anyone really. Go play!

Member Activity

This is the part where you guys come in!


  • 25 Clusters of Earth
  • 28 Clusters of Fire


  • 68 Clusters of Earth
  • 72 Clusters of Fire

Kai Tsintah

  • Joined the Brotherhood! Welcome!
  • Promoted to Apprentice

Luka Zarkot

  • Awarded Dark Cross
  • Promoted to Knight! Congratulations! Welcome to the cool club!
  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 1 Crescent with Diamond Star

Eilen Jath

  • Awarded Dark Cross! Congrats Ferret Lady!

Lucifer Scorpio Romanov

  • Awarded Anteian Cross! Congrats Luci! Keep up the hard work!

Tali Sroka

  • 1 Steel Cross! Woo! MOAR SHINIES!

You guys are all awesome! Keep it up!

Q & A

This month on #AskTheBlueberry:

Rhylance asks a few questions, including:

Are you happy that the Wookiee did not, in fact, die?

I am incredibly, unbelievably happy that Kelviin did not die. I’m not sure I could handle such a tremendous loss. I would have been particularly furrious if we had lost our favorite Wook.

Why is the number 42 so important?

Something about the meaning of life? I’m not entirely sure. But what a coincidence, we happen to have exactly 42 towels aboard. I counted. It’s been really boring here lately. Don’t judge me.

When can I expect you for your mandatory physical?

About that… hides under her desk

Lucine asks many questions, such as:

Has Lee made any major changes to the Voidbreaker since she has resumed as Captain?

I got a taller chair. And cluttered the desk up a little bit. But other than that, not really. You run a tight ship. O7

Cake or Pie?

Pie. Love me some pie. Nothing beats a good apple pie.

What song best characterizes Lee's leadership style?

I’ll say I’ll Make a Man Out of You. Mostly because she wants to see her crew succeed and she knows the best chance she can give them at success is to train them for the harshest conditions.

What genres does Lee read?

She reads a little bit of everything, but prefers either historical fiction, biographies, or cheesy romance.

Did she get a cool Captain’s hat?

No, but it is now added to the list of things she needs to acquire in the very near future. Looks like a shopping trip is in order!

Not exactly a question, but Xenna says: I found a towel!

Excellent! You should never leave home without one. Never know when it will come in handy.

Tali asks a few as well:

Has anyone ever tried to reply to #AskTheBlueberry and did things get awkward?

Funny enough, things often get awkward in the #AskTheBlueberry tag. Who would have guessed what with you. And Kord. And Lucine. And I could probably list about half of Arcona here… Let’s be honest with ourselves.

What’s Lee’s favorite and least favorite thing in her typical day at the helm of the Voidbreaker?

Her favorite would probably be all her interactions with her crew and team. She loves just being around people and being social. Least favorite is definitely the inordinate amount of paperwork that seems to be required to keep this karking ship operating. Who knew being in charge would be so hard?

Are you and Tall’n’Furry going to get wed? And have a baby?

Erm… Uhhhh… Does anybody else have questions? Anyone? ….Please?

The End Is Nigh

Here we are, once more, at the end. It’s been real, and it’s been fun. Not sure I can say it’s been real fun though, because paperwork. But you all make it worth the time and effort. I saw a lot of awards come up this month and I’m happy to support each and every one of you. Keep up your hard work and keep on doing good things. Remember, we’re always watching. Especially the good stuff. But also everywhere else. As always, if there are any questions, concerns, or cries for help, feel free to contact me via email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) or on Telegram (@LeeadraHalcyon). Until next time.

Stay beautiful,


Woo awesome report! First 😎

Great report, Lee! I approve of the plan to go shopping!


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