Fist Report #21


Fist Report #21


Message from the Fist

Aloha DB Gamers! Only a couple of things to cover this month. We have a new magistrate and a discussion on the Fortnite test.


New Magistrate

After consideration of all applicants, I have selected Raiju to fill the vacant M:Fist spot. Magistrate positions are six month terms and focus primarily on gaming activity approval and running at least one club-wide gaming competition each month. I'm excited to have him on the team, and look forward to everything he will bring to the table.


Fortnite Test Results

After a one-month test run, Fortnite has failed to meet the minimum requirements necessary for me to consider adding it as a supported platform. In all truth, I was surprised by this test failure.

The initial poll for Fortnite showed a club-wide interest of well over 20 people. During the test, only twelve members subscribed, with only six actually submitting. In comparison, the Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm tests actually had more participants than people that showed initial interest in the poll.

Because Fortnite failed to meet the necessary gates for support, I am no longer considering it for addition to the DJB's library of supported games.

Thanks to all who participated.


Gaming Test Method

On How I Consider Games for Tests:

I've talked about how we test games before, and there is a wiki entry on the gaming information page that outlines the process. I do still get questions on what I'm looking for in a game, specifically if I give preference to games that are available on multiple platforms. The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

The DJB gaming community is spread out over three main platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A select few own two of those platforms, and an even smaller number owns all three. That means that I have to consider all platforms when looking to support games. Sometimes, that simply doesn't work (see Heroes of the Storm, Jedi Academy, and Star Conflict). Other times, the games are available on all three, but there is no cross-platform play (See pretty much every game we support). In the end, I will always attempt to support a game that the majority of the club has access to. I love free games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm that do not have a pay to win model.

In the end, the games I consider for support come down to two basic concepts: are people playing it, and will they continue to play it for an extended length of time?

On How We Will Test in the Future:

I am looking into a new method for how test events work. The current zip file method gives me an easy way to see how many people are likely to play a game, as well as a lot of screenshots to review to make sure I have enough info to actually validate if/when a game is supported. It is also very cumbersome to grade, creates a problem for members who submit large numbers of screenshots, and can bog down the site.

I'm working with James on a new method. I won't say what it is or when it will happen (because I don't run James' timetable). Once I have something solid I'll let you all know.


Fist Sponsored - Gaming Competitions:

[FIST] 2018 Monthly Gaming Challenge - August

Diablo 3: Season 14

Brotherhood Gaming League: Season 1

Gorefest- August 2018


Admin and Policy Reminders

All current Gaming and Fist Policies can be found on the Gaming Information page. I suggest that all members read this page as it has some great info. I will make sure this page stays updated to reflect all current office policies. I do not want to confuse anyone, especially with what is and is not allowed in the DB Gaming Telegram room.

Other items of note:

  • The staff has 24 hours from the time you submit gaming activity to approve it. If your submission has been sitting for longer than that, there is a problem. If it hasn’t, there is no problem. The staff do their best to process gaming submissions as quickly as possible, but they are real people with real lives. I do not expect them to sit behind a computer processing gaming submissions all day, and neither should any of you.

  • Solo submissions are never acceptable for Clusters of Earth/Fire. My staff and I will reject any that come in. You must play with at least one other DB member, no exceptions. This is not changing any time in the near (or far) future.

  • Pendants of Blood are not acceptable for submission to cluster-counting competitions. If we see them, we will remand the request.

  • Reminder: Feel free to run Gaming competitions DB wide. Gaming is a slightly different community, and is one of the few that consistently brings club members together outside of the competitive environment. Most of the people I currently game are all in different clans. By opening up your event DB-wide, you increase the pool of possible participants, which could allow for a crescent upgrade!

  • Reminder: While I sincerely appreciate having proposals/great ideas sent to me via telegram, please email the staff list (email is at the bottom of this report). I ask that your House and Clan leadership take a look at your proposals before you send them up. This isn’t to add a layer of bureaucracy, it’s because I’m sure they’d like to know how you are trying to help the club improve...helps with award and promotion recommendations and all that. Feel free to cc them on your email to me and my staff.




  1. New Magistrate

  2. Fortnite Test Failed

  3. More on how tests work

  4. The Future of tests


I’m finally in a rhythm at work, so I should be able to start some normal gaming again. Timezones make it hard to play during weekdays, but I should get some good weekend time here soon.

The trip to Molokai was awesome. It’s worth a two to three day visit if you are ever in Hawaii.

Until next time.


-Dracpool, out.


Congrats Raiju!

Cmoooon we need to get some HotS 1v1s going guys. I'll be on as much as I can this weekend for those that need to submit. Let's get it!

Congrats to Raiju. I like the insight shown into how new gaming platforms are selected as well. ^^

Congrats Raiju.

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