Arcona Rollmaster Report Summer 2014


Arcona Rollmaster Report Summer 2014

#Clan Arcona Rollmaster Report

Much was changing personally for Andrelious J. Inahj. Just a year ago, he was a cold hearted loner. Now, he was on the verge of marrying his beloved Kooki, and was only a few weeks away from becoming a father to the twins that the Knight now carried inside her.

Despite all of these changes, Andrelious remained both as part of the Soulfire Strike Team, and as Rollmaster of Arcona. Things had slowed a little from the early days of the Warlord's time on the Summit, but he was still proud to be able to regular bestow new Knighthoods onto the many Journeyman under his care.

As well as working hard as Rollmaster, the ex-Imperial had been the first to be bestowed with the First Blade title, having proven to be the most effective at completing work for the Antei Contract Bureau.

Relaxing in his office, Inahj noticed a message from Consul Marick had arrived on his datapad.

It was time for an update.

3 more DJKs

Since my previous report, a further three Arconans have reached the coverted rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

  • Dark Jedi Knight Rrogon Skar Master: Nath Voth
  • Dark Jedi Knight Lexiconus Master: Nikola Valtiere
  • Dark Jedi Knight Antar Locke Master: Sight Nortorshin

The Rolling AWOL check

Thanks to outgoing Master At Arms Kalen, the DB website will now be automatically performing a rolling AWOL check. This means that a member will now get a warning email if they have not logged in for the past 60 days. If after getting this email they do not login within the next 7 days, they will be deemed AWOL and removed from their unit's roster.

Don't worry if this happens to you at some stage. It's fairly easy to get back among the action.

Journeyman Spotlight

In this section we are going to highlight either an upcoming Journeyman, or a recently Knighted one in hopes of sharing insight into the process Arconans go through.

This time the report highlight is Rrogon Skar. Skar is an example of a Journeyman who found the road to Knighthood harder than others. Since joining he has had two characters and three Masters. Despite all that, once he saw that final promotion was close, he worked just as hard to achieve it as many of our faster members had done. I for one am incredibly proud of Skar, and I know that his Master Nath is, too.

###Interview with Skar

Q. How did you find out about the DB?

A. Through my good freind Ben, or as you would know him to be Kanis Da`uul. I always heard him talking about this club he was a part of and finally one day I asked him about it and that led me to join Arcona.

Q. Were the e-mails you recieved helpful with helping you get started?

A. Of course when I was first starting out , the e-mails were like my lifeline for information about what I needed to do next.

Q. Did you feel like things were ever moving too fast? Like there was too much being thrown at you at once?

A. At times, yes but there were always those willing to help me get through the hard times called backlog.

Q. Did you feel pressured to rush through the Journeyman Trials, or did you push forward on your own motivation?

A. I would have to say yes and no on both parts. In some cases I felt pressured to do Journeymen Courses, but other times I did them of my own motivation.

Q. Was there ever a point where you felt held back or demotivated to try and keep working towards DJK?

A. Yes, there was but that was due to RL issues at the time and lack of mentorship because I didn't have a Master at the time but, after I got back into the swing of things again I found it easy for me to get to DJK: the only thing stopping me was the time restants

Q. What do you like most about Arcona so far?

A. Its members. The fun that can come from the most random thing is amazing. Tiger blood for the win and all that.

Q. What advice do you have for new members going through their trials?

A. Keep pushing forward, no matter what. It may seem at times that this is taking too long for be worth it, but trust me it is and you'll always have the friends that you make along the way to subport you.

"after I got back into the swing of things again I found it easy for me to get to DJK"


Since the previous report, we have had the following transfers and new joins:

Alaris joins House Qel-Droma!

Sight Nortorshin joins House Galeres!

Azler Wilder joins House Galeres!

Draith Dreadsoul joins House Galeres!

Devani Kiriana Maharet joins House Galeres!

Vaardock joins House Galeres!

Meleu Kathardo joins House Qel-Droma!

Krant Altair joins House Qel-Droma!

Enahropes joins House Qel-Droma!

Cyris Oscura joins House Qel-Droma!

Lertin joins House Galeres!

malchius joins House Galeres!

Lupus joins House Qel-Droma!

swag karo joins House Galeres!

Irakom Slaeghol joins House Galeres!

Sucker Nader joins House Galeres!

Darkblade joins House Galeres!

Henry Devilson joins House Qel-Droma!

Antar Locke joins House Galeres!

stontrippler joins House Qel-Droma!

Lexiconus joins House Qel-Droma!

Vazla De Vore joins House Qel-Droma!

Cruise joins House Qel-Droma!

Martin Leone joins House Qel-Droma!

Ji'ia Calaveylon joins House Galeres!


Here are some activities available to both veteran members looking for entertainment and new members looking to add more competitions to their belt.

###Arcona Wide Maximum Brevity Series: Details
A series of fictions with relatively tiny maximum word limits. Run by: Andrelious J. Inahj

Arcona Contract Bureau 2014 Pilot: Details The return of the Antei Contract Bureau. Basically a one-man runon with a specific goal. Run by: ACB team

###DB Wide

Blood and Glory: Details An ongoing series of fictions which pit your character against others in a gladiator arena

Tales of the Jedi Details
Another series of fictions, this time relating to House Odan Urr.

Darth Ansel: Details
Create a Lego scene with Star Wars figures

Assassins: Details
Possible chance to kill a clanmate.

Monthly Mobile Gaming: Akinator: Details
The latest phone game comp from the FIST Office

The Tie that binds: Details A VOICE competitio. Write about someone who drove your character's destiny.

Assault on the Shadow Academy: Details Take as many SA courses as you can!

Heavy Boots to Fasten: Details Write about the Mandalorian Wars

Gorefest: Details
The regular Gorefest competiton. This is GMRG only.


Current Roster Size: 76

Qel-Droma: 31
Galeres: 41
Clan Summit: 3

That concludes this report.

Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj
Clan Rollmaster, Arcona

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