Arete BTL Report #3


Arete BTL Report #3

Battleteam Arête Report

A word from your BTL:

Hey there all. Time for another update as to how things have been going. The ACC Tournament is in the midst of Round III. I enjoyed my battle, despite the untimely time-out of my opponent.

The June Pilot of the Arcona Contract Bureau is nearing the end, with the July Pilot upcoming. Those who are competing: You have until the Fifth of July to submit your contracts and have it still count for June! I’m loving the entries and the awesome results. All are welcome to request a contract and see where you stand. The overall winner of each month of contracts will earn the title ‘First Blade of Arcona’, then have to defend said title in the following months.

I’m currently running the first of a series of competitions that I co-organised with Rrogon Skar of Battleteam Nighthawk called ‘Blood and Glory’. In this competition, you are writing your character making his/her way through an arena of opponents ranging from humanoid opponents to hideous beasts.

What you can expect to see in todays report:

  • Awards
  • Activity



Since my last report, there have been a few shinies flitting through dossiers. They are as follows:

  • Celevon Edraven - Crescent with Amethyst Star, Crescent with Emerald Star, 59 Clusters of Fire and a Cluster of Ice



Here are some competitions that are currently running. Of course, the Fading Light ACC Tournament in the midst of Round 3, so I will not be adding in the link to that competition. Best of luck to all involved!


Woop woop

Look at Cel2 hogging all the awards! Gj!

^ nicely done

Cool report!

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