Battleteam Pellaeon #1


Battleteam Pellaeon #1


Goooooood afternoon/evening/morning, folks! This report is LONG overdue, and for that I apologize.

I'm going to keep this one pretty brief and to the point. Topics to cover this report:

*Who the fwec is Wagglehorn? *What the fwec does BT PELL do? *Update on BT Military *Current Events *Points to Ponderize

Who the fwec is Wagglehorn? And what the fwec is BT Pell?

Most of you know me, if not all of you. But I fairly recently took the BTL position for Pell. I've been in the DJB for a 3 years (which is basically brand new, compared to some of you old timers). In real life, I'm 31 and live the surburbanite dream (wife, kids, mortage, yadda yadda yadda), so I like the club as a tool (one of many) to give life a bit of spice. I'm incredibly indecisive when it comes to character decisions, so being part of a team focused on espionage (which lots of potential situations for undercover, acting, and stealthy stuff) seems to be a fit for my chaos!

Regarding the team - I'm still working on getting some thoughts down on BT identity and all that good stuff. But the core concept is that we'll be the espionage arm for Imperium. This will be expanded on over the course of future fiction updates and competition participation. The best part is though, that we have the freedom to make this team whatever we want it to be. I'll be sending each of you a separate email after this report with a more informal/casual intro to get your opinions and thoughts on the state of things.

My mantra though - I want to do everything within my power to help you with your engagement of the DJB. If you want to promote and earn shinies, great!! If you want to chill and hang out, great!! My goal is to help facilitate. Please please please don't hesitate to contact me via email or TG anytime you want to chat.

Update on BT Military

As you've seen in other updates, we will have a dedicated BT military! The concept here was to give our Battleteam some support, and flexibility for infiltration, exfil, and execution of a series of espionage-focused endeavors.

Here's the fleet...

Ship Type Purpose
Marauder Corvette Basically our flagship. Heavy support.
T-70 X-wing Squadron Close air support, cover for infil/exfil
UT-60D U-wing Flight Transportation in/out.
Special Missions Company NPC support
VT-49 Decimator Flight Individual mission support
Action IV Transport Inconspicuous transportation
Patrol Gunship Flight Inconspicuous transportation, with firepower

You'll notice a lack of Imperial type ships. The idea here is that we want to blend in with our surroundings. Maybe we're infiltrating a resistance friendly area - or trying to blend in with smugglers. This group of ships should give us a core amount of needed firepower and transportation. Use as you will!

Current Events (reports and comps)

Lots going on. Take a look...

Mount Karbon Comps, Ending tomorrow!!

Karbon Mid Point Report - Dek

BT Krennic Report 4 - Reiden

Points to Ponderize...

Here's where I leave you with a couple points to think about, as well as a Dad joke for the road...

  • Where do you want to see BT Pell go in the future?
  • How will your character fit in, or what we can we do help your character develop?
  • What do Jedi use to view PDF files?
  • ...Adobe Wan Kenobi...
  • And for you COU lovers out there, what do you call 5 sith piled up on top of a lightsaber?
  • ...a Sith-Kabob! Ha! And with that, I'll see myself out.

Look at you, getting all fancy with that table in there. Great report Sparky! Looking forward to seeing where you take Pellaeon in the future.

I love dad jokes, good report Waggles

Nice report, Sparky!

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