Battleteam Pellaeon #3


Battleteam Pellaeon #3


Hello friends! It's that time again! It's been a month since the last report and quite a bit has happened since then. Without further adieu, let's get to it.

Topics to cover this report:

  • Battleteam Pellaeon Identity Update
  • Wiki Link
  • RoS Performance
  • Current Events
  • Team Updates
  • Points to Ponderize

Battleteam Pellaeon Identity

Identity continues to be shaped well. A lot of the team's RoS involvement really helped solidify Pell's identity as a covert unit with involvement in numerous Clan and Brotherhood operations. Keep up the good work! As we move through 2019 (cough, I mean 37 ABY), I firmly believe the covert identity of Pell will continue to evolve and firm up. Please continue to keep any ideas coming to me and we'll work on it!

Wiki Updates

No real updates to report, but wanted to include the link here for your review: Battleteam Pellaeon Wiki

RoS Performance

As you well know, CSP placed 3rd in RoS. I'm actually really quite pleased about that placement. I think it shows consistent involvement at a clan level, and you folks in Pell did what you could to support the team. Thank you for your contributions and submissions!

Current Events

CSP Updates:

Some additional changes to report:

  • Calindra (a Pell alumni and founding member!) to Rollmaster.

Additional Reports/Comps/Misc Links:

Imperium Aedile Report #2 -

RoS Fiction Epilogue/Report

Flag Competition - Get out there and support another member of Imperium!

EMB - Excidium Mission Board - An Excidium wiki link! What's that, you say? Bale has come up with a great idea to keep regular comps going, and this wiki link describes it in more detail. This fits really well with Pell's fictional background. It'd be a snap for any of our "agents" to take some freelance work as a cover (and get paid for it!). So take a look and get involved! There are currently 4 EMB comps in play, which are distinguished from the rest of the comps with a [EMB] tag .

CSP Blurb Competition - take a crack at helping the Clan description.

Team Updates

  • Numerous awards to Jon Silvon (most recently a Steel Cross for his constant activity and involvement). Great work Jon!

Points to Ponderize...

Nothing major this time. Happy New Year and thanks for all you do!


Great report :D Looking forward to seeing what's in store for Pellaeon's identity development ^_^

Nice to see progress and folks working so well together! You folks make me proud! ^.^

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