Imperium Aedile Report #2


Imperium Aedile Report #2


Long time no report! It’s been a long time, I know. However, much has happened and I got to enjoy my time of rest during winter break, so I am now back to get things rockin’ n’ rollin’! So without further ado, let’s begin!


Not too much to report other than what’s been already said. CSP got third place in the RoS, and we had some members who shined brightly through participation and placement! Congrats to everyone! Looking forward to seeing what awesome stuff we do in the next vendetta.

Also, there is a bit of a fictional update that I did with the help of one of our new members, Ras. I am very happy to have her with us, and I look forward to seeing her do amazing things in Imperium. You can find the fiction update here: Link

Recognition and Rewards

So I know a lot of awards have gone out for comps including novas for a few members in our House from the RoS as well as crescents. However, I want to focus on the recent award given. Congrats to Reiden for receiving a steel cross! Well earned!

Don’t worry, folks. More awards are on the way!

Announcements and Reminders

There are some DJB wide competition opportunities for everyone, so be sure to check this out. We also have a competition hosted by our very own Kadrol. Link to it is listed. Please check it out and participate. For the shinies!

She’s a Grand Ole Flag

Ask the Shadow

Question and Answer time!!!!!! Let’s do this!

Kadrol asks:

How about a petting zoo? Can we have a petting zoo? With vulptecies and Porgs and other adorable Animals? Well, there might already be a petting zoo in Caelestis City.

Favorite Clanmate? ...I’ll have to say Rayne. I love everyone equally, but I don’t think I’d be where I am without the encouragement and guidance of Rayne. She truly has my thanks.

If you could give me one birthday present in the DB, what would you get me? A puppy perhaps. Or a book. Books are beneficial as well as useful. Especially a book on poetry.

How’s EQ4 treating ya? Pretty good. Grateful for the promo, and looking forward to my new custom dual sabers. Thank you, Bale!

Can I have a museum? Please? Only if you say “It belongs in a museum!”

Are you sad that Alara's gone from CSP? Very much so, yes. Alara and I have been through a lot together in rl, and we’ve always been like sisters. However, this does provide for some interesting character development with the sisters being apart, and she and I are still besties. If we can survive being apart by many miles, we can definitely overcome being in separate clans.

James asks:

How was hibernation? Winter break was pretty good. Rested a lot, and spent time with family as well as learning new digital art skills. Spent time with one of my best friends too.


Wow, so RoS came and went just like my winter break did as I now prepare to embark on my final full semester of college (still got some classes in summer, but then I’ll be free!). I have to admit, being granted the Legacy of Palpatine as well as promoting to Warlord was quite the honor I am truthfully grateful for. I hope to continue growing as a leader and member of Imperium, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us. I look forward to spending 2019 with all of you. Remember to stay awesome, and always continue to aim high and never give up.

~Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter, Aedile of House Imperium

I will very much miss our clan-time together but we always have Messages and and anime xD <3 great report.

Congrats on EQ4 and Palpatine!

Glad to see Imperium in the hands of capable leaders :)

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