Battleteam Wardens Report: BTSeyda


Battleteam Wardens Report: BTSeyda

Wardens News:


Hello all, it's-a-me, Seyda. I like owls and long walks on the beach (not really, I don't like sand), and I'm also your new BTS! So I'll be doing BTS things like making reports sometimes and making sure Bobecc doesn't do anything too silly. I look forward to it!

DJB News:

  • The pony menace is over. There will be much rejoicing.
  • GM Pravus posted his 37th report today (with updates), covering some sweet stats that bode well, the future of Orders and Paths, and Star Wars Celebration, as a few highlights. Go check it out!
  • Zoron posted a short but sweet Quaestor Report.
  • Some short-notice gaming information was posted two days ago, most of which has passed. There is still some useful info about competitions as we move into Season 3 in Diablo.

Star Wars News:

  • The first poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be revealed at Star Wars Celebration and I'm pumped because I'm a huge nerd for posters.
  • Along with the poster, a second (hopefully longer) trailer will be premiered at the Celebration. The anticipation is killing me, I need to know if a lens flare will show up in this one!

So I Heard You Like Competitions:


DJK Bobecc Varga
  • Just got promoted to Dark Jedi Knight! Congrats Bobecc!
  • Earned himself an Anteian Cross for his efforts.
  • Accrued 20 Clusters of Fire last week.
JH Seyda Norith
  • Also just got promoted, but to Jedi Hunter!
  • Earned a Dark Cross.
  • Earned 4 Clusters of Fire last week.

In Closing:

  • I'm very excited to be BTS and work with everyone.
  • Do all the things!

"I don't like sand" that's up there with "now this is podracing" as all time "great" quotes. Actually great report!

Agreed! Sharp report, nice work!

Its rough, it's coarse and it gets everywhere.

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