Beyond the Dawn: HMR Aedile Report


Beyond the Dawn: HMR Aedile Report

The fifth Aedile report Muz has written, wherein he tries to cajole you, the member, into participating in the current Clan Event, talks about canon stuffs, and other various and sundry house related items.


Hi, I'm Muz. Yes, that Muz. If you still don't know, there is a wiki and shadow academy courses, and and and and.... TL;DR? I'm a a former Grand Master that came from Sadow, and to Sadow I returned. I have seen a lot of things that have worked across the brotherhood for many years on the dark council, and I am here to use that knowledge to our benefit. Plainly put, I'm here to help you all make Marka Ragnos awesome and write reports, and I am almost done with writing this month's report. ;)


Some of us are unfamiliar with the canon around the House and Clan. I feel it is kinda important, and somewhat indicative of how the houses react toward each other in some measure, so here we go.

In the Golden age of the Sith, way back in history (this is considered 'Legends, by the way, which means that Disney will disavow it until they decide to take it back up as they figure out how to make money off of it), the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos died, leaving some rival apprentices in his wake. One such was Naga Sadow, a pureblood Sith that wanted to create a massive Sith Empire across the stars. His rival, another Sith known as Ludo Kressh (for which another old house was named) challenged him, and ultimately betrayed Naga Sadow to the republic, causing Naga Sadow's forces to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory.

(and now we understand why Muz's belief that the Sith's traditions and practices have always been wasteful is not just based on current rubbish. :P ) There's a fair bit more as the story progresses, but the main point was that Marka Ragnos was the Mentor of Naga Sadow while he lived, while Shar Dakhan was Naga Sadow's most ardent supporter and general of his armies. It fit in rather well in the old years of the DB, when Marka Ragnos was the 'Krath house' of the clan, and focused on the mystical and cultish aspects of the Force.

What does the name and lore of Marka Ragnos mean to you? How about Naga Sadow?


The first part of the Clan Naga Sadow event "Encounter at Citadel" has been completed, and the Second Chapter has begun.

For the trivia event: Darkblade took first, Sang took second, and koji took fourth.
For the puzzle event: Sang took first, Darkblade took second, and Teu took fourth.
For the graphics event: Locke took first, Darkblade took second, sang took third, and Koji took fourth.
For the hold your drink comp: Darkblade took first, Locke took third, and I took fourth.
For the mix it up comp: Darkblade took first, and I took third.

Those are some pretty solid points getting put up on the board, everyone. Thank you for going at it and helping us show what we can do. We just have to keep momentum going and finish strong.

As a cautionary tale, I had drawn up a graphics entry and did the trivia as well, but waited until the last minute to submit, because perfectionism, and was completely foiled by a thunderstorm that kept knocking our power out. I missed the submission cutoff by literal seconds. As you might imagine, I had a stream of swear works that would make a hardened sailor blush, but I had no one to blame but myself. So enter early, enter often, and update with revisions as you improve, so you at least get something in there. You never know what might happen.

The link for the competition container can be found here:


Muz asks: "I would really like a statue of Marka Ragons and/or Naga Sadow for my desk. Any idea how I can get that hooked up?"

Yeah, so do I. I will probably have to have it 3d printed. Once I find out who is doing them and what i have to do to get it designed all sweet and such, I will post up pictures and see if anyone else wants to nerd out with me and get them done. Also, it'll stop me from talking to myself. for the moment. :P

DarkHawk asks: "Heck yeah, sir, when can we do a mission together!!!!?????"

Let's do it! (but after the event.) I am generally open to doing cooperative fictions with anyone. It's a fun way to learn each other's characters, as well as have a good time all around.

Locke asks: "Why are you my boss again?"

Apparently, I am a glutton for punishment. ;) Giving back to the clan and helping my home get better is something that i will always find time for, even in my retired haze.


• Encounter at Citadel is in it's second phase, runs until the 27th
• Lots of crescents went out for first phase.
• Marka Ragnos was important to Naga Sadow in canon
• Get involved! Email me!

Otherwise, keep having fun out there, and let me know if I can help with anything.


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