Competition: [CNS] Encounter at Citadel


[CNS] Encounter at Citadel

While seeking out resources and allies to strengthen Naga Sadow, the Summit has been contacted by a group of individuals based in the Telos system. Ships and equipment have been promised, pending a meeting to discuss terms by the head of the Summit. With the Proconsul Keibatsu at his side, the Consul Stahoes goes into the meeting with the mysterious group.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Clan are given leave to relax upon Citadel Station, to take full advantage of the cantina and of the facilities. It appears for the first time in weeks, that all is good. The Clan is at relative peace. The horizon is looking brighter for Clan Naga Sadow. There may be hope for a return to their home sooner than expected.

But that was before the ship appeared.

This container competition will contain multiple competitions across the event. To participate in the competitions, you can subscribe to them. All competitions will be 3rd level crescents, apart from flash games, which will be 4th level.

The Scoring method will be as follows:

1st Place = 7 points

2nd Place = 5 points

3rd Place = 3 points

Non-placing Submission = 1 point for Participation

Participation in all competitions in each phase = Bonus 4 points

The top three placements overall for the event will win 2nd level Crescents. Ties will be broken by the comparing the number of placements between members in a tie- so if one member has three 1sts and a third, and another has equal points, but less 1st placements, the tie would break in the first person's favor.

Competition Information

Organized by
Battlelord Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes, Augur Ashia Kagan Keibatsu
Running time
2018-07-23 until 2018-08-27 (about 1 month)
Ends in
10 days (2018-08-27 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Clan Naga Sadow
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents
19 subscribers, of which 19 have already participated.

[CNS] Encounter at Citadel has 11 sub-competitions

Title Status Running time Competition Type
[Phase 1] Bar Trivia I Finished 2018-07-23 - 2018-08-06 (14 days) Other
[Event] Songs and Merriment Running 2018-07-23 - 2018-08-20 (28 days) Poetry
[Phase 1] Puzzling It Out Finished 2018-07-23 - 2018-08-06 (14 days) Other
[Phase 1] Check Out That Telosian Scene! Finished 2018-07-23 - 2018-08-06 (14 days) Graphics/Multimedia
[Phase 1] Hold Your Drink Finished 2018-07-23 - 2018-08-06 (14 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles
[Phase 1] Mix It Up Finished 2018-07-26 - 2018-08-09 (14 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles
[Phase 2] When Fists Go Flying Running 2018-08-06 - 2018-08-27 (21 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles
[Phase 2] Intelligence Report Running 2018-08-06 - 2018-08-27 (21 days) Trivia
[Phase 2] A Unified Front Running 2018-08-06 - 2018-08-27 (21 days) Multiplayer Gaming
[Phase 2] Sadow Operations Running 2018-08-06 - 2018-08-27 (21 days) Graphics/Multimedia
Conspiracy Theories Running 2018-08-06 - 2018-08-27 (21 days) Fiction