Brief January HMR Report is Brief


Brief January HMR Report is Brief



Welcome to the almighty report of Marka Ragnos. We have, in theory, according to all our RO and event entries, taken back parts, most, or all of the Orian system, including Tarthos and Kar Alabrek and the Cathedral. Stay tuned for the results of Redemption and Honor.

Ok, trying new graphics here. Not perfect, but they are what I’m going after. They are stone-cut, tracing back to the artifact-love that Xolarin has. Good times.

Not a huge report, but my clan mates/masters will have far more to say in the coming days.

Note that amongst other goings-on, our own Warlord Kojiro is running a competition entitled One Hundred Days. Looks awesome to me, so hop to it!

Yoda just up and dies

(random funny from Kano on TG)


Glory and Honor

New people, shiny stuff, and more. I try to recognize everyone who’s doing “stuff”, although not everything is depicted here. If you ever notice something I miss, just let me know!


If you know any of these folks, see them around, or see them in a comp or something, reach out and say hello.

The List

This should cover from Dec 13 through Jan 22, which will include a lot of the Orian clan event participation and rewards. Totals may not be included yet (e.g., Run-On, Parent Competition, etc), but a lot of the efforts will be spelled out here.

  • Proselyte Evanence: 1x Competition, 1x Parent Competition
  • Trainee Marbus: 1x Competition, 1x Parent Competition
  • Hunter Telos: 1x Diamond Crescent, 1x Ruby Crescent, 18x Pendant of Blood, 5x Cluster of Fire, 280x Cluster of Earth, 4x SA Courses, 5x Competitions, 2x Parent Competitions, PROMOTED TO HUNTER, Shadow Academy December Bookworm
  • Knight Hilgrif: 1x Diamond Crescent, 1x Ruby Crescent, 2x Amethyst Crescent, 3x Sapphire Crescent, 1x Emerald Crescent, 2x Cluster of Fire, 1x Cluster of Ice, 2x Cluster of Graphite, 5x Competitions, 1x Parent Competition, 1x News Comment
  • Mystic Xolarin: 1x Sapphire Crescent, 2x Emerald Crescent, 3x Cluster of Ice, 4x Competitions, 2x Parent Competitions, 5x News Comment
  • Battlelord Hades: 1x Sapphire Crescent, 16x Cluster of Earth, 3x Competitions
  • Warlord Kojiro Keibatsu: 1x Sapphire Crescent, 1x Emerald Crescent, 4x Cluster of Graphite, 1x Competition
  • Warlord Ashura Isradia Sadow: 1x Cluster of Ice, 3x Cluster of Graphite, 8x Competitions, 1x Parent Competition, 16x SA Courses, 2x SA Degrees,
  • Warlord Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae: 1x Amethyst Crescent, 2x Sapphire Crescent, 1x Topaz Crescent, 12x Clusters of Earth, 2x Clusters of Graphite, 14x Competitions, 1x Parent Competitions, 1x Organized Competition, 1x SA Course, 1x SA Degree
  • Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae: 2x Competitions, 1x Parent Competition, 4x SA Courses, 2x SA Degrees
  • Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu: 3x Amethyst Crescent, 3x Clusters of Ice, 2x Clusters of graphite, 6x Competitions


Hades’ Diner

Ok, so our friend Hades is always posting food pics and I have decided to post them once in a while here. So, welcome to the inaugural “Hades’ Diner”!

he ate this

(He ordered this, took this picture, and ate it - and I’m jealous!)


Nothing wrong with a brief report. Good on Xolarin. Good on HMR!

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