BT Pelleaon Report #1 | Down the Rabbit Hole


BT Pelleaon Report #1 | Down the Rabbit Hole

Pellaeon Report

Goodness! I’m actually in the report writing business now..! Who would have thought!! O.o;

Well, I guess I should bid you all welcome to Battle Team Pellaeon’s very first report!

My first 15 days of as Battle Team Leader have been about reaching out to House Imperium members to get a sense of what they’d like to see in a battle team, brainstorm ideas with them and the House Summit.

From the early comments I’ve been getting, people want varied competitions. They want: flash games, graphics, poetry, fiction, member hunts, multiplayer gaming, fiction writing -- You name it! They also want to compete with other clans or DJB members and develop some friendly rivalries.

In that time, I have also been quietly plotting with our sister battle team’s leader: Wagglehorn.



So my dear compatriots, we have listened, and we have designed a two-part package of competitions designed to get your creative juices going!

I am VERY EXCITED to announce the Down the Rabbit Hole competition that is going on from NOW until October 8! As well as Down the Rabbit Hole (Part 2) coming to you shortly after the end of the Great Jedi War.

Battle Team lines have been drawn, and I’m hoping that those of you who are undecided will pick sides (mine)! Therefore, we purposely made the competitions accessible to everyone in Imperium, because we wanted to give you all a feel for the new battle teams.

It’s now time to get involved; get hyped, and sink your teeth into these competitions as they will define who we are as battle teams going into the war, and what our characters / battle teams will become!

Competitions & Training:

As everyone benefits from training (myself included), might I recommend:


Battle Team Administration Section

This section will eventually cover Battle Team specific member shout outs. As the battle team is relatively new, I don’t have much to report here other than wanting to welcome Novosi Shim and Ulfsark for being brave enough to jump onto the Battle Team band wagon with me! I think we’ll be doing pretty awesome stuff together, but that’s just me! ^.^

Future reports will include:

  • Rewards and Recognition Section: to highlight accomplishments of members in various competitions, highlight merits and other awards, as well as other milestones or achievements.

  • AskTheBTL / Question and Answers Section: I suppose I should be fielding questions... hah!

  • Roster Moves Section: Where we’ll highlight the arrival new members!

Getting to Know the Battle Team Leader:

Since this is our first official report, I also wanted to share a little bit about myself too.

I am 41 years old, have three children with my ex, and two stepchildren with my love interest of 2 years. We have another one on the way, which means March 2018 will be a very interesting month when the 6th (and hopefully final) child is finally with us. My children range from ages 6 to 12 years old, and they all keep me fairly busy. We’re starting cubs with some of the younger ones this week, and the eldest is interested in the Air Cadets. I hope to volunteer in some capacity with either group, but time will tell..!

My first job out of high school was with the Canadian Naval Reserve as a Naval Combat Information Operator. That got me my security clearance and I eventually joined the Public Service where I have been working in some capacity or another since the mid-90s, though officially since 2001 (I actually saw the twin towers falling on my first assignment)!

I’m also a Real Estate investor with two properties under my belt, and have a Tarot reading business on the side. I hope to have enough properties/money to retire early from the public service by the age of 45.

If you have questions (personal or otherwise), feel free to email or contact me. I have a wide range of experience and assorted wisdom given my eclectic service record, and I’m happy to help in any capacity that I can.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Great report, Calindra!!

They grow up so fast...wipes proud tear

Boo, Air Cadets, flippin pigeons the lot of 'em but apart from that, great report

Excellent report Calindra! Can't wait to see what Pelleaon turns into under your direction!

Good report :) Did you do those gfx yourself??

Thanks everyone!

Commander Dek Ironius II asks: Did you do those gfx yourself??

I got the main image and the font online and I tinkered in Photofiltre until I was happy with the result! Thanks go to Alara for pointing me in the right direction! ;)

Fantastic report, Calindra! Especially for your first!! Very proud of you :) and I'm very happy to help!

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