Chib Nyac's Aedile Introduction


Chib Nyac's Aedile Introduction


Crimson light of a setting sun kissed the azure sky of New Tython, the growing twilight cascading over the landscape. Silence pierced the senses of the Ithorian, infecting everything with it’s beautiful presence, leaving the Jedi to mind his thoughts. He sat on a rock, gazing upon the quiet river that coursed over various rocks and boulders, drops of water kissing the trunks of trees that made their home near its bank. The Consular stared happily at the beauty of nature, the gentle tickling of a spider crossing over his neck as it ventured from his mask. What could possibly be better than this beautiful tranquility?

The quiet silence was broken with a startling chirp as the Ithorian felt his commlink sing in his pocket. The Jedi retrieved it, looking at the piece of technology with a curious eye and thumbing the receiver. A crackle and buzz came from it, and then the familiar voice of Mar Sul dripped from the comm.

“Chib? Chib?” said the voice.

The Ithorian said nothing, cherishing the sounds of nature for one more brief second. His Quaestor cursed the connection, repeating the name once more. The Jedi chortled slightly, and clicked the button to speak.

“Have you ever taken a moment to feel the calm before a storm?” asked the Ithorian, “Cherished the quiet breeze that precedes a violent tempest?”

“What? Did you get my message earlier? You haven’t been heard from since you left for the Iwu Krouh.”

The Ithorian lifted himself up from his seated position, his knees creaking tenderly. His pale green skin contrasted with the brown tree trunk he was resting on, the branches of trees that braced his forearms and thighs bulging as he moved.

“I did.” replied Chib, “I will return to you shortly, friend. I will be the calm to your storm, the quiet breeze to Shan’s tempest.”


Hey everyone! For those who might not know me, my name is Chib Nyac (or Kah, Sammy, or Tiddlewinks apparently) and I've been given the privilege of being your Aedile. I truly believe that being part of the leadership of Odan-Urr is a privilege, one I intend to fight to keep and ensure everyone gets a slice of pie they can really dig into.

I've been apart of the Brotherhood for 9 years now, and I've never felt more at home than here. I've never been happier than I have with you all, and I want you to feel the same way. Need an ear to talk to? Telegram me, email me, hell, text me if you'd like. I'm here for you all, even if it's just a "I'm bored, entertain me."

What To Expect

I'm pretty easy going these days, to be honest. If you're active or vocal, we'll have no problems. The Brotherhood is a fun place, and it's our job as leaders and members to make sure that it stays that way. I'm going to be emailing you all individually throughout this week to see what you're interests are and what it is you like so we can gear stuff towards that. Want a graphic comp? Tell me. Want a fiction comp? Ask for it. Gaming Comp? You bet your bottom we'll set it up.

I'll try and release a report every month on the 30th that teases the future and shines some light on our active boys and girls. I'll also be looking for ACC matches and gaming partners, so keep an eye out for my begging.

Masters and Students

If you are a journeyman that wants a master and doesn't have one, email myself and Mar and we'll do our darnedest to give you one that suits your style.

If you are a DJK and up and want a student, email Mar and I.

Future Stuff

The Clan Event is on the horizon, so make sure you're all ready for it. I'm gonna be working real hard to do as many of the events as I can, including the ones I'm no good at. What I'd love to see is everyone participate, even doing stuff you don't think you're good at.

If you are a member who wants to take center stage in future fictions and become OU Canon, participating in the event will ensure that happens. I'll be taking notice, so will Mar, so sink your teeth into the fun!

Member Spotlight

I would like to thank three members for their work and dedication. Voden Erinos, Destin Oceanfel, and Teikhos Seleukides.

These three have been vocal among the mailing lists and Telegram. Teikhos has worked on a competition for the House, as well. Voden has worked taken an interest with Clan lore and has worked with me on expanding one of our tribes, and Destin has been a relatively constant presence on Telegram. Thank you, you three.

If you want to be in the spotlight, kick some butt and you'll be able to be!

In Closing

Yep, this was short. Future reports will have more meat and potaters in them, but this was just my way of saying howdy and letting you know that I'm here for you for whatever.

Oh, and anyone that wants to make me some report headers, do it up!

You stay classy, Satele Shan.

Hello ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nice intro dewddddd

Love the ethusiasm! Can't wait to see what you and Mar can do.

Congrats. Hope your house has the mettle to take on the K.o.A. I'm sure you will put up a good fight, even if we win in Force Ascendant. =)

In all seriousness congratulations, look forward to working alongside, and sometimes competing against, you. Also, nice to meet you.

Welcome aboard, Chib! Good to see you on the Summit.

Welcome aboard!

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