Clan Naga Sadow: A Change In Guard and An Opening


Clan Naga Sadow: A Change In Guard and An Opening

Greetings Sadowans and all you dark-siders, light-siders and gray-siders out there,

Very recently,. our very own Kojiro has made the decision to step down from the position of Quaestor over House Marka Ragnos. He has put a good chunk of time and energy into House Marka Ragnos- some three years. I would like to take a moment to thank Koji for this sacrifice given to the House and to supporting his fellow members. I and the rest of the Summit wish him the best in his future endeavors and hope that Kojiro will continue to write, create and play alongside the rest of us. I cannot stress enough that his service has been appreciated, and he has the continued support of the Summit and Clan in his future pursuits.

I hope that others will join me and the Summit in thanking him for his service.

As he retires, we of course have a position that needs filled,. After a bit of consideration, Muz Ashen Keibatsu will be moving from Aedile to Quaestor. Now, of course this leaves us short an Aedile. So this means, effective for the next two weeks, that is from now until January 22nd, we will be opening the flood gates for Aeedile applications.

The duties of an Aedile, are in short, to be a left (or right) hand to the Quaestor in the administration of the House. You can expect to do things like:

  • Set a good example for House members through strong regular activity and a positive attitude in chat.
  • Maintain regular communication with members through email and Telegram.
  • Assist in evaluating and recommending members for promotion and merit awards.
  • Assist in planning, running, and promoting competitions for the House.
  • Assist in developing House lore and maintaining our wiki page(s).

You may also be called upon to serve as the acting Quaestor in the in the absence of the Quaestor. Now, some of you might be wondering things like:

  • What are we looking for in an Aedile?
  • What rank do I need to be to apply?
  • What sort of experience are you looking for in applicants?

Well, the qualifications are pretty simple. We are looking for members of Journeyman 3 or greater, who can keep in regular contact with the House Summit (24 hour turnabout) and who demonstrate a desire to enhance the enjoyment of the club for their members! This opportunity is not just restricted to members of Clan Naga Sadow, either. We will be taking applicants from all corners of the club. No leadership experience under your belt but a desire to give back? If you have the fire and gumption, you may be the very applicant we are looking for.

Other qualifications we desire (but do not strictly require) include:

  • 12 hour email turn around time
  • Telegram access (the better part of our team uses it)
  • Prior leadership experience (well, it can help. Emphasis on the do not strictly require here)
  • Basic knowledge with most or all DJB activity systems (SA, ACC, Gaming, etc.)
  • A demonstration that you know what it takes to have/create a fun time!

So show us your fire, folks. Send your applications to both Bentre Stahoes ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Ashia Keibatsu ([Log in to view e-mail addresses] ) by the end of January 22nd, site time, We look forward to seeing your applications!

Bentre Stahoes

Consul of Clan Naga Sadow

Three cheers for Koji!

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