Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - The Lights they be Fading still!


Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - The Lights they be Fading still!

Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report October 24

This will be a short report, mainly focusing on Fading Lights and some recent medals and promotions.

Did you say medals and promotions?

Yes. In the past week or so both our current Proconsul Macron and our previous Proconsul Vexanostusgoat, (totally his new name) each got a Grand Cross of the Dark Side for the incredible work they have done, and continue to do for Naga Sadow, I don’t think we would not be where we are today without these two gentlemen.
We also saw not one, not two but three people being promoted to Jedi Hunter! Once again I want to congratulate Sebz, Mandeo and Kyrath on their promotions and I have no doubt that they will all three be Knights in no time.
To add to all that, we got a new member today! Welcome Soulvip3r to Clan Naga Sadow and House Shar Dakhan!

Are the Lights still Fading?

Very much so! We have a little over a week left of the third and final round of Fading Lights. I know a lot of you have already participated in one or more of the events but I believe we can do even better still. For my own participation I’m going to do all five events, I just finished my graphics entry a couple of minutes ago which at the moment puts me at three events done.

The competitions can be found here.

The first event is fiction.

Basically it turns out one of the members of the Dark Council is a traitor (you decide which one) and you are tasked with finding out who, capture one of his or her Praetors or Magistrates to learn the truth.

The second event is trivia.

There’s not a whole lot I can say about it without revealing too much I guess, other than the fact that all the answers can be found in various places on the Dark Brotherhood website. Remember, you don’t have to answer all questions correct to earn participation, there were more than a few of them where I ended up just guessing.

The third event is Graphics.

Basically you have to design the interior of the hexagonal fortress found on Nicht Ka, it has all sorts of puzzles, mazes and traps.My own Graphics entry can be found here so you can see you don’t have to be a talented artist, or even a very untalented artist, to participate.

The fourth event is a puzzle.

Now I haven’t done this one myself yet, but from what I hear on IRC it’s Sudoku with a twist, so I expect that you all could do this event without too much trouble as well.

The fifth event is gaming.

For the gaming event all tier 1 games are valid, remember that the Rites of Combat apply and that there are a few additional rules during vendettas. You have to be on IRC and in the channel #dbgaming when issuing or accepting gaming challenges, otherwise they won’t count. During vendettas the additional rules mainly evolve around platforms and idling, mainly that if you have played a game once during a vendetta then you cannot turn down challenges for that game for the rest of the vendetta, and it is not allowed to idle in #dbgaming during a vendetta, you can only be in there as long as you are actively looking for gaming activities.
A popular choice for the gaming event is the game called pazaak, it’s free and can be found at, we even have an easy Shadow Academy course for it in the journeyman hall.

What now?

Now we return to doing those Fading Lights events of course! Go go go!

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