Clan Naga Sadow - Rollmaster Report - December


Clan Naga Sadow - Rollmaster Report - December


Greetings and salutations my fellow Sadowans,

What else can there be said but that it is jaw dropping. I won’t go into further details, but I’ve had my every expectation met and then some. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it: GO WATCH IT! TONIGHT!

Lots going down, even though it’s supposed to be relatively quiet month. Did I mention the new Star Wars movie yet? Hmm.. I’ve been slacking a little, a little bit distracted too. Have I mentioned the new Star Wars movie yet? In any case, this week is RM Hell week. Meaning I’ll go through everything and anything, and get through my backlog before Christmas!

Master-Student Program

As always, I can’t stress enough that our Master-Student Program is incredibly important, as it can help you grow and find your place here with us. So sign up, whether you’re an eager Student or a willing Master. The experience will enrich the both of you.

Here is the official form for the Master-Student Program to show your interest as a master, or as a student.

Click me, for I am important and flashy and stuff... Okay, I'm important for setting up pairings!

Notable Accomplishments

In order to save me a lot of work, everyone who was in the Clan at the time of issuing received a Seal of Loyalty. And so here is the progress of the Journeymen so far this month:


  • Joined the DJB (Welcome!)

Talon Khan

  • Joined the DJB (Welcome!)
  • Promoted to Recruit!


  • Joined the DJB (Welcome!)
  • Promoted to Novice!
  • Passed 2 exams!

Zarax Grim Bishop

  • Joined the DJB (Welcome!)


  • Joined the DJB (Welcome!)
  • Promoted to Novice!
  • Passed 2 exams.

Leeadra Halcyon

  • Joined the DJB (Welcome!)
  • Promoted to Neophyte!
  • Passed 19 exams!
  • Attained two degrees
  • Earned 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star

Fenn Eshka’lya

  • Passed 1 exam

Nayc Gai

  • Returned from the Rogues (Welcome back!)

Kalu Burgoo

  • Promoted to Acolyte!


  • Returned from the Rogues (Welcome back!)

Mactire Chemel

  • 2x Cluster of Ice
  • Promoted to Hunter!

Allistaire von Drake

  • 6x Cluster of Ice
  • Promoted to Hunter!


  • 1x Cluster of Ice

As before: If you’re not listed, it didn’t mean you didn’t do anything, it just means I couldn’t find a record of you doing it. Let me know if this is the case!

Special Recognition

This month’s special recognition victim is… Leeadra Halcyon! She is everywhere, taking to her new promotion goals with enthusiasm and being a very vocal voice on Telegram. On top of that, she’s going to request a Master soon, so I get to assign this gem of a member to one of the many Masters at my disposal! Keep being awesome Leeadra!

Ask da RollMastah

Bring on dem questions man! .

Atra asks: Wasn’t Episode 7 [redacted]?
Hells yeah! It was so [redacted] when [redacted] did the [redacted] thing to [redacted]. And that [redacted]? So [redacted]!

Atra asks: What challenges have you faced of late with managing the expectations of our journeymen?
I’d say the biggest challenge is managing the actual expectation. So many come here, join up, and then they see a tiny portion of what we do, for example writing, and they go “nope”, that’s not what they were expecting. Once that reaction has kicked in, it’s very hard to motivate them to give the other activities a try. As always though, communication is key. As long as they reply to my emails, to my pokes and prods, everything is good under the sun. Once they stop (or sometimes don’t even start) replying, that’s when it gets tough.

Scarket asks: What are your plans for the future?
I have a series of competitions and events in mind for our journeymen, for the new year. Aside from that, recruit more, and study a lot until April.

Scarlet asks: Will you ever kill Marcus off
That’d be a decided yes. I generally don’t plan much for Marcus, just go with what feels right. One of these days, Marcus is gonna cross that line a little too far. Then bye bye Marcus.

Atra asks: When will you be taking over the Clan again?
Soon! ™. When I can find a risk-free way to off Ceth. ^^

Scarlet asks: Do you have any pet peeves?
I don’t like quitters. And I don’t like lying. As for Marcus, he just hates people that don’t move forward.

Atra asks: If I were a new Journeyman within the Clan, unsure of direction, what methods or recommendations would you recommend for hooking me into the club proper?
Have I mentioned I love this question? I love this question! Telegram is #1 on my list. As has been said in someone else’s report, Telegram just brings a sense of family to the whole experience. No matter what you’re doing, gaming, writing, drawing, that ability to just write a couple of words and reach your fellow brotherhoodians (new word!) and interact with them. That’s priceless.

Q asks: How do I do the thing?
Just do it!

Velma asks: How do YOU do the thing?
Easy! I focus my hatred for all of you into something productive. That said, I do less than I would like at times. Hence, RM-Hellweek.

Scarlet asks: What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Pfff, toughy. Punch my way through a heartache, all manly-like?

Atra asks: Can you get Q to do the thing and stop chasing Keira?
Q doing the thing involves chasing Keira. It’s a law of nature!

Scarket asks: Do you own a Star Wars sweater?
No. I do own a t-shirt with a hairless-cat-yoda on it. ^^

Scarlet asks: Do you have a hidden talent, and what is it?
I do, in fact! It is keeping my talents hidden.

Bennie asks: How would you suggest a Force-user train a non-Force user, in character?
Ouch. Good one.

Bennie also asks: Do you try to pair non-Force users with other non-Force users?
Simply put, yes. However, when there’s not enough available, I just have to wing it.


Love you all, and Merry Christmas! Oh! And special mention to our wonderful Herald for the presents!


I want a proper answer to my question, damn it all! Good report Herr RM.

Bentre, even if it's Legends now, there were the stories where Vader helped train the Royal Guard, so-- depending on the NFU's character- I imagine their "training" would take a similar form, being pushed to their physical limits, making them the best-of-the-best even without the Force, etc, etc?

Oh, and [REDACTED or something. :P

I could easily give you an answer, Benny. Positive reinforcement. Torture?

Is dat some eye of Horus?

Dat be some eye of Horus, mon!

As for bentre.. I'm sorry bud. It somehow lost the answer I had typed up. It included what Goat said; physical limits, expect to be outmatched in terms of the Force, and how to counter that, etc.

Also yes, torture :P

Nice Report :)

Glad to be back, and thank you all for the welcome

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