Clan Plagueis Consul Report: War Were Declared


Clan Plagueis Consul Report: War Were Declared

header Greetings Clan. Unless you've been living under a rock, haven't checked the DB site in a month, or just route all emails from me and Arden to a spam folder, you probably know that there's a little event going on now

The summit has been moving full throttle to get everybody prepared, so you're probably pretty close to information overload, but I do want to make a few important notes about events. This report will be a little short, mostly focusing on the GJW.

Participation matters

I'll spare you the details because you're not here to watch me do math, but the gist is this: the Clan's participation points are determined by the number of members we have and the number of submissions we put in to each round (Round 1 and 2 are individual competitions, round 3 is the team events). This means that every submission you make (as long your submission meets the event requirements) will meaningfully help the Clan.

Another note, is that unlike some of Plagueis' Clan events in the past, this vendetta will not punish you for subscribing to the participation, but not participating. So don't get hung up about being "committed" if you subscribe to something and you're worried about actually having time to do the event.

Regarding Team Events

We chose the teams for team events to ensure that there was a Summit member on just about every team. Maximizing participation points are really important here, so having someone who we know can lead the event and ensure the team gets a submission in.

If you missed the signup period and still want to join a team, let Arden and me know ASAP. Several of the teams still have open spots for members.

Other News

Some other things have happened since my last report that I thought would be good to mention.

Arden and Teylas received Sapphire Blades

Anyone in Plagueis knows how hard these two guys have been working for the good of the Clan for several years now. These Sacramentals are a long time in coming.

Rag'nar and Misium reached DJK

Congratulations to both of you. DJK is one of the landmark milestones of the club.

Taranae moves to HKM AED, RM slot vacant

Taranae did some awesome work as RM for a while now, but we thought it was a good idea to mix up the summit a little bit. We're going to be leaving up the RM position for a little while now. A couple of people have asked if we were planning to open applications for the position, and the answer is no. While we do wish to find a good RM, in this instance Arden and I think the best idea is not to open it up for formal applications. Finding the right RM is more important than just filling the position. We currently have our eye on a few people, and when the time comes, we'll likely offer one of them the position.

That's all I've got for now. In your service, -Viv header

Woohoo! Nice report, Viv :D

"Unless of course, war were declared."

Ahh! Good episode, and great report :)

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