Clan Tarentum - Consul's First Address


Clan Tarentum - Consul's First Address

Greetings Tarenti,

It is my honor to write to you as Clan Tarentum's newest Consul. Before I proceed I'd like to thank Farrin Xies for his work as Consul, Tarentum wouldn't have risen from the ashes without his aid. He's leaving us to run the Shadow Academy. I've got some big shoes to fill but I'll definitely give it my best.

For those of you that know, I'll still be the same old Frosty. For those that don't know me, I'm Frosty a laid back, fun to be around (I think?!), open to suggestions and talks ... guy. If you need anything I'm here.

Goals for the future

The plan is simple, improve on our current situation until we get to the top. We (Clan Summit, House Summit and BTs Summits) won't be doing anything fancy, just plain old hard work, small steps until we get there. If my real life job (Software Engineering) has thought me anything is that I suck at estimating, so we'll be aiming for that end game without a time frame in mind. Small steps to the top. We'll continue what Farrin started and improve on it. New plans will be announce in my future report.

My first decision

Get sushi for my wedding anniversary... Err, wrong one. Make Ranarr Kul the new Rollmaster of Tarentum. I know the RM of Tarentum is a highly sought of position and we've had lots of interest in it since I became Consul but we've had our eyes set on Ranarr for quite some time. We've decided to not open the position for applications. He's a great guy and I'm sure he'll take really good care of our Journeymen. Don't be sad. There are positions opening up in Tarentum all the time, we have a good pool of future leaders and we'll stride to make it even bigger.


  • Frosty new Consul of Tarentum.
  • Thank you Farrin for your work!
  • Ranarr new Rollmaster of Tarentum.
  • More plans to be revealed soon.


Warlord Frosty Romanae Tarentae

Consul of Tarentum

First and promising report!

Thank you for putting your trust in me.


Great 1st report!!! Can't wait for more. :)

Tarentum Momentum!

Woo!! Nice one Frosty, short and sweet!!

Pravus: Can we kill this undesirable yet? :P

Good Report Frosty and good luck. Congrats Master!!! bow

I highly doubt anyone will be killing Frosty. Dox would go apeshit. ;) No one wants to see that level of bloodshed against our own.

nice and clean and to the point :D congrats frosty and even though killing him isnt a thing, attempts on his life might be hilarious ;) :P

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