[CNS] HMR Aedile Report - April:- News Edition


[CNS] HMR Aedile Report - April:- News Edition

Marka Ragnos Aedile Report

Being off for three weeks, returning home and straight into another mini break and work has dampened the appeal to do a full blown monthly report with all the trimmings as I usually do for you. So this month we have more of a news report to update you on things that will be of interest to you should you choose to read them! Next month we will return to full service, I'll also include the combined April and May medals and earnings for the House to read!

Projects and News!

So first piece of news? We annihilated Tarentum in New Ties. Of course, it was a Co-Op event but our participation record and entries were outstanding. Muz and I will be reviewing everyone's participation and looking over them respectively to see if any shinies are up for grabs! Proud of those who took part during the three weeks, 27 sub comps is a hell of a lot of to get through and I understand if not everyone managed to get them all done, heck I didn’t! Though saying that I managed to do my fair share on a mobile phone half way around the world! Look out for a more in-depth update from Muz.

This brings me onto my next thing. The Great Jedi War (GJW). This is slated for around about July and if you haven’t read anything about the ACC announcement I would recommend you go do it, it’s listed Here this report, in general, is important and I would say go read it regardless if you plan to participate in the GJW or not. Saying that as a Unit I would hope you were all going to take part in the GJW. It’s a chance to showcase your talent to the rest of the brotherhood. A chance to step up and get things done when you are needed and put 100% into everything you do. If Naga Sadow is to have any hopes of achieving a win against titans such as ARC and COU you need to be on the ball. We as leaders need to be on the ball also to ensure you get the support you need, Muz and I are constantly looking at the house, planning stories and events for you and providing you with comps and activities but you need to be the ones to do them as it always has been. In the GJW that strive to do things is magnified tenfold and I will admit I will be disappointed in those who do not take part at all. Support the House, support the Clan.

Talking about leadership. There have always been people who strive to make your time in the DJB better. That's Muz and me at a House level and Darkhawk as the BTL of the Nighthawks. CNS as a whole is not collecting many new members and those that are arriving disappear rather quickly. So copying Eve’s words if you need to talk, talk so we can cater to your needs. There are always going to be dissenters who don’t agree with everything we do, we understand that. But it’s a collective whole to work for. We have a strong backbone of elders we can call upon to support us and a good collective of Equites who get stuff done too. But we need to pull together to ensure the House strives and goes forward. The House sits at 17 members, including three summits. The BTL is five members including its BTL, this started at 9/10 sometime start of the year but we have lost members to the real world, or in a few cases different clans. Something needs to be looked at and I will be working with Muz to figure out what!

Also, I’m back and stuff.

Cool, news is done!


There are so many active competitions I won’t list them all. We even have a couple from Nighthawks BTL. Go to the Competition page linked here and have a look and participate in all you can!



Short report, well done on New Ties to those who participated and look out for further announcements and things to come from the big boss, the Muzinator!

Yes that's a Yoshi instead of a Raikou, it’s a getting down to business Yoshi. Full of vim and vigor.

Lets ago!


Rai Keibatsu
Aedile of Marka Ragnos

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