[CNS] House Shar Dakhan: An Update and Opening


[CNS] House Shar Dakhan: An Update and Opening

Greetings Sadowans,

I would like to begin this communique with a note of thanks. I want to thank Etah Kilij Bloodfyre for his service as Quaestor to House Shar Dakhan over the last six months. As the members of House Shar Dakhan are doubtlessly aware, Etah has decided to step down down from the position of Quaestor. Real life ravages the best of us and as such, we both thank him and wish Etah the best in his future endeavors.

This would of course leave the position of Quaestor open. After some deliberation, Ashia and myself have decided that we will be moving Darkhawk from the position of Aedile of the House to that of Quaestor.

As that now leaves us without an Aedile, the Summit will be opening applications for the position of Aedile in House Shar Dakhan to both members of Clan Naga Sadow and the Brotherhood.

An Aedile Vacancy: What Do We Expect?

The universal expectations of an Aedile are as follows:

  • Setting the example to your members in both activity and attitude
  • Keep regular communication with the House membership through both email and Telegram
  • Assisting the Quaestor in the evaluation for and composition of recommendations. This will covers both promotions and merit awards the members of your House.
  • Assist in planning, running, and promoting competitions for your House.
  • Assist in developing House lore and maintaining our wiki page(s). You will also serve as acting Quaestor in the absence of the Quaestor.

Application Requirements:

  • Why are you a fit for this position?
  • Relevant leadership or project experience in or beyond the DJB.
  • Any ideas you have for improving or developing the House. A 30/60/90 plan won’t be required.
  • Any time constraints we would need to be aware of and to top it off things about you, what makes you tick and drives you forward.

What we are looking for in competitive candidates:

  • Must be an active member
  • Must maintain a good turnaround time on communications (email, Telegram, etc.) with a regular 24-hour response time
  • Must be willing to promote activity, membership engagement, fictional development, and open lines of communication
  • Must produce competitions, fictional updates, and be comfortable with updating the Wiki page
  • Must set a good example for the membership
  • No minimum rank is required, however!

Things considered an asset:

  • Shadow Academy Leadership coursework passed (in particular, the courses under the Maven of Leadership completed)
  • An understanding of Markdown (the SA has not one but two courses available for this as well)
  • Any additional credentials that support your DJB side of the application
  • Any up front questions you may have

Due date:

You will have until October the 8th to get your application for Aedile in to Darkhawk ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]).

As a note: be sure to include Ashia ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) in your application emails as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on Telegram (@Djb_benny) or email.

Again, you have until the end of day on Monday, October 8th to get your applications in for consideration. As always, we reserve the right to select an applicant before the closing of applications if we receive a particularly fitting applicant, so I would advise you get your application in promptly if you want to be sure to be considered.

Thank you all for your time. Again, I want to thank Etah for his service.

I remain, as ever, your Servant in Darkness,


Consul of Naga Sadow

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