[CNS] Inferno begins & New Summit


[CNS] Inferno begins & New Summit


The latest Clan event, Inferno is now live.

The fiction for the first part of the event can be found below. It answers who blew up my favourite office. Temple of Sorrow.

Spoilers, it wasn’t me!!!


Orian System

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar Sadow stepped through the halls of the Temple of Sorrow, keeping a measured pace. His Proconsul, Bentre Stahoes, stayed right at his shoulder.

“The situation on Aeotheran is coming around…” Bentre was saying, reporting on current events in Sadow’s domain. Sang listened with his ears as his eyes admired the Temple. It’s corridors were lined with ancient artifacts from the time of the Sith. The most valuable would be in the vault deep below ground, but here vases, chalices, artwork, and other pieces of Naga Sadow’s ancient legacy hung on the walls. The museums in the core worlds would give a fortune for such a collection, but these belonged to Sadow’s legacy.

“Good,” Sang said quietly, nodding for Bentre to continue. The pair came out into the Grand Hall of the Temple and he stopped in the middle, looking around. This chamber made it clear why the structure was often called the Sadow Palace: it’s vaulted ceiling and massive columns that flanked the room made it an imposing chamber. It was made to empower whoever sat in it’s throne, despite the fact that they sat below a huge bust of Naga Sadow himself.

“It’s all going well then,” Sang said, turning toward the exit of the Temple. “Good. And these dignitaries we are to meet…”

“Orian Assembly,” Bentre said, a touch of apathy in his voice. Was he in another one of his moods?

“Ah,” Sang said. “What a pleasant waste of time.”

They stepped outside in silence, watching as the shuttle approached. Sang could just hear the whine of the ancient Imperial Shuttle’s engines in the distance and see its’ distinctive vertical wishbone shape.

Then a deafening roar blocked out everything else.

Time seemed to slow. Sang turned. Bentre’s mouth was opening as if he was shouting, but no sound came. Sang looked over his shoulder, eyes widening at the sight beyond.

The Temple of Sorrow was in flames. Explosions rocked the towering structure, slowly working their way up the side, each blast barely audible, as if in the distance: boom-boom-boom-boom. Then there was a crack. The top half began to fall, slowly collapsing over their heads.

Sang looked to his side. Bentre had stumbled back out of the path of the structure. Sang joined him, dodging between smaller, falling pieces of what had been parts of the Temple’s outer structure moments ago.

Finally, after mere moments that felt like an eternity, the main superstructure fell. They were barely out of the way in time. Sang summoned the Force, trusting the power to protect him. He shoved a barrier between himself and the rubble, stopping a landspeeder-sized chunk of wall from crushing himself and Bentre. To his credit, the Proconsul had one lightsaber out, his head swinging from one side to the other, as if looking for other threads.

Of course, Sang thought. “How many others were in there with us?” he muttered, or thought he did. It was hard to tell as his hearing slowly returned to normal. The distant sound to everything was replaced with the roar of fire; smoke billowing from the broken top half of the Palace. Flames blossomed higher as remaining pieces of the wall caved in on themselves, crushing the weakened structure below. In moments, it was engulfed in flame.

“-sassins,” Bentre was yelling. “Watch it!” Sang turned and jumped backward, watching two blaster bolts sizzle past his head.

He had his own lightsaber ignited in a moment, deflecting the next strike. It was followed by a flurry of bolts from a different direction, as if their unseen attackers were trying to flank them. Sang slowly advanced in that direction, lightsaber held defensively, mind still numb to what had just happened. Flaming wreckage littered the ground around them, and the fires were spreading through the surrounding jungle.

Just as Sang swept his lightsaber up to disarm who had been shooting at him, another form stepped out of the shadows. This one had a vibroblade and lunged at Sang. The Augur turned to respond, but before his new assailant could reach him a jolt of electricity shocked the would-be assassin’s hand, causing him to drop the vibroblade. It was followed by a thrown lightsaber through the chest.

Drae’lath stepped from the shadows. The Knight recalled his lightsaber and studied their surroundings. “You’re safe,” he said. “This isn’t a total loss.”

“Thanks,” Sang answered. "Who would do this, though?

Sang knelt over the being Drae’lath’s lightsaber had impaled and fished through his cloak and pockets. He was just a man, but he had to have something to identify who he was. Feeling around the chest area, Sang felt a necklace or medallion. He tugged, pulling it free, and held it up to the firelight.

The emblem was distinctive: three pillars, the middle one rising slightly higher. They were framed by a circle, or perhaps it was the outline of a star. Either way, Sang knew who it belonged to.

“The Collective did this,” Bentre breathed, looking at the emblem in Sang’s hand.

“Yes,” the Consul agreed. He closed his fist over it. “We should see who else survived.”

The rest of the Fiction can be found here: Inferno. My thanks to Locke for his writing skills. He provided the first fiction for us.




My thanks to Evelynn for his work done on Inferno, the competitions for the first phase are contained below.

The container comp can be found here.

We have 6 competitions running for the first phase.

Please make sure that you read the prompts and rules properly before submitting your entries, as those that fail to abide by the rules will be disqualified. I don’t want your hard work going to waste because you missed a detail, so be vigilant!


Members will earn the following points for their entries and placements.

  • 1st Place = 7 points
  • 2nd Place = 5 points
  • 3rd Place = 3 points
  • Non-placing Submission = 1 point for Participation
  • Participation in all competitions in each phase = Bonus 4 points

The top three Sadowans overall will win a 2nd level Crescent for their troubles and their names will be plastered all over CNS’ reports for a couple of months.


New Summit appointed

As you should be aware, I was looking for a Rollmaster, along with a new Quaestor and Aedile of House Shar Dakhan, after Aul and Jurdan retired from their positions. After receiving several quality applications, I have decided, after discussion with Bentre, to appoint the following members to the vacant roles.

  • Rollmaster - Tasha Vel’Versea
  • Quaestor - Etah Kilij Bloodfyre
  • Aedile - Tagakari “DarkHawk” KogaRyu

I’d also like to thank those of you who applied, but weren’t successful. There were some fantastic applications with loads of important points and concerns, along with some fantastic ideas that I look forward to being put in place.

Congratulations and commiserations to Tasha, Etah and DarkHawk. It’s now their time to suffer under my yoke!



Inferno has begun and it will set the scene for Naga Sadow’s future and the storyline for the rest of 2018. I hope that you all enjoy the event and the story that we hope to present to you. And remember, my door is always open. Drop me an email or a pm on Telegram if you ever need to have a chat!




  • Inferno Clan Event is now live!
  • My office got blown up by those pesky genocidal murderers
  • REVENGE WILL BE MINE, I mean ours!
  • Tasha is new Rollmaster
  • Etah is new Quaestor for House Shar Dakhan
  • DarkHawk is new Aedile for House Shar Dakhan

Yay fiction and congrats to Etah and Darkhawk for Quaestor and Aedile positions. :)

Congrats to Etah And Miss Tasha on their selection to Qua and RM!

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