CNS Proconsul Report #11


CNS Proconsul Report #11


CNS Pecan Report #11

Encounter at Citadel was a lot of fun! We had some down time to unwind but now it’s back to business. We have to find a way to retake our home system! In doing so, we will be gathering as many resources as possible. We will be hunting for ancient artifacts, items that may give us an edge to reclaim what is ours. We will be trading and smuggling goods and services in an effort to rebuild our selves and keep us flying until we can get back home.



The Heist is the current clan runon! Come join us and polish those writing skills while we steal a Sith holocron and another artifact during an auction!

House Marka Ragnos is running an event. Dark Flame has everything from gaming and graphics to trivia and fiction! Support your local Battle Team Leader and have some fun HMR!

Also for HMR, the new fleet needs a new name! Your Quaestor Koji is running a fun comp and allowing you to name it! You can find that comp here

Our own loveable Benny has a comp running too. Warframe Games in Space

There are other comps out there too. Go check it out here


Koji Keibatsu landed himself a Steel Cross recently. I’ve watched him really grow as a leader in the last few months. He’s been really working hard to motivate his house and it really shows in all the work he and his team have done and are doing. I’m looking forward to more great things from House Marka Ragnos in the future. Keep up the good work, Koji! Well done!

Locke Sonjie also got a Steel Cross. He has been leading the Night Hawks Battle Team for some time now and really doing whatever he can to help his team and his house succeed. Way to go, Locke!

Teu Buhkari Sadow and Alexander DelGotto both received Anteian Crosses for all their activity within their house. Congratulations both of you!

DB News

The Collective is at it again! We are still at war ladies and gentlemen and we will not stop until every last Collective Bantha poodoo is wiped from our space!

You can read the Voice’s newest fiction update Chapter 1 Counterpoints here.

There are a couple of comps with this too. So check it out!

In Closing

We have a vendetta fast approaching. Please watch your email and telegram for updates. If you have never participated in a DB wide vendetta and have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Your house and clan leaders are here to help and we want you to have as much fun as you can!

Congrats on getting EQ3, Marcus!

A nice, wee report. Keep it up, Ashia. :)

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