CNS Proconsul Report 19: System Control


CNS Proconsul Report 19: System Control

CNS Proconsul Report 19: System Control

Hi folks, welcome to my nineteenth Proconsul report. I’m going to try and learn markup by the next one, but literally have not had time to do so. Most of my DB time has been spent administrating and doing drawings for the Alchemy Guide that’s coming.

Orian Assembly Phase Two: Invasion Aeotheran

Well, we did it. Aeotheran is under control, as is most of our system now. With the exception of the remnants of the Gomorag holed up in a temple on the Nifokalija continent on Aeotheran, we have purged the system of most of the remaining enemies. The work done by my predecessors in removing Dlarit holdouts was followed up by breaking the Organisations’ backs, routing the Gomorag, and a major repair/refit/rebuild operation across the system. We still have a few minor loose ends to tie up such as the occasional pirate and the Gomorag holdouts, but this will come in time.

The cool thing about this operation is how we did it, and what we did. In the past we would have just walked in, killed everybody and citizens and infrastructure be damned. This time we operated in a different manner. Sure, we wiped out the bad guys. But, we offered the citizens hope, avoided as much collateral damage as possible, and moved in after each operation with medical aid, food, water, and a rebuild of their infrastructure. Our Orian Authority then stepped in to patrol and make sure the areas stay calm and safe as well as disseminate propaganda in our favor. Why do it this way you might ask?

I’ll be honest, as a Sith I don’t care much about people being happy although some of our Grey Jedi do probably. What I do care about is production of assets. This is always enhanced by a satisfied and healthy populace. Thus the propaganda drives that preceded and followed the operations. Also, a happy populace that believes in their caretakers is easier to control and remains loyal in the face of adversity. That’s just my personal take on it though. Heh heh.


I guess it’s American Football season, although I don’t watch it myself.

Proconsul’s Office Ramblings

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the state of the Clan right now. Do we still have work to do? Sure. But we are in the best state as far as enthusiasm and drive that I have seen in a while. We’ve also seen some new folks come in with high levels of “can do” and enthusiasm. I’d like to give a shout out to Daedric, Sebaz, and Armad. You might think you have a small influence as a Journeyman newish member, but that’s far from the truth. Seeing you guys kicking tail taking initiative, and having pride in our great organization is contagious. Speaking of which, we may very well see not one but three new Knights very soon within the Clan. That speaks volumes to me about where we are heading.

Welcome back to some legends that have returned to us! Ashia, Shikyo, Ashura, Trevarus Caerick and Tsainetomo aka Shi Long have returned to us from other places. I forsee great things on the Horizons and we are more powerful right now than we have been in quite a while.

Please do log-in to the main site whenever you go there. That’s what keeps you from being AWOL’d eventually, and we need to keep our Clan numbers high!

What have I been Up to:

The Lightsaber Combat Guide text is DONE. It has been delivered to our own Sildrin to code up, and hopefully we will see it in the coming weeks. The Lightsaber Construction Guide is DONE, and awaiting a review by the GM. Then it can get coded. The Alchemy Guide text is DONE and proofed, and we are about 60% done drawing the Graphics. I’ve done most of them by hand myself and scanned them in, and Jade has jumped in to deliver some much-needed help. Thanks!! Maelous is hard at work on the Alchemy Guide Shadow Academy course and as soon as I can come up for air I’ll be helping him finish it. Once everything else is released, I’ll be taking point on a Lightsaber Construction Course and a re-vamp of the current Lightsaber Combat courses. Stay tuned for more!


To my Apprentice Armad on earning Jedi Hunter and a Dark Cross and his enthusiasm, to Daedric on earning Jedi Hunter, a Dark Cross, and the bad-@$$ writeup of the Warhost he did, to Sebaz on making Protector, To Rhaegon on making Jedi Hunter, to Zetnom on making Acolyte, to Malik on his Anteian Cross, and to Xanos for his help with all things historical.

That’s it for today- stay hungry, my friends. For Sadow!


On behalf of the Brotherhood, I'd like to thank you for your efforts on the Saber and Alchemy guides.

Sounds like you've got several rocking projects that will reach completion soon. Very exciting!

It should be a lot of fun for everybody- I can hardly wait. The best part was the teamwork. Thanks for the kind words.

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