CNS Rollmaster Report #12: Operation Antiquity Week 3, The Special Edition


CNS Rollmaster Report #12: Operation Antiquity Week 3, The Special Edition



A hot sun sat high in the sky above the as of yet unnamed planet, beating down on the desert area below. On the surface of the planet, surrounded by sand as far as the eye could see, were a few broken pillars and pieces of stone that marked the entrance to an ancient temple of sorts that dove deep, deep underground. Tasha’Vel wiped some sweat off her brow as she walked along the surface, checking out some of the Sith symbols etched on one of the pillars. Throwing her lekku back, she examined the symbols a bit closer. Meanwhile, nearby a Kel Dor was leaned up partly against the door of their transport. He flipped his trusty blaster a few times in his hand before adjusting the brim of his hat. Both of them had been assigned to help the other teams with extraction from the planet. After reading the symbols for a few moments, Tasha’Vel turned around to her counterpart and smiled a bit.

“That’s a nice blaster you have. How good is your aim?” she asked as she picked up a nearby small boulder and tossed it up into the air.

The boulder exploded into a puff of grey dust and rubble as the Raider instinctively fired his blaster at the airborne target.

“Good enough,” he answered.

Just then, the ground began to shake violently, as both Rollmaster and Quaestor struggled to stay upright.

“What in the nine - ”

Tasha’Vel was cut short as several droids emerged from underground and began to shoot hot plasma at the pair. She leaped to the side towards a huge marble pillar as TuQ’uan tucked and rolled against a huge boulder opposite of her.

“I don’t know what exactly happened, but I think we somehow tripped the self defense systems of this temple!” Tasha’Vel yelled out as she pulled out her lightsaber and ignited it with a crackling snap-hiss.

“Let’s see if they like fresh hot lightsaber.”

She then threw her violet whirling lightsaber towards one of the droids approaching and sliced it in half.

“That’s one!” the Marauder exclaimed as the blade went into an arc, taking out the one next to it as it flew back to the Twi’lek’s hand.


There were still eight droids out there firing at both of them. The Infiltrator pulled out a small round electromagnetic pulse grenade and threw it into the midst of the droids. A blue electric field blasted through all of the droids as it detonated, rendering them useless. They all fell over in a heap.

“Eight,” replied the Reaver.

The Twi’lek grinned as she made her way from behind the marble pillar and inspected the pile of trashed droids. “Well now, I guess you win that round. I just hope we don’t trip any more defense systems unless you can do that trick a second time. So we still going to keep count then, winner buys the other a drink?”

TuQ’uan nodded. “Sure, sounds good to me.”

The mercenary surveyed the pile of antique droids that now littered the ground, they were rusted and falling apart but surprisingly quite functional for something so old and not maintained.

“First pirates, now droids. Honestly, this planet is much more interesting than I thought it would be.” He gave a quiet chuckle before remembering the mission at hand and activating his comlink. “All teams, report in. What’s going on in there?”

A flurry of noise filtered through their comms as the teams in the temple below attempted to report their situations simultaneously. Between the overlapping chatter and the blaster fire filtering through in the background the Kel Dor could make out only one thing repeated over and over. Droids. Lots of droids.

Tasha’Vel and TuQ’uan were shaken from the distraction as another quake rocked the ground beneath the unlikely duo followed. This time however it was followed by a steady rumble as another, larger wave of droids emerged from the temple entrance.

“We….ot...thing big. R...turning...ow,” an indecipherable voice called out through the comchannel.

“Repeat that, you’re breaking up,” TuQ’uan growled as the comms went dead.

The Marauder’s cheerful demeanor halted slightly at the disruption. Her thoughts turned towards the teams trying to get out. Hilgrif would be making his way out, as well as Scudi on Plagueis’s side not to mention many others. Shaking her head to clear her mind a bit, the Twi’lek readied herself.

“Well, it looks like you might be buying the drinks,” Tasha’Vel smirked, her reignited lightsaber swinging down in a powerful arc as she leapt into the fray.

“Oh, I don’t think so!” he cried out and fired off a volley of plasma, joining the fight side by side with a friend.

Introduction to Week Three

Heya all, Tasha’Vel here and I am not alone. I am also here with one of our Plagueian buddies, TuQ’uan! So together, we are introducing you to week three in Operation Antiquity!


You have searched the planet, braved the elements, fought off pirates and are now making your way back with the artifacts and resources. Congratulations! You are all in the home stretch, however there is one little detail that we didn’t realize, the self defense systems still on the planet have activated! Defense structures are coming up from beneath the ground and now droids are pouring in! What will you do and how will you get back? The answer to that is up to you. So enjoy the fiction, Do all the things! And have some fun. We look forward to seeing all of your submissions. So have at it! Go get those artifacts and resources back to your Clans! Good Luck! We are rooting for you all!


Here are a few questions that were asked:


What has been your favorite part about coorganizing Operation: Antiquity?

I have really enjoyed working alongside TuQ and other members in different clans. I get to also see a lot of the behind the scenes of an event and help out.

Whyren's some time with a tall and handsome one-eyed Epicanthix?

“You buying, I might be interested.”

Hilgrif asks:

In your personal opinion how has turn out been for this event?

I have seen quite a few members from both sides participating and I hope it keeps up.

TuQ’uan asks:

How do you see diplomatic relations between Plag and CNS going forward from this event?

I am hoping that both sides gain some friends and allies and I hope that we can both work together in future endeavors.

Closing Thoughts

It has been one wild and crazy ride! You all have done fantastic and I hope to see each and everyone one of you stay strong and make it through this last week. Keep up that hype and go for the gold!

May the darkness serve you well!


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