CNS Rollmaster Report #16: We did it!


CNS Rollmaster Report #16: We did it!



Heya all, it has certainly been an exciting time here in Naga Sadow. We have braved the War and saw some pretty ugly things, however we have managed to survive. You have all done admirably and can wear your scars with pride. Currently, we are awaiting news from our Consul on our next move towards our homeworld. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us soon. Till then, I am very proud of you all!


I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the current GJW, you all were spectacular and I loved seeing you all working hard. Also thank you to everyone who participated in the RO. There was laughter, tears, and some heartfelt moments in that story. We certainly have some that need to recover from their injuries, including our poor Consul, but I am sure we will all be back in the fray again.

New People

Hello and welcome to Clan Naga Sadow, Dux it is a pleasure to have you with us! If you need anything please feel free to email me or anyone in the summit.

New Reports


In the meantime while awaiting results from the GJW, here are some competitions for you all to enjoy!

For more competitions, check them out here

Ask The Rollmaster

  • Malisane Asks:

Do you think Kylo Ren should have a haircut before Rise of Skywalker?

Nope, I kind of like his long Emo style hair.

  • Xuner Asks:

What are your IC plans Post-War? Are you going to be at the Estate to tend to the gardens? Are you going to train? Or are you going to slip some poison into Bentre's IV bag?

Post-War, I will first be healing in the bacta tank for a bit due to my injuries. Afterward, I am not sure.

I will probably stop by to check the gardens and see how they are doing since I left.

Yes, I will always train and prepare myself for the next bit of combat.

I still love my sweet Bentre. As evil and heartless as he is, he has yet to give me a cause to kill him...YET.

  • Macron asks:

Do you like dianoga sashimi?

Yes I do , I love sushi!

Who should we slay first when we get back to Orian?

Anyone that dares to come against us.

  • Muz Asks: Also, does Tasha prefer to get up close and personal in her war, or does she prefer distance warring?

Up close and personal, I prefer to see the whites of their eyes as they die in front of me.


Again, if you need anything at all please do not hesitate to send me a message @Tashavel on Telegram or email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

You all are an awesome lot and I love seeing you all around.


  • A little bit of news
  • A big thank you to everyone who participated in the War
  • Welcome Dux!
  • Competitions to participate in
  • Ask me anything
  • I love you guys!

Till next time Naga Sadow,


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