Combat Master #5 - Fall Migration


Combat Master #5 - Fall Migration


Greetings, ACCers and spectators.

This is going to be a short report, but there are a few important announcements I want to get out. So without further ado...

New Staff

You may remember that last month I opened applications for ACC staff in order to replace Scudi. I was surprised and delighted by both the quality and quantity of applications that I received, including more good candidates than I had room for. If you applied and weren’t selected this time, please do consider applying again in the future.

In addition to replacing Scudi, I ended up having to replace Rajhin/Turel, who also decided to retire from the judge staff for the second time. I also wanted to bulk up the staff for better coverage during periods where we’re down a few folks due to illness, moving, travel, etc. So in total, I’m proud to welcome three new additions to the ACC staff.

Kordath Bleu comes to us fresh off his term as Arcona’s CON, and only about a year and a half removed from his last stint on the judge staff. Kord was something of a safe pick for me, as I’m personally familiar with his work ethic and expertise from our overlapping judge terms.

Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama is something of a mix of new and old when it comes to the ACC. She served as the CM several years back under a previous version of the Combat Center, but what really stood out to me about her was her willingness to dive headfist into the gritty details of the new(ish) CS system upon her return from the rogues.

Rounding out the group, Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae joins us as a member who really waded into the ACC within the last year, and whose matches have demonstrated a solid grasp on the mechanics of the system and English syntax.

As new hires, even if I have to use air quotes around that for Kord and Erin, our three new judges are currently shadowing Grot on Appius v. Mortuary as training.

Combat Master, Flee!

I leave tonight for an international work trip. I should have at least some access to Telegram and my club email account while I’m gone, but I encourage everyone to contact the full staff mailer ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) if you need anything. I expect to be back home October 12.

In the meantime, that leaves Grot and Mune to hold down the fort until our newer folks finish up their judge training. As of this writing there are 11 active matches, so the potential exists for a bit of an October rush. We will do our best to handle questions and judgments in a timely manner, but I do ask for your patience for the next few weeks.

Match of the Month

This month hasn’t given me much time to mark up a match, but fortunately this month’s match doesn’t require much comment. As evidenced by the nearly perfect scores for both competitors, Raider TuQ'uan Varick vs. Battlemaster Lucine Vasano, one of our tournament semifinal matches, is a sterling example of a match where almost everything went right. In fact, practically every comment from the gdoc Wally and I used to mark up the match made it into the finished judgment. Ultimately, Lucine went on to win the championship title, and TuQ was unfortunately taken out of the fight for 3rd place due to RL circumstances.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get airborne.

Combat Master

FIRST. Congrats to new judges!

Neat. Hope the new rotation of judges do well! Congratulation.

Lovely set of judges, congrats to all of you!

"[W]illingness to dive headfirst into the gritty details of the new(ish) CS system" is a much nicer way to phrase it than "constant e-mails about nitpicky rules questions". :D Enjoy your vacation!

Congrats to the new judges! Enjoy your flight, Combat Birb!

Congrats to the new judges and thanks for the shout out! That was truly a fun match to write and I really wish I could have continued on in the tournament.

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