Consular Conclave Report #3


Consular Conclave Report #3

What I listened to while writing this.


Happy Thanksgiving for our American folks and happy Thursday to those to whom that doesn’t apply to. This will be a relatively short report, my work life is evening out and will be providing some additional free time for me on the weekends, so keep an eye out for some upcoming game nights, Life Day events, maybe even an RP or two.

I don’t have a fiction update for this report, but will continue to showcase members in my following report via the fiction and may keep that cadence as time goes on.



What Does the Future Hold?

Now Hiring for Aediles:

After some conversation with Kah we have come to the point where we’re ready to start accepting applications for Aediles (For both Houses).

Apply for the Guardian Corp position by emailing - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Apply for the Consular Conclaves position by emailing - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

In your application, include the following -

  • Why are you interested in becoming Aedile?
  • What ideas do you have for the respective Houses
  • Are you ready and willing to be trained to take over the House in the future?
  • What past experience (in the Club or in real life) do you have that makes you a candidate for the role of eventually leading the House?

Establishing the Conclaves

More on this soon!

Clan Event in November

  • Be on the lookout for a new Clan Event in December!


If you have any interest in helping with recruitment or serving as a Master to Journeymen, reach out to Bexa and discuss the opportunities available.


Ira Ojiman

Quaestor of The Consular Conclave

AED is a great position. Lots of fun. Apply today!

Clan event in Nov or Dec?

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