[COU] High Councillor Report #0: Of CONs and PCONs (Redux)


[COU] High Councillor Report #0: Of CONs and PCONs (Redux)


Arch (Birblord) flies off to Shan and the CM, leaves seeds everywhere...

Hugs to all Odanites, our allies, and our enemies.

When Arch told me of his intentions to take on the role of Combat Master, I was both happy and sad. Happy that he had gotten such a great opportunity and sad that he would no longer be my Consul. For those willing to read his reports, he shared with us a lot of hard-earned wisdom, a fair number of bird gifs, and an amusing sarcastic wit. He will be missed, but at least you can find his new nests in Shan and that weird place called Arx. (Guy just doesn’t know how to retire properly.)

A little about me. I’ve served as Odan-Urr’s Rollmaster and Proconsul, during which I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of you rather well. If you’ve seen a picture or gif of sushi or doges, that was probably me. If you don’t know me yet really well, please send me a dm on telegram (@Blade13). Odds are I’ll get to you first though. :)

This will be a light report, given the winter holidays and the quick approach of February. To set the stage, know that the Summit and I will work hard to provide you all with the best experience we can. With everything we do, the question is always ‘How does this help the members?’. That said, feel free to approach me or the Summit with any ideas, concerns, questions/requests, or anything else you might need. I’m at your service.

Next month you’ll get a fully fleshed report but until then enjoy this celebratory feast! That’s just how I roll.



Applications Open DB-Wide for Proconsul!

I am excited for the future prospects of Odan-Urr and require a Proconsul. This partner in crime will get to make a big impact on the club by improving and growing Odan-Urr to even greater heights, and as a bonus they’ll get even more opportunties to tell me I’m doing something wrong. Also, you’ll also get learn how to manage a Clan, practice those leadership skills, and just maybe make more friends. ^^

If you think you’ve got the right stuff, please submit an application to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by the end of the server day (midnight GMT) on February 9th. That’s only 10 days so don’t delay! Here are a few things to keep in mind for your applications:

  • I’ll be accepting applications from anyone in the DB.
  • Detail what you’ve learned in previous leadership positions, DB or otherwise. Emphasis on ‘what you learned;’ I can read your dossier, so just telling me you held a position isn’t contributing much
  • This is a Dark Summit position. You will have to be confirmed by the GM and DGM, and you will have the privilege of weighing in on issues that affect the entire club. Take it seriously.
  • Have plans. I’ve got a pretty good idea where I’m going to take the clan, but I don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. What are your thoughts on community and leadership training?
  • If there’s something you think I suck at, tell me how you’ll help me be better.
  • What is something you are particularly good at? Now is the time to brag.
  • What is your Leadership philosophy?



Tarvitz asks:

What is best in life?

Sushi, Cute animals, a lightsaber for home protection, and a good book.

What tasks would you most want performed during the initial weeks of your tenure, and what roles would most need to be filled by members?

Things have been a bit in limbo these past few weeks so first I’d like to get out the Clan Fiction in response to the RoS epilogue, put together a rough events schedule (CAH, gaming, etc), and get some volunteers to ask those nice character questions on a regular basis again. As for roles, we will be needing a new PCON and a new AED for Hoth. As always, wiki helpers are always welcome. :)

Tisto asks:

if you had to choose: no doggos for a year or no sushi for a year?


Len asks:

Clan Fiction related question: So will Aurora be the new Regent of the Vatali Empire? How do the subjects of our hosts and hosts react to this turn of events?

Spoilers. This will be covered in the Clan Fiction segments we will be sharing over the next few weeks.

Turel asks:

what is your policy on red panda confinement?

The carrot is better than the stick. I heard this red panda likes the stick anyways.

Dral asks:

does this mean I get to flip the COU CON desk, Arch always threatened me with a menacing pose and extended wing span when I walked near his.

Sure. But only if you beat this table flip. You can’t flip the CON’s desk until you out flip the CON. Come at me bro.


Archenksov, Turel, and Dral ask:

What excites you about Odan-Urr's path forward?

where do you see yourself and the clan a year from now?

Also curious about the clan fiction direction as a whole.

I’m most excited from a community perspective. Odanites and their characters will have a lot of opportunities to build relationships with each other, with the other clans, and club institutions (ACC, etc.). This will give members more options as to what they can do with their characters and will also let them help shape Clan story as well. In addition, informal fun events will draw all of us much closer together as people in the same club doing nerdy star wars things.

The vision I have for the Clan a year from now is one where its members are having fun, supporting each other, doing the best they can in competitions, and making new friends. It’s all about the people for me. COU is a growing family and it constantly needs to be fed love and attention. Hugs for everyone.

As the fictional direction, those would be spoilers but you can certainly gossip over and pick apart the Clan fictions coming out soon. Also, I’ll give you where we are now plus a teaser.

That’s it for me. Send me your PCON apps and I’ll see you in February!

~Signed with Pheromones


Sushi, table-flipping and a good mix of honest and joke questions being answered. I would say that your tenure is off to a great start with this.

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