COU Rollmaster Report - January Retrospect


COU Rollmaster Report - January Retrospect



Greetings Odanites, and other frienemies. It pleases me to write to you, my first report as Rollmaster of Odan-Urr. It’s been about a month since I’ve moved into Blade’s old office and I’m starting to feel right at home (after getting rid of tons of leftover dog biscuits and furry pillows). I’m Ranarr Kul-Tarentae, a former Sith (as the last part of name already suggested) who found the Light, and with it you lovely guys. Glad to be at your service.


Louder, louder than a lion. ‘Cause we are champions and they are gonna hear us Roar!


It only seems like yesterday, fighting in the GJW, post war fictions are rolling of the press as we speak. A new fictional year came, it’s 36 ABY, and for those still passing some time in real life it became 2018. The first month of the year has passed… let’s see what happened. This is my January Rollmaster Report.


They wandered into the halls of The Shadow Academy, here their journey began. They have completed their Trial of Identity, and with it earned the rank of Apprentice. On the desolated wasteland of Lyspair they boarded a shuttle, send to us. Welcome!

  • On Jan 1, Jae Roy joined us.
  • On Jan 7, Edvard Nostrumus joined us.
  • On Jan 16, Hanto Nar joined us.
  • On Jan 21, Jack Sewet joined us.
  • On Jan 31, TonyWhispers joined us.


Journeymen Promotions

They started to make a name for themselves.

  • TonyWhispers got promoted to Novice.
  • Jack Sewet got promoted to Recruit
  • Jack Sewet got promoted to Trainee
  • Jack Sewet got promoted to Runner
  • Tol Kersha got promoted to Neophyte.
  • Nijalah got promoted to Padawan.
  • Quii Liang got promoted to Hunter.
  • Drake Starfyre got promoted to Padawan.
  • Hyle Alihandross got promoted to KNIGHT!
  • Ozosi Vym got promoted to KNIGHT!
  • Gellm'arco'nuruodo got promoted to KNIGHT!
  • Zeline Nemesis got promoted to KNIGHT!

Yes! That’s FOUR Knightings in a month, our Odan-Urr Journeymen (and Journeywomen?...???...nah, that just doesn’t sound right) started to impress me from the first day I walked into my office. Reaching the rank of Knight has always been a special occasion, and in celebration of this elevation a Knighting Fiction is written:


Porticus: - 25 Clusters of Earth

Nijalah: - 2 Pendants of Blood

Akaarn Tayl’cor: - 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star

Zeline Nemesis: - 1 Dark Cross - 2 Clusters of Ice - 1 Crescent with Emerald Star

Gellm’arco’nuruodo: - 1 Crescent with Ruby Star


You dream, you plan, you reach. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes.

But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.



In case you missed it. Here are flashback to the most recent reports by our leaders.


There's a broad range of interests among members, that's why a broad range of competition types are offered, I’m sure you’ll have a favorite but I encourage you to try them all.

Competitions in the spotlight:
  • Follow the journey of Voice Marick Tyris as he and a small elite team infiltrates the organization known as the Collective months prior to their revealing themselves as rivals to the Dark Brotherhood in The Collective Chronicles
  • Time to have some fun with Movie reviews. (Episodes 1 to 8). The challenge here is you need to do it in a Haiku here.
  • The entirety of Star Wars Lore has been data mined for what may be an interesting and challenging little contest. Welcome to the Ultimate Star Wars Trivia Comp Series.
  • MAA Puzzle #14
  • Write a two sentence story about something sad happening to your character or in his/her surroundings.
  • You woke up as Boba Fett. What will you be doing today?


Journeymen Intelligence

I’d like to use this opportunity to shout out to our newest members: We’re here for you!” I realize that our website can look a bit overwhelming at first, so never hesitate to ask the questions you have. Feel free to contact me, at any point, about anything. My email is [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. A good way to get in touch with the DJB and Clan is to check out Telegram This is a chat app that is available on Web, Android, iOS and more. If you get the app, contact me so I can add you to the proper channels (my username: @RanarrKul)

Rollmaster Projects

Master Student Program
  • Status: In progress

In the past there were some successful pairings of Masters and Students, others turned out to be… well let’s say… not it. We’d like to appoint an Apprentice to a Master that fits his expectations perfectly. Therefore, soon, you’ll receive a survey to find your perfect match.

Odan-Urr Starter Guide
  • Status: In progress

At first sight the website may look overwhelming but it isn’t as big and complicated as you might think. With the help of this document you’ll be slashing and hacking your way through the awesome things this club provides!

Together we’ll be looking into some Brotherhood-basics, and going over some basic information about Odan-Urr.

Jedi Praxeum
  • Status: ON HOLD

This Journeymen training facility needs a revival.


Journeymen,… I can't promise that I will guide all of you into Knighthood. But this I swear before you: that when YOU try, I will be the one to stand aside you, and I will be the one to support you. We are going to do this, together.

That’s all for my first report as Rollmaster of Odan-Urr, hope you enjoyed it. Be on the lookout for a new report at the start of March.



Good stuff Ranarr. Thanks for the update on the great things our journeymen are doing.

Nice update, Ranarr!

very good report!

Thanks for the update!

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