[CSP] An Old Man Returns to an Old Throne


[CSP] An Old Man Returns to an Old Throne


Consul Report #1


  1. Holonet - An old man ascends the throne
  2. Recognition - Saying goodbye to a friend
  3. Collaborative Conversations - Inquires from the front
  4. Next Steps - What comes next


continuing from my last PCON report...

"Hurry up," Thran whispered through clenched teeth.

"I am hurrying. Why don't you lift more," Rayne snapped back.

"He's going to be back soon. You've got to hurry it up!" Archangel said urgently from his position down the hallway as lookout. Stealing a glance back he saw Thran in the doorway to Kamjin's Proconsul office. Somewhere inside Rayne held the other end of the desk that was wedged into the doorway. Contained within, though currently inaccessible, was the Dreaded Holocron of Pantlessness.

"You've got to lift it higher," Thran said, grunting with the effort of holding aloft the solid wood desk.

"Lifting it higher isn't going to help," Rayne barked back, her voice rising in anger.

"Try pivoting it," Archangel suggested.

"That'll work, pivot!" Thran shouted. It was at this time the turbolift opened and Kamjin emerged with Shadow discussing the upcoming plans to begin experimenting on the newly discovered artifacts. Archangel's eyes went wide as he sprinted passed his coconspirators. Clucking like a Porg as he run to alert them to the approaching danger.

"Pivot!" Thran yelled again, not noticing Archangel at all as he skidded around the other end of the corridor and out of sight. Thran shook his head in frustration. It was then that his eyes locked with Kamjin, he had come up short with Shadow.

"What are you doing?" Kamjin bellowed.

"Monkey Fingers," Thran said, dropping the desk. Rayne yelped in surprise as she fell backwards. Thran drew his lightsaber and slashed the front of the desk off. Reaching inside the smoking remains he fished out the holocron. "Hurry up, Rayne otherwise you're going to be a permanent resident."

As they bolted in the same direction as Archangel, Kamjin stood dumbfounded at the charred remains of his desk. Now hopelessly stuck inside the door to his office.

As promised I'm seeking to build the next story arc related to our acquisition and experimentation of the various Force infused objects in the galaxy. As such, the new competition Force Artifacts: Let's Do Some Science! will be starting up on Friday, October 29th, 2021.

It'll have a little bit for everyone to enjoy and builds off the successful ProBowl V model that encourages participation over placement. I hope you all will take part and I hope you enjoy the surprise I put into the puzzle.


Before I talk about ProBowl V, I want to take a moment to recognize Shadow and all her contributions as Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae. When I rediscovered the Brotherhood in October, 2020 I was overjoyed to see the Clan (then House) I was lucky enough to be a founder of still going strong.

As I snuck into the clan chat on Telegram I noticed immediately the strong core of the clan and, at it's center, Shadow. Easily the heart of the clan. Her time as Consul was not necessarily easy but she lead with passion and a desire to improve the experience of her clan members.

We should all strive to have the same passion and focus on the community experience as we lead our respective areas. As Shadow begins her retirement I hope you all stay curious about her upcoming fictional account of how Shadow leaves the throne and Kamjin assumes it.

With that let me turn my attention to ProBowl V! Without a doubt the most exciting and engaging competition we've had in a while. In terms of participation we nearly doubled our participants from RoS; whereby we had 17 unique participants for ProBowl V versus 10 for RoS.

The Summit and I have learned a valuable lesson from Consul Selika Roh di Plagia that competitions don't necessarily need a deeply woven plotline to be fun. You'll see two key items taken away from ProBowl V.

  1. New grading system - We'll begin utilizing the formula Selika Roh di Plagia developed which rewards participation over placement (with modifiers for more complicated competition types) to create a level competitive field.
  2. Simpler Competitions - I've reviewed the participation metrics and puzzles, flash games, unique "other" competition types (e.g. mazes and word searches) had the highest participation. I know I'm guilty of being siloed with "fiction" and "graphic" competitions and while these will still be included we'll definitely provide fun, quickly assessible, options going forward

If you're curious about the awards I'd recommend reviewing Shadow's last report All good things... where she breaks down all the individuals who received awards.

One final note on rewards and recognition. I had set forth as your Proconsul to ensure recognition occurred more frequently. We've had our second round go through successfully. I've also worked with James Lucius Entar and we've opened up to the Consul and Proconsul level the ability to extract 3 months of activity data compiled by the site for their clans.

I've successfully extracted and utilized this during our most recent review and I've shared with my fellow Consuls and Proconsuls late last week.


Remember to log your questions at #Askkamjin within the Clan Scholae Palatinae Discord channel

Are you pro or against orbital bombardment? - Archangel

Oh, definitely pro orbital bombardment, if the situation warrants it. However, Kamjin would seek to find a means to acquire the objective with the least amount of collateral damage. After all, it's not enough to beat your enemy but rather to show them they never should have opposed you in the first place.


As Consul, do you have any strategic or personal goals you would like to share with the Clan? - Raleien

This is a great question and one that I think highlights my duality.

  1. Personal Goals - I'd like to see CSP become the #1 Clan in the Brotherhood. Now, how you define that is open to interpretation. I'm a highly competitive person and I give a shout of joy whenever I see us topping the daily cluster report in gaming.
  2. Strategic Goal - I strive for CSP to be a community that welcomes everyone and provides them an opportunity to have their own, personal, best time. Whether that's gaming, writing, graphics, leadership, or just being part of the clan community. We exist because people choose to be here.

Now, I said this would give an insight into my duality. If I push on one of those two goals to firmly I alienate the other. So I seek to find a balance between the two such that as people are having fun the way they want to have fun that more people join us and we improve together to have higher placements.

However, let me be clear, I'd rather we all have fun together talking about burning pants and Reiden becoming Emperor and function as a clan family than win all the competitions in the Brotherhood.


How will Kamjin react in character to gaining Consulship? - Raleien

Probably, like a man who has travelled a long time coming home to sit in his favorite chair. Kamjin, as a character, has been Consul before (twice). He's been in leadership positions are far greater power. But this, is like coming back to your High School and being recognized at Homecoming. It's where he wants to be.

What will be interesting for the clan is what does having Kamjin back as Consul mean? What enemies of his are lurking out there? What plots did he set in motion years ago that may now have a chance to take root?

Ask yourself this; Kamjin came back and began acquiring Force artifacts. Why? To what end? Is he seeking to horde power or protect the galaxy from others who would seek it?


How will Kam as Consul alter our clans storyline? - Archangel

I wouldn't necessarily seek to alter it versus preparing the next chapter. Dek is committed to bringing a close to the Dark Times Saga in Q1, 2022.

Once that is concluded we'll continue our activity with the artifacts. My intention is for this arc to grow into an event similar in size/scope as ProBowl V.



With my recent appointment this leaves the position of Proconsul in need of being filled. I'll be soliciting applications from Wednesday 10/27/2021 through Tuesday 11/2/2021. Applicants should email me their application. Below are a few topics, but not an exhaustive list, of items I'd be curious about within an applicants submission.

  1. Recruit - How will you attract and retain members?
  2. Endgame - We have quite a few members in the EQ1-4 ranks; how will you help them continue to progress?
  3. Insights into the Clan - What are the strengths and opportunities you see within the clan and how will you address them?

I look forward to reviewing all the applications!

Until next time, stay Sithy my friends!

As always, I have an "open door" policy, please DM me on Discord at any time.

Great first consul report, Kamjin! Let's go, CSP!!!!!

Nice report. Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in CSP.

Great report. Joining CSP has been a great decision.

Congratulations Kamjin!

Nice Markdown, old timer. I am proud. Good luck with the new position!

Congrats Sir! Awesome job and report!

Good stuff

Oh, no, too old

Nice first report Kam! Looking forward to see to what you have in mind for the future.

Oh my good lord I didn’t even say congratulations! And also, great report.

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