CSP Consul report: February 2019


CSP Consul report: February 2019

Consul Report February 2019

Hi all! It's time for the CSP clan summit report for February 2019! I actually think we missed the January one, things were hectic with RL, but for the rest of the year we'll try to stick to a clan summit report every month. We know it's been a bit of a slow 2019 so far, and so the theme of this report will be on kicking things into high gear. More stuff happening. Outputs from clan projects. Projects in the work. Events. Long term fiction comp plans. Accelerated lore updates. The next 2 months will be taken up by a clan-wide campaign, leading to a mini campaign afterwards, and we'll be keeping project work running throughout.


Big Clan News!

Shadow and Jorm are QUAs

So some massive changes have taken place in our clan leadership structure in the last week or so. Shadow and Jorm have risen to the QUA spots of Imperium and Excidium respectively. They've both done fantastic jobs in the Aedile spot, training under the experience of Korras and Bale, and the time has come for both of them to take centre stage in their houses.

AED spots open to applications

This obviously leaves two gaps in the summit - the Aedile roles left behind. We are taking applications for these roles. Please send all applications to me, Mune, and the QUA of the relevant unit. Please include in your app why you are interested in the position, what you think you can bring, and any ideas you have to raise activity / membership numbers. Applications are open to the whole brotherhood.

Battleteams closing

Finally, it has become apparent over the last few months that there really aren't enough active members to justify how granular our structure was. 4 battleteams left us with 11 leaders, counting everyone from BTL to CON. This results in an unhealthy leader / member ratio and battleteams with barely any active members beside the BTL (especially when you consider 7 of the clan members are house summit plus and therefore not elegible to be in one). To address this, we have closed all the battleteams in the clan. We hope that dividing the clan into two houses raises the activity level in our subunits and addresses the leader / member ratio.

Fleet stuff

The battleteams had ships. We no longer have battleteams. Jorm and Shadow have picked the bits of the fleets they wanted to keep and merged them together while saving the clan 45 million credits. You'll see these being used later in...


New clan event - Into the Fire!

Mune and I are very happy to reveal the new clan event - Into the Fire. This event represents a slight divergence from the old routine of go here take that place in that it deals with a threat on our own capital city, Caelestis. This will be a 2 month long event, with the first phase lasting 3 weeks, then a 2 week break before another 3 week phase. The first fictional update for this event can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fMQ864Wy-lSNT2IMjxmjBsF1Omf2KXrq - written mostly by Mune with input from me and Bale.

Container can be found here: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14630

Into the Fire competitions

In the event long department we have 3 competitions: a cluster race https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14631 , a long fiction https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14637 , and a run-on https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14636 ! The long fiction and the run-on both have multiple objectives for you to pick from

In phase 1 we have 4 competitions: a counter-terrorism short fiction at https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14645 , a mobile game at https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14644 , a puzzle at https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14638 , and a graphics based on the fiction at https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14646

Fictional roadmap

We're planning to kick our clan story into higher gear. I've got a few new NPCs created by various people in the clan that will bridge the gap between clan and DB fiction and provide a stable presence in the clan story. The money raised by BTs can be used for plot devices later on Into The Fire. In the last holoshroud news udpate, we alluded to the fact that Meraxis have purchased an ISD. This will become more prevalent and have more of an impact in the second half of Into The Fire. In short, more stuff happening, more impact, sharper, snappier fictional responses to clan events. After Into The Fire we'll follow straight into more fictional movement, not through a big mutli comp event, but maybe through a clan-wide run-on if people want that sort of thing.


Misc Projects

Wiki stuff

Calindra's been busy! Along with Kadrol she's done a fantastic job of tidying up the main clan wiki page, which hadn't been updated for a long time and had a lot of out of date / contradictory info on it. There's still a little bit of editing to do, the kind of things you only notice when it's live, but it's looking great so far! https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Clan_Scholae_Palatinae We've tried to keep this page as concise as possible and have it act more like a hub that's there to help you find information on other pages and give an overview of the clan, rather than contain everything too in depth.

One of the in depth pages they've been working on is one for our clan capital, Caelestis: https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Caelestis_City I wanted this page made with accelerated priority in this project because of it's relevance in the Phase 1 fiction event of Into the Fire. This opens up the project for more people to be brought on. We need work done on our military pages, our history, and lots of general lore and cleaning stuff. If you're interested in managing the clan's primary information resource, please get in touch with Calindra or me. Now we've got the main hub laid down we're in a good position to fan out into more specific areas.

Excidium Mission Board

Lots of people have been asking what becomes of the EMB, which was a clan-wide initiative, without Bale. These will be simplified into monthly topics. Outside of a major clan event, we will have 2 fiction competitions every month: one aimed at developing characters like the recent one on exploring a time your character had to question something they held dea, and one mission type prompt. The mission type prompt will be multi-objective and have a range of options both inside and outside the Caperion System. This ensures that at any given point there will be 2 fiction options available: a mission and a character development focus. While this is significantly simplified from the original proposal, it fills the same role in always providing a range of missions available for clan members at any given time.

These will not be running during clan or db-wide events, although I might host a little character development comp in the 2 week Into The Fire break.



Shadow: will there ever be a clan fiction involving a party or celebration of mass proportions? Elincia: There will be, and I know just when it can happen :D

Aylin: Doodle need: Who should end up as the next cross dresser? ;P Elincia: Korras. Totally Korras.

Korras: should I write a thing where Aeternus investigates the quarantined island? Elincia: The quarantined island was imagined as a place an event could happen. Haven't got round to using it soon. Could certainly be a mission :D

Jorm: Now that yours truly has risen to lead the Clan's wildcards and ruffians, will fictional Eli develop a drinking habit to cope? Elincia: I can do that for her :D Fictional Eli doesn't drink

Kadrol: EMB. Now that Bale is no longer with us, what’s happening with that? Elincia: See the section on EMB in this report :)

In the world of Eli

I'm away for this weekend at a Taekwondo seminar, so restricted to phone for most of the day an unavailable for a lot of it.

Next week I'm going to Marseille for no reason and I'll be there from Thursday to Sunday. DB time uncertain.

Thanks a lot for reading this report guys! I know things have been a bit slow recently, which has probably been partly on us not really hosting an awful lot. We're really trying to kick things up into top gear going forwards and providing more things to do in the clan.


Great report. All the hype for clan event! :D

Great report :D So excited! Let's kick butt, CSP!!!!

Excellent Report!

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