[CSP] May 2021 Consul Report and Rite of Supremacy


[CSP] May 2021 Consul Report and Rite of Supremacy



Greetings, Imperials! Welcome to this month’s Consul Report. Here we will focus mainly on the RoS, so let us begin!

Rite of Supremacy!

Hey, everyone! So the Rite of Supremacy is about to be upon us! Many of you have already seen the emails Kamjin and I have sent out informing and encouraging everyone to join in the excitement! For anyone who hasn’t read the main report on the RoS, you may find it here. Again, to participate, you must pledge to one of the four sub-factions, and you are strongly encouraged to join the Telegram channels for the faction you’ve joined. That way you can plan and work with your alliance mates and encourage each other to participate. You may find the sub-factions pledging page and information here. To clarify, there is no deadline for pledging, but you will not be allowed to subscribe to an RoS comp without pledging, so be sure to get that taken care of if you plan to participate. Once you have pledged, the button for joining your faction channel will pop up next to the faction on that page.

As Kamjin and I have said to you in TG and via email, we encourage everyone to participate and to see this new system as a way of expanding on your character’s development and to take advantage of being able to work with folks outside of CSP. Despite this not being the usual clan vs clan event where we take on the other clans unified, we are still unified in spirit and the Summit will continue to support everyone and be of assistance as I’m sure everyone in CSP will be to each other. On that note, I encourage everyone to seek their fellows in their factions for help and ideas as well. This is a good chance to get new and fresh ideas and suggestions from those outside of the clan, and there’s a good chance you may learn something new in the process. The most important thing about this is to have fun and try something new. We are still all united in spirit, so let’s give it our all and represent CSP in all we do! Best of luck to everyone in their faction, and may the best faction win!

Last but not least, I wish to welcome back Flelm to the fold, and wish to congratulate Cello once more for his promotion to Equite 1! Also, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read our new PCON’s most recent report found here.

Additional Items

If you haven't already, please go check out the conclusion of Operation Passion Force posted by Dek here. Also, with the new members of the Summit situated, we have been in discussion about future plans fictionally and structurally. We are also looking to fully implement a CSP gaming night after the RoS thanks to the data gathered via survey, so we're looking forward to getting that started! With Reiden and Kamjin with us as RM and PCON, we are excited to be working together towards future clan development and more opportunities for activity and involvement in Clan story direction.


There’s not much to conclude on other than that CSP has come a very long way from where it was last year thanks to efforts of our previous RM and PCON and to our new RM and PCON. I’m so proud to see how much we’ve grown, and I am looking forward to seeing what we all do in this RoS. The last vendetta, we came last and it struck the clan hard. Since then, we've built up from that, and now we have the chance to prove we are ready to be back in the action with a will to win! Now, I know some of you will probably have some time constraints due to summer vacation or work. All I can say is do the best you can and participate as much as you’re able to. Again, if you’re struggling you may reach out to us in the Summit if you need to, and we will help where we can. We are here for you (even if one of us is with the Restorers. Love ya, Kamjin :P ).

So with that said, let’s do this, CSP! FOR THE EMPIRE!


I look forward to orbital bombarding your sites and welcoming you back into the fold Shadow!

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